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Username: srinichal

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Location: delhi, India

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  • ₹5263.25 INR
    Profile image for Seller priyankahpanchal



    Srinichal was prompt in communication. The best part about working with him was that he went extra mile in providing the support to implement the script. Highly recommended freelancer to work with.

    Project Description:Requirement: I need an "awk"/"shell" script written for transposing the last column from first csv file (fromfile.csv) to the last row of second csv file (tofile.csv). I have attached both CSV files here...
  • $210 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Randefonseka


    8 days ago

    Great freelancer, professional & really knows the field, would recommend to others!

    Project Description:I'm interested in developing a Pinterest scraper app, it should have three options - one to scrape based on keyword, another to scrape based on category and one to scrape based on user (board). It should scrape the description as well as the number of repins, likes & comments...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller bubbles82


    9 days ago

    Thanks. I look forward to working with you in the future

    Project Description:I need a tool that can access active and sold listing data from Stubhub for any event of my choosing. The information would need to be scraped on a periodic and immediate basis of my choosing to capture new events and sales...
  • $24 USD
    Profile image for Seller jpcarvalho

    jpcarvalho [ Incomplete Report ]

    18 days ago

    He could not finish the job because they do not understand the facebook API. I'll have to finish the job for him ... three days for nothing! The solutions are found it on the web. Can not do anything from scratch ...

    srinichal's reply:

    this guy want to get a script that is against facebook terms some sort of hacking and clickjacking script for which i declined as he hide the details till i accepted the project

    Project Description:I need one people to help me in facebook api. Is simple...
  • $68 USD
    Profile image for Seller tanyiling3001


    18 days ago

    Fast delivery, results to expectation

    Project Description:I have an autoit script. At the "Selection" page (see attached), I need for software to select "All checkbox" button, instead of one by one, for faster speed.
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller DC94


    21 days ago

    Project was delivered quickly and professionally.

    Project Description:I need a tool that can access active and sold listing data from Stubhub for any event of my choosing. The information would need to be scraped on a periodic and immediate basis of my choosing to capture new events and sales...
  • $225 USD
    Profile image for Seller sexyonfoot


    22 days ago

    I like his work. Only issue is he doesn't workends. I should had been more specific with my timelines & requirements.But he's done a good job

    Project Description:Hi, i need a bot that can help me auto bump my thread in Vbulleutin board - Bulletin® Version 3.8.7 In total, I've got 2-4 registered user id.and every user id i got 5-10 topics to bump. I hope to be able to bump these individual topics on every 2 hours or so...
  • €44.75 EUR
    Profile image for Seller alojado


    23 days ago

    Did a good job and was available for some questions regarding the solutions. Nice to work with.

    Project Description:I need a modul (function) that is able to post automatically on my own facebook wall (a website support page, not my personal page!). I want to call that function/code from a cronjob and it should post...
  • $224 USD
    Profile image for Seller salber


    24 days ago

    Experienced script writer. Delivered on specification, no errors, good commenting & instructions. Completed on schedule. Recommended.

    Project Description:PHP script to collect from this webpage Obtain calculator conversion data. Calculator's input is amount, currency_to, currency_from. Output is "Rate", "Fee", "You Get"...
  • $250 USD
    Profile image for Seller wgarogerson


    Feb 28, 2014

    Exactly what I needed - thanks!

    Project Description:I need a tool that can access active and sold listing data from Stubhub for any event of my choosing. The information would need to be scraped on a periodic and immediate basis of my choosing to capture new events and sales...
    srinichal has not completed any projects.
  • $526 USD In Progress

    I need a custom script and not one from the internet to perform auto clicking and web surfing functions on my website for SEO purposes.

  • $315 USD In Progress

    Project Description:can u write script in dotnet which work good with php code , I have site developed for my client in Magento . Its based on Php, Client is distributor of selling their products my php code will pass on product id ( same as papermart items number) along with product qty , shipping address of customer now your script will calculate shipping cost , shipping option to my php code got my concept ?Your script objective is to calculate shipping option , cost for our items. We need to to fetch shipping cost from for any product added into cart with qty.

  • $231 USD In Progress

    Starting with this tool on Github: to build a feed aggregator that pulls in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube posts of a specific hashtag. This will not be for any particular account page, but for hashtags like #RaleighDTplan and #ExperienceDTRaleigh (unique word combos).Side note - I believe Facebook will not let you search for hashtags, but given the unique format of hashtags for which we"re searching, using the raw search feature will be acceptable.The end product will be a shortcode that calls for one or more hashtags to search for (comma separated) and the number of recent posts to pull as output.Related Wordpress apps to use as a resource:

  • $84 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi,I need you to build a PHP Script like you did before to extract information for products from the following 4 websites:Panasonic.caToshiba.caSamsung.caGeappliances.caI need a text box to paste the U RL for the product, then a drop down to select which website.. Once selected, the person would hit submit and all images for the product and the details will be saved to a file.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    I am looking for a bot to notify me when Tickets have been released for sold out sporting events, concerts, plays, etc on and For example Ticketek alert when Venues change status for example fromPerth Arena, WA (Alloc. Exhausted) toPerth Arena, WA Something similar to

  • $252 USD In Progress

    My job requires me to keep track of concerts that are about to sell out. I have a working concert ticket inventory script that scrapes data from one ticket website. I would send that script to whoever wins this project and would need that programmer to modify my existing script so that it will work on two other ticket websites. And then I would need help getting all three scripts (including my current one) up and running on up to 5 web hosts.My previous programmer had other commitments that did not allow him to continue working on this project, but he indicated that it should not take very much time to alter the script to get it to work on other websites.As part of this project, I will also need some advice for ways to speed up my ticket buying process. I believe that the biggest ticket retailer slows my buying process down intentionally (both on the PC I use to buy tickets and my phone app for that website) and I will need some recommendations for how to get around that and speed up my ticket buying process. I need a programmer who can get started right away and who has libCurl and PHP skills. If you have experience with ticket website scripts, that would be ideal, but because the base script is already written, it"s not a requirement to win the project. Assuming the successful execution of this project, there is potential for future work as well.Thanks.

  • $52 USD/hr In Progress

    I need a bot that will monitor & auto-purchase posters from the following site: mondotees [.com] Please visit the site and select one of the in-stock posters to see how the purchase system works—it"s quite simple.The way the site works:- The poster is released at random. The bot should be monitoring this and select the poster I specify (I only want certain ones, not all.) - It then needs to add the poster to the cart, continue to the payments page and auto-enter my credit card information / hit "Pay Now" to process the order.- OPTIONAL: If possible, I would sometimes like two different posters to be added to cart (rather than just one) before proceeding to payment. There are no captchas or safeguard preventing bots on this site. This needs to work very fast. Some posters are sold out within tens of seconds. The site sometimes gets overloaded with traffic and is non-responsive if you don"t purchase the poster very quickly. Thank you!

  • $631 USD In Progress

    I currently have code base for www.OnlineLeadFinder.comThis project you would be working on a module specifically and reporting to head programmer. This is a complete rewrite of current versionand I want it done before Jan 1.IF not able to complete full features, please detail what features you can do in this timeline.WANTED:• Multi-Threads to create accounts, answer questions, post questions, vot, select best answer and so on. All can be multi-threads.• Register and save accounts with proxy, later use same proxy to do other operation like answer question, vote, etc.(This will protect your account got banned very well)• Auto-Vote function to upgrade your accounts to level 2 safely and easily.• Real-time question watch and answer them at once to get instant traffic.• Post yourself questions and answer them, then select them as best answers for long time traffic and SEO• Manage and run multi-campaign at the same time.• All-round statistics system to save and view your campaign running results. Select best answer, Question search, Real-time question watch, Real-time question answer, vote, etc.• Full account manager - Create, Check, Import and Export • Bind proxies to accounts. • Random name generator choose from male/female. • Debug mode • Multiple answers campaign mangement with spin answer + source • Token/Message Spinning • Add "Delay" During Posting • Vote Answer as "Best Answer" • Import/Use Pre-Written Questions/Answers • Integrated Proxy Support with Auto Rotation • Quick access toolbar • Auto-Captcha Solving.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    An Instagram tool using Instagram API to like photos or follow users on Instagram. An Instagram tool using Instagram API to like photos or follow users on Instagram.

  • $600 USD In Progress

    I need someone who knows Linux programming well and can help me out on my server. If you think you"re good at Linux, sign up for this project and we"ll discuss more details. Thank you!

  • $5263 USD Yesterday

    We"re in very early planning for this website, we"re still seeking an artist to help us create concept art and all the sprites and artwork we want to use. But if your services can provide that as well, please let us know.At this time, because we"re in very early planning, we to avoid providing certain information, until later down the road when there"s a confidential agreement signed.But it is accurately, an Interactive Pet site. The best example to use would be something like NeoPets. But we want a lot more features to it. We want user interactions, set game quests (defeat certain monsters, retrieve certain items & whatnot for rewards).Want a cash shop system for donations to access special rewards.We want player leveling to unlock level restricted area access, item access, quest access, etc.We want players to have job skills, limited 1 per character. Job skills open up to item crafting, specialized item farming, etc.We want a mobile platform, so that iPhone & Android users can play from their phones and tablets.We want a fighting system that allows these the pets to battle.We have our own established forum community, and we want this to be built around the existing software. The admin tools should be built directly into the Admin Control Panel.We are seeking reputable developers (meaning more than 1) to work on this project, we"ve had a few that tried to tackle this on their own and have come up extremely short.We will bring in our own professional Developer to oversee and manage, to ensure everything is moving forward. Just a reminder, we"re very early in the planning. And may even want to launch everything in 2015 some time. We"d like to see what our cost options are, and how much time it would take to complete.

  • $252 USD Yesterday

    Only Web Scraping experts !I"m looking for people who are really good in webscraping. You will need to scrape and pass information to some gaychat portals. ATTENTION These are written in aspx and not easy to scrape! The sites are ( or the mobile equivalent if easier: ) ( or the mobile equivalent if easier: )www.manjam.comYou need to write a API to control the following functions of these sites:logincount unread messagestransfer message headersread message content read attached picturesanswer to message check message status ( read, unread )Background:We need this API to have an Android App connect to it. Your job is only the API. We need to have a stable JSON interface running on a server. Many users will connect via their App to the API and start chatting, so the API should be able to handle many parallel chats. For the beginning I would assume 1000 chats at the same time. Later more.

  • $210 USD Yesterday

    We need someone to quickly scrape data from one of our vendor websites.The task is quite simple and its basically a lot of copy and pasting.The list is composed of 1250 Different items that we hope to have all ready by next week.If you are part of a team that can compose this task in a timely manner that would be great.

  • $147 USD Yesterday

    Our website is currently not sending back the auto reply email to new users. The person who created the website doesn"t have the time to fix this issue so I am looking for someone that can fix this bug. I do not want to change how the sales cart works or how we post new content. But the current issue is that the website will not send a reply to email to new registering users.When the site was built, I personally didn"t care if the users had to register. So I would be OK if you were able to make it optional to the user if they want to register to make a purchase. You can review the site and do a test register to witness the problem first hand: 3dautosports.comPlease no copy and paste replies. Please take a moment to read over my issue and propose a solution in your bid.Thank you!

  • $252 CAD Yesterday

    I need a freelancer to develop web interface for the AWS Elastic transcorder to do the followingEnable me to Use IAM permissions that I will provide to anyone to transcord files on my behalf.Select between pipelines I have created on my elastic transcoder account.Select all preset encoding settings I have created.Create job.The interface should enable me to transcode the maximum number of jobs allowed per pipeline at the push of the button once.The transcorder will create three output versions of the original video. Output file 1 uses Preset 1, Output file 2 uses preset 2, and output file 3 uses preset 3. The output key (file name), will be the same name as the original file name, except that the Elastic transcoder will append 1,2,3 at the end of the file name to corespond with the different bitrate files.Here is the documentation from Amazon that may be necessary for the job.

  • $210 USD Yesterday

    Dear programmers,We are looking for a long-term partnership with a programmer or a programming firm for ad-hoc assitance and would appreciate offers from such only. The first task is described below:We are an economic consultancy assisting a European ferry provider with their pricing of tickets. To do that, we compare their own prices to their competitor"s prices by scraping information about ticket prices from both their own website and their competitor"s. However, our current web scraping code is in error state, because one of the ferry providers has changed its website. We would thus like assistance with respect to writing a new code that can scrape price information from the website or modify our existing code.The specifications of the task are:(1) Prices from the following websites need to be scraped: http:\/\/ and http:\/\/ The following prices need to be scraped: (i) Two specific routes per website, (ii) one-way tickets only, (iii) two and four adult tickets, (iv) specific dates or date intervals, and (v) all cabin types. Very importantly, the price of one car must be included in the scraped ticket price.(3) The prices need to be scraped to an Excel-file. (Currently, this is done via an iMacro-program, but you can also use pure VBA-coding if possible).(4) The code need to be incorporated into our existing Excel spreadsheet.Please provide both a fixed price, a per hour price, and an estimate of how long it will take to complete the task.NOTE: Please only submit offers if you are familiar with iMacro!Kind regards,Ulrik Haagen NielsenConsultant,

  • $1184 USD Yesterday

    I have a client that wants a app that helps chefs find restaurants to popup in and restaurants to find chefs so they can popup in the restaurant...also a third user type foodies who can search and find chefs/restaurants to attend... Its designed already and most of the code is done it just needs to be edited into what I need... I get paid monthly on this project but I can afford to pay you in 1/3"s if you are available... is what I bought.... is a copy I have live... is the current squeeze page.... this project is behind due to design so we dont have much time but if you can edit what I have im sure I can atleast get him MVP to start making transactions... I also have 3 other huge apps I can use you on.... hopefully using the same base of code....

  • $252 USD Yesterday

    We Hi,We are in need of several (and ongoing) programming jobs related to PHP and Smarty. We are looking for a reliabe programmer who knows what they"re doing that we can work with on a long-term basis.The initial job is setting up an API in the system where there is a plugin for it - but no code currently exists. We have a third-party API that needs to be connected to automatically import data daily.Please contact us for a more indepth description.

  • ₹118421 INR Yesterday

    It is a self-acting application that can automate the aggregated tasks those are captured. It is efficient enough to make out the routine which is already stored and can carry out execution faster enough than the ordinary execution time. Also it is much accurate to perform the tasks. Hence execution is ceased with less errors.It is more powerful than key-logger.

  • $34 USD Yesterday

    i need a tool where i can change the cvs to the correct format of what i need. the hardest thing to do is the part where the address is changed to lontidude and latitude. yes you can use google. it must be a simple script and should also easy to make for a good php scripter

  • $64 USD Yesterday

    1. RSS Reader in Python2. RSS Feed URLs will be provided in csv format3. Refresh frequency cycle to be read from the same csv format4. Results to be saved in MySQL tables and JSON Files5. Multi thread process calls , No of process calls at a time to be configurable.

  • £32 GBP Yesterday

    i have created a html form for my website for people to register,this is only a small job for somebody to do.any help will be greatyou can see the html form by going to (i am not using this domain for the html form, its only for testing)

  • £526 GBP Yesterday

    I am an artist, and I am doing this for an exhibition in May, and then it will be shown again in July. I have got a web based App built. The user allows the app to connect to the users Facebook (with their permission obviously), it then takes a photo of the user, uploads that photo onto their Facebook wall, then logs them out. It takes their basic info (as i assume you will need this on your side)Then on your side what i would like it to do - is from a certain time, deactivate all the Facebook accounts of the people who have used this app at a specific time, for x amount of time (7 days, but I can give you the exact duration when you need it - but I would like to be able to set this manually, as this will also be in the above mentioned other exhibition). can you make it so that anyone who uses this, their facebook will be deactivated for x amount of time from a specific time, where it does it to everyone. so then when someone tries to then log into facebook, it takes them to a redirected page where it takes all of the images people took with my webapp, and puts them on that page - but then each one goes to a personalised page where it says there name (the app will have that info). on that page, there is a hyperlink saying "comment" which takes them to a different website. on that website, there is a button saying "reactivate facebook" and when/if they do that, on that hyperlinked website, it says in the comment section say whatever their name is reactivated Facebook and the time and date it happened. that hyperlinked website will look something like this - but not have the section for them to enter their name look forward to hearing back from you

  • $54 USD Yesterday

    The site adani [dot] gr is a dynamic site in ASPYou can download at the following link: would like to find someone to convert the pages of the site in .htm or TO DOWNLOAD THE SITE WITH A SOFTWAREI do not mind to change the extension of each page.No login and register is neededNo form and not guest book is neededNo online is needed

  • $252 USD Yesterday

    We are looking for a .net window application UI developer who can develop a metro UI with effects like WINDOWS 8.Please find the attached UI IMAGE. And let me know if you can do it asapBID only if you have develop MEtro UI before & post the detail of your past job with metro UI.

  • $1184 USD Yesterday

    I need to build a website which is a platform for clients to upload video footage so our editors can edit them. I already have the entire thing designed: workflow, colors, wire frames, every page designed on a pdf. I have the server set up and a database. I just need a programmer to implement our site as is. Many of the slides are a description for a single page.

  • $210 USD Yesterday

    It will require the unique software capture all the data from SWF page correctly, so it will need you know SWF source very well, after your software get all the data ready , then export to Excel file.

  • $84 USD Yesterday

    Hi, I have an urgent project to extract email contacts from 20 website pages. Each page has about a hundred valid email addresses. In your proposal, let me know how you will harvest the emails, manually or by program. Bidders with prior experience on this sort of project only. Thanks.

  • $64 USD Yesterday

    Parse website content on iOSusing storyboard to parse a website contents to iphone

  • $64 USD Yesterday

    I want to scrape a drupal site content to wordpress website.I want to run the script from a windows based machine and not from a web server.The script should scrape a target drupal website and scrape its posts/listings and convert it to wordpress suitable .xml format file.The script should have the ability to scrape the content with or without images and needs to be easily selected from the interface rather than fiddling at code level.The .xml file needs to suit my current wordpress script/theme - this is mainly because the current theme uses custom fields so it is quite important that the end output is usable and fits my current theme.

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