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  • $1500.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ekelon


    13 days ago

    Another awesome piece of work..Thanks..!

    Project Description:This website shall have a bidding functionality for jobs. Geolocation shall determine which bidders get to see the job posted. Membership type shall determine which bidders can bid on what and how many times...
  • $5154.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller developmentnow


    Apr 15, 2014

    SharkTooth is very capable of building very complex websites. They did exactly that with my project. They were fast to react to any changes and they checked their work before sending back updates. I am going to work with SharkTooth again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $2061.00 AUD
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    Nov 30, 2013

    Thanks..Perfect....sharkTooth and his team have put together a very professional website.

    Project Description:This website shall have a bidding functionality for jobs. Geolocation shall determine which bidders get to see the job posted. Membership type shall determine which bidders can bid on what and how many times...
  • €2699.75 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Forwardon


    Jul 10, 2013

    A loyal worker which we have been working close with for a while now. We have no reason to change worker. sharkTooth always keep deadlines, is very flexible for unplanned modifications and updates. Seems like they work 24h because they are almost always available for support. As it is now, we will work with sharkTooth for long in the future. 5 stars! Highly recommended!<br/>Class A worker. Strongly recommended!<br/>Top worker! 5 stars!<br/>Class A worker!<br/>Sharp worker on point. Reliable. Recommended!<br/>Very competent and reliable worker. Highly recommended!<br/>Very competent and reliable worker. Highly recommended!<br/>Top notch accurate and reliable worker. Highly recommended!<br/>Top notch accurate and reliable worker. Highly recommended.<br/>Swift respons and quick fixes as usual. Reliable worker. 5 stars!<br/>Been working with sharkTooth now for a while for our classified website and we have nothing but good things to say about this worker. Always keep deadlines. Swift communication through a bugtracking system etc. We will continue working with this disciplined FL-worker. Highly recommended!

    Project Description:Continues development of PHP Kohana website. Nisched classified website for the swedish market. Only PHP-experts are welcome. Thanks.
  • $66.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller loial


    Jun 19, 2013

    Did a great job. Was able to work with WordPress well and use SVN as version control tool as requested. No regrets whatsoever.<br/>

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller coofay


    May 24, 2013

    What an excellent experience it was working with this provider... A+A+A+... will work with him again for sure!

    Project Description:Too many projects are posted on here by employers with unclear instruction, not enough information and with little written on the key points / expectations. Too many Freelancers just fire off generic responses / replies without actually fully reading the jobs...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller athenaitlimited


    May 19, 2013

    In summary, Sharktooth coded a robust, reliable and dynamic system that matched my specification perfectly. The communication and workflow was well handled. There were a number of technical challenges with this project which were dealt with well, particularly the use of user created forms, pages and advanced sorting. Would I recommend Sharktooth - yes.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $2625.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller timetime1


    May 17, 2013

    SharkTooth did an outstanding Job! He communicated effectively with me in a very timely manner. We made many changes until we finally came up with the perfect/finished product! He continued to work until the job was complete! I look forward to working with him again in the future! Would highly recommend sharkTooth to anybody looking for an excellent programer. I will hire him again in the next project.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I made a mistake posting a contest rather then a Project. I would like to hire you for my project. I have already guaranteed $500, if you are interested in the project you can go to the contest and I will award it to you...
  • €1975.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller eielex


    Mar 27, 2013

    Superb communication. Swift respons to inquirys with superfast execution. Understands requirements very well. Will continue work with sharkTooth. Highly recommended! 5 stars.<br/>First class programmers. Very service minded. Flexible to changes and modifications. Always on time and very available. Recommended!<br/>Class A stuff! One of the best programmers I´ve come across on Freelancer.<br/>Good job! Always available for support issues etc. Swift responses and good understanding of inquiries. Highly recommended!<br/>Topclass! Recommended. Been working with sharkTooth for a while now. No need to change programmer.

    Project Description:ARE YOU A PHP-GURU FROM INDIA? - WE NEED YOU! We are looking for a good long term tech-partner for continuos development and maintenance of our already existing?swedish niched classified market place...
  • $250.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller kevinchan0001


    Feb 20, 2013

    Good communication, good helper!

    Project Description:Use Ruby on Rails v3 to build a user login system, after login then the user can create new advertisement and upload a few different size of pictures to us. The pictures uploaded can be viewed in different size...
    QualityMine Technologies has not completed any projects.
  • $400 CAD In Progress

    We recently had a landing page designed and have been having issues with it not working properly. I would like to hire you to redevelop our landing page for us. We have a list of other websites that need to be developed and would like to find a company that does good work and we can trust. Here is the landing page that was developed : www.ratesearch.cawe would like all of this information on this site but to rebuild it properly. We also like this landing page and the capture form used for this site. let me know if you are interested in this job and if you are able to get started right away and I can go into more detail of what is needed. Looking forward to your reply and getting the opportunity to work with you.

  • $2210 USD In Progress

    Converter um modelo para web site + app . Tarefas do freelancer : Programacao, implementacao, analise, desenvolvimento, testes, design, layout, identidade corporativa e logomarca.O site devera estar ativo e em pleno funcionamento ao fim do trabalho. Prazo para a entrega 35 dias. Necessario acompanhamento e suporte ate 6 meses apos a entrega.Mais detalhes imbox.Daniel.

  • $1159 USD In Progress

    The project is a photo/video marketplace in bitcoin, Member can upload their photo album, videos, and choose them to be free or paid, fixing price themselvesin they account, members have a bitcoin balance, with a deposit adress ( )and a withdrawal formOther members can pay for viewing the media, all their orders are kept in a historyTo have an idea of what I need look at

  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    We are looking for a dedicated developer that can update and create new features to our network of websites. Our websites are getting old and need new and modern ways.You should know the latest things and tricks when it comes to programming (PHP, Javascript, Ajax etc.) and MySql (optimize, speed etc.) databases. Basic graphics skill a plus but not required. Focus on speed and easy to use on the websites. You need basic knowledge of how a Debian servers works (install needed software, update, use Apache & MySql servers etc.)You will mostly program in PHP. Therefor its very important that you are an expert PHP programmer that knows how to solve a problem, find solutions to develop features. You must be able to read our previous programmers code, adapt and continue to the work. In short be a flexible and creative programmer.You need to be able to work by your self, you need to be creative (if we tell you a few features we want added to a site and you have ideas how to improve them or add even more features its a BIG PLUS if you tell us) and can think for your self. It&quot;s good that you ask questions about a task but if we can&quot;t be reached its good that you can focus on other tasks while you wait for our reply.One of our websites has adult content so you need to be ok with that.Our websites are in the range of different movie sites, url redirection sites, image hosts and a few other. It&quot;s a plus if you have some experience with those kind of sites at least so you know how they work.We expect you to work the amount of hours you get paid for and that you let us know on a daily basis what you have been working on and how long that task took.You must speak and understand English well enough to have a conversation.You must have your own computer and internet connection to do you work on and test your work before it&quot;s published on our website(s). We will provide you with access to servers to test your work live when it&quot;s ready. From the beginning you will have FTP access only and when trust is built you will get full access to our servers.You need to give us your full contact information, cell phonenumber (for SMS only) and use Skype. You will get the same from us.We are looking for someone LONG TERM. Someone that are free and available to work for many years to come. Someone that is not already employed with a current full time job and just want an extra income. This should be your real day job!If you provide results and are honest you will have a steady income from us for many years to come!Thank you for reading this project and we are looking forward to your reply!

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Functional e-commerce system used by a small airline requires minor changes and add-ons very urgently.-- Some of the Code is in French --

  • $2319 USD In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for someone who can do an on the spot job which will be readily available for me today. Pretty straight forward LOGIN/REGISTRATION or MEMBERS area form with PHP connected using PHPMYADMIN through my hosting.Contact Me ASAP for this job.Willing to pay (NOT IN ADVANCE) but once the job is done up to $3000 for just a login form & registration form.

  • €25 EUR/hr In Progress

    Continues development of PHP Kohana website. Nisched classified website for the swedish market. Only PHP-experts are welcome. Thanks.

  • $5150 USD In Progress

    Hi All,We are looking to have a website made to do a Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange, example site would be https://btc-e.comWe have not chosen a development framework to implement our solution, therefore please include the framework that you intend to work with. If you feel that choosing an open source or CMS is a better way to go, please inform us of your complete plan. We are open for creating from scratch or utilizing an existing solution if it makes sense.You will also need to advise what is the best way of securing the solution as security top of our priority, we expect to have a high volume of trade therefore we would like you to advice us the number of exchange that can be done in a second with your solution. we would expect you to advise us the reasons why you chose any particular solution you have chosen and why they are better than others. * Payment - accept bitcoin, litecoin, paypal, google pay and credit card as payment * Admin interface - A back end interface for administration purpose. Further Details would be agreed with the winning bider.

  • £1000 GBP In Progress

    Secondary round of works to a videos website. SEO & site optimization To include Photo integration & start SEO

  • $25 USD/hr In Progress

    This project size can range from small to large depending on how good the selected freelancer is at doing the job. I will need to see suggestions and work with the selected bidder to determine if they will be capable of handling the task. I own several sites and they are in need of a make-over aimed at making the customer experience better. Primarily the flow of information and the check out process and product selection is not a smooth process. We have sort of evolved the site development after the initial design and now we need to get someone who can look at the site and KNOWS how it should look. If you think you are going to simply ask me what I want and then program the site based on my input then this is not the project for you. I am not a designer. If I knew how to fix it I would have made it better a year ago. I shop on many websites and the user experience is better than it is on my sites but I can&quot;t say I want to duplicate any of them. I need someone who can look at the site, spend some time looking around and recommend other info that is required to make the site a better experience for customers. I would be eager to create any additional content that is needed based on the recommendations. I am open to other ways to get the info. We have a YouTube channel on one of the sites and a facebook page for both but they are rarely updated. We need to make sure the design of all works together. We also need other ideas about things we can do on the site to increase site revenue and increase customers coming to the site. The design will not use Flash - I will test it on my iPad & iPhone.The entire site revamp needs to encompass everything and come up with a consistent design that looks like all the pieces are meant to work together. I am planning on selected pages on the site to have affiliate marketing ads and want to make sure the redesign accommodates that objective in a classy maner. I fully expect the winning bidder to test all aspects of the site before we make it live. It may seem ridiculous to have to say this but in most of y previous site development projects I end up having to do all the testing and debugging and usually find errors in the first 2 or 3 clicks. I should only be able to find minor errors if the site is checked before I look at it.If you want to look at the first site I want looked at it is: www.allpencilsdown.comThis site features our ACT prep classes and we are going to be adding even more options for services. We feature real time streaming video of our courses as they are happening as well as students being able to watch classes on demand. We have other video based content that is available for customers. I have a programmer who is able to do basic programming but I would really like someone who can do most of the programming so that we are not always waiting on my programmer. He has been good at generally keeping the sites running over the past 5 years, but quickly admits he is not a site designer. I have a lot of other plans on expanding the site and I will discuss those after I select the winner.In order to be selected i will need to see evidence of your actual work - not just a site with dozens of page designs - i need to see actual functioning sites so I can experience how well the site flows. Previous project sites will be evaluated based on these criteria:Overall look and designThe presentation of the site&quot;s main product/servicesThe ease of navigation through the site&quot;s key areasPresentation of affiliate banner ads and other ad real estate on the pagesThe shopping experience - I will probably make a purchase on the site to see how the payment processing and customer tracking and order info is handled.If you send me a list of 50 sites that your company has done some work on over the past few years - i will hide your bid immediately. I want to see your best - and only the ones that you did the design in areas that match what I am looking for.

  • $31 USD/hr 9 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $26 USD/hr 10 days ago

    Hello, We have a project in the works and an opening for a new developer. The project is called &quot;The Jokefire&quot;. It&quot;s often referred to as JF for short. So please feel free to call it that! The site concept is to apply a digg / reddit formula to joke and humor related material. That is users will submit content to the site and have other users vote the content up and down. The theory being that the cream of the content will rise to the top. And the groaners will be appropriately punished! There are two phases to the project. A proof of concept that demonstrates how we&quot;ll want the site to work. This site is called the &quot;Reference Site&quot; which is what we&quot;re hiring for today. The other phase of the project is known as the &quot;Beta Site&quot;. This is where we take the concepts that pan out from the reference prototype and apply a more modern, aesthetically pleasing look to it. Be it known here that the prototype is ugly and just a little bit clunky. But it is functional. Where as the beta site is very pretty and professional looking. But hardly functions at all at this point. Both projects share some things in common. Both are retarded. But very amazingly cool! The JF Beta Site already has a developer who is actively developing it. However the developer of the reference prototype recently got a full time job in the professional world that is taking up all his time. Therefore he no longer has any time to develop the project. You can see the prototype of the website here: And you can see the beta project here: http://beta.jokefire.comThe reference site for which you will be hired is written in PHP to a Cassandra database. We have several immediate goals that we&quot;d like for you to achieve. And if that pans out, then we can see where else this leads. The main thing we&quot;ll need you to do is fix the posting system. Currently it only allows the most recent post to be kept and displayed on the site. The site also uses MySQL database. But we want to migrate all of the functionality of MySQL into Cassandra. You can debate the usefulness of the Cassandra database in this project. But this decision stands. If you don&quot;t like it or want to debate it, go find yourself another project. Otherwise if you are openminded towards its use and want to develop in NoSQL this would be a good place to develop those skills. But of course you will need to prove aptitude in writing php to CassandraDB to get the job.

  • $1578 USD 10 days ago

    Dear All,I am looking to create a website for users to be able to track their Real Estate Portfolio&quot;s in Dubai, UAE.Once registered and logged in, the site should have the following features - - Real Estate Dashboard- Option to add individual Real Estate units (Villa/Apartment)- Record details of purchase development, purchase price, specific unit details, target sale price as well as other specific details- Once properties added, Dashboard will give an overview including graph of cumulative purchase price, current value, gain/decline in value - Above graph and details for each individual properties- Option to record mortgage & home insurance details when adding properties (this will all be manually input by the user).- Button to press &quot;Sell My Property&quot;, which should then send a link to a generic mailbox.I also need an area that I am able to login to, and update property prices. This will be done by research of current prices, and for example a user owning a property in &quot;Area 1&quot;, that has increased by 1%, will have their value as showing 1% higher.I would prefer a site that uses widgets, and is modern in design. Examples of current sites in use - Regards,Jack

  • $1052 USD 10 days ago

    I would like hire someone 1. to research an existing website we can use as a model of my requirements, (that way I can easily explain what might be different for my website, if anything)2. to design and build agreed website, but first come up with their understanding of what needs to be done, which we can agree as general working model3. to build in good (high level of security)4. to build in multi-currency, display and charging5. to make site responsive to mobile device, and be linked to social media: eg. facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. 6. to commission and maintain website for 3 months, so that we can also incorporate use experience and suggestions in the design.7. to complete agreed milestones in time and budget8. to give advise on refining, improving, or simplifying approach and implementationDetails:Here are examples to help explain better the kind of CMS website I am looking for:Example One:1. a. university courses website, where universities&quot; admins enter courses in a database,manually or by upload, and maintain own information and view and manage courses requested bu users1. b. each featured university to have profile information: a bit of history, their faculties, no of campuses, academic staff, admin, ranking, etc.1. c. CMS can display courses to the website by type (BSc, PhD, in any or preferred subject, etc) for visitors, guests, or students -- a student being defined as a visitor or guest who decides to sign up with and enter their details. The student then gets a user profile where they can list favourite courses and send enquiries to universities (on our same website, to be viewed and managed by universities admins by assistance of the website)1. d. Alert universities admins by email or sms when students request courses or have enquiries.1. e. Alert students by email and or SMS, for courses availability, application deadline, etc1. f. CMS to include charging, invoicing, receiving payment online to universities (and students) for subscription, course, usage, adverts, etc., Anyone with outstanding payments after several reminders (by emails and SMS) is automatically or manually expired/disabled and their contents no longer accessible.1. g. Website owner admin(s) setup as might be found necessary, for content and user management such as to unclock disabled users or other functions. Also to set charges, eg per course, for large, medium, small users, among other things.1. h. Adverts: To have generous space for google, or other adverts. To have a way of charging differently for different pages, even if adverts are randomly displayed.Example Two:The same idea and concept as above as might apply for a car website:Website facilitates car dealers to list profile information about themselves and their different show rooms, and types of carsUsers view or sign up and can list vehicles.Users can negotiate and manage the cars they are looking to buySellers and users can get alertsHave advertising spaceetcI hope these two examples give a clearer idea of what I am looking for

  • $2947 AUD 13 days ago

    As a Senior Web Developer you will bring a breadth of technology help guide decisions on the future technical direction of the product for an exciting start up based in Brisbane, Australia.What You Need for this Position- PHP 5, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery- Working knowledge of integration with 3rd party APIs- Excellence in programming, debugging, and implementation skills- 5+ years of PHP and MySQL development experience- Skills in writing creating/setting up map overlays - latitude and longitude- Flexibility and dependability- Excellent communication and collaboration skills- Bonus points for: MS-SQL, iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3 What You Will Be Doing- Working alongside a UX Designer and Tester you will be writing code for a new website (front end will be a responsive WordPress Theme) for the accommodation industry 100% designed in house (no frameworks or major 3rd party api&quot;s).- Creating a matching engine ie so that Party A&quot;s specified parameters match with Party B&quot;s parameters and return an image gallery of results showing all party B&quot;s that match onto the page.- Creating Facebook Sign up integration and will pre-fill fields into a profile page- Making the site transactional with membership sign ups- Preparing the website for live environment- Documenting technical specifications- Prioritizing tasks and daily activities- Creating 4 step workflows for when guests sign up and create their profiles.- Creating a dashboard for users which includes a calendar of availability.To apply, please provide 2 referees, along with your resume, and links to your website/s and work.

  • [Sealed] 13 days ago

    Currently I have a fairly large project that requires taking an existing website that was built in Ruby and completely rebuilding that site in PHP. The framework of choice that I want to use for this project is the last version of Kohana (yes, I know the project is being closed down). However, it&quot;s a lightweight Framework based on Codeigniter and has proven to be extremely robust in actual practice. That said, the current website is located at: and should only be considered for reference, but not for the total scope. All in all, the scope is to build a website much like our competitors in this space. We are going up against the following example sites (and you should REVIEW THEM COMPLETELY TO UNDERSTAND THE FEATURE SET I&quot;M AFTER HERE): Short, the website for for the creation and hosting of Guild / Clan / Team based Templates. Additionally, we will need full commerce capabilities, and I&quot;m open to solutions on this front for the most part. I have extensive experience with Magento and OScommerce and both of these are just too &quot;overkill&quot; for this site. All we are looking for is a strong, yet simple commerce system that will allow users to setup Recurring Subscriptions and purchase additional Digital Addons. That&quot;s it. Perhaps, Opencart -- I&quot;m very open to discussion with the selected vendor on this one.Secondly, there&quot;s API Integration. We currently maintain domains using the OpenSRS API. You will need to integrate fully with this in order to allow our customers to setup and add their own custom domains (otherwise, they will have the choice of creating their website through a url schema such as: or Free signups will have advertising and therefore we need an opensource ad management system that integrates with our templates. This will need to be done through integration with one of the major banner ad services, and again we are open on this front -- But this is an important part of the revenue goals and cannot be overlooked.Lastly, we need you to help with the migration strategy and tools; as there are several existing clients on our old platform and we want to move them over to the new system. You&quot;ll note that we need USER FORUMS for each guild site, I&quot;m leaning to Vanilla ForumsOn our side, I will setup a development server for you with complete access for you to connect, test, and configure the system. We will be using a vanilla configuration of: Apache, MySQL, PHP and if any Web Services are required... These will be handled through Python. The system will likely be an Ubuntu 12.04 LTS config (I don&quot;t care for the updates beyond 12.04 presently).Here&quot;s the key: 1. You had to ACTUAL read this detailed description and understand it (I can&quot;t tell you how much I hate &quot;canned&quot; responses / bids). 2. No bait and switch; bid honestly, and I know it&quot;s a big project. Price is important, but your ability to deliver will show. 3. You need to have STRONG experience and help lead the requirements; I&quot;m not always available and need a team that can follow my vision completely 4. You ABSOLUTELY WILL MUST BE FAMILIAR WITH HG (MERCURIAL) - this is not an FTP upload, I expect you and your team to be doing constant commits and pushes to the repo as you are working through the project. If you don&quot;t know how a DVCS like GIT or HG works, now is the time to learn, but this is how I will be able to keep track of progress and review the quality of your code.I&quot;m expecting that you will have at least 1 Front-End Developer handling the HTML, CSS (And building a responsive site!!!!) and probably 2-3 people on the PHP side handling tasks to completely build this project from start to finish. Again, this is no small project and definitely not something I want to give to a &quot;first-time&quot; developer.

  • $5263 USD 18 days ago

    I need a team to build an e-Commerce site with a function whereby users will be able to upload their designs and have them rated by others. I would also like a forum/message board on the site. A good example of this sort of site would be site must be in English as well as Chinese, and need to integrate Chinese social media (Weibo, Weixin) as well as Facebook and Twitter.It will also need to be integrated with Chinese payment services. I would like the design of the site to be minimalistic, with pictures replacing words wherever possible. I want it completed in stages, with the crowd-sourcing functions completed within a month, and the rest slowly added on.

  • $2631 USD 18 days ago

    Canadian company needs complete website built: - need customers to log-in to account and see their preferred pricing for any viewed items- include shopping cart - have hundreds of items/pictures with data- project to be completed by end of August- contacts need to speak fluent English- need professional job done- suggestions on most effective and efficient web designs/methods welcomed- must have previous experience with referencesI will need to speak to project managers before contract is awarded.Look at this USA website to get an idea of what we are looking for: may want to try and establish an account with this company so you can view their shopping cart method etc.I&quot;m unsure of how you will charge for this project so that is open to discussionI will hopefully award this project no later than July 9, 2014

  • $1578 USD 20 days ago

    I am looking for a professional coder to create a customised e-commerce website from scratch....please prove to me you are a professional by showing me your previous big coding jobs you completed.

  • [Sealed] 20 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $5263 USD 20 days ago

    I am looking for and experienced webdesigner to build an education website. The website should follow a similar format to the one used in &quot;;, offering to it&quot;s viewers a clean, yet powerful design. Just like Khan Academy, I would expect the designer to create the possibility for users to create an account (to include the possibility of integration with facebook accounts would be even better). The account should be able to track all of the watched videos and eventually track points which would be awarded according to the video&quot;s length and complexity of the exercises completed.Since the website will be based in Brazil and its content will be exclusively in portuguese, someone else would be responsible for editing including the videos and exercises. However, I would expect the designer to make this editing process as easy as possible. If there are any doubts, please feel free to email me.

  • $10 USD/hr 26 days ago

    PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT START RIGHT AWAY AND WORK ON THIS TONIGHT.Need Some one reliable who can finish my website, it needs a few changes and few additions, need someone RELIABLE and can work on it RIGHT AWAY!Website is about 80% complete, layout is there and coding as well, just needs some tweaking and to be cleaned up.**This website completion is urgent due to developer not being able to complete and has gone past deadline.The Important things that need to be fixed:- Video slider with JW player, uploading videos from backend.- Responsive / Fluid Design needs to be correct (compatibility with mobile and tablet important)- Finish functions in the rest of the pages- Add a few more control functions in backend- Create contact us and about us pages- Fix social media links (buttons are available within layout)After all the pages and functions are perfect, I will need the developer to create a User/member profile Login area where a user can sign up and login by typing in credentials or using social networks.

  • $1578 USD Jun 18, 2014

    I need awesome design and application for iphone.The app will feature a feed of events, will be integrated with Facebook, and will allow users to post/create/manage events. It will also allow them to invite their friends to their events, and see what events their friends are attending. It has other features as well, and we have created sketches of how we want it to function.

  • $350 USD May 20, 2014

    Can You help me? hello, I am looking for someone who is able to do autobuy on itunes and bring my track at the top of the standings.

  • £315 GBP Apr 9, 2014

    Build an online booking system using CodeIgniter.Please email me for the requirements.Job Timescale: 10 - 11 Days

  • $10 USD Nov 20, 2013

    please upload file to my github acc i have problem to upload my theme file on github please someone to help me to upload this file

  • $1030 USD Oct 13, 2013

    In the UK there are many fantasy football games offering numerous prizes. The different variants use different scoring schemes, meaning that the best team in 1 league won&quot;t necessarily be the best team in another.I have varying ideas for where to take this idea (can be discussed further with the winning bidder) , but the initial phase involves taking the players statistics for the premier league season 12/13, analysing them against the different scoring systems, and listing the best teams for each competition.I will provide details for the 5 competition variants, as well as the player statistics. Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I will provide a paper for the further phases, and understand that this will involve further costs.

  • $25 USD/hr Sep 27, 2013


  • $200 USD Sep 21, 2013


  • $25 USD/hr Sep 6, 2013

    i want to share my card.. oscam streamboard cant be use anymore

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