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  • $2350.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ardi79


    Jan 26, 2014

    Great Job! Complete more features to what had been asked...

    Project Description:Casino Slot Games for Facebook Fan page All graphic working file will be provided. Requirements: 1. Built casino 2 sets of slot games in reference to Please test/find out the rules of the games...
  • $847.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alekospap


    Sep 26, 2013

    Very cooperative and friendly took the time to fix all the bugs that came up.

    Project Description:I want to create a Slot machine game website almost exact to the games shown here: I need: 1. Graphics and sound same with here in flash 2...
  • $950.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller erictham2001


    Aug 29, 2013

    Very professional programmer.

    Project Description:Do not post i can do it or your resume here. Just post with a message with how much you understand about my main 3 objectives below. Put sample RELATED. Blind bids will be ignored! You may first like...
  • $412.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mgpsl


    May 15, 2013

    This project was done great by shved. He did not rest until I was 100% satisfied with the outcome, and was also helpfull with install on my server. I will surely choose him Again for future Projects. Great Work. Thanks

    Project Description:Who can make me a flash flag game for my website? I have found this flash game: I would like something very similar to this one with multible different levels etc...
  • $3500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller lidaong

    lidaong [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 11, 2013

    the freelancer cancelled the project 3/4 of the way into the deadline we gave him. No communication or report for weeks, then a sudden news that he is sick. Disappointing.

    Project Description:We have a detailed spec and design details for a web-based poker gaming application and needs a vendor to program them. What we need you to do is tell us how you would go about this as well as the technology you will use...
  • $750.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller DrFreud


    Feb 23, 2013

    Valery is a complete professional. He is one of the best freelancers I have worked with. The quality of his work is excellent. I have already decided to hire him again.

    Project Description:I am looking for someone who has "out-of-the-box" ready to use code for a web-based casino quality video slot machine. The basic design requirements: Five reels- multi-lines “Free Spins Mode” or...
  • $1500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jmoore00

    jmoore00 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 22, 2013

    Total lack of communication except to tell me he was sick and in the hospital and could not work on my project for weeks yet the last few days, he has been bidding on big projects like mine in the thousands. A complete waste of my time. Not only is he not professional. He lies about being sick in the hospital if he can not do the job instead of telling the truth. Please never accept the sick and in the hospital excuse from this freelancer.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MANDY4


    Dec 1, 2012

    Great programer , very professional . will hire again

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $2025.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller fabulousdates


    Jul 30, 2012

    A very professional approach to the project, Highly Recommended !

    Project Description:Spin the Bottle is a party game in which several players. more datails after
  • $2700.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller EnzoLai


    Jul 20, 2012

    The best freelancer I have ever worked with! I have worked with many freelancers before and he is the most reliable and stayed with me for the entire project. An honorable mention to his artist, the art was better than I expected and I was very satisfied. I got what I wanted and I am glad I hired Shved for this project. I'll definitely hire him again for future works.

    Project Description:I want to create a probability game on the Facebook platform. Game requirements are all inside the attachment. Attachment is final version Only thing that is not included in document is: - Maintains...
    shved has not completed any projects.
  • $2500 USD In Progress

    game like "Durak" on vk.ru1. Tables2. players3. fishki4. 2 skins(standard and "Bisetka"We will have 3 milestones , each 15 days ($1000,$1000 and $500)+ support 3 monthgame without bugs and with nice design(like "durak")

  • $750 USD In Progress

    The simulator is an application that is designed to show what would happen if you played a slot machine many many times.As per my previous correspondence with you.

  • $700 USD In Progress

    we are in need of a specific non-download flash casino slot game called rainbow riches, we have our platform that uses html,php,mysql & flash.see the attached file for more details.

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    Basic game idea is to collect positive and negative feelings toward countries. Threw a number of actions, which can be added very quickly (the system must be able to provide this service), we collect the points (positive or negative). From there we generate the scale of most popular or unpopular countries and also countries which tend to make negative or positive actions. This is then presented in a graphical manner.

  • $400 USD In Progress

    Note: We prefer coders from Russian, ex-Russian countries due to the same timezone. Please respect that.---------------------------------------------------I need a php qualified coder for a longterm co-operation on an auction website. You have to be very serious, experienced and exact to the working hours and deadlines. Please contact me for project details.Thank you in advanceJohnmr

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Design for a social and interactive flash game.

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    I need to make exact analogical games of "Betfair Exchange Games HI-LO" ( _ ) with the same principles, same mathematics model and the slightly different graphic design. It must be possible to integrate fulfilled game on the already existing sites (Windows Server2008, IIS7,MSSQL), for this it is necessary to provide any communication to the data bases (such as users accounts) by means of web service or any API .The essential request is that the system has the possibility to process around 3000 concurrent users simultaneously and work without obstruction. (the site is supplied with corresponding server and hardware). Moreover, the essential request is the maximum stability of the system against hacker attack, and the compliance all nuances of security.Technologies: ASP.NET , C# , HTML, Javascript, JQuery, MSSQL, ActionScript, Flash, Flex (The Flash technology is not Required, but prefered )I can provide you with detailed information regarding any question in case of interest.I would be grateful if only the specialists having experience in making similar games and are knowing BETFAIR Exchange-games contact me.The term and the quality of fulfillment has the decisive importance .

  • $750 AUD In Progress

    Hi All,I am looking at getting a basketball flash game done that I can use on my website and facebook that will showcase a new league i am starting. just a basketball shooting game similar to some of the links below. I would like to be able to choose a team uniform for the player to where and maybe have a high score table. I would like controls to be a slide bar that you click at the right time for best shooting.Thanks in advance David Richards3Ball

  • $200 USD In Progress

    We need some flash designers for building a very simple flash game.Only serious bidders please.Further details after we choose our partener,Cheers!

  • $300 USD In Progress

    Web site required

  • $3000 USD Feb 10, 2014

    I have ready to go "Touch Slot terminals" running on Windows. Now I would need a Slot machine Software ( best choice would be the "Gaminator slot software" that can be used on touch screens ) and beside that I would need an MAIN admin panel for me and a BASIC admin panel for the clients who install my Slot machines to their bars clubs etc. In the Admin panel i should be able to track as much data as possible ( Like how many deposits & Withdrawls profits a locations is making from a certain date do a certain date etc, beside that I should be able to see the history of the slot machine outcomes and to be able to remotly start & shut down a location/slot machine etc. ). Beside that I need to be able to allow my clients who install the Slot machine to their bar club etc. to be able to input credits to the machine and to clean the credits after the player for example has won and needs to withdrawn his winnings. The best way to go would be a deposit and clean balance option for clients Slot machines in the client BASIC admin panel.So baisicly this is what I need.1) The GAMINATOR software ( 4-5 Slot Games & Bingo if possible )2) The MAIN Admin panel for me as the owner ( With the ability to track any slot machine details to be able to start them & to shut them down and to ajust wining rate percentage etc..Or to keep it short - I need as many options and as much data as possible )3) And third a BASIC Admin panel for the clients who install my machines to their clubs bars etc. with the ability to credit the instaled slot machines with credits and to delete the balance if the player has finished playing and would like a cash out etc.Looking forward to any interested freelacers!RegardsGoran

  • $300 USD Apr 19, 2013

    Hello,We developed a Flash Player to display our lyrics and ads on it ( pre-roll).ex :,THE-PHOENIX,1325269.htmlThe Ads player is based on OSMF 1.0 Framework(we want to keep it), and we developed the Lyrics player in intern (and all the SWFs are encrypted with secureSWF).We have some troubles with the lyrics player, when the ads is finished. The lyrics player is deformed some times and don"t have the right size.ex : can we work to look at this problem?Best regards,Taha

  • [Sealed] Apr 14, 2013

    A Flash version of the popular video game of the 70"s, Pong: there needs to be Bitcoin integration...This version would need allow users to play from their own homes against others who are online. The site will allow users to store an account/profile with unique Bitcoin address where they can upload credit in BTC (Bitcoin) to wager against other players. The house takes a percentage of all wagers.All profiles and scores are displayed a leaderboard, showing how stats (games won and lost, bitcoins won or lost, etc...)The game would need to emulate the old-school, Atari style pixellated graphics and sound effects.We can aid with visual and sound design.ONLY candidates who are BITCOIN saavy!!!

  • $750 USD Mar 23, 2013

    I need a design tool like this website has want a duplicate or similar for the printing industry. It will have to load the templates, and the customer need to be able to place text and have a design area. Please look at the website I posted.

  • $3000 USD Jan 31, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $5 USD/hr Oct 1, 2012

    can u creat poker site?

  • $111 USD Sep 13, 2012

    Hello,I am looking for a quota on developing software that will be very similar to Yahoo Fantasy Sports, but with my own customization that will be added to my website. The software will be attached to my website, and that is where the software will be used. Looking for a quote, and time frame, also would like to know if its possible if i were to give you the exact layout, and customizations that i would like can you incorporate them. Also, when this software is created, everything will be included such as components that will update the statistics, and other related data. This will a fully original software, but very similar to Yahoo, or ESPN fantasy sports software currently. Thank you.Dr

  • $300 USD May 1, 2012

    I need a game which I want it for iPad. Please refer to attached file for visualization.The amount and speed of numbers dropping will increase consistently every 15 secs for as long as the game is running.The game play :1. A random number will appear for solution, lets say "15"Note : It will appear starting with a single digit, then in 15 secs 2 digits, then in another 15 secs 3 digits (max)2. As the random numbers drop, you will need to pick the appropriate numbers available (only at the bottom) with the correct mathematical calculation to get the solution.3. Maximum random number appearing for solution would be 999.4. Say the number for solution is 999. One way of getting the solution would be "(5+5) x 10 x (6+4) - 1" then press equal "=", subject to the random numbers appearing within the 10 lines, of course.4. Five wrong answers, or Five times the dropping numbers touch the bottom, or Five times of combination of both will end the game.Please advise the duration required. Also, kindly quote me a new price if my budget below can"t be met.

  • $20 USD/hr Apr 20, 2012

    I am looking to build a simple Proof Of Concept on a points exchange intially as a Facebook App. The concept is that people sign up, and get a finite amount of points which they can give to others for an action or service, and earn from others providing the same. An understanding of, and expereinece in, developing Facebook games/apps, including Open Graph and the Facebook concepts of Objects and Actions, Canvas Page, Notifications and Requests, access to the Newsfeed and Ticker via the Social Channels API, the posting of Discovery Stories, publishing to the Feed Dialog, Time Line, and Achievements, is critical. More on these can be found on the Facebook Developers Forum.

  • $700 USD Apr 14, 2012

    Need Multiplayer flash game development as well as on the website: Have a chat (i like that)- That can be inserted on facebook (to work)- Send your offers and suggestions.The game would be developed over time and get the job and long-term

  • €1200 EUR Mar 23, 2012

    Dear Mr Shved,We wpould like to hire you for our project.We would like you to create an online browser based game for us including the graphic contents admin screens ingame chat etc similar to this possible for you to do?

  • $40 USD/hr Mar 8, 2012

    i would like to build a massive multiplayer online gaming online to put throug facebook, i have the idea the game do not need too much graphic but a lot of fun can you do it? i mean it is about a game that i have but i do not know programming so i hope you could code the game for me , then i would submit it to facebook

  • $100 USD Feb 26, 2012

    Hi Shved,I have a printing website in Australia, We would like a few small changes to the front page of the site and also our Facebook page changed a little bit.i will be supplying all the necessary designs. Here is a list of what I need done.Site keywords and optimisation for better rating in google ect..Home page > Shopping cart button different Middle Banner > "Tree pic" into a slide of 3 banners. Why Namu page > "lower left side" changed with new design.Also a facebook page similar to this > me know what you think. I am looking for a guy for long time work we have alot on at the moment so do out customers.cheers ~rBeau

  • $2000 USD Feb 22, 2012

    I am a language teacher. I speak two foreign languages. I would like to create an interactive game that I would sell to my school division. I teach all level of French, and one thing that is lacking is an interactive game that students can relate to that help them learn the language. Just like any other game. I would like the student to enter a situation and being challenge in the language. The game should be for French students level 1 to 3. If it is successful, I would increase the level all the way up to AP French. please reply. You can call me at 757-285-7370. Thank you

  • $3000 USD Feb 17, 2012

    i would like to build a Online Casino website + several Casino Games in FlashWe are also looking for an existing or custom developed 5 , 7 and 9 reel video slot game.- five-reel video slot.- payment left and right- for the 9 reels payment also in vertical- Three positions visible in each column.- Any number of pay-lines may be used.We are also interested in other casino games. Please contact if you have games for sale or a reskinable game engine for online gaming software.

  • $495 USD Jan 11, 2012


  • $1000 USD Jan 8, 2012

    3D online monopoly game with high standard graphics. 1. game design2. Players: Free: Play for fun/ Play for real money: Link a credit card to player account3. security4. console other details such as game rules will be provided pls come up with a proposition Thanks, AM

  • $20 USD/hr Jan 6, 2012

    Hi, my name is Gabriella, I am looking for somebody to help me when I need it. I am looking for an animator or graphic designer+motion media designer(mostly adobe ae, illustrator, photoshop) sometimes in web design and flash projects. Each project is different, in many areas, I would handle them myself if I had 2 heads, 4 hands, and 48 hours per day... LOL :-)please contact with me garielladel@yahoo.comThank you.

  • €100 EUR Dec 28, 2011

    I need a "Memory" game, programmed in flash with a highscore-list for with email-adress registered playersFor the admin it is necessary to change the pictures of the memory-cards and maybe the count of the cards. Also it will be comfortable if the admin can change the design via could work similar to this memories, may be more better ;-) it is necessary to place the memory via iframe or similar technic in an existing website-

  • $30 USD Nov 7, 2011

    I have an idea for a 2d mmorpg, wich will focus more on gameplay rather than graphics, and the ideas that i already have if made into a game i think it will attract people to play it because this will not be a typical RPG, it consists in offering a world, a fantasy life simulation to the player, where not only can you be the typical, mage or warrior or whatever, people can play the game and participate in it in varied ways, therefore creating a world controlled and mainteined by the player !I need designer"s, artists, programmers and people with ambition and creativity to help me, the job of course will NOT be paid, but if we can put the game out there, every future profit will be shared by the all team equally.If you show interest, contact me by email "" so i can give you a more detailed idea about how the game will function.Thank you and i hope to hear from you soon.JoaoPS: the budget and days to complete the project i wrote were made up. of course the game"s budget will not be $30, in fact it doesnt have a budget, i"ll just invest the money that we need along the way.

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Aug 2008 - Present (5 years)


Professional freelancer,<br /><br />Team leader of 4 developers, have developed more than 150 flash - php games and web-applications.

Senior Developer

May 1997 - Jul 2008 (11 years)

IT Company VUEK

Developing games for CD publisher "New Disk",<br /><br />Big projects:<br /><br />- educational project "world of music",<br />- educational project, "world of nature",<br />- professional project "Forex - tutorial for beginner trader".<br /><br />More than 100 flash games.


master of computer engineering

Harkivs'kij Deržavnij Tehnicnij Universitet Radioelectroniki