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Ion Stefanache

Senior software developer to customer

Username: stefanache

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  • $275 USD
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    Nov 9, 2012

    great work, thank you very much.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $30 USD
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    Oct 18, 2012

    Stephanche was professional and did a timely job.

    Project Description:Need to speed up site at this url: The budget is 30$
  • $100 USD
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    Sep 24, 2012

    Pleasure to work with, very professional and responsive.

    Project Description:Please check the description as described in this google doc: The budget for this project is 30-100$ It is a VERY SIMPLE project and should not take an experienced web developer...
  • $55 USD
    Profile image for Seller evopo


    Aug 10, 2012

    good communication and excellent references to work given.

    Project Description:Simply extracting a post office box address from mysql database and automatically converting it into latitude and longitude. For example, a page listing the name of a location together with its post office box and a button 'Click here to get latitude/longitude'...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller knoybie


    Jun 28, 2012

    I have worked on freelancer for the past 2 to 3 years. This experience with stefanache was by far the worst. He was unwilling to make minor changes, and was inflexible in many ways possible. Strongly NOT recommended.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller morisbal5


    May 8, 2012

    Work with him was really hardNot recommendInstead of five days it took him two weeks

    Project Description:hi please look on pdf project file i need php script that do the user management with mysql db i build the ui for iphone
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller deltawebservices


    Mar 28, 2012


    Project Description:ttps:// basically a copy of this one, except no need for memebrship! i want a date calculator and price calculator the rates are: Days 1...
  • $100 CAD
    Profile image for Seller pipomenace


    Mar 24, 2012

    Was delivered on budget.

    Project Description:Hello, I need a Online Invoice System. Something pretty simple. Basicly, the user is able to go on the website and pay his invoice online. Also the possibilty to download his invoice whenever he wants as a PDF...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mark69


    Feb 28, 2012

    Good and economic job.

    Project Description:We need a simple private cms made with php+mysql. The page no need css or other graphing elements. Only need that works fine and show very basic content. The public site is a simple form. With it the normal user can send a request that would be saved on a db...
  • €700 EUR
    Profile image for Seller tabacaru


    Nov 5, 2011

    Mr. Stefanache it's a very profesional IT specialist

    Project Description:Create a PRG VISUAL FOXPRO9 for generate a menu using TREEVIEW OBJECT The informations of how is to populate the menu are reading from some tables. Must create a WIZARD for mantenece the tables
    Ion Stefanache has not completed any projects.
  • $2500 AUD In Progress

    High level description:PHP AJAX JQUERY HTML5A simple tool which will allow the uploading of drawings, the selection of a scale, apply measuring tools to measure (as per specified), apply Annotation of drawings with call-out boxes in different colours etc, the overlaying of multiple mark-ups. Ability to upload different "versions" of the same diagram and show the mark-ups from the previous versions of the new version.High level flow:Measuring and annotating images:Step 1. User selects a CAD file, PDf, image filesStep 2. User performs the following points and "save" which will create an XML of the Mark-ups and any measurements determined bellow.Other requirements:There should be a single list of items which shows the uploaded and annotated images.There should be a basic ability to select multiple images and overall the Annotations (Point 13 bellow not measurements)1. Measuring travel distances from one fire exit to the next fire exit. This would require measuring through furniture and around walls which is never straight from point A to point B; (flexible ruler tool)2. Measuring distances of external walls to the side boundaries on the site plans, this would require measuring from 0 to 360degree angles as it is critical to measure buildings that are less than 3m to the boundary and 6m to boundaries; (flexible ruler tool)3. Measuring the height of the building and height of floors and able to move the arrow at different degrees and point its never a straight line; (flexible ruler tool)4. Measuring the floor areas example of basement which must not always be square shape, we would need to run the arrows around the whole perimeter of the building to determine the floor area of the building to see if hydrants are required, if mechanical ventilation is required in basement so on; (flexible ruler tool)5. Measuring of sections of the building, example a disabled toilet to see if it is built to the standards and if the plans are accurate; (ruler tool)6. Measuring the external balcony distances to work out spandrels coverage between floors, this is never always straight always; (flexible ruler tool)7. Need the function of the line being able to measure horizontally and vertically are different angles; (flexible ruler tool)8. Measuring sections of the stairs to determine the riser height of the stair treads and going size, this would involve horizontal and vertical line measuring of the element; (flexible ruler tool)9. Measuring height of external balustrading to the balcony to ensure it is 1m in height and measuring the gaps of the balustrading to ensure it is less than 125mm. Vertical and horizontal measuring required; (flexible ruler tool)10. Measuring coverage of fire hose reels/Hydrants throughout the floor area of the building, this would mean measuring throughout all walls, furniture and any objects and it will not be a straight line measuring it will need to run and go through from point to point at different degree measuring; (flexible ruler tool)11. Measuring spacing of the sprinklers on the elevation drawings, including emergency lighting and exit signs, this could be straight measuring but might involve going at angles also; (flexible ruler tool)12. The scales in the measuring tool must be 1:5, 1:20, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:150, 1:200, 1:300, 1:400, 1:500, 1:1000 as required by the architectural drawings done by the architects;13. Highlighting and annotation tools (different colours)

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I need someone to make an app able to findout locations on an area around a specified address or map point.

  • $70 USD In Progress

    i need custom form with custom fields:1. Username2. STOCK SYMBOL: (custom field) 3. STOCK PRICE WHEN PURCHASED (custom field) 4. HOW MANY STOCKS YOU INVESTED (custom field) 5. HOW MUCH IS THE STOCK PRICE NOW. (this field"s value has to be fetched from Yahoo Finance or any other stock sites) 6. PROFIT/LOSS (this field value should be calculated according to above fields like: (2x3)-(3x4)once entered these values, they are stored in database and display it in a page per username. something like script.php?username=userAand i need another page where it will RANK all users according to PROFIT/LOSS

  • €833 EUR 13 days ago

    Online Booking and Management system

  • $1111 USD Mar 14, 2014

    An interactive map of the current Syrian crisis with a timeline of the 36 month of the crisis sowing the territory control of each side of the crisis (monthly change) a a timeline at top where you can scroll or you can press play and will show you changes month by month. Also on the map will show icon where important battles took place where you can also click on those icons and a small pop-up opens with details of battle comes up with the belligerents/Casualties and losses/outcome of battle (kind of like wikipedia but simpler). also on the map you can also click the major cities for more info. and finally on the side of the map a list of each party participating with details of them...I will provide all stats and information needed.

  • $1111 CAD Mar 14, 2014

    Looking for a simple inventory management program for a candy store there is only one computer at the front desk so the program is to be written as an offline program just storing on the local computer.Must be able to manage clients, sale, inventory and display resultsClient side: -Must record their name, phone number, address and email-Must record purchase historyInventory side:-Must be able to input inventory in different quantity-Must be able to input inventory name and cost of item-Must be able to remove expired inventorySales side:-Must be able to enter new sales-Sale will consist of select client from data base, selecting product, quantity, and imputing a cost sold to clientResults side:-Must be able to graphicly show how much profit is being made comparing the price the product was bought at vs the price it was sold at

  • [Sealed] Jan 6, 2014

    Hello Team,I want to build a School Management Portal.with the following broad modules1. Admissions2. Exams3. Results4. Finances5. Social Media6. Course management.respond only if you have demo or have worked on something similar before.a more detailed requirement will be provided to you if you meed the requirement.Regards,Michael

  • $1111 USD Dec 14, 2013

    I"m looking for someone with Geo-location and Geo-fencing experience. I want to develop a mobile app (Apple), for use that will allow me to draw a Geo Fence around an area and send a message to all the people using the mobile app at that time and within the Geo fence area. Willing to answer more questions if necessary.

  • $100 USD Nov 9, 2013

    Web formlogin > databaseCreate records Display recordsSearch recordsUpdate recordsFields: (type)ID (auto number)SUPPLIER (list box with add new)PART NUMBER (list box with add new)Serial Number ( Text with duplicate check)Condition (list box with add new)DATE ( current date)TIME (current time)Sales order Number ( text)Purchase order Number (text)Log file (file upload)

  • $250 USD Sep 4, 2013

    I would like an app that allows users to post the location of some event along with a description. Other people that subscribe to that interest (whatever the event is) will get notified.

  • [Sealed] Aug 26, 2013

    Reqd invoice and Quotation Software- includes billing and accouting systemDocumentsCreates professional business Invoices,  Quotations or Estimates.Create negative invoices or Credit Notes or Credit Memos.Create and manage recurring invoices. Create an invoice template and set billing period for recurring billing.Convert a Quotation to an invoice and vice-versa.Create a new quotation from another quotation or new invoice from an existing invoice.Able to customize all quotation and invoice field labels and body column headers to meet your business needs.Add a logo or image to your invoice and quotation letterhead and reports.Enable or disable shipping address in invoices and quotes.Email all invoices and quotations as a PDF attachment.Customer PaymentsIntuitive customer payment form. No need to search for invoices. Simply select the customer and all outstanding invoices for the customer will be displayed for you to apply payments.Able to apply payments to several invoices at a time in a single payment form.Apply full payments to an invoice, deposit payments, partial payments or multiple progress payments to an invoice.Outstanding invoice list and customer statements instantly updates as you apply customer payments to your invoices.OperationTax can be set for businesses who do not bill tax, businesses that bill one level of Tax and businesses that bill 2 levels of Tax like for State/ Province level and Federal level.Can build customer lists on the fly. If you are invoicing a new customer, you can enter their name and address directly into the invoice and Instant Invoice will save this customer to your customer list.Build product list on the fly. This means that you can add items to your invoices even if it doesn"t exist in your product list. You can then easily save new items to your product list if needed.The description column in the Invoice and Quotation body can easily toggle from a normal edit box to a drop down box. The edit box allows you type your content freely like when your describing work done. Change it to a drop down box when you want pick items from your product list to fill up your Quotation and Invoice like when you selling goods.Powerful search features to quickly and easily locate your invoices, quotations or customer records as needed.Can be fully integrated with a Cashbook module allowing you prepare simple accounts and income & expenses statements .Reports and ChartsReports for Quotation list, Invoice list by serial number, invoice list by customer, customer payments and more.Reports for outstanding invoice list showing amount owing.Create and email monthly customer statements to all customers with debts in one operation.Tax report for submission to your tax authority .Generate 3 dimensional graphical bar chart by month or by year for invoice totals to track business progress over time.All reports are fully customizable. Able to create and add your own reportsPreview all reports on screen, print, email or export to PDF, Excel and other format.Email all reports as a PDF attachment.Administration & UsersMulti-company billing software. No limit on the number of business you can manage with just one license.Multi-user capable on a local area network. Simple put your database on a shared network folder and allow multiple users to open and work on it concurrently.User level security available. When enabled all users need to provide a valid username/password to login to the database. Users permissions can be restricted. (Available in the multi-user license only)Import your existing Customer and Product List from MS Excel, text file and other formats.Export the customer list and Product List to MS Excel, Text files and other formats.Able to backup and restore your database to/ from a zip file. Append date and time to all .Export Invoice listing to MS Excel and other formats.

  • $111 USD Jul 1, 2013

    Hellowould be interested in doing my small task. I must have made ​​a form to a database with the following information.First Name (text)Surname (text)Worked Status (dropdown)Password (text)Picture (Attachement)Address:Road (text)City (text)Country (text)Mobile (Number)Landline (Number)Education (text)Status (text)Mail (text)Caregivers name (text)Relatives Mobile (Number)CPR number (Number)Tax (dropdown)Bank details:Reg No (Number)Account No. (Number)It is importent with a secure login page as well. I would prefer a 2 step authentication verification.

  • $1666 USD May 14, 2013

    - 5 games to start with (based on templates). by suggestions or we can choose together.- some UI work: change background, menu, characters- for iOS and Android- integration with Facebook- in app purchase- payment validation- ability to send the high score into an external db

  • $750 USD Feb 27, 2013

    Please excuse me, I"m not very savvy as far as computer lingo. I"m looking to develop a software that when it"s installed in a computer it will automatically connect to a company server when it"s turned on. The software will have a desktop icon that when prompted it can send and receive instant messages to and from other computers with the installed program. I would like the content of the instant messages to also be sent to applicable mobile phones via text messages and email addresses.The content and design of the instant messages will be revealed to the winning bidder, and after they have signed a confidentiality agreement. I would like the software to have three different rights, admin, user, and viewer which will be assigned to the specific computer when installed. The design and the functionality is flexible and will allow the developer the opportunity to be creative.

  • $1500 USD Feb 23, 2013

    Website Development OutlineBuild a website to showcase all of our products. We have over 35,000 products which need to be uploaded on to a website. The products in question relate to hotelware which includes:•Bed Linen•Bath Linen•Crockery•Table Linen•Kitchen Equipment•Guest Amenities•Chef Tools•Uniforms•Kitchen MachineryProduct Information and Information ExtractionThe products need to be sorted in to specific categories and sub categories. This is the most crucial part of the project and needs to be carried out with impeccable accuracy. The Product range is diverse and will require vast amount information. The required information is not available from a single database or source. Information will have to collected and organised from various sources, as below:•Pdf Files•Websites•Online Portals•Excel Sheets•Word DocumentsThe products need to have a vast amount of detail in order to give the client as much as information as possible, the required information fields are found in the “required Fields” document. An example of a completed product database is attached “Steelite Database file”.An extremely versatile search function will have to be used on the website; it should be able to search through all data fields such as description, code, size, category, etc.Prices and other specific product information will only be available to registered users, so the website will have to have a client login function.The website should be very similar (nearly identical) to the Lockhart Catering website The product categories and sub categories need to be sorted as they are on this website.The website will need a product review section and live chat plugin.The initial website does not have to be able to receive online payments but it should be able to take orders from clients. Payment will be done in store physically. It isn’t really an ecommerce website but just a catalogue website where the products are highly organised into categories and sub categories.

  • [Sealed] Feb 13, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €1500 EUR Feb 7, 2013

    We need to build an informative portal for fast food and restaurants. There is no need for online ordering and payment. Also we need it in mobile version and also Iphone Application and Android application.Here are some requirements:Admin panel to the entire website features change logo menu, categories etc.The website should be in English and in another language to be easy for us to translate the words to whatever language we want.Advertising panels.Rating each restaurant.Integration with social media networks (facebook, twitter etc)Restaurants:A restaurant will register by sending his data to us. Once we approve, we need to be able to create a page where we write down the menu, prices and a picture. We must choose one or multiple areas where the restaurant delivers (by city names provided by us) and food category (Fast food, Pizzeria, Italian etc.). Each restaurant should have an embedded Google map. Each restaurant should have a rating option for users.User:User will select its city.On top should be some searching options (search by restaurant name, city, category etc)Search by city name should be mandatory.User will choose a restaurant where its menu with prices will be shown.User will select food category.Attached there are mockup references. This references are still a draft version because we are still working on that. Until the bid will finish we will have a final version of the website mockups in PSD format and deliver to the winner to slice it.Feel free to make any suggestions. We are looking for someone who is professional and organized in his work where we can review the project every day or so and give our feedback so more improvement will carry on.If we got satisfied with the job, we will hire you for other projects.

  • $250 USD Feb 6, 2013

    Hi ,I need a script of reservation online live preview of what is required as left on the slate and canHigher return tab at each stage.

  • $700 USD Jan 8, 2013

    we want to build ( mobile version) and website ( desktop version)for a wedding niche90% traffic will be from smartphone and tabletuser can browse, select, like, add as favorite, buy through mobile siteso, mobile site must be simple, navigation friendly, smooth and fast loadingregistration can be done throughi) instagram connect ( user can also invite instagram friends )ii) fb connect ( user can also invite fb friends )iii) email right now, we only sell wedding dressin future, we will sell other wedding accessories...etcso, admin should be able to add, edit, delete, show, hide categoryuser can Sort by (admin can "show" or "hide" any option below )a) code ( each wedding item has a code)b) the latest or the oldestc) most "Like"d) sort by price - highest or lowestAdd to fb timeline- user will be rewarded [$] ( admin can edit the [$])when user adds viewing, like, add as favorite, buying activities to user"s fb timelineTo avoid user cheat, admin can set [howmanydays] before [$] is awarded into user"s accounta sample wedding dress page look likes : make sure you really read my project details,add this code "isendyouquestion" in pmb before you bid my projecti prefer you pmb me first before you bid---a good email system for "send enquiry" button for the weddding itemfor each wedding dress item, admin can show or hide - standard size option- custom size option- wholesale priceadmin can also email broadcast and send newsletterUser can also know what are the items most recently viewed and best match itemsTranslation tool, currency tool, payment gateway ( paypal) should be includedPlease tell me what framework, CMS will you useTell me also how to make sure your code will be compatible when we want to build Iphone native app and Android app in futureOnly experienced, successful and serious freelancer

  • $300 USD Dec 24, 2012

    Hello,I am looking for someone to help me build a base for a 2D ORPG. The game should have basic functions. 1.Player signup connected to a MySQL Database2.Players connect to server.3.Basic game word that is just a world to move around (so some sort of a map system with an basic map editor)4.Should be able to see other players that are in the world and be able to talk to them.5.The game should be able to run in most up to date web browsers and on mobile devices and tablets.(iDevices and Android)6. Using JavaScript, Html5, PHP and MySQL (If you believe there might be a better alternative let me know I am open for suggestions)My ultimate goal is something similar to this. Mozilla has an open source game don"t mind if you use the source from that and edit it a bit. Not sude how hard it would be to implement a database fro that game and the maps I would like to make bigger and scrolling. The source is here. budget is low and I want to use the code for educational purposes. I don"t have a great income at the moment but if someone already has something similar that is willing to sell me the code I would really appreciate it.

  • ₱30999 PHP Dec 22, 2012

    What: 3D floor plan maker Android app. Capable of showing all possible paths and able to identify the shortest and longest one. Objects (such as living, livingroom, seating, lounge, office and others) are ready made, draggable and should be able to modify the size, color, rotate.Reference for the output: visit the website The demo is exactly the same target output with added shortest and longest paths identifier.

  • $2000 USD Dec 21, 2012

    This project is ANDROID APPLICATION FOR BUS TICKET IN THE PHILIPPINESplease see attached PDF FileREQUIREMENTSSelections after opening app: • Manager MODE• Conductor MODE• INSPECTOR MODE CONDUCTOR MODEA. Data Log-In Before Trip1. Name of Driver, Name of Conductor2. Select Route: North Bound or South BoundB. Data Selection to issue bus ticket1. Select Departure or Origin2. Select Destination3. Select Passenger Category: Regular. 20% discount to Student, Senior Citizen, and Disabled4. Print Ticket (Automatic Saving of Data to Data Base)C. Print Sales Report3. Print total Passengers4. Print total Remittance Manager MODE ( With Passkey or Password) ANDROID SET UP DATA:1. Input Name of Bus Company2. Input Address, Tax Identification Number, Tel Number3. Input Bus Number, Plate Number, LTFRB Permit number4. Input Rate per Kilometre5. Input Place and location in kilometre (See Data Below)6. Data Transfer to Desktop PCINSPECTOR MODE1. Report Number of Passengers2. Report Total Cash Collection DATA PRINTED ON THERMAL PAPER BUS TICKET:1. Name of Bus Company2. Address, Tax Identification Number, Tel Number 3 Bus Number, Plate Number, LTFRB Permit number4. Date and Time5. Place of Departure6. Place of Destination7. Passenger Category: Regular. 20% discount to Student, Senior Citizen, and Disabled8. Distance travelled in Kilometres9. Cost of Fare

  • $500 USD Dec 3, 2012

    Require a Website with CMS, using Wordpress.Design and Layout as per the current site (TBA), with a similar menu structure. I am open to suggestions though. The website is for a non-profit, service organisation.The site should have the following structure.1.CENTRES LOCATION- location map – Link to Google Maps with a small graphic of the map displayed (Addresses will be supplied). My last count had 15-20 centres. 2.CENTRE/LOCATION PAGES – Each centre should be able to have their own page to fill in details about their centre. Administrator should be able to create a new page and enter the details. We can work on a template for those individual pages so all pages have the same standard.3.EVENTS CALENDAR – Each centre/location should be able to add its own event, which will display in the calendar. Anyone viewing the website should be able to filter the centres/regions activities to be displayed. The security settings should not allow each centre’s login to modify other centre events. However, an admin should be able to manage all. Should be able to add attachments to Calendar events.4.SUBSCRIBERS – help in adding subscribers to the newsletter from contacts page to our MailChimp account.5. NEWS - able to add news items with attachments.6.EXTRA PAGES – should be able to add extra pages and modify menu to accommodate those.7.LIBRARY – Should be able to import a list of books/audio products from a Excel or csv file that will need to be displayed on this page. Can categorize for easier reading. Should be able to order the books from the page (with link to external payment service). This online payment part is not required immediately, but after the all the above is finished and running and as a separate project.

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