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Rui Shen

Passion for Profession

Username: shenchilang

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Location: Wuhan, China

Member since: December 2009



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My projects:

  • $450 USD
    Profile image for Seller fdaservi


    10 days ago

    Perfect job done:) Looking forward to continue working with him.

    Project Description:This project is for Shenchilang Phase 2.1
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller Podnix


    11 days ago

    True J2ME professional. Will hire again for future J2ME projects.

    Project Description:I need a library for J2ME that is able to fetch TXT-record from a DNS server. 1. The library should make a "raw" request against a DNS-server and fetch a TXT-record. Seems the built-in DNS commands in J2ME does not support this...
  • $130 USD
    Profile image for Seller fdaservi


    29 days ago

    Very knowledgeable freelancer, fast and reliable :)

    Project Description:This project is for Shenchilang
  • $950 USD
    Profile image for Seller DarkyUK


    Mar 24, 2014

    Best freelancer I have worked with, delivered on time and budget with great communication.

    Project Description:We have a need for a Google Cloud Printer Connector application in much the same was as is implemented within PaperCut : Basically the application will publish one or more printers to Google Cloud and retrieve any print jobs sent to them...
  • $400 USD
    Profile image for Seller fdaservi


    Mar 21, 2014

    Once again Perfect! He did more that i expected :)

    Project Description:This projejct is for Shenchilang! as we agreed on
  • $55 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mitch2


    Mar 16, 2014

    Great working with him! Very professional and on time.

    Project Description:We are helping an ngo to accept donations in bitcoins (to a single address). They would like to have a simple visualization tool without the need of interacting with it's bitcoin wallet, and post it on their website...
  • £85 GBP
    Profile image for Seller inCloudOne


    Mar 13, 2014

    Great Work.

    Project Description:I require a java web application (war) that initially presents a user with a page to sign in. No fancy HTML or graphics are required, I just need to see a working prototype. When signing in which the...
  • $410 USD
    Profile image for Seller mrlucas777


    Mar 11, 2014

    Very impressed with the quality and promptness of the work completed.

    Project Description:Looking for a Java developer to add a traceflag & functionality to an Open Source Database Monitor (ASEMON). Asemon is a Java Agent that connects via JDBC to Sybase ASE Dataserver to collect monitoring...
  • $60 USD
    Profile image for Seller fdaservi


    Mar 11, 2014

    The best provider ever. Looking forward to hire him again :)

    Project Description:This Project is for Shenchilang, The project will be as we discussed.
  • $30 USD
    Profile image for Seller ker09


    Mar 10, 2014

    perfect thanks!

    Project Description:i have a java contact Form (simple java Bean) when i enter name and email adress correct everything is fine. message is sent. when i enter wrong email format i get a error message, which is fine too...
    Rui Shen has not completed any projects.
  • $650 USD In Progress

    Please don"t bid on this project, this is exclusive for Shenchilang.

  • $748 USD Yesterday

    Project Statement of WorkIntroduction – The Pinpoint Fleet application is based on OpenGTS and Traccar open source, but is now highly customized. The application is hosting a very large number of GPS devices and as such, an increase in speed, performance and efficiency is needed in way the Java web services and the browser code handles and processes the asset data.The PinPoint application currently uses PostgreSQL, AJAX, Glassfish and OpenLayers.The current web service handles the asset data processing in the following manner:1.On User Login/Application Start – PinPoint on startup automatically loads and displays ALL asset data and map icons. This is a serial/sequential process. So, for accounts with a large number of assets, it takes a while for the single threaded web service to complete. The application is therefore getting memory limit errors and wait messages during the browser load. Tasks – the following tasks are required to mitigate some of these performance issues:1.Re-write web services as follows:On Login/Application Startup – re-write web service such that the application does not load all devices. The application will only load the devices that the user has requested by clicking on a specific account, group or individual asset.2.Clustering – enable Google and/or OpenLayers clustering as follows:Since the application is handling large numbers of GPS devices, the application displays these assets as individual map icons on the Map View. As such, it is difficult, if not impossible to distinguish the assets when not highly zoomed in on the Map View.

  • $70 USD Yesterday

    private banner project + sorting primefaces

  • $80 USD/hr 9 days ago

    Hello,I"m a front-end developer working with a client who runs a Wordpress site for his photography and helicopter tours.Plugin #1 - He has an old custom Wordpress plugin to sell his photographs, but I"m moving him from his old processor ( to Stripe also need the confirmation email changed so that it includes the photograph numberPlugin #2 - is for booking helicopter tours. I need it changed from to Stripe. For this one I don"t need it to process the payment, but only to validate the card.I also need the confirmation emails changed for this plugin.I have all the passwords you will need to do this, and I"m ready to get started right away. The website is on a private server, running the latest version of Wordpress.Thank you for your consideration.

  • $150 USD 11 days ago

    I have a JSP project that im coding right now. It is almost complete, but there are certain features that are not complete. My deadline is friday End of day. I need the JSP project to be completed by then. The jsp is hosted in tomcat and is called through a php program.

  • $150 USD 12 days ago

    This project is for a Java Applet that scans a document by using a TWAIN scanner and uploads it to a remote server (configurable URL).* It must be simple with with minimum possible clicks.* It should be OS-independent, browser independent, and scanner independent.* Should work on all popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari & Opera) on Windows, Mac and Linux.* The project should include source and compiled code.For more info please, contact us.-Also it should work via Citrix

  • $50 USD 13 days ago

    private project editobject.xhtml finalisation.

  • $50 USD 13 days ago

    I am building a custom invoice for my Openbravo POS installation, Everything works well but on the area that it should show the barcode of the invoice ID it only show"s it in numbers(text), I also want you to give the report file a touch of better looks

  • $68 USD 16 days ago

    My assignment is to solve a kenken game. No GUI or output required just solving the puzzle. The assignment is due this fri (April 11). I have attached the assignment.

  • €248 EUR 17 days ago

    We have an Android client application which communicates with a Java push server and a web server over an unencrypted connection and need to encrypt the connection using TLS. This functionality has to be added to the applications. It shall then be possible to use the applications with or without encryption, and the client shall warn the user if the server uses an unknown certificate. I will send you the source code of the applications in a PM.

  • $500 USD 17 days ago

    custom application using Java as a SaaS

  • $150 USD 17 days ago

    i have a project in which i need to make a comparison between 5 algorithms in cloud environment using cloudsim simulator the algorithms are:1-Heterogeneous-Earliest-Finish-Time (HEFT) algorithm2-Minimum completion time algorithm3-Scalable- Heterogeneous-Earliest-Finish-Time (SHEFT) algorithm4-Low complexity Performance-Effective-Task-Scheduling (PETS) Algorithm5-A Compromised-Time-Cost algorithmthese algorithms will compare based on execution time. the aalgorithm with minimum execution time will consider as the best.are you interested?

  • $248 USD 18 days ago

    Multicast Monitor:I want someone to either build on top of mhealth (Java based software or start from scratch.Following are the functions I am looking for:- Draw multicast tree on network from source (SNMP, output or other streaming)- Monitor and map devices to tree.If you have decent knowledge of network/multicast and strong on java or php it will work. Suhas

  • $360 USD 19 days ago

    Hellowe would like to make a program which interface with the Ebay to retrieve data from itit is up to you if you give us me a web application or desktop applicaitonafter bidding i can tell you the more details

  • $248 USD 20 days ago

    This proof of concept is intended for my shooting club - we plan to install cameras on the range for:a) livestreaming of the targetb) archiving shots for our membersc) scoringThe camera will capture a live stream and after triggered an event (will be a soundsensor) a microcomputer like a raspberry pi or even a pc will execute the application as follows below - the application then should either return or write out some data with informationFor this proof of concept the following code should be written/the code should perform the following:After executing a commandline like "java executeable.jar image1.jpg image2.jpg" the application should open both images and compare them for changes (shots). If one or more shots are detected the application should return their position as a vector start from the target(NOT necasary image center).The target can be preconfigured (in this PoC hardcoded for one specific target eg. Rapid Fire Pistol - - where the bullseye has an diameter of 5cm, followed by a score 10 ring of 2,5cm, every further ring 9 to 5 has 5cm again. - but be aware that there are other shooting targets out there with one or more circles on it, or even eliptic, square targets with differenct colors - in the full versions you can preselect them - take a look at to get an idea about it - The diameter of the shot itself varies regarding the ammunition from caliber .22 (0,55cm diameter) up to .50 (1,27cm) but can vary slightly regarding the used bullet (full metal jacket, hollow point, wadecutter). Also target patches are used (the circle black or white patches used to cover the shoot of the last rounds) - so a shot at a patch might look a bit different because of the border doesn"t produces a clean hole.Also it"s not 100% sure that the target or at least the filming position won"t change slighty during wind etc.The angle might be a bit off, cause compared to the attached photos which where made by a smartphone camera, the livestreaming camera has to be in some safe location filming the target from the side/top.Also light conditions might change slightly during the event.If you need further testphotos (will try to make some with the camera installed on the range) - please tell, I will try to figure a way outIf you have further suggestions, don"t be shy and ask them - at this stage it"s far away from being a finished project/and you may also get follow up projects based on this one ;)

  • $30 USD 20 days ago

    Small task on java based on graphDelivery time 3 daysplease keep the bid to usd 30... will share details with interesting bidder.

  • $50 USD 21 days ago

    I have recently got a project made by a programmer here and he iks having trouble making my project have concurrent threads running at the same time.My Project last time clearly stated I wanted multithreads running, So please if anyone can do a simple task of making this run concurrent threads and allow me to define how many of them I want running, That would be great.

  • $248 USD 21 days ago

    I need a small application written that can be called by the browser. The three types of applications that I had in mind is a java applet, C# application, or an adobe air application. Regardless I need a small application written just as a proof of concept. I am not sure this is possible but if so please provide me a bid. Here are the requirements.1. It has to be called by a browser on load and display within the browser.2. If the application does not exist then it needs to be download from a server. I cannot manually place any needed files on the PC.3. Everything will need to run from the local PC. The only time it should communicate with the server is to download any needed files on load. 4. If a security override is needed to run the application then they should only need to approve it once. After that there needs to be someway to save to the PC that they have approved the application. 5. The clients that use this do not allow ActiveX controls.6. This needs to work on IE, Chrome, and Firefox.7. The application will need to read a text file on the PC and display it to the screen. 8. The application will need to ftp to a file server and download a file to display. Message me with any questions.

  • $80 USD 21 days ago

    Hello, I have an existing Java applet. I would like to modify & tweak a few things. Unfortunately my skills are more in design, and I can"t quite wrap my head around the coding aspect. I would like to see if an experienced java programmer can help me modify what is already coded.

  • $120 USD 21 days ago

    Java expert needed for a small project which should be finished in 2 days. More details in private.

  • $136 AUD 21 days ago

    I need an expert (5 years+ experience) to help me develop and write some JAVA software that will manage tasks on the users local machine via AWS (all data will reside on AWS and served to the users local machine via API calls). You will need to setup the AWS server as well. I suggest using Tomcat to protect mySQL (if you know what this means, put it in your bid).This is a small project - proof of concept. You do well there is a lot more work.Let me know your skills levels in JAVA, AWS, PHP, mySQL, NoSQL and NoDB.I look forward to working with you.

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Research Assistant

Mar 2005 - Jun 2011 (6 years)

National Laboratory

Novice programming language design and implementation, concurrent and distributed systems.


MSc in Computer Science


BSc in Computer Science