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  • $22 USD/hr Oct 3, 2013

    Hey alli"m looking for a professional developer to develop a social network app with VOIP and video calling features.The app functions must include text, picture and video messaging across all platforms, with voice calling. The application"s user interface shall include tab bar on the bottom giving access to messages, recent calls, contact, the keypad and a button for accessing more options. Upon installation, it should create a user account using one"s phone number as username. Address book to synchronize with phone"s address book so users do not need to add contacts in a separate book. All users must be registered with their phone number, the software returns all App users among one"s contacts. Additional features include file sharing capability (photos, videos, audio, etc), location sharing, group chatting, user profile, possibility of syncing with facebook account, and potential for further upgrade. If possible Two versions of the app are required one with limited access to certain features and one version with full feature access.The implementation of the project should be explained regarding what SIP server should be used,Please with your past similar application for more reference.Thanks.

  • $3333 USD Oct 2, 2013

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for an experienced iOS (Native only) and Android (Native only) developer for this project, preferably someone who has published many apps in Apple Store. (please sent us similar existing works to see).We want to create iphone and ipad (size exact for ipad not small sizes for iphone) and android devices application for our deal site similar like"ll NOT provide the wireframe and graphics. We will give you ftp access and database access to our server to get all the info API Comms you will need between the iPhone/Android and CMSOnly serious companies with prior similar apps developedWhat we"re Expecting? We want our app to be friendly , easy for everyone even if is existing user or a new user to choose easily the prefer categoryand then their city and see the available deals in their town. We want 100% exact the same application design and all functionality with this project you should create and deliver to us applications for Ipad (fix screen size for all version), Iphone 3,4,4s,5,5c and any new device, and Android version for all android devices. Please note in the app the user should be able to login/registration and make purchases(paypal, credit card, offline payments-bank deposit) to our system. So you have to be expert with php , mysql to get these info from our website.After successfully finished we want to published our application to Apple Store, and Google Play (Please note that we need you to create for us developer accounts (using our email address) for both apple and android and publishing & maintenance it under our company name and make us a small training how to use it - check the reports, downloads reports etc.)Please note that all applications Ipad , Iphone , Android must be FREE for download and available on all Worldwide Stores. (Please bid including the cost of $99 for apple and $25 for google for developer accounts.).At the end we want you to make a small edit in our newsletter (php file) in our website to include our applications iphone ipad android buttons for download.Please bid only if you are confined to complete this project and if your sure that you can provide us exact 100% the same application for our website and all functionality (payments (paypal, credit cards by, bank deposit, user login , share deal with facebook and other social media), deal images sizes, button sizes, menus, categories etc like the groupon application , but with our website and logo colors.Also and most important we want to be sure that in check out page user will pay without leaving the application and open browser.And one more important think our website system issue pdf file with the coupon number and information about the deal in user account, on the application side we want just to show a message to "Show this coupon number to the company:" the coupon id and the security secret number, and contact details of the advertising company just for validation with the company, also we want actually to create the pdf coupon file in the user account as happen normally if user buy direct from our website.Thank you

  • $3333 USD Oct 2, 2013

    Chatting application , rooms , private chat , sending voice files like whatsapp. Just if someone has the qualifications to handle this , inform me to send the details .

  • [Sealed] Aug 21, 2012

    In its general application to be installed on the phone by way of a download or a data cable, then there are the stages of permissions that must be passedI want to find programmers who can make phone tapping applications, install the followingTarget will receive an push sms or mms, when the target to open or read messages, secret phone tapping applications downloaded without known by the targetIn essence the application can be installed on the target phone from a distance without touching the target phoneCan work on the Symbian 9.1/9.2/9.3/9.4/Anna/Belle/Android/BlackberryMandatory feature of tapping phonesA. Recording incoming / outgoing Calls Using memory light AMR 3gp SMS, MMS2. GPS, Network Info, Camera shots silently3. Spy call4. Uploading contacts list5. Remote control setting by SMS commands6. Automatic transfer of all captured events to your online account7. Hidden mode: there will not be shown up in the installed apps folder or tasks list8. Autostart after rebooting phone9. Protection from uninstallingAdmin features such as in generalIf you do not understand please do not make an offerI just want to pay for this project by freelancer

  • $30 USD May 15, 2012

    My customer needs symbian related products for monitoring, voip or spy applications. could you send me your portfolio? skypi: javier.falbo

  • $30 USD Jan 24, 2012

    I read you have code a spy application for mobile. I am interested in your old project already done. Could you please send me more information? Thanks.

  • $30000 USD Nov 15, 2011

    Hey Bidders,I am seeking a VoIP enabled "SIP" mobile dialers that can work with ALL the mobile platforms like Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, IPhone (iOS), and BlackBerry. The following are the features I expect to find:1- PIN-PIN calling (Subscribers can call each other)2- Subscribers can chat and send files with each other. 3- The dialer should show the credit4- Call control (Call ID, Speaker, hold, conference, call forwarding, VoiceMail, ... etc)5- MOST IMPORTANT: The dialers should be working in countries where mobile operators block SIP calls over 3G, I believe that there is a term that commonly used, I believe its called VoIP Tunneling "That will bypass the calls over the mobile operator restrictions, and usefull in low bandwidth areas as because of this technology that the call in a typical enviroment that would reach something around 9 kbps with a crystal clear voice6- There should be a feature where the user can set his CLI "to set the number that will be shown on the called party" (assuming that I am using White routes that passes CLI) 7- SMS enabled like we can integerate it with SMS providers, I guess they use HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, or FTPRegards,Ahmed Sabry

  • $500 USD Jan 25, 2011

    Hi,I need to have training on VoIP and FreePBX.Thanks !MH

  • $2500 USD Dec 5, 2010

    Dears , we are one of ITSP service provider engaged Retial and Wholesale Voip services Aroung the Globe , We are looking Solution for Our Sip Blocked Countries Clients , Specially We have our major Clinetel in UAE where already Sip is Blocked and any Pc2phone dialer or Symbian Dialer can run with Encryption algorithm E.g TLS SRTP So So looking for Developer who able to offer us complete Solution on Client as well Server side beside Formal OpenVPn Solution . more Details of Project can be provided too . RegardsForhan Fizan Telecom

  • $1500 USD Sep 18, 2010

    I looking for a large database with US and Canadian job seeker and employer for Online Job Website.I am looking for a script to create a Job website (inspired by me know your proposal and contact email.

  • $750 USD Aug 9, 2010

    We have a VOIP system within our company which we are experiencing numerous technical difficulties.We require someone to examine our system make recommendations & a cost to fix so it is working efficiently.

  • $4999 USD Jul 26, 2010

    I need a program for pic32 with the following specs:sip, sdp, rtp, rtcp and stun (or any other nat transversal) protocolsthe p32 will only be required to receive incoming sip calls p32 will never initiate sip calls and will never require any incoming or outgoing authenticationno call transfers, no notifies no nothing.. just the mininum sip implementation to be able to receive calls and bridge audiothe pic32 will have 2 connections to the outside world: 1.- ethernet (could be using internal MAC and external PHY or external enc28j60 or enc424j600 mac+phy).2.- spi SLAVE connection to external dsp/uC to compress/decompress speex/g711u/g711a/gsm audio (probably will be a dspic or another p32) but this second chip is outside the scope of the projectcan use any opensource sip/rtp stacks as long as the libraries are provided as readable source codethe source code should be provided and be well documented

  • $1999 USD Apr 8, 2010

    Application to mange publications, researches, grants, patent, paper and conferences …etc in research field. Also it will include search engine it should be integrated with all scientific search engines (free or paid) to collect this entire staff based on keywords in automated process.It will include front and back end and work flow to mange publishing of this publications.PHP and MySQL in dedecatied server Duration Max 30 day

  • $2999 USD Feb 28, 2010

    1. Web site you create should include the best features of both sites mentioned above, in a simple, clean, and presentable Web site & service. Initially, you will create a Web site (using Drupal + standard templates unless you have a better suggestion.Get back to me ASAP so we can start the project.Thank You for your bid!

  • $4999 USD Feb 21, 2010

    I am looking at creating a web application website.Design is critical!Web applications are critical! **Please directly link me to one or two of your best web application.**Please directly link me to one or two of your best designed websiteI need direct links, or unfortunately I wont consider your bid. Please don"t post me your whole portfolio.I will need developers to work with me, I have a brief, they must use this as a guide and assist me through the best stages and procedures of development. To summarize what I am after. I am wanting to make a website with similar features of (these combined) encorace you signup to both these sites to see what is involved.After website is complete, I will be moving on to intergrating with iphone applications as well as developing an online software package. If you have these skills, it would be great.

  • $3999 USD Feb 21, 2010

    I am needing a website created. It has to be a smart and well written webpage. The company is based on searching for function rooms. Users of the website can do things such as search, add items to short lists, send emails from contact forms.The design is crucial! Must be a great looking site.Some features of this site will be:* Payment Gateways/automated billing or different subscriptions*User Admin, Functions admin, Total Admin controll*Ability to upload photos and files to personal profiles*The ability for the users to signup and submit a function center *Blog / News * Standard contact us forms/Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy* Sign up to newsletters* Search/Advanced search - Including features and listings ranked based on subscriptions*The ability to handle and create shortlists*Social Networking Connections*Ratings for centred based on comments and stars*Different login pages for different users eg. Functions admin or full adminThe website has to be quick to load. I like the use of java script for menus and login screens etc. I have some examples of these.Reporting will have to be implemented. I have associated accounts for mail, analitics, and ad mangers. Advertisements will have to be implemented into the page and managed via google ad manager.The site needs a fun, although corporate feel. I have a design, But I am willing to see what the freelancer can come up with. I also have a logo and color scheme. The site also has to flow very well and be easy to use.I need a strict time line from the freelancer, and this is to be followed as closely as possible. I am tech savy and I am very keen on constant updates.All SEO and standard web development must be included.Please provide me with some direct links of your best applicaion works and best design work

  • $5999 USD Feb 21, 2010

    Hello - I"m looking to create a new website, very simliar to but geered towards scuba diving. I need someone who will be available for updates, fixes etc. I"m looking for someone to do a great job that can make things easy to use as well as look really sharp so that obviously means that this will need to include graphic design. I"m very particular with how I want things to look and function. With that in mind, I would like someone who is fluent in English.There are essentially going to be four areas of the site:Scuba Diving Shop Reviews - This section will allow scuba shop owners to create an account and will provide details regarding their shop, pictures etc. Users will be able to review this particular shop, write comments, select 1-5 stars based on certain criteria etc.Liveaboard Reviews - This section will allow liveaboard owners to create and account and will provide details regarding their boat, pictures etc. Users will be able to review their particular boat, write comments, select 1-5 stars based on certain critiera etc.Scuba Diving Resort Reviews - This section will allow resort owners to create an account will provide details regarding their resort, pictures etc. Users will be able to review the resort, write comments, select 1-5 stars based on certain criteria etc.Top Diving Sites - This would be a simple list of all diving sites around the world and people would be able to vote about the diving sites as well as provide reviews of the site and upload pictures.Trip Reports - Trip reports are reports of a specific scuba diving location. The person would answer a number of questions regarding the area as well as write a review. They would then be able to upload a lot of pictures for that particular report.There are obviously many more details. Users will need to be able to create accounts, specifically the owners of the dive shops, resorts etc. They would need to provide information regarding their shop etc. Regular users would also need to be able to create accounts as this would allow them to vote, complete reviews etc. etc.For each section it will be neccesary to allow for the user to do a basic search of the information as well as an advanced search. They should be able to click on a map etc. to select different locations under each section as well.The website will need to be built with a full admin menu as well. I would like the website to be built to accomodate advertising throughout the site as the revenue will be generating via advertising. I would like the advertising piece worked into the admin menu as well to make things easy.I will also need someone to perform SEO/SEM marketing efforts per category and track them to enhance listing visibility.Like I said, there are many more details but this is the main idea.Please note, I already own one website and am familiar with the process of creating a website from ground-up. With that in mind:Reject any or all offers and discontinue this RFP process without obligation or liability to any potential Vendor.Accept other than the lowest priced offer,Award a contract on the basis of initial offers received, without discussions or requests for best and final offers, and qward more than one contract.This job needs to be completed on time with no mistakes and clean code.All rights, software, code, etc. will remain mine and none can be displayed (as a portfolio item or for any other reason), distributed, licensed, sold, etc. to others.

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StarTele Tech Pvt Ltd

Skills:<br /><br /><br />Technology / Domain Network / Client Server based mobile applications, VOIP application using SIP (pjsip stack).<br />Operating Systems/Platforms Symbian, Linux, Windows NT, SQL Server 2005, MS Access, iOS.<br />Programming / Scripting Language C, C++, Java. Good OOPS fundamentals, SDK-3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 (FP1) , Feature Pack 2 (FP 2) and Pre FP 1 (MR) , 5th Edition and 2nd Edition and Carbide version 2.0 and development language C++, Android SDK 1.5 and 1.6 .<br />S/W Engineering Methodologies /



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