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Sikandar Hayat

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Location: Sahiwal, Pakistan

Member since: November 2010



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  • $230.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller JMM01


    May 22, 2014

    Produced video within requirements that certainly met my expectations! Will definitely be using repeatedly.

    Project Description:Hello, Every week we produce a video advertising our products. A staff member produces an audio recording, from this I create a video. This is a professional video with little animation. I'm happy for your expertise and creative design when creating the video...
  • $222.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alualdi


    Dec 22, 2013

    Thank you excellent job.

    Project Description:We provide videos, audio and text content. We need a professional to encode them in a video ad, edit and finalize the video. for more information on us please visit
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller monosounds


    Dec 18, 2013

    Delivered exactly as required. Would hire again.

    Project Description:Hi freelancer. I need a lyric music video which is 3.33 minutes long. It should be dynamic with changing backgrounds and font style, and the lyrics should reflect the song atmosphere. For example something...
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Outsourced230409


    Dec 3, 2013

    5 Star as usual...

    Project Description:Hello discussed last time....I am sharing details of our new video...this is 1-2 minutes long and will contain video, photos and other text footage....
  • $146.30 USD
    Profile image for Seller Outsourced230409


    Nov 26, 2013

    Very good..very intelligent Freelancer...Output was awesome ..

    Project Description:Dear Freelancer, I want to create a promotional video from my seminar. I have some video clips. Need help in creating 3 min promo video with background music + voice over. Thank you,
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller macelord


    Nov 19, 2013

    thanks everything in time :)

    Project Description:project discussed on skype:)
  • ₹24000.00 INR
    Profile image for Seller grao


    Oct 31, 2013

    Very professional and accommodating in requests and change requests. Good delivery.

    Project Description:Teaser animation video is required for our website that is targeted at the real estate sector of the Indian market. This video is required to describe our process of working with potential clients visiting our website as well as to recruit experts in our line of work...
  • $240.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller stagman123


    Sep 20, 2013

    Good communicator

    Project Description:I have a Banana as our logo on i have it in EPS format I would like to create a short 30 second animation I will provide a audio file for him to mimic. Is this something you can do?...
  • $444.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dstern0324


    Jun 22, 2013

    Great working with Sikandar. Showed great interest in working with me. Duration was a bit longer than expected, but things were adjusted to aid that. Overall great job and will hire again.

    Project Description:I'm looking for a video producing specialist that can create a detailed animation video approximately 3-5 minutes long. The video will have to do with sales and athletics. It will be to advertise a service having to do with athletics...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Wellnesia


    Jun 21, 2013

    Great freelancer to work with as usual

    Project Description:As discussed
    Sikandar Hayat has not completed any projects.
  • $300 USD In Progress

    Need to make the presentation to the Home Ministry of country.16 Slides (Content, Design, Images all)I like the presentation of (competition product)...Ours can be exactly same as ours is also similar product. Don"t venture too much different as we have less time. the presentation can look exactly similar to liveu. Our related content can be found from our presentation which you can use as base.Keep it in powerpoint structure which can be converted into video.Keep less text and more images structure.VCUPack is to be the brand. VMukti name shouldn"t come anywhere.Only main difference is that they focus on Media Industry and we focus on Security Surveillance Industry.Attached is theirs presentation and our presentation for reference.Make sure presentation has following qualities:It has to be professionalNeeds to have mainly same as liveu slides...similar titles, content, similar images...only in our case images of security industry instead of media and events.Ensure that following topics are covered, profile, history, office, product line, Demo video, comparison, case studies, how it saves money.Also attached are home ministry specific slides, they need to be added at the end. (Our slides can be over in 7-8 slides and rest could be these slides on how our product can help them save money and do stuff that were not possible till now)Our fonts, design, structure, flow can be same as liveu.We need it by tonight. So, that we can review, make changes in the night and do the presentation tomorrow.I will be online for any of your queries.

  • R9000 ZAR May 11, 2014

    i want to paly four Rtsp live stream in android device at a timei have url like ex.url1= rtsp:// i want to paly this rtsp urls in to our device simultaneously=========Activity android==============|___| vedio1 |___| vedio2|___| vedio3 |___| vedio4================================================

  • $15 USD/hr May 1, 2014

    this project not officially but i work as a practical totally my design but over the voice animation

  • $611 USD Dec 14, 2013

    i need someone that can help me do a 4 minute music video!! This music video will be in spanish and it will only have text!!i need someone that can be created and energetic to do this song due to the fact that this song has a lot of energy. Professionals only!!

  • $1055 USD Oct 30, 2013

    Hi, We need help with an animated video that"s going to describe in an easy way our business. The video is going to be displayed on the first page of our site therefore it"s very important that it gives a serious impression. Because this video is what our visitors first is going to see when visiting us. No voice is need to be added, this is something we are going to add self in Swedish language.References of videos we like: is information of the script and more about what service we are offering. Please see attached documents above: Video_completestore.pdf Script.pdf Best regards MissionMan

  • [Sealed] Sep 5, 2013

    Require a short (approximately 2 minute) 2D animation for use on website.The animation will explain the next stage in the development of the company.A simple script/outline and storyboard will be provided. - "freedom to be creative"Please indicate some previous work done in this area - not required, but can only help ;)Some very loose examples of the type of area we are thinking. - again small budget.

  • $166 USD Aug 27, 2013

    Dear People - i am looking for someone to produce a 4 second intro that will be used for all training and youtube videos for a cosmetic brand.I would also like some of my footage ( approx 6 x 1 minute shoots) edited to flow together nicely. It would be great to find someone i can work with long term...and someone CREATIVE!4 second intro: this would have music and images and some create a professional look and feel to our videos. It would be provided in a format that i could easily add to videos i shoot on my iphone for youtube. i would edit them in I MOVIE.6 minute video: i would need this just cleaned up (edit start and end of each clip) and make this flow - adding images (supplied) where appropriate.Looking forward to seeing your magic and hearing from you...with love, Luci x

  • $500 USD Jun 10, 2013

    Hello,I need to have a professional animated video produced.The video will be about 2 – 3 minutes in length.The product is very similar to the following You Tube video and I would expect the final product to be of similar quality.Video Link: I will furnish a completed script for the project and can do the voiceover myself, but am willing to pay extra for a voiceover person to do it who has a great speaking voice and who is fluent in English. I would need separate prices for the video and the voiceover however.The video needs to incorporate background music as well.I will only hire an experienced freelancer for this project. If you could supply samples of your work when you bid it would be appreciated.Please write that you understand requirements when you bid.My budget for the video is $500 USThank you for your interest!

  • $722 USD May 27, 2013

    Hi guys,I am in need of someone who can design visually stunning 3d animation videos. I"m looking for someone to create one for my website to act as a how-to video. The video will show what the website ( does and how users do it.It needs to be fully animated and cartoony, in keeping with the style of my logo.You will be provided with a script and voiceover, as well as some music. So all you have to do is follow the script and make the video animation. Video will be about 45-60 seconds.Budget isn"t too high but looking for a good video animator.Many thanks and I look forward to working with you.

  • $555 USD May 21, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $244 USD May 13, 2013

    Looking to create a fun but informative video for my website which is located at , You will be responsible in gathering up the images and telling the story about what we do . I do not want any music or voice over as I will do that myself. the video has to be about 2 minutes long . This is a sales video basically.

  • $4000 USD Dec 23, 2012

    The 3d animation should depict the following scenario:Scene one:The situation we need to create is two rooms separated by a wall on which a door is installed. then we show a fire outbreak due to a spark...which burns the curtains, furniture and other combustible materials in the room. this fire spread through the doors gaps and spread into the other room which also catches fire. ( here we have to first show the smoke penetrating and then gradually the fire. refer to the ppt for the same.)Scene two:1.The door has seals installed in it, show the fire and smoke seal. repeat the same scenario, but now, show that the smoke doesn"t pass through...zoom in and show the smoke seal blocking the passage of smoke. 2.then within some time, the smoke seal burns down and the intumescent expand and fills the same gap. now again the smoke and the fire is stopped. show the process in zoom. then zoom out and show that the fire is contained in the room which is the source of the fire outbreak and the other room is ok.

  • $80 USD Dec 23, 2012

    i want a cool and simple animation for the start of my youtube videos, im starting to make gaming videos with my friends i cant send awhole lot, but i would like for the animation to say NEXS GAMING on it, and have a few cool effects, and itd be awesome id i could also get a logo in the same font/style as the animation, for the profile picture and for for the facebook page! if someone could this for me thatd be awesome! Thanks! Merry Christmas

  • $800 USD Dec 10, 2012

    Paybook is a financial management platform that helps individuals, groups and businesses visualize, track and manage their finances with just a few clicks. We are a start-up that quickly needs two animated videos, one for the personal side of our business and the other that markets towards small to medium sized businesses. I"ve written the scripts, but I"m expecting that they"ll be adjusted. We need someone who is able to create good storyboards. Our website is a simple page right now; we are working on developing the full version. Our budget is small...looking for under $1,000 per video. Ideally it will be under $500/per.

  • ₹350 INR/hr Dec 10, 2012

    Need a designer to work with us for around 10 hrs per week, He will be working on various design aspects. We are willing to offer Rs. 350/hour.The person responsible should be well-versed in Corel, AI, illustrator etc.

  • $750 USD Oct 15, 2012

    We want to create an animated video that shows people how our compensation plan works. We have created a compensation plan that is a variation of an Australian one-up. Here is an example of a video explaining an Australian one-up: Be sure to watch this.The text file attached is the transcript of an audio that will be recorded on Monday or Tuesday October 16th. We want the video to open with imagery of a toxic planet earth with the subtitle "October 2012". "The Planet is Toxic" "Toxins and Chemicals Rule" (you can see this in the attached text file). Then, as you can read in the transcript, imagery of a meteor or comet heading towards the earth appears. There can be sound effects during all this. The audio says "What if" You can read the transcript about "What if there were a detoxifying product" etc The audio begins to describe how you could be paid $20 monthly for each person you refer to this $40 detoxifying product. A 50% commission.The video would show how on the first person you refer, you do not get the $20, but it is passed up to someone in the referral lineage above you. This "passing up" is your qualifier and it qualfies you to receive $20 infinitely deep from many generations of referrals beyond the people you personally refer. The audio begins to explain this as the video begins to show people appearing below the people you personally referred and some representation of $20 bills or money coming to you as everyone on each level of referral infinitely deep refers their first customer. The video will show this organization of customers growing wider and deeper.The question is asked in the audio and perhaps in printed word on the video "How is this possible?"(we now repeat some of what they have already seen)Then the video displays referring your first person all over again, then your 2nd person, and 3rd, etc showing where the money goes.Then it shows what happens when your 2nd referral signs up their first customer, and the 3rd referral signs up their first customer, etc The video displays the growth of your 2nd level, Then the same thing happens for your 3rd level, then rather more hurriedly your 4th, 5th, 6th levels ... displaying the idea of infinite depth. That"s what happens the first calendar month. After your first month, the randomizer goes to work.(then we show imagery of the first level and random selection of a qualifier from among all the people on your first level, it might be a red arrow ranging back and forth from left to right to left, maybe changing the color of or lighting up the person or representation of a person that is on your first level as it passes under them) when we open every new calendar month on the first of the month, a new qualifier is randomly selected for everyone from among their personally sponsored active distributors. (then the video has the arrow settle on one of your first level people)(the qualifier could be distinguished from the people you make $20 from with the letter "Q" and / or a different color.)Then, as you can read in the audio transcript, the voice says "What if has become What Is" and the imagery of the meteor appears again approaching the earth and striking it. The tail of the meteor could have some $20 bills threaded into it. The meteor then strikes the earth and removes the forboding toxic look, but lights up the earth as though it was cleaned up by the meteor.These are the final words of the audio transcript:Global One-Up has arrivedAll will be detoxified!Join and be detoxified and enriched with the potential of infinite $20 bills todayor join and be detoxified laterResistance is futile.(We will have a recording of the audio by Tuesday or Wednesday October 16th or 17th.)Open to discussing a fixed price or hourly budget.

  • $80 USD Sep 25, 2012

    I need a video animation in colour , I can show you the video and you have to add things to make more interesting, example sub title or capsion ruling at the bottomMy budget is $ 100 Please ask for details

  • $500 USD Aug 30, 2012

    Hi Sir,We need a video presentation for our new business. The duration of the video will be 1 (one) minute. The title of our business is Definition of the business: "TopCreative is an online marketplace for business owners and designers. Business owners or managers with any design needs register on, fill a brief and information on the business and start a design contest. Designers compete to meet the specified design needs and client selects the winnng design among the submitted original works. There"s also money-back guarantee option. This should pretty much cover for a start. We will provide more detail once we award the bid. Please note however that we would only provide you with descriptions and information on the business. We won"t be providing any images, visuals of any kind. The bidder is expected to provide the theme, the ideas, all the images, graphics, etc involved that are to be used in the video. We don"t prefer any cast used on the video because we will be having it dubbed in Turkish so better try not to use texts (in English) in the video as well. It would be better to keep English texts appearing on the video in minimum and try to keep the video more visual and let the voice over do the explaining in words.You could chech the videos in these links for reference: feel free to ask any questions you might have.

  • $400 USD Jul 24, 2012

    need 2 animated videos similar to this one: of 2min max and 1 of 1min30 maxI will provide the voice.

  • [Sealed] Apr 27, 2012

    Here is a sample Video of exactly what we need but a different verison. must complete the entire video script, audio etc.....Please have provide previous work.

  • $1350 AUD Feb 26, 2012

    Require production of a video that is a mixture of real pictures and 3D animation (as a rough estimate the animation would be no longer than 30 secs in total). Total video length will be approximately 1:45 to 2mins in length. The video is for an industrial product. Considerable support will be provided including Solidworks 3D models, voiceovers and a storyboard to work through. This video is intended to be the first of multiple video"s that we are looking to produce.Looking for creativity, input, good suggestions and a certain wow factor. This project needs to be produced with the utmost professionalism. To be considered I need to see examples of previous work, preferably in the industrial/commercial sector (but also open to seeing other video"s).

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S7 - Animation & Design Studio

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May 2001 - Dec 2006 (5 years)

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Sikandar Hayat (sikandarhayat7)

I Trust the Honesty the most resourceful element in working strategy.<br /><br />I know if I can provide something to someone but without telling a single lie, not only I would win the project but also I would win my client's heart for ever.<br /><br />2ndly I also believe telling truth is much easier than telling a lie only we have to be bolder to accept everything as challenge.<br /><br />& That all my Success Story.