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Ion Stefanache

Senior software developer to customer

Username: stefanache

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Location: Bucharest, Romania

Member since: September 2009



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  • $275.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alexanderbach


    Nov 9, 2012

    great work, thank you very much.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hbiz


    Oct 18, 2012

    Stephanche was professional and did a timely job.

    Project Description:Need to speed up site at this url: The budget is 30$
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller hbiz


    Sep 24, 2012

    Pleasure to work with, very professional and responsive.

    Project Description:Please check the description as described in this google doc: The budget for this project is 30-100$ It is a VERY SIMPLE project and should not take an experienced web developer...
  • $55.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller evopo


    Aug 10, 2012

    good communication and excellent references to work given.

    Project Description:Simply extracting a post office box address from mysql database and automatically converting it into latitude and longitude. For example, a page listing the name of a location together with its post office box and a button 'Click here to get latitude/longitude'...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller knoybie


    Jun 28, 2012

    I have worked on freelancer for the past 2 to 3 years. This experience with stefanache was by far the worst. He was unwilling to make minor changes, and was inflexible in many ways possible. Strongly NOT recommended.

    Project Description:N/A
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller morisbal5


    May 8, 2012

    Work with him was really hardNot recommendInstead of five days it took him two weeks

    Project Description:hi please look on pdf project file i need php script that do the user management with mysql db i build the ui for iphone
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller deltawebservices


    Mar 28, 2012


    Project Description:ttps:// basically a copy of this one, except no need for memebrship! i want a date calculator and price calculator the rates are: Days 1...
  • $100.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller pipomenace


    Mar 24, 2012

    Was delivered on budget.

    Project Description:Hello, I need a Online Invoice System. Something pretty simple. Basicly, the user is able to go on the website and pay his invoice online. Also the possibilty to download his invoice whenever he wants as a PDF...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mark69


    Feb 28, 2012

    Good and economic job.

    Project Description:We need a simple private cms made with php+mysql. The page no need css or other graphing elements. Only need that works fine and show very basic content. The public site is a simple form. With it the normal user can send a request that would be saved on a db...
  • €700.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller tabacaru


    Nov 5, 2011

    Mr. Stefanache it's a very profesional IT specialist

    Project Description:Create a PRG VISUAL FOXPRO9 for generate a menu using TREEVIEW OBJECT The informations of how is to populate the menu are reading from some tables. Must create a WIZARD for mantenece the tables
    Ion Stefanache has not completed any projects.
  • $2500 AUD In Progress

    High level description:PHP AJAX JQUERY HTML5A simple tool which will allow the uploading of drawings, the selection of a scale, apply measuring tools to measure (as per specified), apply Annotation of drawings with call-out boxes in different colours etc, the overlaying of multiple mark-ups. Ability to upload different "versions" of the same diagram and show the mark-ups from the previous versions of the new version.High level flow:Measuring and annotating images:Step 1. User selects a CAD file, PDf, image filesStep 2. User performs the following points and "save" which will create an XML of the Mark-ups and any measurements determined bellow.Other requirements:There should be a single list of items which shows the uploaded and annotated images.There should be a basic ability to select multiple images and overall the Annotations (Point 13 bellow not measurements)1. Measuring travel distances from one fire exit to the next fire exit. This would require measuring through furniture and around walls which is never straight from point A to point B; (flexible ruler tool)2. Measuring distances of external walls to the side boundaries on the site plans, this would require measuring from 0 to 360degree angles as it is critical to measure buildings that are less than 3m to the boundary and 6m to boundaries; (flexible ruler tool)3. Measuring the height of the building and height of floors and able to move the arrow at different degrees and point its never a straight line; (flexible ruler tool)4. Measuring the floor areas example of basement which must not always be square shape, we would need to run the arrows around the whole perimeter of the building to determine the floor area of the building to see if hydrants are required, if mechanical ventilation is required in basement so on; (flexible ruler tool)5. Measuring of sections of the building, example a disabled toilet to see if it is built to the standards and if the plans are accurate; (ruler tool)6. Measuring the external balcony distances to work out spandrels coverage between floors, this is never always straight always; (flexible ruler tool)7. Need the function of the line being able to measure horizontally and vertically are different angles; (flexible ruler tool)8. Measuring sections of the stairs to determine the riser height of the stair treads and going size, this would involve horizontal and vertical line measuring of the element; (flexible ruler tool)9. Measuring height of external balustrading to the balcony to ensure it is 1m in height and measuring the gaps of the balustrading to ensure it is less than 125mm. Vertical and horizontal measuring required; (flexible ruler tool)10. Measuring coverage of fire hose reels/Hydrants throughout the floor area of the building, this would mean measuring throughout all walls, furniture and any objects and it will not be a straight line measuring it will need to run and go through from point to point at different degree measuring; (flexible ruler tool)11. Measuring spacing of the sprinklers on the elevation drawings, including emergency lighting and exit signs, this could be straight measuring but might involve going at angles also; (flexible ruler tool)12. The scales in the measuring tool must be 1:5, 1:20, 1:50, 1:75, 1:100, 1:150, 1:200, 1:300, 1:400, 1:500, 1:1000 as required by the architectural drawings done by the architects;13. Highlighting and annotation tools (different colours)

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I need someone to make an app able to findout locations on an area around a specified address or map point.

  • $70 USD In Progress

    i need custom form with custom fields:1. Username2. STOCK SYMBOL: (custom field) 3. STOCK PRICE WHEN PURCHASED (custom field) 4. HOW MANY STOCKS YOU INVESTED (custom field) 5. HOW MUCH IS THE STOCK PRICE NOW. (this field"s value has to be fetched from Yahoo Finance or any other stock sites) 6. PROFIT/LOSS (this field value should be calculated according to above fields like: (2x3)-(3x4)once entered these values, they are stored in database and display it in a page per username. something like script.php?username=userAand i need another page where it will RANK all users according to PROFIT/LOSS

  • $5 USD/hr Today

    Hello,I have a post where i want like.Project will end after 100 hours from now.So tell me within this 100 hours how many like you can provide me.Bidder with Low rate and faster speed of work will be winner.Happy Bidding.

  • ₹1750 INR Today

    Need a CSV importer, so that I can import post.

  • $277 USD Today

    Graphical design for a professional management website. Send in your templates as samples of your graphic design, easy setup for customization. Simple, single page design. Project awarded upon approved graphic design sample.

  • $250 USD Today

    I need a webpage which will have two parts. Left side has a 300px side bar, and right whole side is a google map of my city area. On left side bar it will have options like "Show Restaurents", "Show Hotels", "Show Malls" etc. On clicking on this, the map should be populated with markers. For examples if user clicks on Show Restaurents, then all city Restaurents (in this demo case just 6 of them) should be marked with an icon on the map. If this restaurent is a featured restaurent, then it should have a slightly different icon(also, maybe a boucing one?). On clicking on "Show Hotels", all previous markers should go away and new markers should now be shown in similar manner. On clicking on the marker, a popup should come up which should look like an extension of the icon, and should have some details like Restaurent address, phone number, name etc. All this should be done using google maps JavaScript v3 API, jquery, json and HTML/HTML5. The data that button click will showing the maps should be fetched by json stream that I will provide. No fancy stuff. Just need a working model for now. I"m a developer myself but really busy at the moment. Need this asap.

  • €555 EUR Today

    Hi,I need someone to write a php class to takes as input a json highchart array and outputs a excel file that contains that chart. The resulting chart should not be an image, instead it should be a excel chart that can later be changed inside excel!Supported chart types should be pie chart and barchart.Resource: chart:

  • £150 GBP 2 days ago

    I am looking for a small online store to be created. Previously we were an store, with approximately 30 orders per month. However our store was randomly closed down. Now we require a website of our own. What I"m looking for is a simple website, where products can be purchased using Paypal. We also sell on another platform:

  • $555 USD 2 days ago

    Need someone to do research on market size and trends of the RV Rental Market in the US and then write business plan including graphs. We will provide excel spreadsheet on cost-expenses and income for you to use.

  • $777 USD 2 days ago

    The system should work like this: need a ordering system for a restaurant in PHP with Responsive Layout The system should contain: Login page; Registration of Users; Registration Wait; Registration for table; Registration Products (with optional photo); Requests must be related to Bureau Each item must have the option of adding comments The system should work like this:

  • $11111 USD 2 days ago

    the users receives a spreadsheet that contains annual departmental budgets, with this module users should be able upload the spreadsheets files, anytime an expenditure is inured from a particular unit or department the software should automatically detect the available balance and deduct the required expenses, where the balance has a reached a particular threshold and alert or report is sent to the user on the available balance.

  • €277 EUR 3 days ago

    Looking for someone to create a simple and clean UI made of droppable and draggable images.We have 5 set of images that the user will be able to drop into cells.The same image can be dropped multiple times even into different cells.We would also like to have the cells to be sortable.We want to be able to do some checks/calculations each time an element (image) is dropped into a cell (those calculations will be done by our backend php script, we just need the whole cell (or whole form) to be submitted and wait for a return valueOnce the user has ended filling the cells as he likes we need to be able to submit the whole page to a php script that will do subsequent operations (we will take care of that)

  • $250 USD 4 days ago

    Hello,I have a domain and want to become affiliate with so i need someone with experience in implementing api from them into my site. please apply on this project only if you have experience with this kind of sites.regards,bogdan

  • $388 USD 4 days ago

    I want to build a little software where i add records of vehicle and drivers and make a schedule of vehicle routes and also get a print of reports in pdf and excel. 1.Vehicle Form2.Driver Form3.and Make Schedule Procedure with dates4. ReportingThanks

  • $1500 USD 4 days ago

    I need to create a program that will crawl google earth or google maps, and will find locations of swimming pools. Once a location is found, I need to get the address of the pool location from google maps.You can use any coding language you choose, although I personally prefer php.The program doesn"t need to have 100% accuracy since the pool shapes and colors can differ greatly, but I expect a good accuracy and not many false positives.If high accuracy is hard to reach, we may add a simple "mechanical torque" style page where the pictures that are found will be shown and the user will be asked "Is this a swimming pool?" Yes/No But the base must be a good image recognition program that will actually do the job.Attached are examples of pool photos from google earth.

  • $55 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Hi .. I have to do a project about Clinic System .. I have uploaded the guideline to know how to do the project .. I want know how much the the costs with the report ?Thank you,My regard

  • $1666 USD 6 days ago

    Bueno tardesNosotros intresa creare un Formulario igual que este en Php para relizar recargas online a todo mundonosotros intresa , conectar con este formulario , tpv virtual y paypal , transfrancia bancaria ,para cobrary quiero que todo los informacion gurdan en baso del datos , cundo un clientes relizan y los pago se completado llegan informacion en nuestro mysql para relizar la recargatambien quiero crear una panel del adminstador para gestonar nuestro clientes

  • $155 USD 6 days ago

    This system works on social network based,users are give a health problem to specialist.the specialist suggest to related health advise users needed output is automatically generated by the system

  • $777 USD 8 days ago

    Develop a simple e-signature portal using rightsignature,com API.Requirements:1. Local User authentication via MySQL DB2. Implement "Document Send" Workflow with redirect documented at: Implement "Document Status callback" to present document status. Implement simple document status dashboard per user.This is for a quick implementation. Enhancement will be added and bid in a separate project later.

  • $600 USD 8 days ago

    Realizare aplicatie facebook

  • $8 USD/hr 9 days ago

    I need a Color picking function. Make a well documented code and clean implementation I need a Color picking function. Make a well documented code and clean implementation

  • €1250 EUR 9 days ago

    Cu totii ati vazut insemne si stiri despre Basarabia si eforturile de reunire. Toate aceste actiuni sunt realizate de catre noi, Platforma Unionista ACTIUNEA 2012 (ăutăm de luni bune un programator care să simpatizeze cu cauza noastră și să ne poată ajuta la finalizarea comunității online (Wordpress - Buddypress - WP MultiSite) cuplată cu necesitatea organizației noastre de administrare a resursei umane, realizată prin pluginul Civic CRM. În acest moment, siteul funcționează cu toate opțiunile de mai sus implementare, dând mici buguri.Ce dorim de la el să facă în continuare este o diferențiere între administratorii de județ(coordonatorii noștri de filială, care să poată vedea doar datele aferente zonei lor) și membrii organizației noastre, după cum urmeazăUtilizatorii (membrii Platformei Unioniste Actiunea 2012):- sa posteze articole(wordpress) - sa-si faca blog(wordpress)- sa socializeze cu ceilalti(buddypress) - sa-si vada situatia cotizatiilor(CivicCRM)‎Administratorii (de judet):- sa adauge contacte (diferit fata de useri) - sa vada userii (membri) din zona lor - sa trimita emailuri la cei din zona lor, contacte sau membri- sa poată adaugă cotizatii și orice date existente pt.contacte în opțiunile din CivicCRM doar pt.judetele lor- sa poată crea evenimente.DUPA login, MENIUUtilizator normal:- SITUATIA COTIZATIILOR(crm) - ACTIUNI VIITOARE(pagina de evenimente din crm) - INFORMARI (mesajele private Buddypress) - CONTACTEAZA FILIALA LOCALA (datele filialei de unde e el)- SCRIE UN ARTICOL (New Post din Wordpress).administrator de judet:- MEMBRI FILIALEI(crm) - CONTACTE(crm) - TRIMITE UN EMAIL(MEMBRILOR/CONTACTELOR) (crm) - COTIZATII (crm)- CREAZA UN EVENIMENT(crm)Speciale:- formular costumizat de inregistrare‎ care sa trimita userilor doua emailuri: 1) datele de conectare 2)informatiile despre aderarea la organizatie- un profil public‎ de Wordpress cu poza și descriere.Duă finalizarea proiectului, avem nevoie de cineva să poată administra erorile care apar, contra unei plăți lunare.Bugetul nostru este unul mic, toți membrii noștri lucrând ca voluntari.Ne dorim să lucrăm cu o persoană dispusă să ajute proiectul și din considerente naționale.

    Ion Stefanache does not have any open projects.
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Sep 1986 - Present (27 years)




Universitatea 'Politehnica' din Bucuresti





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Please consult my CV at<br />