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Username: sonuinfy

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Location: Fatehgarh, India

Member since: October 2010



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  • $3100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ElveraStrydom


    6 days ago

    It was a true privilege to work with sonuinfy. The quality of his work, professionalism and communication was exceptional. Definitely looking forward to more future projects together!

    Project Description:Ecommerce website using Shopify platform with Salesforce integration. The payment gateway will be PayFast. Skills Needed: WordPress, Shopify , PHP , MYSQL , HTML NB, for more information see Poject Brief...
  • $80.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ayn2010


    8 days ago

    Thanks for your quick and prompt delivery of the job.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I have a small job but the reviews seem to indicate that you do larger jobs, so let me know if this isn&#039;t something you would do. I have a site I&#039;ve created which has a large header/banner. It was...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rosecooptics


    16 days ago

    Professional and very efficient.

    Project Description:Add 14 optical frames to an existing website indicating sizes and colors.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller westbyte


    20 days ago

    Thanks for delivery on short notice, appreciated.

    Project Description:2hours work with wp site, fixed price
  • $524.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller imagemilljapan


    20 days ago

    Its been a pleasure working with Sonuinfy, very professional and high level of quality, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied

    Project Description:I have a simple site designed in adobe muse that my client wants converted to a wordpress template so they can better manage it themselves. Its 4 pages and in english and japanese. We are looking to...
  • $360.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Moovmii


    28 days ago

    Good quality. Perfect service!

    Project Description:Add new landingspages for countries to our website. Please have a look at how our landingpage for Australia functions right now, See attached PSD for new landingspage for Australia...
  • $2600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller haitham3


    28 days ago

    Dedicated professional team, would definitely hire them again.

    Project Description:Need to migrate existing Concrete5 website to Wordpress, 5 dynamic pages.
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller caffeineaddict


    29 days ago

    all perfect.

    Project Description:Hi, I&#039;ve two small and simple (processwire) project sites running. It&#039;s basically just one ot two php template pages (with header / footer includes). (not live)
  • $408.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller westbyte


    29 days ago

    Very good communication and skills, good quality of work and professional attitude, thanks!

    Project Description:Private project for Sonuinfy, making existing site responsive.
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller paulbennion


    Jun 28, 2014

    Great help in completing very challenging task to generate much needed database update script.

    Project Description:Good Morning, I currently require a once off Script to Rename a series of image files and update the found database Image Src Url&#039;s in sql table. Image names once uploaded through admin area of codeigniter site are being stored as a random md5 string...
    Ommune IT Solutions has not completed any projects.
  • $249 USD In Progress

    1) Translate our homepage intro into Chinese. You will see that both intros are the same on our english and Chinese versions (We can give you all necessary translations).2) The widgets on our home page need to match in both English and Chinese. The English version has been completed, but the Chinese version on our sliders won&quot;t work.3) Our websites responsiveness needs to be adjusted, our logo doesn&quot;t shrink to the proper size for mobile users. Particularly iphone users.4) Once steps 1-5 are completed, all Google Referencing must be removed from the website. Our servers are located in Hong Kong and our users are located in China. The Google Referencing within this theme is slowing down speeds for our Chinese users.-There many be small micro adjustments that we will request in addition to these. They shouldn&quot;t take a skilled programmer very long to figure out-Our website is: are using the latest version of Wordpress and the &quot;Voyage&quot; theme from

  • $1546 USD In Progress

    Do NOT bid on this project unless you send a message explaining which CMS platforms you will use, and why that is a good choice to solve my problem. Project Description:Membership / E Commerce SiteThe purpose of our site is to sell subscriptions to use our web-based applications. The site will launch with 3 products available for sale:1. TagSearch2. TagEdit3. MusicMarketMe NewsletterUsers will create memberships, user data is stored in a database. Users may purchase monthly or yearly subscriptions. The site is hosted by GoDaddy. Available are many CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, and many others. There are e-commerce solutions like Magneto and many others.You will build our site. We supply all graphics and text. You make the layout look professional, and you make it work. We want the site to be as simple as possible, while still doing everything specified.Admin Control PanelYou build a control panel from which the administrtors can manage the site.Home PageHome page is viewable by all visitors. Home features an intro video embedded from YouTube. There is 1 short paragraphs about each of our products, with a link to product page.FAQ sectionI will supply all graphics and text content. You will create a professional layout.Product PagesEach product will have its own home page. Product pages are viewable by all visitors, whether logged in or not. The first 3 products are TagSearch, TagEdit, and MusicMarketMe Newsletter. Product 1 - TagSearch.TagSearch is a customizable Search Engine for music files, connected by API to a hosting site. This app is already built and works perfectly. The user edits text in fields, which customize the parameters.The app generates a new page, which is a search engine. The user can copy an iFrame embed code to embed the serach engine on their own site, like this:!tagedit/c1a0yTagSearch will feature a 30-day free trial.Product 2 -TagEditTag edit is a spreadsheet that allows remote editing of tags via API.Tag Edit is sold spearately, or bundled with TagSearch.MembershipUsers create a user name and password. User information is stored in our database.PurchaseLogged-in member may purchase a subscription. Subscription is by the month. Member may purchace any number of months, at a price, like $9.99 / month. Admins control the price via the control panel. Discounts are available, like $69.99 / year.Member Access to ProductUser who has purchased product is given a unique page, like: access page is only viewable by a logged in member who has paid.The existing web app run on this page, and creates a resultsing page, as it is designed to do.EmailAll member names and email addresses are added to an email list in the database.Admins have easy ability to create an email, and send it out to email list.Anytime any member subscription will expire in 7 days, a script automatically emails the member a &quot;7-day warning&quot;. When subscription will expire in 1 day, script emails the member with a 24-hour warning.Subscription TerminationWhen a subscription ends, the member can no longer access the web app. Instead, script opens a window urging the member to renew the subscription, with a button to click for doing that.ForumThere is a very simple discussion forum. Only logged in members may post, but anyone can view.DatabaseOur database will track member name, member email address, member demographic info, member purchases, dates of transactions.Simple accounting spreadsheet is automatically generated that shows income totals.Site StatisticsA standard statistics module is implemented, showing site traffic and whatever other metrics are available.

  • $824 USD In Progress

    Project brief further clarified in below documents.

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Hello, I have a Magazine style WordPress site that has the most popular categories restricted to paid subscribers.The most popular categories involve companies. I would like to add the ability for paid subscribers to &quot;Add this Company to my Watch List&quot; The subscribers watch list is private, NO ONE else can see it.Once added to a Subscribers Watch List they receive a confirmation email, and each and every time a post is published with that exact same company name the subscriber receives an Alert email with a hyper link to that post.So firstly I need to know if this can be done?Considerationsthe process would need to be as automated as possiblewould not interfere with theme or pluginshow to capture the company name: pager title, permalink, keyword or Div section (or other such code) within the body of the post / page, or breadcrumbthe process to trigger the alert, once and only once for each postI would prefer a fixed price than an open ended hourly rate.Are you interested?What are your thoughts on how and or IF this can be done.Respectfully,BrendaPS Obviously the above is a very simplified overview, we can get into more detail if we decide to work together.

  • $500 USD In Progress

    As discussed on Skype.

  • $1030 USD In Progress

    Hello, we looking for talanteed programmers, to build our website.The website will contain reviews and ratings.basicley, the categories, and pages are almost same. The main thing is, the Function behind.Our design is ready.also, we have filters, we want them based on ajax technology!same, as here, on freelancer. filters sidebar.we have also Blog section, some widgets should be specialist, and deliver all by seted dedline.also, needed good english, and skype for comunication.Thanks.

  • €250 EUR In Progress

    My website needs to be finished up. - the current twitter plugin doesn&quot;t work- I&quot;d like a copy of the website in English with a nl/en button. I will translate and enter the texts- I&quot;d like a &quot;media&quot; button on the site where publications and press releases will be- I&quot;d like a &quot;references&quot; page where a few logos and cases can be placed. - I&quot;d like a cleary visible button on the website that refers to the site of a subsidiary company- I&quot;d like a button where people can sign up for newsletterAnd optional: I&quot;d like a copy of the complete website for another subsidiary company with only a different background color/image.I need a PROFESSIONAL who works fast, accurate and speaks good English.

  • $225 USD In Progress

    Hi sonuinfy,We have an Amazon affiliate script we use for Wordpress that pulls related products based on our posts. The script is complete and was working fine until recently where we got a &quot;request time out error.&quot; We would like you to look at the script and get it to function again. Other than the error, the script is complete, so all we need from your side is to get the script to load within our wordpress theme.

  • £825 GBP In Progress

    hello,I am starting to work on a website, where people list their apartments, hotels, plots of land they want to rent or sell in east africa.I live in sheffield and I am looking for someone to work with me on this project.Please let me know if you can do that...The website will have:1) Maps2) eCommerce3) allows users to create an account, pay for it, then post properties, and edit4) social networking5) great design, and SEOFaysal

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Dear developer.I need my standard prestashop 5-step checkout modified to a 3-step checkout.Here is what the different steps should contain:1 step: Cart summery, comment field and giftwrapping.2 step: address and freight3 step: summery, accept terms and conditions, and direct the customer to off site payment (quickpay)Please se attached files. The shop is responsive and the checkout should keep on being responsive as it is now.You can see the current site and checkout at ten-trops.dkLooking forward to working with you.Regards Jonas

  • $2000 USD Today

    Take our existing website with all its content and develop it on a new WordPress theme that is a bit more modern and user

  • $150 USD Today

    Way2get Leading Local Search Engine in India which lists all businesses including product suppliers and service providers at your nearest area. We are a premier online business directory for local business listing of suppliers, manufacturers of products and services sectors. Our directory enables searches across all Indian states. Our local directory allows your business to list for free;we also offer a premium paid option for businesses that are serious about getting new sales.To expand your own business horizons, to register in our own free business listing directory and grab It now!

  • $721 USD Today

    I have a small website with basically 3 css files. Nowadays it works very well for desktop users and I want to make it more mobile friendly. Making the fonts and buttons a little bigger and hide some unimportant contents.

  • $515 USD Today

    Well basically i have looked around for a simple thing and cant find it i want categories and posts to have a thumbnail and multiple images attached to them that i can apply to a page or post with the title of the category or post underneath.The idea is i want a simple site thats image based. The idea is a dynamically done list of categories displayed on the main page or post. this list of categories has 1. An icon related to it.2. A image or two related to it 3. its not only categories that require icons and images related to them posts as well as pagesThe idea is simple the design will be main page shows all main categories. with images and text under the images or however i have it laid out. that&quot;s the main page. maybe on the main page i might put scrolling items that that&quot;s neither here nor there at the moment. after clicking on a main category you are taken in a level to that category i require a text at top showing the different levels that your at WITH the icon aka i click on pc at the top of the page i see HOME --> Image of pc and text pc. then in this pc sub page i see the categories and this is heaps type of thing games utils etc. they are displyed like the main page as a image and a bit of text. But here is the thing under that if there is posts related to PC they are placed half way down the page and they have a image with post name and a slight description of what they are with the following under them either a button or a text link its sorta redundant how i get a person away but two of the links one that says more. They click on that and are taken to the post or goto site and they are 301 redirected to the site via a affilaite link or normal link. now this is the submenu typewhich is like i said the top of a home text then -- pc with icon showing what area your in then under that the sub categorys in the first half of the page then the posts in the second half. Now here is the slighly hard part of what i need. Okay at the top half where the sub categories are and maybe the main categories page if i get too many of them yeah why not. A main page with two halfs as well posts with no categories for welcoming people mmm. Okay sorry distracted there. sub categories top part at the bottom left or right if lets say 10 image / text groups can be applied to that top section. Now lets say there are 40 sub categories all together i need a php script that is told by you or me 10 are allowed on the page now there are 40 so that means there are 4 groups of ten on the page but just the first page showing and when the person clicks on page 2 the first page block or html block is then is it hidden or none. that&quot;s right the page 1 div is set to none and the page 2 div is displayed type of thing for the dynamic list ot categories now on the second part of the sub menu and like i said the main page too now. same thing if pc has more posts then the image title and sub text and two buttons can show on the screen again a display element should divide the posts by page and get how many pages for that subcategory there are and show a page number for them. this is basically what i need its a simple thing but not for me to do. i personally could do it on a normal page on php if i knew the wordpress internal workings names functions and all of that but i don&quot;t. So apart from the visual area i am looking for someone who can put i think its a plugin part where it gives a list of the categories and subcategories and you click add image and set icon so an image can be determined to be the icon for that category and also add another image add infinitm so in database its whatever the cat number is and like cat_1_image_1 and when a new image is made its cat_1_image_2 the reference to the icon is another entry in the database that is a yes no reference is_icon_ and if yes then thats the icon for that category. but in the plugin you cant have more then one icon for one category. umm same image setup for posts as well you get a list of posts and add a new database entry similar to the categories one post_1 or however the posts are laid out and add button to be able to add however amount of images you want and set a icon for that post. finally we have covered category icons and images and post icons and images. We need to have it so if a category is deleted from the wordpress document the images and icons are deleted as well the same as a post on delete the post is deleted and if any images exist they are wiped from the database and deleted off the server. anyway im not sure if anyone would like to take on this challenge saying if in this format it sounds like a major job. if i could get a list of categories myself i could set things in a hard layout but a dynamic plugin would be best.

  • $2577 USD Today

    Hi FreelancersI&quot;m looking for an experienced freelancer that can aid me to do customisation on a Magento Theme. I have done a complete website specification in the attached document. Additional services I require are (So please indicate if you also provide these services)* Logo Design* Stationary & Branding Design* Website Banner DesignPlease also note that the site must be responsive and mobile friendly.

  • $721 USD Today

    I need to re-design my website, currently it is an online store that has very limited functionality. I would like to add a carousel that I can edit from time to time...very similar to my current setup on I use the standard template they provide. if possible, can it remain hosted by MyBigCommerce?* I have apparel (very limited) toys, prints, gift certificates, and books for sale.* I want to have a page specifically for videos- I post tutorials on how to customize toys. I would like a blog that I can update as well.* Currently I have a carousel on the main page and would like to use it better, if its possible can I play videos directly from the carousel? * I want to be able to re-use the carousel to upload my personal pictures as well as my portfolio. * I would also like to link my social media accounts

  • $1237 AUD Today

    We are an online fashion retail store. We need help customizing a Wordpress theme to our specific needs. These will be layout and design changes. The theme has a blog section and an online store section. We also require plugins for WooCommerce, SEO, landing pages need to be installed and configured. This is an urgent project that needs to be completed within a month maximum. We will only work with reputable developers with high attention to detail, please send me your Wordpress portfolio. Thank you.

  • $257 USD Today

    before I get into our project. We ONLY want applicants with experience and good feedback/ reviews. Must have extensive knowledge of woocommerce and Wordpress. DO NOT APPLY if you do not have any experience you will be deleted.I need 3 things done:1) We have a wholesale/retail store- Currently there is a bug that is sometimes not calculating the wholesale pricing correctly for wholesale customers ( it is still calculating at full price). This needs to be fixed.2) I need to add the option of COD ( cash On Delivery) as payment option for Wholesale customers.3) I have to add additional products on to the store- On the website, there are 3 groups . Each tees have to go in different banner groups. We only work with qualified people and look to build lasting relationships, if you look at our profile we always have additional work for the right person. Again only looking for top notch providers.

  • $721 USD Today

    Youtube API, PHP,Wordpress expert wanted now!!!

  • $515 AUD Today

    I have created a website over the past month or so to sell myself as a freelance film-maker. I&quot;m pretty happy with it, however, there are some changes I would like to make that are beyond my coding ability.The website is www.markusstone.comThe changes I need are;1) to make the website responsive / adaptive to display appropriately on mobile screens (DIV tags are referenced in CSS).2) large images on the front page (index.html) to work as clickable links3) 4-image banner on front page (index.html) already slides left or right to reveal a new panel. I&quot;d the page to remember which panel was displayed upon return so user doesn&quot;t have to click through multiple panels to find the one they were on before they clicked through.ThanksMarkus

  • $360 USD Today

    We need to make a website about an island. The website will have a presentation page, a photo gallery, a blog section, a contact page, etc.

  • $515 USD Today

    We need a Woo Commerce website we actually have a very landing page that want to convert to woo commerce The company has only 15 products that need to be sold.We need Very Easy Credit Card Payment NO Paypal.Nice Website Design...Need designer with experience in woo commerce please send links..WE sell synthetic grass we need the price option like thisif the customer buys 1m2 to 100m2 price = xif he buys 101 to 200 price = xxif he buys 201 to 300 price = xxxCustomer shop m2 of Synthetic grass..and send it to the cart..the website design needs to be like Very Friendly, And Awesome..

  • €750 EUR Yesterday

    First of all, we are a company that provides integrated consultancy services. Specifically, we need some help with re-construction of our official website on a wordpress template.

  • $2577 USD Yesterday

    We currently have a website This is coded in pure html and has approximately 500 pages. We have purchased a wordpress theme and would like the existing website to be transferred to the new wordpress site. You will need to have extensive experience with Wordpress, mysql, html and php. If you do not, please do not offer your services. The following will need to be completed: 1) Install wordpress on and install the theme (theme and database settings provided). The theme is As you can see from our existing website, we sell marine berths. The theme is designed for real estate/property so you will need to make the necessary adjustments and any text changes. 2) A default view of Europe map on the homepage and various “pins” where we have marina berths for sale (same as the theme whereby users can click on properties and then view the property). when the user clicks on the pin they can view further details. 3) A box on the homepage to display “search” and for the following fields to be searchable: Rental/Purchase, Minimum/Max Berth Length, Min/Max Berth Beam, Country, Area, min/max price 4) The existing data to be copied from the current 500+ pages and imported into the new wordpress website. Data such as meta title, description, reference and price. This will need to be searchable. 5) We will provide a list of custom fields required for each listing, as the current “property” based theme is not relevant. 6) htaccess 301 redirects setup for ALL EXISTING PAGES to go to the new wordpress pages. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as we have very good existing google links. 7) Once we are happy with the site design it will need to be moved from to 8) We will provide the text/images for the homepage, and approximately six other static pages for you to implement. COMPLETION: This project needs to be completed within 4 weeks. FURTHER WORK: The successful bidder will have the potential for continued work on this website as well as a number of other websites and projects. An existing freelancer has completed part of this project already at but it is not functioning correctly. You can use this example to see the work involved. To be sure that you have read this brief completely, please reply in your comments with the phrase “blue dog”. If you do not mention this, your bid will be ignored. Any questions, please ask.

  • €257 EUR Yesterday

    Create a plugin wordpress for quotation. I need the custom plugin or looking for error in the existing plugin

  • $1000 USD Yesterday

    Helloone of our customer need a software in &quot;VB 2008&quot; that can connect to (USB) fingerprint scanner to enroll user in MYSQL database.and it can make matching fingerprint, so if anyone put his fingerprint on the scanner recognize him and print his information from mysql database. and we need the software open source, We can summarize our need in 4 points1- Enroll New Employee in MYSQL DataBase.2- Fingerprint matching from MYSQL database and print employee Information.3- Source Code Language in (VB 2008).4- connect to the most USB or Ethernet Finger Print.please can you tell me if you can do this for us and also how much it cost?Best RegardsAli

  • $257 USD 3 days ago

    A designer and web-developer rolled into one is currently wanted to make a simple portfolio-site like here: site must be absolutely identical to the site the link of which I&quot;ve provided above. There must be the same:1. Colors2. Sizes of pictures3. Animation4. Pages5. Contact FormThe developer must also design a simple way to manage the site (upload new works, updates and etc.)The work will be deemed done when the following items are completed:1. The site is absolutely identical to Functionality and animation are fully working3. Every detail matches to the reference ( The site is uploaded on a server (The developer will be provided by a password and login)5. The site is live and fully working* IF ONE OR MORE ITEMS ARE NOT DONE WITHIN THE DEADLINE MONEY WILL NOT BE RELEASED AND THE WORK WILL BE DEFINED AS NOT DONE AND IT WILL BE A REASON TO DISPUTE. * ALSO KEEP IN MIND AFTER FINISHING THE WORK IT WILL BE NEEDED TO TEST IT TO BE SURE THAT THE SITE WORKS PROPERLY AND THERE ARE NO BUGS. ONLY AFTER TESTING MONEY WILL BE RELEASED.DEADLINE: ONE WEEK (EVERY DAY THE DEVELOPER MUST PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT PROGRESS OF WORK CONFIRMED BY SCREENSHOTS)RATE: 100 $

  • $1030 AUD 3 days ago

    Create a website that can allow 24 hour purchase and download for safety documents

  • $1030 USD 3 days ago

    Website for Air Conditioning Company. similar to

  • $515 AUD 3 days ago

    I need a website to trade the item i have bloged

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