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Highly Skilled iOS/Android App Developer

Username: shineiron0708

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Location: DanDong, China

Member since: May 2013



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  • $1752 USD
    Profile image for Seller jovjoski


    Feb 26, 2014

    Good communication and very knowledgeable. Looking forward to working with in the future for updates and upcoming projects. Thanks!

    Project Description:Looking for an iPhone game developer who will be able to make a simple game that is similar to a popular app out right now. Looking to get this done within 2 days.
  • $8247 USD
    Profile image for Seller rdvv


    Feb 18, 2014

    Thanks again!

    Project Description:CleverMower app v1.0, including bug fixing.
  • $2000 USD
    Profile image for Seller rdvv


    Jan 19, 2014

    Well done, thanks for working this out. And let's continue...

    Project Description:Game as discussed
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller BBMGames


    Jan 16, 2014

    Shineiron is one of the best developers I have worked with. He stays with you even after job is finished to make changes and bug fixes! A+

    Project Description:Need FB gems and IAP installed in app
  • $1010 USD
    Profile image for Seller BBMGames


    Jan 13, 2014

    Great service! Will use again!

    Project Description:Complete phase 2 and in app purchase.
  • $944.8 USD
    Profile image for Seller mtpiper89


    Jan 8, 2014

    Very professional freelancer. Would recommend for Android Projects

    Project Description:I am looking for a developer to design and produce an alarm for android. The alarm functions as a normal alarm but has extra functions after a period of time if it hasn't been disabled. These include functions attached to facebook, twitter etc such as posting tweets or statuses until disabled...
  • $144 USD
    Profile image for Seller verkaz


    Dec 21, 2013

    Did job as expected ahead of time , very professional developer

    Project Description:I am looking for a serious iOS developer who can deliver me sources in Xcode 5 for the following project Deadline: ASAP Requirements: iOS for iPhone application draft (doing what it has to do but...
  • $257.5 AUD
    Profile image for Seller acey89


    Nov 28, 2013

    Great work will use again

    Project Description:Android app for litecoin 1. App makes a noise when price rises or falls 2. Option to pick exchange btc-e / okcoin 3. Option to pick ltc/btc ltc/usd ltc/eur 4. option to change the noise
  • $1700 USD
    Profile image for Seller chriscana

    chriscana [ Incomplete Report ]

    Nov 19, 2013

    DO NOT USE THIS DEV! Halfway through the project told us he was unable to complete, after taking upfront payments. Left us with an unfinished project after collecting, and was VERY unreliable. Then disappeared completely and we were unable to contact him.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $603 USD
    Profile image for Seller depookie


    Nov 6, 2013

    this freelancer is great, high knowledge and work very fast. If you have a project with an important delivery date you can trust in this freelancer.

    Project Description:i want to develop a simple ipad game. i will provide psd design for the game. The game is simple and full information is in pptx attached file. We are looking someone who make a simple interactive game Example 1...
    shineiron0708 has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I need a complete traffic game for mobile devices-Main concept of game will be guns and bonuses.-We can drive as a usual driver-With time the traffic density and speed will change-Aim will be to collect points and golds to unlock new car and raceway-There will be cops and enemies in traffic-We can collect guns or bonuses from road or we can buy it with gold or real money-I want driving concept like as -Traffic Racer Game--There will be badge system and social media sharing -There will be highscore system and scorelists -Ad network integration-Above I wrote main ideas, for more detail I"M waiting for best developers. Thanks in advance(Sorry for my english)

  • $1546 AUD Today

    Please do not apply if you have not designed iphone/ipad and android app"s previously.- You must be able to provide previous examples of iphone app work completed.- We are not a charity, we will not be paying amateurs to learn, we want experienced Iphone app professionals only. - Please state if you would like a weekly wage, a lump sum payment upon completion of each job and how and when you want to be paid. - The successful candidate will be an experienced person looking to earn an income over the next 12months. You will have strong English skills, understand how the western world works. You will be able to trouble shoot think outside the square and complete jobs with minimal fuss. - Im looking to hire a person to complete three apps, however when these three are completed I should have another 3 thereafter.You will complete one Iphone app at a time.The iphone/ipad apps differ greatly.- You will receive a design flowchart of how the iphone/ipad app will work.- If the app is successful after launching then you will be paid to create an android app to mimic the iphone app.- You wont receive any artwork - this will; need to be done by you or outsourced by you- You will receive a precise(short story) intro, background, history.

  • $2577 CAD Today

    Create a fully functioning app that will tap into the users contacts list. Similar to viber. The app will be solely for sending video only messages between users with a maximum duration of 60 seconds. The user will not have to leave the app to go to their camera, recording and sending will be all in app. Users who do not have the app can receive messages in SMS with invite to the app, but will have to download it to send messages. A method to invite should also be in app. Contact list of user should be in app. Invite button in the list. Record message button in list. Once message is recorded, option to re-record or send. Running conversations kept like SMS.

  • $5154 USD Today

    We need someone able to develop an easy iphone app for our starup business online.The idea is to create an innovative, easy-task application where small boutiques can preshow and selltheir cloths/objects more or less a niche-luxxury-artigianal amazon.

  • $1030 USD Today

    I want build app about buy furniture by unity 3D ,very tiny app.

  • $2989 USD Today

    The player is an amoeba that moves around with other bacteria. The player will consume different bacteria and be killed upon coming in contact with “enemy” units. The concept of this game is similar to an endless runner where there will be one single level.In the game there will be a variation of enemies in both size, color, and type of bacteria. We will need 5-6 different character designs and different color variations of each.We are looking to have the interface/level design, splash screens, characters, and the gameplay/dynamics all designed together by the same individual/team. This is an opportunity to design the entire game application.Specific instructions for all aspects such as characters, sounds, gameplay, graphics, etc will be provided so you know exactly what is needed. The entire project has been outlined and wire framed. Please reach out if you have any specific inquiries regarding the job.Requirements:-Programmed for use on Android Phones (.apk). Version 2.0 or higher. If possible compatible with all Android versions.Qualifications:-Ideally we would like this to be delivered within about 8 weeks.-Must have previously have programmed and designed Android Apps.-Ability to showcase previous work.-Able to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).-Fluency in English (both spoken and written).-Ability to provide the original source code upon completion.-Ability to meet on a weekly basis via web conference based on a USA East Coast time zone.-Ability to integrate Google Ad Mob advertisements within the application.Job description:We are looking for a developer that will be able to both design and program the entire application.OS version for Android:Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)Development of webservices:NoDevelopment of graphic design and UI elements:I need them created as part of this job.Top app requirements: -Do both design and programming.-Delivered within a two month time frame.-Fluency in English (both spoken and written).-Ability to provide the original source code upon completion.-Ability to be available for a weekly conference call based off of US Eastern standard time zones.Duration of post production support:The possibility to be contracted for additional work as needed following application completion.

  • $8247 USD Today

    I am interested in developing an app similiar to Hotel Tonight for a different industry where clients can post their availability and consumers can purchase through our site. I would like to have this available via Mobile apps and as a website platform keeping real time inventory etc. Clients must be able to add their offering themselves.

  • $2577 USD Today

    We represent an established and very busy residential real estate website that provides leads to real estate professionals all over the United States. Our company would like to create a lead alert and management application very similar to this one: The App will be developed in C# using a cross-platform tool such as Xamarin ( or similar tool.We are a Microsoft .Net shop and already have a similar version built for our very busy website. You would be working with experienced database developers and and we would provide access to sample databases to assist you.This product would serve the residential real estate industry throughout the US market. The core functionality we are looking for should allow user to:*Receive real-time alerts on your mobile device*Respond directly to leads via voice or email*Forward leads to other mobile devices.*View lead details (charts and descriptions)*Remind me later function so the user can be alerted to contact a new lead at a later time*Easily create email response templates •Integrate into our existing website (Store login and save credentials) Please watch the video demo before replying. Their UI is very similar to what we would like.

  • $1237 USD Today

    We need someone to help us develop a mini game inside of Unity3D. Successful implementation of the first phase will lead to assignment of second phase of project. The game will be a simple table shuffleboard game. For this phase, you will be responsible for designing and programming all basic gameplay mechanics for a single player, including a score keeping system. In addition, you will design and build all necessary GUI elements, which will include 1) the main menu system, 2) a instructions module (tells User how to use controls), 3) high score module [for single player]. We have the 3D model for the shuffleboard table ready and will provide it to you to use in for development of the game. Please make sure you are familiar with the rules of table shuffleboard and are confident you can implement accurate physics and mechanics in the game before bidding. [To learn about table shuffleboard see]Deliverable: - The whole game delivered as a Unity package.- All supporting assets (models, textures, etc) - All code related to the game

  • $257 AUD Today

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • $25 USD/hr Today

    We"re looking for an Android NDK specialist for an small-scale project which may be followed by ongoing support for some time.Reasonable English is mandatory.-SP

  • $773 USD Today

    I need an app built that matches my website for IOS What I require of you is that you give me updates everyday at the end of your working day im very picky when it come to that i will put no money up front until i see enough work has been done and the final payment will be sent when the app is successfully on the apple store market message me for details.Not a requirement but would help if your familiar with cakephp

  • $5154 AUD Today

    Animal AnarchyThe first version of the game is similar in type to Mario Cart. Except the riders are different breeds of Monkeys and they ride different animals like a Bull, Rhino, Hippo, Lion etc. The Monkeys have armour and ranged/melee weapons. Each player has a team consisting of 2 animals mounts and 5 Monkey riders. The player selects the primary mount, the driver and the secondary Monkey Each monkey can be from a different species and each species has different strengths and weakness (like hitpoints, attack etc). The animal mounts also have different species, strengths and weakness (speed, armour, jump/ram). Like Mario Cart power ups can be obtained around the track and the further behind the more chance of getting a good power up to get you back towards the front of the race. The driver"s attributes give a negative or positive bonus to the mount, the secondary Monkey attacks and defends. If players mounts get close enough the player can try to board the opponents mount. If they beat the secondary monkey the driver fights and the mount auto pilots (mount is slower but can"t crash, opponents mount also keeps pace and can move side to side to collect power ups), if the person boarding beats the driver their monkey delivers a death blow to the mount before jumping back on their own mount. There is a lot of blood and gore. Steering is controlled by tilting the phone, slow medium and fast speed setting. The mounts skid around corners sort of like drifting, a heavy impact can cause a crash sending both animal and rider/s tumbling and damaging them, it also takes time to re-mount slowing the player"s team. Players can target either the mount or either rider by touching them on the screen. Ranged weapons start basic but later evolve into guns, armour and melee weapons can also be upgraded. Each Monkey species has a different hand to hand martial art. This is used for the driver"s when they fight. If a rider is killed, a new monkey (selected from the other 3 picked at the start by touching rider"s portrait) swings onto the mount (via vine) as it crosses the start/finish line. If the driver dies the mount will continue to run around the track (loosing driver bonus), if another player can board the mount it is killed, if it crosses the line new rider/s swing onto the mount. Riders and mounts have three visible damage levels shown by how bloody they are. Light, med and heavy damage.Players can create their own tracks and play their friends or play their tracks online.Players level up, the higher the level unlocks which level armour and weapons can be selected for each rider and mount.Armour - RiderLvl 0 - nothingLvl 1 - vinesLvl 2 - barkLvl 3 - woodLvl 4 - coconutLvl 5 - leatherLvl 6 - metalLvl 7 - bullet proof vestLvl 8 - riot armourLvl 9 - combat armourLvl 10 - titanium alloyHarness lvl 0-10Weapons lvl 0-10Armour - Mount lvl 0-10Fighting styles:Muay Thai - Monkey Karate - ChimpanzeeWrestling - BaboonBoxing - GorillaNijitsu - Spider monkeyKung Fu - MonkeyOnce a player levels up enough they can then unlock special mounts (elephant, sabre tooth tiger, small dinosaur). Special weapons (light sabre, lazer pistol), special armour (force field for 5-10 sec then cool down timer). Up to a certain level players can select from 4-5 mounts initial mounts, the special mounts for high level players (4-5 again) give a large advantage.I have more detail available regarding how the game works. I"m also looking for an artist athough I have a couple of friends with good talent. I"ll also be posting for an artist on Freelencer though to see what available.

  • £2783 GBP Today

    I would like to develope a mobile application in three native mobile platforms ( iPhone Android and Windows phone). I have the screen designs an some flow for the app. This app will need to talk to web services and a larger back end system.I have a beta version that was used for POC ( with a few bugs) . However we would like to redevelope from scratch.The app uses push technology to send alert messager and receive accknowledgement back from the mobile user when thay have pushed the accknowledge button or have read the alert message.

  • $3092 USD Today

    I am loking for an IOS application similar to Please only 5 stars

  • $3092 AUD Today

    I have an existing mobile site which is used by business clients. I want a custom application created for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone which utilises the core web browser to display the site but uses a different wrapper so that it doesn"t look so much like a browser and more like a native application. At this stage the functionality will be minimal but looking forward I will want to expand the app to utilise device-specific functionality (file system, camera, geolocation etc.) so a well designed project from the start will make this much easier. I haven"t had any experience with them, but I"ve heard about Cordova and Phonegap which sound like they may be the best option for this, but if you can provide some alternatives then we can discuss it in more detail.The app will only have 2 settings at this stage - internal server address and external server address. When the application launches it automatically connects to the server and displays the page. The server the application connects to may be within the local intranet (internal) or over the internet (external). The app should handle which address it connects to automatically without the user needing to do anything - if the internal server is available then use it, otherwise fall back to using the external address. This could change while the application is open so it needs to be able to handle this. The app also needs to be able to communicate using Bonjour/zeroconf/mDNS for automatic network discovery. This is used when the application is opened for the first time and has no settings; it checks the network for a server which is broadcasting as this application and automatically connects - if it"s not available then it can alert the user and allow them to enter the settings manually. When the application accesses the server (internal or external address) the server needs to respond with a particular header and if this header is not sent then the application gives an error and won"t load the page. I also need an easy way to update the internal/external server addresses from within the pages themselves so that a change to one of the server addresses can be updated on each device.I want the UI to be clean and simple and look native for each device. Most controls will be handled by the page, but the app will need to handle back/foward, refresh, tab switching, and document opening. Tabs will be created by the page itself (disable any popup security warnings) but the app will handle tab switching/closing - I don"t know how all devices handle unfocussed tabs but the pages are dynamic so they need to retain their content when switching and not reload (which I"ve noticed Safari does at times). It should also handle opening documents readable by the device, mainly PDF & Excel, and offer to serve them up in another application. Screen real-estate is important so the controls should be unobtrusive and shrink/hide when not needed - Safari on iPhone seems to handle this well where the address bar disappears into the top of the page although I don"t like how it slides back down when you scroll up the page.

  • $1443 USD Today

    Foot Book is an application on apple store and android market that provides e-services for soccer players, teams and fields. E-services are online search and booking for soccer fields, establish, search a match between individual"s players, establish, and search a match between team"s players, search for a player or team, and league soccer.

  • $2886 USD Today

    I want a 100% functional system for private car hire. See for reference.This includes web based control panels for admins, customers & drivers + apps (android + iOS) for drivers & customers.* Only individuals/companies with 4.5 or above rating will be considered* You must show me mobile app development portfolio

  • R4123 ZAR Today

    I need an app which uses maps at a university so that students can download it and use it for directions to the various lecture halls around as well as all the restaurants in a 10 km radius.

  • $1546 USD Today

    Hi, I need someone to create an app for both iphone and android users. The app is basically targeted at singles whom exercise frequently or are sports oriented whom most of the times might not have anyone to do that activity with. So, the main aim of the app is uniting 2 people of the same mindset of exercising or playing sport in a less formal manner. Please feel free to view. Thanks.

  • $824 USD Today

    I need a game designed, character, and coded. The game is simple. The idea for the game is that the player is running and on sidewalk and he has to jump over the incoming cracks (for points). Also there is another character that is following you that is throwing shoes at you and you have to dodge the shoes. If you get hit by a shoe or hit a crack you die and the game restarts. I would like to have the game in 3D. I"m on a tight budget and I would really like it if we can stay in my budget or close to my budget.

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