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Sherif Negm

-= Sherif =-

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Location: Port Said, Egypt

Member since: March 2012



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My projects:

  • $315.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller richtj


    7 days ago

    Great communication. Project was completed in time and budget. Will hire again.

    Project Description:This is a project for sherifnegm.. please dont bid if you are not him.. - video in... 3d color metdata out.. Jerome
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jongittoes


    13 days ago

    Excellent work, sherifnegm completed the work as requested and I will definitely use him again when the need arises.

    Project Description:The existing node.js code (117 lines) works, but it was written by me and I am not a node.js developer. I would like an experienced node.js developer to go through my code and correct it so it conforms to best practice...
  • $39.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dgtlgavin


    Jun 15, 2014

    Very good to work with

    Project Description:I'm converting a website from PHP to Node.js/JavaScript. I have users in the site already and I don't want to force users to recreate their password when I switch to the new code, so I need to convert the PHP password hashing/verification code into JavaScript...
  • $789.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller campacola739


    Jun 1, 2014

    Amazing coder, I was`nt sure if anybody else would be able to get this done, but sheriff delivered like a true professional and he has a good sense of humor too

    Project Description:Hi, I have an urgent project which has to be completed by 1st or 2nd of June max. There is a website called, and presently we are collecting the mouse movement data in a json file, the mouse event data file contains the following......
  • $135.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller andronat

    andronat [ Incomplete Report ]

    May 30, 2014

    Sherif is a very nice and communicative person. I certainly suggest him as a freelancer. The reason I cancel this project is due to the fact I was expecting something different.

    Project Description:Hello, I have a very simple requirement and it is for a university project. I need a node.js server that will be able to perform 2 simple tasks: 1) Expose an HTTP API that will have transfer information throughout JSON...
  • $508.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller mathfrick


    May 29, 2014

    Thank you very much for your excellent work. You helped me until the end. You have taken time to properly explained to me the steps! You answered all my questions and more! You are a Node.js Master!

    Project Description:Hello, I would like to have training (tutorial) video including source files to create a blog that would create from Node.js / Express.js / Hogan.js / MongoDB / Angular.js / Bootstrap / HTML5 / CSS3 ...
  • $350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller anthonyhull


    May 28, 2014

    Great to work with. Hard worker and knows his stuff.

    Project Description:Hi Sherif. As discussed this is part 4 - authentication. Attached is the spec. :) Thanks for your help on this and for your trust in me.
  • $120.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller anthonyhull


    May 27, 2014

    This was a bit tricky but Sherif got to the bottom of it. He never gives up and that's why you should choose him for your next project :)

    Project Description:As per spec and discussed. Thanks
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller anthonyhull


    May 26, 2014

    Excellent once again. Thanks Sherif :)

    Project Description:See spec with all details
  • $130.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller anthonyhull


    May 26, 2014

    Great work and worked really hard to get it working. Thanks for going the extra mile Sherif.

    Project Description:Hi, I have attached a document describing a simple web scraper that I need developed that will scrape eBay and then use the results to scrape another website. Ideally it should have some simple user interface element...
    Sherif Negm has not completed any projects.
  • $2500 USD In Progress

    Hi,I want to create chat box in a existing website written in php.With this website the logged user can send media ( gif, image and video ).The medias are displayed in different page for made a list of media.I want 1 media == 1 chat box.And i want to create in the website a another page where logged user can monitoring the messages in chat box.I have a specific requirement in *.*psd format (or i can create *.*pdf) file for exactly see the job to done.The technology i want to use : Node.Js + and eventually if possible MongoDB for the database.I want to discut about this and i"m ready if you can done this project.Here for comments and questions ...!Thanks.---Regards,Ludovic.

  • $4000 USD In Progress

    Our site is we need a node.js programmer, we need a free text message notification system using email so its free. So we can notify customers and mechanics when messages are sent or when auto repair project posts. We also need a escrow system built using Our site is kinda like but for auto repair services. We make 6% off each deal when the funds are sent to the mechanic. We need our home page updated and some smaller updates done as well. I will attach the 2 documents parts A and Part B. Part A is all about the text message email notification system. We want it so when projects post within 50-100 miles "whatever we set it at" all the mechanics in that area will get a mobile text message and a email sent to them for free. I will attach the new moch up of the home page as well. Our site is made up of :Database:Mongo DBLanguage: JavaScript Platform: Node.js

  • $450 USD In Progress

    Hi.I need help with my CC shop.Im paying highly, to get it done within 12 hours.Its only 2 issues:1. The Ticket/Support system of shop is not working. (MYSQL ERROR: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1065 Query was empty on line 100)2. The categories of shop not working.Please help.

  • [Sealed] Today

    Hi,I"m looking to get a very simple node.js server that receives some information via POST (user id + data) and checks for Clients connected via Websockets to send that info to (Websockets with same user id).IMPORTANT: Generic bids will be IGNORED. In your bid reference this description and say why you are the right partner. Especially reference knwoldge on scalable node.js / many parallel websockets.System environment :- AWS with Ubuntu as node server- Cache & DB obviously separate- HAProxy[deployment not part of this project, but implementation needs to support such environmnet]Function:- node.js server with 2 main functions- cache store with 15min default timeout- persistent user DB (preferable SQL, optional MongoDB)1) receive POST data with user id, version flag + JSON dataa) store POST data in cache, timeout 15min. New POST for same user id will overwrite old data. Ie there can be only one set of data.-- on connection, check if POST uses current version, if not reply with "outdated" message (but still keep the data)b) check if websocket with that user id is connected. if so send data to that websocketc) check if user already in user db, if not create new user and save version flag. If user already in DB, only update version flag if requried(performance consideration: the same user with do a POST every 20 min, so maybe changes to user DB can be cached or so/kept in memory? - as with 1000 users you already have quite some paralell POST and no need to overload user DB? )2) Manage websocket connections (preferrable using primus - receive key paramters in new connection like user id, version flag and some other parameter-- on connection, check if websocket uses current version flag, if not reply with "outdated" message (and close connection)b) check in cache (see above) if daa for that user id exists. If so send data back via websocket immediately. Otherwise a new POST will trigger data send (see above) c) check if user already in user db, if not create new user and add some key parameter from websocket (version flag, last connection, one or two more paramter received via websocket connection parameter. If user already in DB, only update those parametersOverall the Cache is important for performance. User DB is more for admin reasons.Project Ask:1) create node server described above. Needs to be scalable (stateless)2) create dummy HTML5 websocket client for testing - ie button to connect & disconnect + send version flag, some other example parameter3) create simple dummy php page (or any other web technology) to send a POST request with user id, version flag and dummy json payload.

  • $526 USD Yesterday

    Apigility ( is a Zend Framework 2 module that uses the OAuth server of BShaffer ( as one of the possible authentication providers.Being an OAuth server is convenient, but we"d like users to sign up with their Facebook (and Google+, ...) accounts as well. Therefore Apigility has to be an OAuth client. As a consequence, you get a construction that is sometimes termed the "OAuth chain flow", or "OAuth inception". It means that when user logs in into the Apigility server, in it"s login procedure it can login in Facebook. Practically, it means that an integration between the Apiglity module of ZF2, and an existing social authentication module (such as ScnSocialAuth) need to be established.Some discussion about this topic can be found in the apiglity-users group:!searchin/apigility-users/social/apigility-users/ETx4ORvyRWo/PJUaRgCtgbkJ!searchin/apigility-users/facebook

  • $789 USD Yesterday

    I need a facebook login form, question and answer form and profile createdYou must:use node.jsangularjs mongodbYou must create 4 views:view 1 - apply) user sign up view (they sign up with Facebook) and can choose a profile photo from their Facebook account view 2 - about you) user answers 5 questions. Title them question 1, question 2 etc. Answers must have validation to be less than 100 words.view 3 - user profile) shows user profile image (from their Facebook account) and the 5 answers they made to the 5 questions. [public]view - user profile edit 4) user can change their profile image, change their 5 question answers or delete their account [user must be signed-in]

  • $31 USD/hr Yesterday

    I need someone with experience in setting up the Parsoid and Parsoid extension along with Visualeditor on ubuntu 14.04 server.I am getting into some troubleshooting problems. I need that person to work with me on remote session and show me or guide me about the parsoid extension troubleshooting.We will need to set up the remote working which I will be responsible. I need some one who can work from US EST from 9 PM to 12 AM or on weekends from 1 PM to 5 PM.

  • [Sealed] /hr Yesterday

    I am looking for a web rtc expert , only apply if you have experience in web rtc coding

  • $526 USD 6 days ago

    We are looking for an experienced individual to setup and configure Elastic Search on MongoDB. This would include the installation and configuration of ES along with hooking up the front end including standard search input and advanced search fields with the ability to save a search result for use as a filter when viewing list data in the future.You must have prior, demonstrable experience with ES along with experience with Jira, Bitbucket etc. Dev environments are on Heroku and production on AWS.I will provide more info to contractors of interest.

  • $26 USD/hr 8 days ago

    I am a beginner JS coder & need some Node.JS programming help. Node.JS, Meteor, Redis, Mongoose

  • $26 USD/hr 9 days ago

    I am a beginner JS coder & need some Node.JS programming help. Node.JS, Meteor, Redis, Mongoose

  • [Sealed] 11 days ago

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $4210 USD 14 days ago

    The objective is to create a website where people can trade/sell/buy sneakers. It should offer an ebay style auction environment as well as a trade environment where people can notify each other that they are interested in trading their sneakers. Everything should be social media friendly and we also want to integrate a members forum into the website. The website will have multiple revenue streams coming from commissions and subscription fees. It should be very stable and able to support high volumes of traffic. Full paypal integration.Note that the design is already finished so we are only looking for one of the best programmers on the web. Project can become pretty complex and is likely to become a long term assignment as regular maintenance and updates will be needed.After the first selection we will send you a detailed description of all functionality the website should offer along with the design in order to give you a better idea of what we"re aiming at.

  • [Sealed] /hr 14 days ago

    WEB RTC Node.js expert wanted for a video streaming script modification, only apply if you have excellent knowledge in web rtc and node.js

  • $5263 USD 15 days ago

    We need a Roambi Analitycs ( similar application.It will use a Node.js server with a Mysql database for storing user logins, audits, and aplication data.It will be able to connect to :Sql ServerMySqlMondrian cubesMSAS cubesCSV FilesExcel Filesfor analysis.It will be developed in javascript using D3 as graphics library and angular for data binding.We need all 10 visualizations Roambi analitycs is able to perform.The application should be able to work in a web site and also be touch optimized (just as HTML5 APP, not as native IOS or Android APP).

  • $1578 USD 18 days ago

    System engineer with nodejs!1. Use nodejs particularly express to write web service communicating using json!2. Use nodejs to write and get data to and from redis/mongodb!3. Use nodejs to log json booking and transaction events!4. Use git and write git-commit hooks!5. Backup and recover redis/mongodb database!6. Create database redundancy!7. Scale nodejs !8. Write admin website for nail booking app in nodejs!9. Write nail salon owner management interface to manage calendar!18. Website booking!1. Search for nail service and time/date wanted.!2. Choose nail technician to service nail!

  • $1578 USD 19 days ago

    The goal is to build a messaging web site for private and group chat.The messages will be exchanged between users in real-time but it will also be possible to save them on server sidefor offline users and display them to the users once they are online.Users will be able to upload pictures,videos (attachments or URLs) into the conversation.Will be used from various browsers (Tablets, smartphones , PC) and will be based mainly on web-sockets and technologies like, html5, nodejs.For Visual/Look/themes refer to attached files.

  • $3157 CAD 19 days ago

    I would like a customized design of a MOTION TOUCH ENABLED VIDEO software. Using features from three video examples: CINEMATIQUE.COM, WIREWAX.COM and are some examples of what we are trying to create. We are unable to copy exactly the same look and aesthetic as the other video players, but the features I would like to incorporate are the following:- the shopping cart and product description page with image carousel ( - thumbnail view of the items added to the shopping cart once I am in the shopping cart (similar to but not necessarily arranged in a row at the top of the player as displayed)- once in the shopping cart, the viewer is able to return the same spot of the video where they left off - the product images at the bottom of the player ( -perhaps when grazing over the images at the bottom of the player they will be in full color, that way the viewer will see them better or where there are dots at the bottom of the player as a reference to the tag)- backend for internal use only- use the single dot technology (www.cinematique) rather than the connected dot technology ( an image bumper for the video- multiple tags per one scene like with Cinematique (unlike Longchamp where is one product per scene)- Although Cinematique offers a shopping cart so that all items that are clicked do not interrupt the video, they also offer a option to see a small description of the item as it is moving (such as on This could be an interesting feature maybe if using it in relation to the product thumbnails at the bottom of the player (when in please click on icon at the bottom left side of the player which will change the use of the tags from discreet tags to prominent informative tags)- the player should be compatible with all browsers- the dimensions we are currently using from the Cinematique software is 960 x 540You can view on our website the runway video we have created using the Cinematique technology so you have a better understand of how we will be using this platform. you have any questions, please let me know.Thank you.

  • $31 AUD/hr 20 days ago

    I need someone to take over a project thats currently in Development.The base is a meteor based site, running on a Google server.So the skills needed are meteor, and or node.js, JW Player or video.js, and Bootstrap.If you have the above skills and are a developer - I prefer to work directly with a developer, then message me and we can discuss further on Skype,ThanksDamian

  • $26 USD/hr 20 days ago

    This project is for those who knows and understand what a minimally viable product is and have any or all of the following skills: Facebook Connect, bootstrap.js, git + heroku + Mongo hosting, jquery, chargify, Livechat, Wufoo, Google apps (analytics), Kissmetrics, mixpanel, zendesk,, Good Data, RJ Merics, Node.jsAs part of our selection process, you need to answer the following questions: 1. If Freelancer and Yelp were just starting off with an idea and not knowing if the idea would work or not, what elements are you going to put in their MVP?2. What are the tools you would suggest for them to gain traction or feedback from targeted users?3. Provide a rough estimate for these two MVPs.Applicants who fail to answer these questions are disqualified.

  • $2105 USD 21 days ago

    FRONTENDOur exigencies: 1. The website should be in english and in german. The translation will be set by us (german). 2. Signup/Registration of new users (with jQuery Validation In Registration Form., check if username already exists.. user must be min. 18 years old )3. With accept Terms & Connditions3. Sending of signup email for email verification4. Password recovery when user lost password over email.5. ReCaptcha protection against bots6. Integrated bcrypt support for password hashing or others7. Login via secure url (registration via https)8. Ability to Update / Delete Account9. Session Tracking for Logged-In Users10. Local Cookie Storage for Returning Users11. RESTFul12. Non logged user are on http logged in user are on httpsThe project should be on Bitbucket !The template is html and css.

  • £157 GBP 22 days ago

    I require some alterations to/ re-writing of some javascript code used to control Midi information for a small plugin inside of a host music sequencer (Logic 10 by Apple).Full details to follow

  • $3157 USD 23 days ago

    Item Listing and E-Commerce ProjectI am seeking expressions of interest and ability for the development of a high traffic listing service with advertising and e-commerce components.The service allows customers to list an item, populate metadata and images, and buy subscriptions to enhancements that get displayed on the service. The items for sale are high value and NOT transacted by the service. The service provides a place where sellers can find buyers for their high-ticket items, and where buyers can find sellers of items according to location/price etc. The service operates to make money from additional advertising features applied to seller"s listings, and from Adwords impressions.Specifically, I am looking for a developer or team that has experience in the following areas: Node.js Meteor as the development framework (must have) MongoDB HTML5 Working with e-commerce APIs and subscription processing Google Adwords integration AWS Hosting for scalabilityI"ll be selecting the most qualified responses to provide a quotation based on a specification detailing all aspects of the service. I"m a software development manager expecting to work with developers who are reliable in their effort/cost estimations, can communicate clearly, and have experience developing online apps with a high degree of usability and robustness.Please could you include pointers to sites you have completed that show my requirements in use. I expect to be providing successful developers the specification for quotation within two weeks, and will award the job for development shortly after an analysis of the responders.

    Sherif Negm does not have any open projects.
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Jan 1999 - Present (15 years)


i have done more freelancing project than i can remember, probably covering more fields than you might think of


BSC in accounting

Suez Canal University


Certificates in SAAS, ASAAS, AI

Berkeley College


Certificate in Computer Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology



6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming


Certificate from MIT through EDX in CS and Programming

CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence


Certificate from MIT through EDX in Artificial Intelligence<br />

CS169.1x Software as a Service


Certificate from Berkeley through EDX in Software as a Service

CS169.2x Software as a Service


Certificate from Berkeley through EDX in Advanced Software as a Service<br />