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We specialize in facebook,Iphone,Android applications development, PSD to wordpress , PSD to HTML5

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Location: Risalpur, Pakistan

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  • [Sealed]
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    3 days ago

    It is a rare professional with extensive skill. Hire!

    Project Description:For iPhone 5 + Its a app for events with eventexpresso wordpress plugin and maybe your native JSON API add-on. The app will show (like a dashboard) a page (template) according to the type of user. So, HTML5 should be the best option for this app...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cotletcristian


    27 days ago

    If you need a WP project to be done(as i had PSD-to-WP), then you need to hire SoftSolution2000. They are great, they know what they are doing and most off all, the communication is perfect.

    Project Description:Hi guys! I NEED FAST, QUALITY AND TOP WORDPRESS DEVELOPER. DO NOT WASTE YOUR BID IF YOU ALREADY DON'T AGREE WITH THE TERMS BELOW! So, by bidding to this project you have to agree with this terms: 1...
  • $105.00 USD
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    28 days ago

    Great partner. Thank you again!

    Project Description:I seek someone available to make adjustments between Monday in an already installed and pre customized template of themefortest. We will use Asana for control tasks and settings, you can start working on your local platform but ends up in my pub server...
  • $146.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller auturgy

    auturgy [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jun 20, 2014

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description: need an e-commerce website setp up. I'm using wordpress (wpdeals plugin). I have the dealicious theme installed, but need some customisation to give it the look and feel I am after. Specifically I want...
  • $160.00 USD
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    Jun 18, 2014

    Available, professional and great communication. Recommend!

    Project Description:I seek someone available to make adjustments in the next two days in an already installed and customized template.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller beniouioui51


    Jun 18, 2014

    Very nice work again.

    Project Description:render an existant website responsive for all resolution (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and webbrowsers.
  • $450.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller oskerlau


    Jun 9, 2014

    Thanks once again.

    Project Description:Upgrade an existing iPhone apps
  • $360.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller beniouioui51


    Jun 9, 2014

    I am recommanding Softsolution for your projects convert psd to html, responsive design, html and jquery. Very good communication, and availibility through Skype even for different timezone.

    Project Description:I have psd files and I would like to convert them into a full responsive html theme ( Desktop, Tablets, smartphones ...), approximatly 10 pages. There will be some changes to be made. Psd theme screenshots...
  • $154.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller swhitsit


    May 27, 2014

    Very skilled.

    Project Description:Convert the winning design from our Preview Dialer App contest into a functioning web page. The design is found at
  • $600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nivlaoet


    May 17, 2014

    Another successful work by one of the best and most proficient experts I have ever worked with.

    Project Description:Develop an app similar to: but with some customised features.
    Soft Solutions has not completed any projects.
  • $315 USD In Progress

    Only to specialists Woocommerce, with availability to work in an agile way. First part in local server, and the second on the publishing server.10 pages, including home. Work tasks fit through Asana.comAsk me more details.

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    Hello.I have other one psd file to convert as html and css for all platform.IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome) and devices (tablet and mobile)Only Serious and excellent developer.and MUST Update every 6 hours.and MUST Start now.If you can"t meet above requirement, DON"T APPLYThis task should be done in 30 hours from now.

  • $22 USD/hr In Progress

    We organize a mini advergame for a vodka brand.The game is a contest that will allow people with the highest score to win tickets for an evening that we organize.Players must try to get the highest score possible by avoiding mistakes. Any error decreases the score.The game will be available on the Facebook page.Schedule :The game will be available in late AprilThe creative assets will be delivered in beginning of April.Info on the Design:- Logo top- Cocktail to guess at the top center- Score + lap top right- Left and right: 10 ingredients for cocktails- Centre: the center with an open vodka weightless shaker- In drag & drop , users should drag the ingredients in the center of the shaker and these ingredients will have next to the vodka with weightlessness . These ingredients will be made in 3D and turn slightly to themselves.Technical solutions:- No Facebook sharing on his own wall. The user can share only the application and not the recipe. When sharing the application, the user must choose the person before sharing .- "send the recipe" allows the player to directly send the recipe by e -mail (we will use the e -mail that the user has registered)- Drag & Drop to move the ingredients in the shaker- Animation: the game world is the space with zero gravity. Vodka and ingredients will have a floating effect . Vodka in the center will be a 3D video. When the ingredients will be in the shaker, they will also levitation : 3D video to integrate fruit .- The bottom of the three levels will change, you will need to export 3 vodka levitating . 3 videos to integrate.- To ensure that users do not have all the same scores : calculate the time in milliseconds?To quote:- development and HTML animation- Facebook integration- in option: smartphone and tablet version (responsive)Provided: - graphic designs- videos- Facebook app details- hostingMore details in the enclosed file. May be incomplete but the major things are here.

  • $50 USD/hr In Progress

    As we agreed on the conversion phase of the project.The total budget is $250USD which will include responsive conversion of the all psd files and linking the relevant page.This project involves crisp and clean front end coding using the latest front end coding technology

  • $5 AUD/hr In Progress

    Ongoing wordpress maintenance- Theme changes- Layout changes- Small tweaks etc. etc.We already have a template and blog in place and need someone to work on an ad-hoc basis

  • $43 USD In Progress

    Hi, I have a webpage that I want you to fix. This page uses bootstrap and HTML5 to display a responsive view. However, currently its not working as I expect.Take a look: following items should be fixed:1. This page should work perfectly when opened in a small screen device like phone or tablets with low resolution.2. The two divs that you see should be joined ( the right div slightly on top of the left div)3. Currently, the page footer cuts the bottom view which should be fixed. The footer should be hideable in a small screen.4. The textbox where we can write comments should not go below the footer by any chance. When there are no comments, it should just hang at the top.5. There is a dialog when you click on the Menu Two link in the header. It should work properly. It should scroll the form back and forth and the buttons should be aligned properly. 6. The menu at the footer is large. Need to make it smaller and elegant. This menu should sync well with the rest of the site in terms of color and feel.7. Some arrangements has to be made in the page to organize the contents in a more elegant manner and you should be ready to work on that.My budget for this is $30 and not more. Also, I have very less time and want this project complete in less than 3 days. So, please bid accordingly.

  • $257 USD In Progress

    I need someone who can develop us a Facebook AppRequirements:1. Auto Post a Message on Users wall once allowed2. Redirect to a URL after allowed3. Message to users (email)4. Post on users wall in behalf of the user5. An admin panel or control panel which we can setup the redirect url, message, etc6. This feature should work on mobile

  • $30 USD/hr In Progress

    Need one FB icon per page, would like to use og:property etc. probably with FB.UI.i can provide the FB Login where the AppId will live.i have put $30 but can do a couple hours more based on progress.tyb

  • $63 USD In Progress

    I am looking to have Facebook Comment integration implemented to my website This website allows users to post messages regarding online dating and then comment on the messages. Currently, the comment system is not facebook integrated and is based on the php script from Scriptolution.comI am looking to give users the options to post through the facebook comments (this code is already provided by facebook) or if they don"t have a facebook account, users can post through the normal functionality of the site that is already setup. Facebook comments will be listed above the comments posted through the normal functionality. Currently, there is a counter that lists the number of comments. I would like this to list the total number of comments posted through Facebook & the normal functionality of the site. I would like to allow a function to allow users to post quickly via facebook comments similar to how it works on This site allows users to click the comment button and post comments instantly without having to click directly into the post. If you see how it works at damlol and click on comments, you will see a comment screen expands when you click on it. I would still like to give the user to go into the actual post as well to comment in addition to have the quick pop up comments.The budget for this project is $60. I would like it to be done within a week. I don"t want the coding to interrupt the normal site from functioning since it"s currently up and running and has users. You will have to have the skills to be able to work with the code that is already in place from this scrip that is based on a framework scriptolution

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We need a Facebook application that surveys or polls respondent users in Facebook on the questions we posted in the surveyThe Facebook application must provide us an admin panel in php to create questions and the Multiple-Choice answers (MCQ), usually A, B, C, D, E, in the admin panel that will be output to Facebook. Logged in Facebook users to attempt those questions but their answers and responses (in absolute and percentage terms) will appear on the frontend site of my website inside our own public html folder"s particular subfolder called "Polling_results".Create a frontend of our own website, you can use dummy members for the testing purpose, such that "Only logged in users" to our multi-member website can access the answers the survey respondents in Facebook provided.i) The Facebook application to be able to create more than one type of surveys/poll, with their corresponding name and set of questions and answers.ii) Each poll to have as many MCQ questions and answers to each question as admin deems fit.iii) The answers provided and the percentage and absolute number of users who chose option each of option A, B, C, D, E in Each MCQ questions to be stored in a MySQL database,iv) Retrieved and displayed in pie-chart, bar-graph and displayed in the php website frontend pages,v) Possibility to differentiate the answers and responses in percentage and absolute terms as mentioned in iii) above of the Facebook respondents by :-1. Gender type, ie Male or Female, or BOTH ie All (Note: it must be possible to include BOTH gender type being surveyed if needed)-2. Age Group, ie say, 18-25, 26-30, 30-40, 40-60, etc [Tell me more of this one in terms of how much freedom we have in surveying each age group in as detailed segments as possible]-3. Country, ie say, all facebook respondents in Britian, or all facebook respondents in Japan, etc.- 4. State- 5. City- 6. Or combinations of points 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, under v) Create a frontend of our own website, you can use dummy members for the testing purpose, such thatvii) "Only logged in users" to our multi-member website can access the responses to the answers in graphical form and segmented by gender type, age group, name of country, the survey respondents in Facebook provided.viii) The Facebook application must provide us an admin panel in php to create questions and the Multiple-Choice answers (MCQ), usually A, B, C, D, E, in the admin panel that will be output to Facebook. Note: Allow True / False, or Yes/ No, ie Binary answers too, not just typical MCQ answers for users to pick from.Note: Additionally Allow us to have any number of MCQ answers to each question, It could be 2 , or 3, or 4, or 6, and not just 5, so any number as we set Note: For each particular question, ANY number of answers as we deem fit to provide for Facebook respondents to pick from.ix) Logged in Facebook users to attempt those questions but their answers and responses (in absolute and percentage terms) will appear on the frontend site of my website inside our own public html folder"s particular subfolder called "Polling_results".Note: An Example of Absolute responses for the answers: 5000 Facebook women respondents chose answer A, 2000 Facebook women respondents chose answer B, 1000 Facebook respondents chose answer C, etc.Note: An Example of Percentage of responses for the answers: 60% of Facebook women respondent respondents chose answer A, 10% Facebook women respondents chose answer B, and 30% of Facebook women respondents chose answer C, etc.Must be possible to get survey responses by combinations of gender type, age group, country, or each of these separately.x) We currently have another Facebook application with Open-Graph features somewhere else, and we wonder if those 2 Facebook applications can work independently and separately or can integrate with the 2 Multi-member social networking sites into one. This point is to be taken into serious consideration!

  • $357 USD Today

    hey all.i looking for good team to work toghter for a lot time.. not 1 munth and 2 munth.. for more then 1 year.i have some 5 sites wp to build in one munth. i need good price for each sites (store and regular site)the team shuld be very profeshional. and know design in hebrow support included. the best team and good protfolio win.

  • $526 USD Today

    I am looking to build a website for a hotel. We already have a website that needs to be redesigned from scratch. The new website should be responsive.... the website will have a search functionality, room booking system and a paypal payment gateway integration to complete the booking process.Apart from this, the website will have a gallery of images and videos and couple of other information pages.Note: You must submit link of your work (website design and development) at the time of bidding. Your bid will not be considered if you dont provide your portfolio of work.You will be building the website from designing to development. Beginners please dont bid on this project, only experienced designers and developers are required.

  • $210 USD Today

    I need 7 tweaks and fixes for my current website. A PERSON MUST KNOW WORDPRESS WELL.The website in question For small icons need to add zoom on mouse hover script, which I use in my website for products.2) In cart view, remove unneeded info for certain product categories3) Need a method to rearrange the list order of products in the list. Now those are displayed randomly.4) Hide few store categories, shown in sidebar widget.5) Modify woocommerce email, which comes after a new order in store is made. An email store administrator receives should contain payment method used in the order.6) Copy and paste the code used in this page to the other page as well.7) Find a good solution to make a % discount on ALL or selected items from the store at once, so that discount percentage would appear in the products list and the savings size displayed near every price tag.Check the screenshots attached and bid RESPONSIBLY, only if you are able to complete the tasks listed above.

  • $242 USD Today

    Hello,I need a steam register/login plugin (openID) but with the extra that the users public profile page is created with his steamID number like where the last part (the numbers) is actually the users steamID number. see more info.Hope my question is clear.With kind regards,Jacques Ahlers

  • $200 USD Today

    Hello,we need somebody who adapts the osTicket installed on our webserver to the new design our designer made. screens on request. 1) You will need to design the support area, the clients will see and also the eMail send out to the clients.2) You will need to add a rich-text editor for the mail composing and make sure that the mails are send out properly.3) You will need to check our installation and check if there are any configurations need to be adjusted. In case there is something missing, you will need to fix.Thanks,Nick

  • $226 USD Today

    Could you some on assist me in buliding the website in word press. The main critera is the content of the website should not be printed and copied by any means. The website will have only four pages .If you think you can build the website in wordpress with out copy paste option and print option(from the end user) then only bid on this project.Regards,Vishwas

  • $1500 CAD Today

    The app is an interactive study tool built for to help accurately diagnose ocular infections. The app displays a grid of photos depicting unique ocular infections, when tapped photos will expand, when double taped, the photo flips over to reveal the diagnosis. Users can view more photos as well as read treatment and medication options.Other features 1.Tilt app(iPhone) sideways: App displays camera -Take a photo - photo consumes left side of screen. The right side of the screen displays scrollable photos of eye diseases. This is used for comparison to help the accuracy of the diagnosis. 2. Enter into a quiz mode where you have to match photos to proper diagnosis etc. -I will supply all images and content

  • $268 CAD Today

    SCOPE OF WORKWe are an engineering and electrical safety products company looking for bids on the design of our new web page. We have attached a scope of work for your review.The Scope of this project will be to build a web page in HTML 5 and also to design a company Logo.All webpages must have similar looks, design queues, fonts, and colours.Thank you for your consideration.

  • $19 USD Today

    I need someone to take a template and content I have and create a website with it. I"m pretty experienced creating sites with Wordpress, but I simply don"t have the time.I"m looking for someone with these abilities;Proficient with Wordpress and pluginsThe ability to take design elements and ideas and integrate into projectTake copy and integrate it into a functioning web design Proficient with setting up operational online store inside the websiteI look forward to starting this project ASAP.

  • $14 USD Today

    Hi,I"m looking for some to coach me through building my own wordpress site. I have most of the graphic"s, logos, fonts, etc. already designed by the branding company that made my last site however the last site didn"t work for me as I had to go through the branding company to update anything & after my free year was up, every update would cost me. I"m choosing to go with Word press & building it myself to empower myself with the tools & skills to be fully engaged with my site. Having said that; I have very limited technical knowledge & my site has some elements that go beyond the pal of any of the standard templates I have be able to find. Is there anyone out there that is willing to work with me through all the issues that come up in my process? It will need to be someone who is a professional Wordpress or site builder. I"ve very savvy with technology & am very quick to learn so it wont be one of those frustrating "teaching your mom to use an iPhone" experiences. Many thanks,Eka

  • $763 USD Today

    i need a wordpress expert to make a site similar to has login section where the user can enter information.

  • $41 AUD Today

    We are a Digital Agency looking to find a company to help us build eCommerce websites and other WordPress sites. There is no current project but we have a number of leads and want to have someone ready when the projects start.Most Important:ReliableGood communicationQuality workFair

  • $100 USD Today

    I have a list of changes in wordrpess website, needed to be done within 3 days.You must be good developer of wordpress template.and must be willing to start immidiately.Max Budget is $100

  • $526 AUD Today

    I need a site to be finished. Its a wordpress site.I need these things to be done:1) I need the pricing to be changed according to the sizes and as well as qty.2) I need the currency to be in in AUD and GBP.3) I need a form where there will be a sub division subjects.4) I have got the gateway details for CCavenue and you need to implement that.I have a low budget for this and I need this to be done in a couple of days. once I select the provider... I will send the details to the chosen provider.I need good portfolio form best providers here..thanks and happy bidding.

  • $51 USD Today

    We purchased a wordpress theme from themeforest and need someone to customize it. Looking for someone who has done theme customizing before and has a good sense of design & layout. We’ll provide the content & images. Simple 6-menu site, plus 5-8 child menus. All pages are basic text & image pages, with 1 news/blog page. The job can be done remotely, but it’s a plus if you live in the NYC area. Will pay the going rate for a job like this. We can discuss.This is the theme we purchased:

  • $147 USD Today

    I am intersted in converting the iauto theme from Word Press into my website with some minor changes.

  • $147 AUD Today

    I am looking to get a website made from a Wordpress template. I have begun doing some myself but as it’s not second nature to me it’s taking up too much time when I need to be doing other work!I"d like someone to pitch for the first piece of work and then we can hopefully work together on future websites.There will be five pages - one of which will be a blog but not hosted on the homepage (it needs to have it"s own page where it reads as a blog/scrolls like one).Images have already been uploaded but I"m happy for these to be used as placeholders until I can get in and match them with the correct product information etc. Text is already in Wordpress.I’m using the TwentyThirteen theme and have font plugins etc. Essentially I would like someone to: Change the fonts to be more in line with our logo Place an image slider on the front page - which would show images from around the websiteRemove ‘Leave a Reply’ section completely from all pagesChange the background colour of the most bottom bar (Recent posts, Archive, Categories)That’s all I can think of right now - it really is mainly whipping it into some sort of shape that makes it easy for me to simply update product info and pics and to start adding content to a blog. There isn"t a lot of work for someone who knows what they are doing but there is a fairly quick turnaround - the same will be the case for the other websites I would like to have created: both will be in Wordpress and both need to b turned around quickly but should be pretty straightforward.Thanks - I look forward to hearing from you all!

  • $105 USD Today

    Convert 5 Screen designs from to pixel perfect HTML5 and CSS- Integrate CSS correctly.- Some Javascript required- The pages should be responsive - Jquery Sliding menu and parallax effect- Need the pages to be tablelesss,div base- The pages should be cross browser compatible- Please note that the screens are complicated and have multiple tabs/informationIMPORTANT: Meeting the timelines is critical. I need each screen to be done in 3 days or less.Note: This is front End work only. The Backed is being done by my team.

  • $54 USD Today

    I have a 4 PSD and i want to convert them into HTML.. quick output.. and w3c validate too.. i don"t want 50errors in HTML..Only for serious bidders.Thanks

  • €126 EUR 2 days ago

    I would like to send you on a regular basis designs, that someone drew and have them ready on a system I have built. It is not wordpress, but it has my own CMS so you would have to put in some test content just to cover all basis for css and modules that can be put anywhere and to learn what ID and CLASS paratmeters to put for what DIV elements. The CMS generates most of the HTML on it"s on so this would be mostly CSS + JavScript and responsiveness. Would love to know the prices upfront and to be able to automate this. For example set up an account for you in my system and just provide you with an automated e-mail from the system whenever a design is ready for PSD -> WEB... Are you up for it?

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