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PHP - MYSQL - Magento - Wordpress - Opencart - RETS/IDX - Shirt Tool - API - Bitcoin exchange - Soci

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Location: Tirumangalam, India

Member since: August 2011



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  • $375.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bigsimf


    7 days ago

    Great team of professionals

    Project Description:Walola Phase 4 includes the Landing Page Designer, the Blog and Walola Ads. These components need to be thoroughly cleaned up.
  • $3086.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dingdong91151


    7 days ago

    professional team!

    Project Description:Build a website which is fully integrated with both Rakuten Ichiba and Yahoo Auction Japan by their API function. Following websites are what we would like YOU to develop (or duplicate and refine):...
  • $577.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dingdong91151


    21 days ago

    Excellent Job, thank you Soalrsoftwares.

    Project Description:Shipping calculator will be enhanced for modifying from admin module.
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller apple057


    26 days ago

    Great !!

    Project Description:BTC bank .
  • $1030.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller waveevo


    28 days ago

    Thanks for your effort, your team has done a good job for us. Despite many changes from our end, but you managed to solve problem for us.

    Project Description:Hi Freelancer, Currently, we own a PHP web-based email marketing application having WYSIWYG content editor to allow our user create HTML. In fact, this content editor is CKEditor. But this CKEditor...
  • $2061.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Kandy9


    29 days ago

    Great job! Very professional team. Nice communication. Will hire again.

    Project Description:We need a website that can generate coupons for customers. We set the rules for customers how to generate the coupon. Coupons may be considered as analog of the cryptocurrency and after generation may be easily transferred from one customer to another...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller apple057


    29 days ago

    Great !!

    Project Description:Has beed discussed in message
  • $1386.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gerbs


    29 days ago

    Excellent employees, great project management, and close attention to detail with our project. We will continue to work with them in the future.

    Project Description:Project Description: We are looking for a dedicated, committed team that can build out a new mapping & database platform. The site will have many specific requirements and facets and need to support...
  • €800.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller gianlucaconidi


    Jun 27, 2014

    great job, worked flawless

    Project Description:What we need is a similar website to massdrop(dot)com, more info will be given later
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ChristianTorino


    Jun 24, 2014

    Great work, as usually!

    Project Description:Some bugs need to be fixed on an existing wordpress' website.
    Osiz Technologies (p) Ltd has not completed any projects.
  • $824 USD In Progress

    Required building a website according to the design I send, The site must constructions using a CMS joomla "The site will support RTL language, The site will be optimized for mobile Web design. Component -K2 will be added to the site (catalog ) Must create three categories, 2 sub category in each sub-category has four products, Must be built a main category from which the client will inherit all the settings design if he wants to add categories / sub-category / products. Must to create custom fields for each category, The design categories depending on the design I send, Menu includes a bottom for each category, product page includes an option to change the color of the product, etc., Thank you,

  • £4801 GBP In Progress

    The overall functionality of the site can be broken down into the following at a very high level, and modelled against the application. Please note we DO NOT want a blatant copy of Tailorbet, it is simply mentioned as guide to the workings of peer-to-peer betting and the similar front-end functionalities. 1)Users must be able to register and login to the site before they can add/withdraw funds.2)Users can add funds to an account via debit/credit card or bank transfer using an established payment processor API. 3)Users must be able to search and view a list of football matches (events) from the top tier European football leagues. All of these fixtures will be provided by an XML data-feed which needs to be automatically retrieved/downloaded from an external server. 4)Users must be able to select the type of bet they want to make on that match, set the odds they want to provide in decimal format, and how much money they would like to stake. The TYPES of bet are detailed below.5)When a user places a bet it (the bet) must be given an ‘open’ status and displayed on the site as an open bet, waiting for another user to oppose (lay) the bet. The bet must display the odds available and the required stake, as a mathematical result of the bet created by the original user. Formula will be provided.6)When a user places a bet he is charged a flat rate fee that is deducted from his funded account. If his bet is opposed (taken) by another user before the relevant match (event) is finished then this flat rate fee is refunded automatically to the creator. If not, this fee remains with the business. 7)All ‘open’ bets must be searchable and displayed on the front end by clicking on a match (event) that the bet refers to. 8)All ‘open’ bets must have the option to ‘oppose’ available to all other users who have sufficient funds in their accounts. Any users who have less funds then the calculated required stake to oppose a bet therefore cannot oppose the bet.9)A user who opposes (lays) an ‘open’ bet causes the bet to become ‘closed’, and has the required stake funds deducted from the account. The bet can therefore no longer be cancelled or altered by either party. 10)All users must have money funded to their accounts in order to open (make) or oppose (lay) bets. A user cannot stake more money than they have in their accounts. 11)The result of a bet is derived from an XML feed which delivers results of each match (event) as a set of ‘incidents’, i.e goals/cards/scorers etc… 12)All bet outcomes must be automatically resolved against the xml results feeds as soon as the match (event) concludes. 13)When the result of the bet is known, the winner is allocated the total money that was staked by both users, minus a percentage, which is held by us (the business) as a commission. The bet is then ‘settled’. 14)The commission percentage is a calculated variable depending on the value of the winnings.15)The winner of any settled bet must have the funds allocated to his account immediately.16)In order for users to pick specific players for specific bet criteria, a database of teams and their squad players must be made available to users through the front end. This information will be provided for all teams which the xml feeds cover. 17)There must be an online admin interface through which admin can manage any aspect of any bets, database and user accounts. 18)We want the front-end to be decoupled from the back end and served by a custom Rest API, therefore the creation/alteration/retrieval of bets, the retrieval of matches (events), and the user account management, must be achieved through designated API calls (i.e GET POST PUT DELETE etc). This is because we may want several different front-end clients accessing the same API. 19)We want the front-end to be mostly a JavaScript application.

  • $2600 USD In Progress

    I want to develop a software, which allows to generate QR code and associate it to a specific place,Program will have three interfaces, User Interface Administration interface Center interfaceHighly desirable to develop the software as an extension to joomla or wordpressThe software is not a smart phone app!The user scans the code using external appI enclose a link, the a full characterization of the softwarePlease do not offer price without regard to the requirements Please do not write general text just to participate in the auctionIf you are new to the site or you do not have 100% good feedback, please do not bidRequirements are a great programmer (preferably a Company) extensive knowledge in all skills I mentioned + excellent familiarity with google maps apiRequired knowledge of English including writing and speaking ability!!Please send link to work you have made in programming (not web design)Please do not send a link to your portfolio site here, I"m trying to filter all candidates and only get good candidates,We are a company of construction sites. We have at least four major projects in sequence, Very important to us available, seriousness, and persistenceThank you to all the freelancer for your time and effortBelow is the link to the characterization

  • $1581 USD In Progress

    i would like a sports betting website that have functionalities similar to The website should have similar payment methods as and its other functionalities

  • $80 USD In Progress

    Hi Suba, as agreed in our chat we want to hire you for the following (see final updates document as well):- Paypal integration- Ideal integration- Order of driving schools (backoffice)- review option (10 stars with number)- editing agent information + package (with right text - name of agent in stead of the owner)- New logo integration- Placing text in the search box (2.3 homepage - nr.2)- editing reservation page- editing registration page- bug fixing- putting website live on new hosting

  • $3092 USD In Progress

    I attached the requirements for this project.

  • $3092 AUD In Progress

    My biz is not unique - multi accommodation offers on single site. It is the nature of my target accommodation biz"s (listing for free whilst establishing) that will be the differentiator. So, I need a website including the following features...A front page in thirds. 1/3 = introduce 1/3 = feature properties (thumbnail pics) 1/3 for ‘contact us’, ‘search’, ‘client login’. Deliberately simple but chic...Being holiday accom biz key functionality is ability for 1. Clients to list property 2. Customers to search properties to rent.Clients... They need to register, be identifiable + linked to the property they’re listing. When they log back in they can edit property via dashboard. On dashboard they should be able to view visits and click-throughs stats. Owner would enter details of the property incl images. (Also, need to develop approx 20 stylised icons to symbolise features - like a dog = "dog friendly"). Property needs to be plotted on a map. (Like a google maps drop pin). That underpinning a geo search function. The listing would go through review + approval (by me - admin) then be listed geographically. Listings would conform to same template format. I, as admin, able to amend, delete, suspend or activate/re-activate. Listings visible to me in whatever status, whether or not visible to the online audience. Changing property status should be ticking/un-ticking boxes. Customer... two levels of interaction: 1: Search without logging in (search but can’t save favourites).2: Create profile: first name, postcode, email then Login (thus be able to save favs for return visits –need to have database capable of ongoing connection between property and customer to return to and view saved props again). Login joins them to a newsletter service and creates email database. They would un-tick a box to select out. Regardless of how they enter site (per above)…customer needs to search geographically. 2 choices: 1. Search by map (+ drill in). Icons on map indicate property location – (hovering over icon provides preview in thumbnail), or 2. Search by country, state, region, town. Properties appear as thumbnail list, clicking through to their full listing page. Areas would be Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands (Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Tahiti, etc). As customer drills in properties listed subtract to those in that geo area. Once they search they are viewing the property client listed in standard format (above). No additional smarts beyond click on links to pass through to direct external business website (in new window). Each listing presents customer options to "Book" or "Enquire". (‘Book’ links to client website booking system. ‘Enquire’ emails predefined address entered when listing). *Before customer ‘interacts’ they must create profile and log in –can view without, but can’t make contact. A pretty straight forward "click through" service + leaving contact details for newsletter. I would need usual detailed analytics per property and overall. The site also needs conventional information pages/tabs... Maybe 6/7/8 tabs total.Once complete needs to be managed by me with limited tech skill. This is my list of basic requirements. I expect for many it’s a no-brainer and indeed there will undoubtedly be many more smarts embedded which I would mature in to using over time.This site is clean/ simple (but not cool enough): use of icons up front is useful: listing represents property info well (but I wont do calendar): is a good one to show realationship b/ween map drill down and property: want an owner profile section like in this AirBNB example:

  • $2268 USD In Progress

    Dear qualified worker By our site fast growing to meet our member ads display needs now we need one professional ads system some function like ads requirement:1> ads should meet facebook ads api so that it realize our member can post ads from and display on facebook.com2> ads system should integrated with www.tradetuber.com3> ads creation format should meet facebook requirement4> retargeted audience are from fb twitter linkedin google+ membersite and 5> we need the worker to have a fully understand of ads system ) and better have the same project experiences is the priority for us to choose cooperation 6> need retargeted ads engine Thanks so much Frank

  • $1855 USD In Progress

    5 coins (one of them my own cryptocurrency) and USD.

  • $549 USD In Progress

    Build a website like Betarigs and add some extra modules

  • $2577 USD Today

    Develop Native mobile app for iPhone and Android with J2EE application server and MySQLApplication includes the following. Secure log-in module, contacts pooling module, chat module.

  • $6701 USD Today

    Hi,We would like to build a website like to sell vendors products in one Online Store with below main features 1. Vendors able to upload their products and control them 2. Sell via One common storefront 3. Admin sell all products and collect payments 4. Send order instructions to Vendors 5. Deduct commissions and do periodical payouts to vendorsPlease go through the flipcart website and let us know if you are already done like this model or able to do similar one.Good Luck!

  • $2886 USD Today

    This project is about making a dynamic soccer odds calculator.Then automatize this calculator and add online bookmakers odds to sync with the calculator.

  • $5154 USD Today

    We"re looking to build a website that is a cross between the "symptom checker" of WebMD and the crowd-sourced review system of Yelp. Ideally, we would maintain a database of health care providers along with the details of what each health care provider specializes in, its location, and etc. A typical customer"s experience should feel like this:(1) Arrive at the website.(2) Click through a series of questions/symptoms about their health (large, cross-reference-able database).(3) Arrive at a list of matching health providers, with a shorter list of nearby providers (large, cross-reference-able database).(4) Customer choose a health provider, arrives at the details page of the health provider which also includes the reviews (large database that can be updated over time).This project will NOT involve data collection, but does involve converting the data into a usable database and also integrating that into a website.

  • $2474 USD Today

    Hello. I am looking to create custom management system for my dog company, The Bark Park. I would like the system to be web-based with scheduling and calendar management features. I would like to be able to keep track of the dog"s and their activities such as feedings, walks, etc. I would also like to utilize billing and staff management for this system as well. Please let me know a rough estimate for a system like this.

  • $1855 USD Today

    Bid ont his exciting project for a website & Ecommerce store. Needs to have full ecommerce functionality as well as between 10-20 total pages.

  • £721 GBP Today

    Hello Everyone, I am a self employed person and I want to sell my products online via my own website. I am looking for someone or a company to design a website for me that I can display my products (knitted hats, baby clothing and toys) and sell them. I do not have much knowledge of the process involved, but I know I want to display my items and sell them via my website.Looking for reasonable offers and good workmanship.

  • $618 USD Today

    доработать шаблон joomla настроить меню, шрифты, сделать дизайн банеров

  • $742 USD Today

    I have a website that needs to be redone, I also need it to be mobile friendly and need seo as well. PLEASE PUT (SUPERMAN) IN YOU BID

  • €1237 EUR Today

    Cunoasterea platformei prestashop este obligatoriu

  • $1546 USD Today

    Looking for a similar application as this one. Please quote me the estimated price.

  • £721 GBP Today

    Hi Im looking for someone to help develop a website that will allow a series of simple questions to be answered which will in turn develop the end product, by linking words with pictures.Similar to this website: But there will need to be more than 2 options, on this one all you have to do is enter child name and select sex, I would like my page to be able to enter up to 3 names, and select about 5 different options, which will then create a book, in a similar way to the website I have provided. If you are interested in this project please reply with a timeline, additional information you would require from me, and costs.

  • €3092 EUR Today

    Professional B2C Property Portal (Real Estate search database) with all nice-to-have functionalities (not a website for real estate agents).

  • $927 USD Today

    Hello,We want to create pool like with 2 mining algorythm - SHA256 and Scrypt.It will need to be installed on a Dedicated server.Pleas make a Offers

  • $4123 USD Today

    affordable and esier at dat common price of which delivery ould be confirnmed accurateliy and bonafide

  • $2061 USD Today

    The Developer/Designer is required to develop an e-commerce system to sell arts, crafts, fashion and clothing (textiles/fabrics).The e-commerce system should allow third parties list their art works and crafts for sales.It should also have an extensive backend for management. etcThe site will have a full features of a modern e-commerce site for both the front end and the back end.1- Online Design and Customisation Script: Customers will be able to use an online design tool. Here they will select the base of a fabric (textiles, clothing materials, etc), then color, insert text, add their own art, insert clipart, add effects such as blur, emboss or upload their own Textile etc. They will also be able to resize and rotate. Then the price appears for them. This is an example of the working of this script: 2- After designing the Textile. On the second part, the price of the material is set based on some criteria like the number of yards they are ordering. 3- All the created designs come to admin and processed to the factory for manufacture and later delivery.5- Site needs to be modular for different languages and currencies. When the languge files are provided from my site, then when entered from specific other countries the language and currency should change accordingly.6- SEO and Blogging is a must. Mastercards, Visa, Paypal and local payment gateways would be used for payments. Adaptive design for mobiles. 7- Design is an important element. Please do not quote if you only will program it. Neat design is a must. 8- I would want to have a contact person throughout the project, which will be accessible when needed. Daily reporting or four times a week reporting would be needed to make sure the project is understood fully and goes on the right way. All the details of the project would be provided. 9- Please also mention your support after the project. What will this consist of and for how long.Please do not quote if you cannot show capability and will not deliver this project as required.Best regards and looking forward to hear your best quotes.All the best

  • $5051 AUD Today

    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer to build a classified Ads website and its apps on iOS and Android. I expect that you would show me some of your relevant experiences in building classified ad web and apps. You"ve got to be very good in building search function (fast and accurate) for the web, apps. Only serious, qualified freelancer to contact pls! Thank you.

  • $3092 USD Today

    i want to create a 3d app for users, the business users (sellers)are able to upload 2d image of product to us and then we automatically convert it as 3d images for users( this part probably we can use a plug-in ) . second functionality is that the users (buyers) are able to try those 3d item in their own avatars.

  • $2474 USD Today

    For our webshop we want someone to create a mobile version (preferably with bootstrap) that"s responsive.There are 6 templates that must be modified into a mobile version, which are:- The index page- A category page- A product detailed page- A contact page- The whole cart system- A free text pageImportant:- The URL will be provided on request.- As our developer is only perfect in PHP it"s mandatory that you also provide us with a implementation manual. Without this, we can"t use your work.- The mobile version may not be different from our company identity; must use same colors and logos.- You must provide proof of work in the past that you created.

  • $742 USD Today

    Canadian Care Medical Center is a new medical facility in Al Ain, UAE. We are looking for a skilled web designer who can create the facility"s user-friendly website.

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