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Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Member since: September 2005



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  • $824 USD
    Profile image for Seller ImagineThink


    Nov 14, 2013

    Amazingly professional, dedicated and talented. First choice for subsequent such projects!

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $1700 USD
    Profile image for Seller jayhoondotcom


    Oct 11, 2013

    Excellent guy. I will work with him forever...

    Project Description:We wish to have an Excel Add In to Send SMS, Number Verification and 118 Inquery Services with our WebServices. All plugin needs to have language support. All buttons, messages and other informations needs to be derived by an XML file...
  • $1090 USD
    Profile image for Seller Dim3311


    Jul 6, 2013

    excellent skills and communication, will definitively work with Sergey again

    Project Description:this outlook plugin will help users to avoid sending big sized attached files with their emails It will also help users to make lighter their mailbox by switching the attached files to download links...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller barakweinisman


    Jun 12, 2013

    I've worked with Sergey closely on a complex Outlook AddIn & .NET modules & Windows forms development for few months. I'm a software architect thus I was keen about the software design and code standards. Working with Sergey was a pleasure, he's proficiency, kindness and tolerance are outstanding. When we designed together various modules, I was surprised to see how much attention was given for small details, any simple technical request from our side was translated into a very detailed code planning where every scenario was covered.The great service was not only on the technical side, every time we asked for changes or clarifications – things were done fast and kindly.Bottom line: Being a software architect that worked with dozens of freelancers and outsourcing companies, I extremely (!) recommend Sergey. You may get my contact details from Sergey and hear this from me personally (Yoni Goldberg, CTO)

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • £322 GBP
    Profile image for Seller terefere


    Feb 12, 2013

    So far the best Freelancer I work with on this site. Very knowledgeable, takes feedback extremely well which is very important, good communication and response time. I already hired him again to do additional implementations to the software. Would highly recommend.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller iDonato


    Jan 23, 2013

    Great, great, great worker. Takes feedback extremely well, is timely on deliverables, and see's projects through to completion. Would absolutely hire again.

    Project Description:Note: No coding of video is needed. We have an applet that takes care of all recording video, playback, choosing camera & microphone, etc. The coder simply needs create a buttons in outlook that connects...
  • $225 USD
    Profile image for Seller webdev1028


    Jan 3, 2013

    very expert in vc++ and c#, code is very neat, turnaround is fast. very recommended developer

    Project Description:Hello, We have a dll and .h file, it is a unmanaged dll written in vc++ We need to use the dll at virtual c#, you need to write a piece of code; based on example on vc++ (we have source code in vc++...
  • $50 AUD
    Profile image for Seller LeeBourke


    Jan 3, 2013

    Fantastic Outcome! Definitely the right choice for the project. Recommend Sergey to all other without question.

    Project Description:We need to convert a macro to a COM Add-ins for Microsoft Outlook.This Macro is currently called via a button that is added to the ribbon and allows the user to send an email, saves the email to a location on the user Hard Drive and then calls a 3rd party application...
  • $113.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller laflaf


    Nov 17, 2012

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $12 USD
    Profile image for Seller cdehart


    Nov 8, 2012

    Rating: 5.0/5.0

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    Sergey Zhebka has not completed any projects.
  • $60 USD In Progress

    "1. Make WordBookmarkTabs work with Word 2013 (I tried installing it, but it would not load - it says "Not loaded. A runtime error occurred during the loading of the COM Add-in"."2. Add a link or button at the bottom of the right-click menu, that says "Go to End" which shows the section such that the very end of the section shows at the bottom of the display area (similar to how clicking on the section top-aligns the very beginning of the section with the very top of the display area)."3. Put a set of smaller buttons along the bottom with smaller font and different color, which represent the most recent cursor position that was left behind, with the most recent being to the right-most, so as I click around, this set of buttons would scroll to the left. Each time I click on a button, it would save the position within the document, as well as cursor position and first line position, so the program has a means of reproducing the exact positioning of the cursor and position on the screen. It would display on the button the section name followed by a parenthesis and a number representing something unique about the position, such as characters indexed in from the beginning of the section of within the Word document itself. For example, if we have a bookmark labeled Test__ and my cursor is position 10 characters into it, and I click on another section Test2__, then a small button would appear e.g., "Test (3)" which I could click on, to get back to where I was. Then, when I clicked on "Test (3)", a new button would appear e.g., "Test2 (1)" so I can go back to that if I wanted to. The intent is to be able to work on multiple sections, and jump back and forth among multiple cursor positions with single clicks of these small buttons along the bottom."

  • $22 USD/hr In Progress

    I"m moving onto creating a corrupt PowerPoint Recovery program. I tried to find you but have had a hard time figuring out how the new system works. I have already contracted with an Indian, who modified some of the Excel Recovery program, but was doing unsatisfactory work. After I found you again I decided to try to jump ship to you if possible. Here are my original project guidelines:"In the past, with help, I created corrupt recovery apps for Word and Excel using VB.NET. The apps are open source and can be explored here: and I would now like to create a PowerPoint one as well. The program should allow one button completion of most of the suggested ways of recovering from PowerPoint corruption as explained here: Word and Excel recovery apps have a lot of common functionality which you can extend to this new PowerPoint app, especially in regards to locating temporary versions of the files; opening the files in other programs like Word, WordPad or Viewers like in this case the PowerPoint Viewer; opening the file in safe mode or with limited functionality of the program; and my own text recovering algorithms for docx and xlsx files which comes from the use of third party command line text recovery apps. You can also look at my open source dedicated PowerPoint PPTX text recovery program: and use the methods used there for the text recovery algorithm and command line apps used.I would like the program to have 15 buttons in this new program, 3 less than my Excel and Word apps. You should also include the Previous Versions finder for the file which should get to work immediately when the user loads a file. So here are the recovery methods I would like you to implement.1. A Previous version finder which uses the code we came up with for locating such versions from the snapshots of the file system taken at System Restore points. This is not a button but the functionality is produced by two text fields, an open and a save file dialogue box.2. Insert slides from the corrupt presentation into a new one as described by Echo Swinford in the Microsoft article.3. Locate a TMP file using our separate GUI search window. This will entail figuring out all the possible extensions PowerPoint temporary files might have and changing the code of this functionality to search in the right places for those files.4. Open and Repair the file through the Open and Repair functionality of PowerPoint 2003 (I think) - 2013.5. Open the PowerPoint file in Word.6. Open the PowerPoint file in safe mode.7. Open the file in the PowerPoint viewer or download and install the viewer first before opening it.8. As Echo suggests in the Microsoft article, provide some kind of functionality to move the corrupt file to a user chosen new location.9. Use my PPTX file only text recovering capability from my PPTX Salvager app.10. User Word"s recover text from any file capability to recover text at least from PPT files.11. Provide a button with a link to Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint.12. Provide a button with a link to Kernel Recovery for PowerPoint.13. Provide a button with a link to Remo Recovery for PowerPoint. I"m working on getting the affiliate link.14. Provide a button with a link to Recoveronix" Online File Repair and the coupon S2SERVICES which is good for a free $39 value recovery until at least May 1, 2013.15. Provide a link to donate with PayPal.16. Provide a link for a user to upload the file to me for an attempt at manual recovery. The link is"See the attached for the source created so far. I hope you can take the project. We can work as before at $22/hr.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Create a COM add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and later, to be used in proprietary spell-checking of emails. The spell-checking engine itself is already in place but it needs to interface with Outlook to offer spell-checking for Icelandic and other languages.

  • $13.65 USD/hr In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $1600 USD In Progress

    [Project Description hidden]

  • $25 USD/hr 2 days ago

    Skype discussion for inventory, accounting, erp engineering and pre implementation. Planning and selection phase consulting

  • €25 EUR/hr Jan 8, 2014

    Hi Sergey, I am trying to reach you since two days... please contac me!I hope everything is allright with you...Cheers Alex

  • $30 USD Mar 26, 2013

    Fixing Outlook Add-in

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