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Embedded Hardware and Software

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  • $1500.00 USD
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    Apr 23, 2010

    Stem Tech worked very closely with us to complete our project. We received a high quality result and would recommend them to anyone. Not only were they very flexible but highly communicative as well. A great company and great people.

    Project Description:We are looking for design of a circuit which will return a value between 0 and 5v DC which corresponds to the resistance of liquid(milk). The circuit has source voltage of 5vDC and can be designed to output a PWM signal if needed...
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  • $2000 USD In Progress

    Design a fire alarm telegraphic 100ma coded transmitter board.The board will transmit a code 1-9 (no 0"s) Number of rounds transmitted 1-9999Timing on the code will be 1/8 - 4 seconds programmable via microprocessorThe board will contain up to 16 individual zones controlled by the processorProgrammable via usbLightning protectionWiring to disable the system for maintenance ( we will add a key switch)On the wiring diagram the 8 zone lights will be replaced with an LCD that indicates the box number and the zone location

  • £1500 GBP In Progress

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  • $1250 USD Jun 28, 2013

    [Project]GSM/GPRS Tracker with sensors for Low Power Application. Module will be dormant most of the time, wake up periodically to check for an incoming SMS, and if an incoming SMS is there, answer with the location of the tracker. [Components]- GSM/GPRS + GPS (SIMCO908)- Compass (AK8975)- Accel (LIS331DLH)- Battery Level Monitor (LTC2942-1)- Microcontroller TBD- GSM/GPRS + GPS Antenna TBD[Requirements] Please see attached block diagrams.[Taks + Milestones]1- Discussion on Components and FW functionality. Draw by hand HW block diagram. Schematic Capture. Board Layout. (MILESTONE1 $ TBD)2- Spin Two Boards, Debug (MILESTONE2 $ TBD)3- Code FW discussed in basic FW block diagram in (1). (MILESTONE3 $ TBD)[Deliverables]- Schematic Capture- Board Layout- Source Code for FW- PCB (physical board, HW)[How to Bid]Place a total bid and indicate three milestone payments as indicated above.

  • $350 USD Apr 17, 2013

    I would like to have built a co2 controller. It can be preset to save on costs, I would like to attain 1600ppm of co2 in the room, and when it falls below 1200 to open a 220v 10a relay to power the co2 solenoid until the co2 has reached 1600ppm.

  • $5000 USD Apr 9, 2013

    The project is related to a fuel dispenser.I would like you to make an arrangement in the keypad, so that on entering a value like 200 or 300 (which is not already allocated), the calibration changes i.e. for the output instead of 5 liters, it changes to 4.90 lts). But the display card should show it proper i.e. 5 liters delivery.Now, the main thing is that the dispenser has a 101 function. It updates the total count for the day by, what is displayed on indicator. That means even after short deliveries it will show that more fuel has been dispensed. Suppose we shell out 90 liters (instead of 100 liters to the client), it will update it 100 liters as shown on display instead of 90 liters, which it actually should. I need someone to make that arrangement, so that the system updates, what has been delivered, not what has been sold.I have got programs of backbone card, motherboard and UIC card, but these all are . mhf files. Also, I have the programming laptop, that the company people use to program the dispenser cards.Do let me know if you have expertise in this field, and if you can provide this or any other such similar solution.My id on skype is sundeep_ballare. Do get in touch, if interested.

  • $200 USD Dec 23, 2012

    Hello BiddersA device has to be made which can be easily settled down in a pocket, device is capable of sending three sms on three different contacts by single button.Expert in Embedded and GSM Module are requested to contact.Remember this is the first phase of project.If you can succeed, i have lot of works for you.Happy Bidding

  • $3000 USD Feb 15, 2012

    Home and hand held electronic device

  • $5000 USD Feb 14, 2012

    Hand held electronic device

  • $1250 USD Sep 5, 2011

    I"m looking for some person or company to develop one basic GPS tracker BOX.with few features:1/ GPS tracker.2/ TCP/IP protocol.3/ SMS/GPRS base.4/ One SIM Card.5/ Atmega Based.6/ Simcom GSM/GPS module.7/ 2 x 2 gigital input output.8/ 2 Analog input.9/ SDCARD or Flash Memory to save data in GSM blind erea.For more details please feel free to contact me.

  • $5000 USD Aug 17, 2011

    Looking for someone to create a web-based software for GPS tracking with full features including a full administrators panel and option to resell and rent the software to clients.- Real Time Tracking- Full and easy to use reports (pies, statistics, graphs)- Real Time Notifications- Geozones- Ability to add new devices- Communicate with devices through Garmin navigation systems- Create and manage routes- Assign jobs- Option to translate to all languages (language file)- And all other options (will provide demo from other companies)The software should be perfectly designed and fast to operate.For other questions please e-mail.Good Luck

  • $10000 USD May 24, 2010

    Searching for a team to create settop box IPTV streaming and everything that goes with it:H.264 supportsimultaneous LIVE channels BroadcastingVOD + Archive PPV VODLibrarysimultaneous connectiontimeshiftingintegrated billing and supportVOIPInternet accessP2P streamingPlease describe where your based and experience

  • $3000 USD Feb 10, 2010

    I look for someone to design a mini portable single plane or two planes vibration balancer. We will need hardware and software design for balancer. We will need balancer to be power by USB port on a laptop or PC. which in turn powers its phase-reference laser tachometer and two ICP-compatible accelerometer. The visual readout of laptop or PC shows signal level and phase tracking in analog waveform.

  • $250 USD Jan 16, 2010

    Basic design idea is already there. Basic source code of i/o is already there too. Need PIC expert to finish off project. Requirement : PIC measure CT current transformer A (0 to 5 Volt input) & control 1 scr output to match CT current transformer B input.Eg : If AN0 is 2.3 Volt, adjust SCR output until AN1 is also measured at 2.3 Volt.Doesn"t require realtime however response time shall not be later than 3 seconds.

  • $700 USD Jul 27, 2009

    Hello!I need help building a device that register all signals from a electronic coin selector.Today the coin device is connected via flat cable (10 cables) that talks serial to a controller card that controls a vending machine.I need you to make a new special cable (Y-cable) or something that does not interuppt the default function of the box. And on that new cable should also be a PIC or something similar that is logging the signals that is comming in the flat-cable. The information is about what kind of coin is put into the machine. Maybe you can use some other output from the box? I guess the documentation will explain it.* I have full specifications in english for the coin selector that I attach to this project.* I have a box that I can send for development. Would be nice if you live inside EU for this sake, but not required.I want it to logg the data in a simple format. Can you get more data from the box then save that too.EXAMPLE:date;cointype;static_id\ndate = 2008-08-10 18:23:44cointype = What kind of coin signal. Make sure the box really accepted the coin first.static_id = a uniqe id for the box. I want to be able to change this in some settings file.It would be nice if the PIC (or whatever you build) could log this directly into a internal memory. Then when I want to get the data I just put a USB memory into it and it moves the logfile onto it. When I take the USB memory out it creates a new empty file and starts to log again.The file that is copied onto the USB must have unique names, so I can empty many boxes in a row and not worry about filenames.What I want:* A fully working device that can be plugged into a similar coin box without modifications.* Build it from cost effective hardware. I want a price estimation for the hardware before I accept. It must be easy to make more devices, and they must not be expensive to make.* I think about 2mb of internal memory will be enough for the logging device.* I want to be able to buy the hardware and make more devices efter instructions if possible.* You must be sure that you can make it. Becuse I don"t wanna send the box unnecessarity.

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