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  • $130 USD
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    diegoquevedo [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 24, 2013

    Muy Mal freelancer, deshonesto, ladron y mentiroso, tratara de engañarlo a usted para que le pague fondos, utiliza trabajos que no realizo. le hara perder tiempo y dinero en sus proyecto...tiene varios usuarios en freelancer.. asi que no aceptes nada de blackgrapesVery Bad freelancer, dishonest, thief and liar, trying to trick you to pay you money, use work not performed by they. will make you waste time and money on your project ... has multiple users on freelancer .. so do not accept anything from blackgrapes

  • $875 USD
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    Mar 21, 2013

    Excellent communication. Supportive and responded on the mark. Couldn't expect any thing better than this. Software is running fine and hope to do more projects with them shortly. This is the kind of support we expect from a software company. Great job done. Congratulations. Regards. H. Kabir

    Project Description:I want a anroid app. small, so that, I can run in cheaper sets like Samsung GalaxyY gts5360 model that cost about $100. It has GPS LOCATOR. So, application will send back GPS location LAT LONG SPEED ALT...
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  • $20 USD Aug 9, 2013

    hello i need lots of iframe trafficen ni will buy daily upto 100k :) nnplease contact me asap

  • $1000 USD Jun 6, 2013

    We are looking for an app develloper that can make an app ipad and android from

  • $2777 USD Jun 3, 2013

    mobile application for Iphone, android and web site. Do you have skype account? I will try to explane by skype. [The Administrator removed this message for containing contact details which breaches our Terms and Conditions.]

  • $2888 USD May 25, 2013

    Project Description: I need to develop a radio app like radyo cross platform android, blackberry, IOS. We would host the shoutcast server, but allow other radio stations to be featured. We would like to categorise our stations by genre or categories with the ability to create an alert system to remind listeners when their favorite show starts. The interface has to be clean an close to windows metro style.Listeners should be able to post comments on each radio station and socialise with other listeners

  • $2500 USD May 25, 2013

    This is a mobile app project. It can either be native iPhone, or multi-platform JS/HTML5 hybrid using Phonegap. Tablet support would be desirable, but could also come later.The general functionality of the application is as follows:1. User login, user/account management2. A question is asked- the end-user enters an answer3. A series of questions will follow4. If a particular answer is given, a particular line of questioning will follow5. This "branching off" of questions according to a predefined logic will occur several times6. All answers will be inserted into a database on a remote server7. At the end of the Q&A, based on a predefined logic, 1 or more image file(s) will be selected from a pool of about 90-100 images. 8. Specific answers will be superimposed over certain regions of the image(s), based on my predefined conditional logic9. If multiple images are used, different sets of answers will be superimposed over different image files. 10. The image(s), along with the superimposed text, gets saved11. This new image(s) can now be accessed from the user"s user/account management section12. Image(s) can be emailed, dropbox"d, printed (if possible)---Notes:1. The first thing the app must do when run is determine the end-user"s language- either by asking them, using geolocation, or both- the latter confirmed by the former.2. The questions asked will be in the language chosen by the end-user.3. I will provide all text, in every language4. I will provide all graphics, as needed.---UI, Pages:1. Login2. User/Account management of completed image-mappings3. Q&A4. Additional resources page - contains text only, basic5. (OPTIONAL) GPS/Maps, Uses a list of predefined locations to guide the user, based on his/her location

  • $1222 USD May 18, 2013

    i thought of creating a paper soccer game app...i googled it to see if anyone else made it already and i found that there was a paper soccer game made. then when i looked at the game and how it was played and its completely different from mine. so i was wondering if i could still make my version of the game. my dad is the one who introduced me to it when i was a little kid. to play the game you need a sheet of graph paper, and two colored pens. you draw the goals on each side of the paper determine where the center is and you"re ready to begin. so each person gets to move three boxes in any direction, it could be up or down or diagonally. also the line you make doesn"t need to be straight, you could change direction with each square you pass. for example, you could move straight up one square then make a turn diagonally for another square then up again. once you made your three moves its the next persons turn now this player has three squares to move. the players are not allowed to cross the lines that are already drawn on paper, they have to move around the use spaces. now the trick to the game is to try and trap opponent in the lines that are already there, and if the player successfully traps the other he gets to move seven squares and is allowed to go through the lines that are already there, plus if the player makes seven moves and is still in the middle of the lines that players gets additional seven moves until the lines is out in the open where the other player can make at least three moves. that is called a penalty kick, but the penalty kick can only go straight for seven squares without changing direction unless after seven your still inside the lines you could move in different direction. that is how the game goes and who ever scores first wins

  • $2777 USD May 18, 2013

    Please visit Need assistance with developing the iOS and Android app. I would advise for you to sign up to the site and navigate around. Get a feel for the functionality. What we need is to pull that content/functionality via the web service into an iPhone, iPad, and Android application. Very straightforward. Currently the web application is calling all through $.ajax({}). calls....You can go for example to see the listings of public methods available......No documentation is there,If you click on each one you will see a sample all returns JSONCurrently, the web services does not have authentication.You can call the web services and get them going.The web services will not run if the user log in does not have a valid session.Send quote and timeframe and what 2+3 equals?

  • £3000 GBP May 17, 2013

    To create an "Cash Register" app for the iPad. The app will be used to use the ipad as a cash register within a bar/night club. Therefore the app must have; Users log in (multiple users), Management section for viewing sales and configuring products and prices, Be able to connect to a thermal printer and cash draw, Record sales.

  • $1555 USD May 17, 2013

    - 5 games to start with (based on templates). by suggestions or we can choose together.- some UI work: change background, menu, characters- for iOS and Android- integration with Facebook- in app purchase- payment validation- ability to send the high score into an external db

  • $1111 USD May 10, 2013

    iphone and android using eular video magnification MIT protocol.{Wu2012Eulerian,author = {Hao-Yu Wu and Michael Rubinstein and Eugene Shih and John Guttag and Fr"{e}do Durand and William T. Freeman},title = {Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the World},journal = {ACM Trans. Graph. (Proceedings SIGGRAPH 2012)},year = {2012},volume = {31},number = {4},}

  • $2695 USD Apr 30, 2013

    iPhone/iPad movie trivia game, containing 4 game types. Interfaces with Rotten Tomatoes, Facebook, and Apple Gamecenter. Program will be complex and containing many forms, including an internal web browsing window, timer, dice, user typing, difficulty settings, voting, and a scoring system. Please be very comfortable with sizable program complexity and have completed one fairly large iPhone app or game. This will contain persistent data on a server. In terms of design, this game will contain, but is not limited to: Login Screen Host/Join game Screen(Game type selection) Loading Screen Dice Screen ( D. 26 – alphabet) Main Trivia Screen Web browsing screen Challenged Screen (will be further explained in more detaileddocumentation) Note: program will contain synchronization of different, but concurrent, screens for different players during game This will have a back-end for scores and for users without Facebook. You could do the back-end for additional monies. 1. Rotten Tomatoes Movie Facts Code - Format of Information - Given Movie Title, retrieve the following pieces of information Pieces -Genre -Year -Keywords -Actors/Actresses (array) -Does Movie exist (Boolean)-# of movie critical reviews-# of user ratings- Store ALL OF ABOVE in struct/objects 2. Trivia Game Engine (Provide screenshots) - Tracks from 2 to N players- N = 5- Asks M types of question in game-creationo Difficultyo Movie Genreo Public / Private (game)o Turn-based / real-timeo Game-type- Checks answer- i.e., determines if answer is correct or incorrect- Loading screen displays animation(s)- Pause screen 3. Facebook/other website Login/Score - Keeps overall player statistics including:o Games played.o Win/Loss Record.o Sends invites to a public/private gameo Includes “Quick join” feature of game that matches selected criteria

  • €704 EUR Apr 30, 2013

    Wir sind eine Online-Werbeanbieter mit Webseiten mit Bedarf an Content-Autoren, die wichtige Geschehnisse zusammenfassen und täglich Original Content verfassen. Unter den Kategorien unserer Webseiten die wir bald betreiben (in GB/Deutschland/Frankreich) sind Auto, Tech, Sport, Lifestyle, Fashion, und Kindererziehung, um nur ein paar zu nennen.Bitte bewerben Sie sich nur wenn Sie sich sicher sind diese Themen mit höchster Qualität für ein Publikum in GB/Frankreich/Deutschland aufarbeiten zu können.Als Content Manager sind Sie verantworlich für das tägliche Erstellen und Hochladen des gesamten verfassten Contents. Die tatsächliche Tätigkeit besteht anfangs aus dem Verfassen & Hochladen mehrerer Stücke Inhalt pro Tag zu jeder Seite.Das beinhaltet:75-Wörter-Beiträge in denen Sie für jede Seite je nach deren Thema der Seite Content auswählen. Seien Sie achtsam und markenbewusst. (Zum Beispiel, falls Sie für eine Fashionseite verantwortlich sind, beachten Sie was diesen oder die folgenden Tage Schlagzeilen macht). Wählen Sie Artikel, fassen Sie jeden in 75 Wörtern zusammen und konzentrieren Sie sich auf das, was Leser wichtig finden und warum es sie betrifft. Verfassen Sie einen originalen Artikel, inkludieren Sie einen Hyperlink zum originalen Artikel, laden Sie ein passendes Bild zur Schlagzeile hoch, und füllen Sie das SEO-Feld aus. Wir nützen Wordpress als Plattform für unsere Webseiten. Wir zahlen $2.50 für jeden Post. 350-Wörter Feature-Beitrag Dafür müssen Sie gute Quellen finden um sich ein Bild der ganzen Story machen zu können, einen originalen Titel und Artikel verfassen, einiger jener Quellen verlinken, die Sie genutzt haben. Geben Sie dem Beitrag einen originellen Spin. Seien Sie kreativ, entwickeln Sie Ihren eigenen Stil. Posten Sie dann auf WordPress. Laden Sie ein passendes Bild mit dem Artikel hoch und füllen Sie das SEO-Feld aus. Wir zahlen $15 pro Feature-Beitrag.Kreativität erwünscht. Pünktliches Publizieren wird verlangt und Sie müssen den Beitrag jeden Tag vor 11:00 veröffentlichen. Alle Beiträge sollten objektiv sein – inkludieren Sie niemals Ihre eigene Erfahrung in dem Beitrag. Verantwortungsbereich:• Auswählen, priorisieren, editieren und posten Sie Content aller Arten in einem dynamischen Umfeld mit klaren Deadlines, unter Beachtung von traditionellen Richtlinien redaktioneller Blogs und stilistischen Erwartungen und Einhaltung von SEO-Best Practices. • Rasches Denken und Handeln auf Breaking News damit die Homepage stets up-to-date ist und einen hochrelevanten Mix aus aktuellem und zeitlich aggregiertem Content bietet. • Überwachen Sie Quellen, inklusive Social Media um sicherzugehen, dass der beste Content auf jeder Seite in Kurzform dargestellt wird• Beiträge müssen zusammenpassen und aus für die Leser wichtigen Themen bestehen Fähigkeiten / Qualifikation:• Persönliche Blogger/Autoren sind nachdrücklich eingeladen sich zu bewerben! (Bitte bewerben Sie sich nicht, falls Sie noch niemals Wordpress benutzt haben)• Gute SEO-Kenntnisse (Stichwörter/Schlüsselbegriffe, Verlinken, Betiteln von Bildern)• Ausgezeichnete organisatorische Fähigkeiten und klare Setzung von Prioritäten• Eigenmotiviertes Handeln und Fähigkeit zum Multitasking bei Setzung von Prioritäten• Ausgezeichnete Computerkenntnisse • Erfahrung mit WordPress • Grundlegende HTML-Kenntnisse und Photoshop bevorzugt aber nicht Voraussetzung Bitte bewerben Sie sich nicht, falls Sie keine Erfahrung mit den am Anfang dieses Posts genannten Kategorien haben, ZUR BEWERBUNG:Senden Sie Ihren Lebenslauf; Beispiele von Blogs/Webseiten für die Sie geschrieben haben; und Ihre Verfügbarkeit.

  • $2475 USD Apr 26, 2013

    We require developers to produce a demo version of a social media application for smart phones. The project requires skills to integrate standard social media features and events. Must be prepared to look at working with 3rd party software to complete the project quicker. This is a large application with many features, however at this point we are looking just for a demo version to take to investors.

  • $660 USD Apr 19, 2013

    Feature:+ News (pages+posts+category+comment+tags)+ Attachment+ Images+Library Images simple+ Support+ Download+ Statistics online (day,month,year,weeks)+ vvv...

  • $660 USD Apr 19, 2013

    I"m looking for a very simple UI like oDesk, Twitter or that kind, Shopify(is the best example,I would say), etc. You will have to use bootstrap or foundation as framework, I just want it to be clear and simple.The site will be used as a platform for a green real estate investing.Please send me your portfolio and/or work proposal. If you able to provide good design you will be hired again for a expansion of this site later as well as other projects.

  • $660 USD Apr 16, 2013

    Details included in attachment. Need white background. The main purpose of the site is unlimited users and data search functions.

  • $1545 USD Apr 13, 2013

    I"m designing a keyboard application for the LEAP motion gesture recognition device, which ships in about 5 weeks, and since it looks like "table mode" (LEAP functioning in a horizontal orientation) won"t be available for launch, I"m modifying the basic ASETNIOP concept (a chorded keyboard) substantially to work better as a "floating" keyboard. The new concept also works well with tablets, so I"ve decided that it could really benefit from the simultaneous launch of an Android application for smartphones and tablets. I don"t think that it would be particularly complicated to code (I"ve already put together javascript demos without too much trouble), but since I"m wrapped up in my LEAP application, I won"t be able to work on making an Android version. I"m looking for someone with the skills to develop the Android app; you can either do it for a flat fee or else we can make an arrangement where you"d keep a share of the Android revenue plus a portion of the LEAP sales.If you think you might be interested, drop me a line via the asetniop website and I"ll send an NDA over so we can discuss the details of the concept a bit more (it"s substantially different from ASETNIOP; the new concept is intended as a visual rather than a touch-based solution) and you can see if you"d like to get on board. Thanks!

  • [Sealed] Apr 11, 2013

    law firm website. About 20 pages of simple informative html.Every page need to have a Hebrew copy that will be translated by admin interface to Hebrew.including advanced search page that can run a search on about 800,000 Hebrew html pages of court verdicts that we provide to you.the winner will get a detailed specs of the site and detailed description for each page.. By placing a bid and start working , you agree to all the terms in this document and the specs I provide you.YOU ALSO ARE REQUIRED TO PROPOSE YOUR MONTHLY FEES AND TERMS, FOR CONTINUOUS SUPPORT FOR THE SITE AFTER WARRENTY.Each day of delay more the 10 days from agreed development time will cost the developer 1% of the agreed contract fees. Unless the developer asked in advance and get written prolongation from me.development files must be on our godaddy servers from the agree to fix any bugs or malfunctions on existing design without limit.developer agree to do any minor , functional or design or other amendments that the owner will ask for , until 3 months from site launching time for free.The fees will be paid as follows:Note: payment will be release once job is completed. NO ADVANCE PAYMENT.milestone deposit : 25%40% will be paid after site launch and working without bugs on our servers35% will be paid 2 months after site launch and all reported bugs and needed changes done.All intellectual rights will belong to the owner of the site without any limitations starting after first payment including code source that must be provided to owner before the first payment and after every amendment.a) General website description and requirementsthe site must have a modern contemporary smart look and need to design a nice logo.1.need to design a good user friendly page of online purchase of legal services, legal opinions, legal documents etc… Including strong call to action landing page2. verdict retrieval and search module , scraping and uploading verdicts daily from government database (I will provide username and password) 3. powerful administration tool: administrator can edit and add endless number of pages. All text content will be added by administrator.Admin can add more options to drop down menus like : practice areas , advocates , etc… edit of html pages meta tags etc.Admin can appoint sub-admins for mainly data entry jobs and any other aspect of admin modules.Every page need to have a hebrew copy translated by admin.any developer who takes this project , must know how to handle large document database and have expertise on SEO. Also need to be able to convert Hebrew html pages and docx Hebrew pages into doc and pdf pages. Change them and handle them. You need to have PHPDOC software.

  • $4635 USD Apr 11, 2013

    We are a company that wants to make a phone app for android and iphones. We are based within California which deals with bars, lounges and clubs. The app we want will basically be made to be simplified for the customers where they can purchase tickets to venues and get deals on are application. App will be similar to (hotel tonight).

  • $741 USD Apr 10, 2013

    I have an ongoing android game development of an old dos game remake to operate over the phone.i want an expert android developer that can handle the svg graphics, the physics and the graphics of the game.the game resources are ready and all that remain is to finish the development.i will send the latest apk to good enough candidates.

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Software Colony is a IT Company extending its services in the fields of Software Development and Web Application Including Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Web Designing, Web development, mobile application designed with the best technical features including CMS, e-Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Developing Animations and lot many IT Enabled Services.<br />Operating in India



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CMST<br />The Certifi ed Manager of Software Testing (CMST) certifi cation establishes a worldwide<br />standard for the assessment of the capabilities and competencies of software testing<br />professionals that are working at, or soon will work at, the software testing management<br />level.<br />Acquiring the designation of Certifi ed Manager of Software Testing (CMST) indicates a<br />level of professional competence in both the principles and practices of software testing,<br />demonstrating the skills and capabilities necessary to manage the software test function. CMST certifi cation provides IT upper<br />management a necessary tool to predict the likelihood of success of individuals applying for management level positions. The<br />CMST certifi cation provides the IT professional with an objective assessment of their management skills.<br />The QAI Global Institute, formerly QAI Worldwide, was established in 1980 as a professional association formed to<br />represent the software quality assurance industry. The fi rst certifi cation began development in 1985 and the fi rst formal<br />examination process was launched in 1990. Today, Software Certifi cations, administered by QAI Global Institute, has a multinational reach. Since its<br />inception, Software Certifi cations has certifi ed over 35,000 IT professionals in 43 countries on 6 of the 7 continents in the world.<br /><br />Publications


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