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PHP/MySQL/Java/Oracle developer

Username: solutnprovider

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  • $25.00 USD
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    Dec 18, 2013

    Very good work

    Project Description:simple form Verify if url radio streaming exist. If exist Displays info: example: Server shoutcast V1 / V2 / Icecast / ... Content Type: audio/mpeg Stream Online or Offline
  • $155.00 USD
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    CapitalHoldings [ Incomplete Report ]

    Oct 7, 2013

    One of the most horrible experiences I have ever had on Freelancer. Was given excuse after excuse, and multiple failed deadlines. I believe that communication is key, and he lacks even the most basic of communication skills. Do not use this freelancer.

    Project Description:I need a custom cookie stuffing script, must be able to do the following: - Control CTR - Add multiple affiliate links - Web based administration panel - Have code output to add the code to any website,...
  • $5.00 USD
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    OptionDeux [ Incomplete Report ]

    Sep 30, 2013

    Job not done until now (4 days).Promissed to do it in 12 hours.

    Project Description:Hello freelancers! I just want a php script that will populate a MsEXCEL form (NOT THE CELLS). The script should use fields names for php variables,, and create a new sheet for each set of data. The form I need to be filled is in the attached file...
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  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    Project Requirements: 1.Using the Oracle database engine, design and develop a relational database to store user information to support a large online shipping company. Information that needs to be stored includes user name, detailed mailing address, and shipping information including number of packages, weight, cost, destination, origin, and tracking information allowing users to determine where a package is, and when and who signed for the package once it arrives. Other business data should be present showing how much the shipment costs and invoicing capability to send bills to customers. Your design should be normalized and well-designed for scalability for additional customers and shipment locations. 2.Your design should allow for inserting, updating, selecting and deleting information 3.A trigger should be used to generate invoices once a customer reaches $200 in shipping costs. 4.An instead-of trigger should be employed to update and/or populate multi-table views.5.You should include packages, indexes, views and other helpful database components that will assist you in your design. 6.Your scripts should work perfectly allowing the creation of all of the tables, triggers, views and other database components and provide test scripts that demonstrate the use of the system. 7.You do not need a GUI component but your scripts should demonstrate all of the functionality of the system. Deliverables: 1.All sql scripts and run scripts and instructions for successfully building your database and testing your database.2.An ERD diagram of your database design showing primary keys, foreign keys and other constraints. 3. Well-written word document describing: a.The database design b.How to set up and test your database c.The test data and results you used for your database, d.Your approach, lessons learned, design strengths, limitations and suggestions for future improvement and alternative approaches, the most challenging aspects of developing this application.

  • $25 USD Apr 16, 2014

    automatic image segmentation. when an input image is given it has to be segmented into regions and separate into blobs.algorithms preffered are Ncut, fuzzy clustering, fast, little modified or new one. the datasets are natural images from famous datasets like caltech, wang, pascal...

  • [Sealed] Apr 9, 2014

    Hi,here attached you will find an example of a script that I currently use to query (as a cron job)the Facebook API to collect some basic page statistics.I need to write 3 new scripts for the Instagramm, Pinterest and Yelp APIs.The structure of the new script should be the same:-get from the mysql "links" table, if available, an entry for the Instagramm, Pinterest and Yelp page-query the platform API-retrieve the objects-save the objects in a results tableEach platform may have different way of connecting to it and throttling and I want to be ableto set the proper amount of calls for the cron job (for Facebook I have 144 pages every 15 minutes)We will have to work together to decide exactly what can be fetched from the API.This may take some back and forth between us.There"s no need for you to know the API as long as you are willing to read the developer documentation.!Raimondo

  • $174 USD Feb 3, 2014

    Hello, I am looking to modify a classified ad plugin for wordpress.We have the source code and developers license to the plugin. Currently, when a reader is interested in a classified ad posting - the simply click on the "contact link" and an email is sent to the seller. We would like to modify that process so that the interested party can "make an offer" - to which the seller can either accept, reject or send a counter offer. There will be ongoing work on this project - there are several more modifications planned.To bid on this: Please confirm in your bid that you have worked with wordpress and are familiar with word press classified ad scripts.Please tell me when you can start, and when you expect to be finished. This is a priority to complete so I am less worried about price than time to complete.

  • $6 USD/hr Feb 3, 2014

    pls check here1. (python on linux)5. need to convert this 5 projects into visual basic/c# .net project and to make sure it compiles!for 25$ in 4 days after it compiles in my computer (win 7)

  • $30 USD Jan 30, 2014

    Hai, My Requirement Need to copy a big files to another disk using java Multi Threads. Need to implement Thread pooling (Thread Q ). need to create 4 or 5 threads and if my file size is 500 MB. need to give 50MB for each thread .Once the thread job is done then need to assign the remaining jobs. If any doubts pls let me know. RegardsViswa

  • $388 USD Jan 22, 2014

    I need an app/Program that will LogIn users to a website like gmail with a username & password only using internet explorer on Windows 7, which will then after loging off the App/Program will prevent the user from using a different username & password, only the pre-configured username & passwords for that website. The website I do not own its owned by someoneelse, say google as in Gmail. I need an app that will Authenticate the users locally and on the website not locally but have a sort of credentials manager to monitor and control access to that website, say if the user uses any other username or password that doesn"t belong to the company they cannot use that website. its difficult to come up with a solution because I do not own that website server and website but I hope you can come up with a solution.

  • $22 USD/hr Jan 20, 2014

    Project Description: I need Paypal payment pages written in classic ASP that get inputs from ASP page (like price, email, service name etc.) and return outputs to ASP page with payment confirmation and the inputs that I sent (price, email, service name etc.).Attach Specification document.

  • $155 USD Jan 12, 2014

    I need to have a grease monkey script written that will allow me to automatically visit, login to a website at a predetermined time and place a booking. The website has logon user credentials that I can provide. WIll be easiest if I show someone through the requirements online before documenting and agreeing them in more detail

  • $155 SGD Jan 2, 2014

    What is required is:The online portal will be used to manage and report on social media strategies and campaigns for a number of clients. The portal will be a main tool to analyse social media marketing efforts, and also to inform clients about the effectiveness of each social media strategy. 1. Social Media campaigns, ranging from 1 to 5 per client. For each campaign, the system will have to send auto updates (1-3 per day) to the client, depending on the frequency that the client desires. 2. Create the bridge for the portal to connect to each of the client account in social networking site (Facebook). This feature will enable admin to see what is occurring on those accounts and to engage in dialogues and to answer questions where appropriate. 3. Related to point 2, admin will have an interface that connects to Facebook on the online portal. This means admin does not need to open the website to manage the account. 4. Each social media campaign may have multiple sub-campaigns, ranging from promotions, polls, events, and other types. Admin will implement the sub-campaign (with inputs from the client) and manage the campaign. 5. Respond to client requests and issues, to update, cancel, or create new campaigns. 6. Analyse, review, and report on effectiveness of each Social Media campaign in an effort to maximize results. - Measure campaigns in terms of: number of replies / comments, number of likes, number of share. - Translate these information into different level of engagements ( for example, 50 comments mean high engagement). - Provide a feature where admin can choose from a number of set recommendations (e.g. continue or halt campaign) or choose his own. - In addition, allow admin to devise improvement plans for the next campaign. Advanced features: 7. Save information on Facebook ads and other social media advertising as required. 8. Implementation of an automated system (graph, chart) for reporting on the Social Media campaigns. 9. Monitor trends in a particular social media campaign.

  • ₹27777 INR Jan 2, 2014

    With fast emerging technology, all devices are becoming compact and there is a human feeling that there should be some simple system which helps to enter text. Standard keyboard is difficult for people to carry and difficult to use. There are some existing virtual keyboards which are based on cmos technique, vibration calculated using some softwares and using some hardwares, but they are inefficient in locating exact location. To solve this problem, we go for image processing technique. We use camera to implement this technique. In this paper, we see how a paper can be used as an efficient input device. The process undergoes a series of phases such as absolute difference, threshold, contour and perspective transformation that makes our proposal more efficient.

  • $155 USD Jan 2, 2014

    When you sell goods in the UK as a VAT registered business, you have to charge VAT on goods.If you sell to another VAT registered business in the EU (not UK), you remove the VAT, providing they can give you a valid VAT address.Everywhere else, no VAT.Setting this up in OpenCart is a nightmare for UK users, and doesn"t look very good for regular shoppers.I want to set up three customer groups: "default" (UK/EU), "EU (non vat)", "World".What I want you to do is this:When the user sets up an account (which can also be done at the checkout stage), there is a Tax field already. Change it to say "EU VAT number (optional)" It already gets verified by Opencart.if the customer is located in:UK - Do nothing. "Default" customer group.Europe - If the VAT number has been validated, switch to "EU (non vat)".Other: Switch to "World"This should be a vqmod extension. And it should be possible to simply edit the file to change the three customer groups.

  • €23 EUR Dec 23, 2013

    I have a module/slider on my joomla website that displays the articles in fancy way. I would like to have counter that shows to my clients how many articles there are and which one he/she is watching at this moment. It would look something like this 5/37 ... 5th article out of 37 articles totaal. I think this can be done very fast, I have manged to do something on my own but it doesn"t work right. It skips some articles. Visit my website and see it for yourself. http://www.europe-yes.euRegards.

  • ₹1450 INR Dec 22, 2013

    I need a java-based Optical Character Recognition application for image processing.Specification:1. it should be able to read the text from the image.2. to put a text on the image with desired font style.3. need an image re-size functionality.

  • $1250 USD Dec 21, 2013

    A website that lets users post items. And buy items. Dynamic web pages in the front end. Java in the back end.

  • $333 USD Dec 21, 2013

    i Need a Website like with all features

  • $155 USD Dec 19, 2013

    I have an e-commerce website on the Wordpress platform. The dev site is I was able to add the shopping cart, but would like to customize the process. We want users to be able to upload photos, upload/type letters, or send money. On the homepage we would like to be able to have quick check out to make selecting locations faster for user, and add sign up/login page. All designs are complete and project is ready for php wordpress expert.

  • $155 USD Dec 18, 2013

    Someone who is an expert in Google Plus and can help me through this medium to get my website better search engine rankings since Hummingbird. Need someone who understands SEO and how Google Plus plays a key role.

  • $155 USD Oct 11, 2013

    General Programming: New Development1.Add product spec sheets (PDF files and product title) to the website on the new-products.php page. This functionality will give the site owner the ability to load documents via an administrative backend.2.Develop a module to add current design projects to the design.php page. This functionality will give the site owner the ability to add photos, captions and create a design portfolio of finished jobs. 3.Create an animated truck to be used on the about.php page.

  • $10 USD/hr Oct 6, 2013

    I need a web form that increments a XML attribute by one. I need a web form that can write new nodes with a template. You can use XSL. The state/city needs to be captured from Facebook. That must be cross referenced for the county in my CSV file. It needs to be kept in a year long cookie or associated with the FB SDK if it"s fast. so the address should be This file has all the nodes for that county. Each time a node is finished on the page, like an rss, it goes away. It gets kept in a file for that day (eg a_DD_MM_YYYY.xml). The only page the person should see is a login page with their county"s auctions, or a Facebook login page.The first form mentioned increments the bid. I need a node also that holds the starting bid and one more that has a Meet Me! price. If the bid button is pressed, than the text of (int) must be incremented. the second form just has to add a new auction listing. I"ve done all the heavy lifting already. The page is complete in aesthetic.Each node must have a countdown number to reach to end the auction. Also one with a short url to a img src if one is produced when beginning the auction. You can see the page at the two forms are there, they just don"t work. so if you can help please look it up and see what I"m shooting for from the rss and overall look of the page.

  • $30 USD Oct 6, 2013 will run this java script from C:\Users\user\Documents\rubystuff and use Scintilla text editor to open and use the scriptTake file input.xls and write a script that inputs the last name (id=Text1), first name(id=Text2) and decade(id=Text5) to form. Running script will generate its own output file or append the input file. The input.xls will be changed in the future to have different names be run.for example searching Aussieker, Mark 2010On the results page, a table will appear and only the "document title" needs to be scraped. this is what the relevant information looks like when looking at page source. DocumentName=GRANT+DEED&DocRetDate= A timer to wait 10 seconds between queries should be added. The output file can write directly on to the input file, but not alter the "middle name" columns. IF a new file is created, it needs to have the case # from the first column be written on to the first column of the new file.A timer should allow for 5 seconds between each query.

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