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  • £60.00 GBP
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    i am very please with the work that was done for me,i would highly recommend to anyone to hire this guy as i will be doing so again.

    Project Description:i have 6 articles that needs to be rewritten.these article are informative and to be use as content on my website.To help boost rankings in the search engines and attract traffic to my site,seo is important...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller easymoney99


    3 days ago

    Awesome job! Busted out a good amount of articles in a great turnaround time! Will work with again for sure!!! A++++++ Great to work with!

    Project Description:This project is for stranger0090. The movies will be given in chat.
  • $150.00 SGD
    Profile image for Seller steven0000


    4 days ago

    Helpful, able to contact and on time. But slightly hard to communicate.Overall well done.<br/>

    Project Description:IMPORTANT TO NOTE. PLEASE READ. - Task is to COMPLETE IN 1 DAYS (URGENT) - MUST be able to contact 24/7 - MAKE SURE you are able to answer ALL the question. - ALL answer should be written in Microsoft Word...
  • $55.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller nalmeni3y


    5 days ago

    on time and perfect job.well done.this's my 5th time I deal with.

    Project Description:all done and discussed
  • $400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wlgus2201


    6 days ago

    high quality works

    Project Description:All what we discussed!!!!!!!!!! 3assignments..........................................................................................................
  • $73.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller apeeluv


    8 days ago

    Good Work !!!!

    Project Description:Introduction: During the research process, you will gather different types of information from a variety of sources. It is often easy to become overwhelmed with the details and miss the big idea of a source as you go deeper into the research experience...
  • $235.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yoto10


    8 days ago

    very professional. able to help and revise last minute!<br/>

    Project Description:All discussed. Be on time and I wish you the best. Good luck......
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller easymoney99


    8 days ago

    Great job! Wrote three articles and had them within 24 hours. A++

    Project Description:I have a movie website and I need some SEO articles written of about 500 words each. We will start with just 3 articles for now and I want to see what your writing style is like.
  • $90.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jhyun0101


    9 days ago

    Professional! Thank you so much!

    Project Description:We have discussed all... Thanks and best of luck............................................................
  • $160.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller freelance2121


    9 days ago

    Good communication and hard work

    Project Description:MUST CRITIQUE THIS ARTICLE: The Psychology of Worldviews. Koltko-Rivera, Mark E.. Review of General Psychology8.1 (Mar 2004): 3-58. Peer-reviewed...
  • $90.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller rocazare


    Dec 26, 2013

    Really good work, I will contract again ... Thanks !

    Contest Brief:7 articles of minim 2000 letters about services of accommodation in apartments in Bucharest, short term accommodation in serviced studios and apartments.
    Impeccable Writings has not completed any projects.
  • $300 USD In Progress

    All what we discussed two works !!!!!...................................................................

  • $40 USD In Progress

    This is for the 10 movies we discussed in chat.Thank you!

  • $85 CAD In Progress

    I want the writer to :1- Edit my work and please if there is weak words just replace it with academic word if you can, academic sentences. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU DONT UNDERSTAND MY WRITING AND WHAT I MEAT IN MY SENTENCES2- Write introduction of my paper based on the information on article 1 and 2, i attached 3 more papers to give you idea about the subject, if you see paper 1 and two has similar information and my work close to them I&quot;m measuring methane from ten pea cultivars exposed under multiple stress factors ( hightemp, high UVB and water stress)

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Project Description: We would like to find someone to write some technical articles for us. Please provide some samples of your writing. 24 hours delivery.Requests:1, articles must be original and no English mistakes2, write articles according to the keywords we offered3, no less than 500 words per article4, want to find a English native speaker to do this job5, willing to change the articles until we&quot;re satisified with themWe will send you the keywords and the suitable links after we decide to hire you.Skills required: Articles

  • $66 USD In Progress

    Please dont bid if you wont accept 66 dollars for this project. The coursework brief is attached. 2000 for part A and 1000 for Part B. Its in construction management, milestone will be created once you accept the project.

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I need the following questions in the files attached answered correctly and with full workings! The subject that the questions relate to is called LINEAR CIRCUIT ANALYSIS and was a subject in the degree of Electronic Engineering.

  • $50 SGD In Progress

    as per our discussion

  • $135 USD In Progress

    All discussed. Let&quot;s get started. Be on time and you have all the details.

  • $200 USD In Progress

    Hey guys, I&quot;m currently taking a Economics Independent study class at my University. I need someone to complete a 30 page essay. I need someone who can write at a University level. This page has very specific requirements and you can see them in the attached file. Please read through the whole thing and be prepared to complete everything. This essay is due in 15 days. So you will have plenty of time.

  • $90 USD In Progress

    Proposal for A Management System for Computer Science Modules Assessment 1500wordneeded in one hourshould follow the outline in the attached file

  • $70 USD Today

    I need company profile(portfolio)and letterheads

  • $160 AUD Today

    Need to do Psychology Assignment (SKELETON POLICY BRIEF)Please see the attached folder (FIRST 3 FILES ARE INSTRUCTIONS AND NEXT 3 IS THE READINGS)Must have a knowledge of psychology.Deadline:5th August

  • $5 USD/hr Today

    I have an assignment about writing a report of a website implementation process, and what programs used to implement this website, if you have a degree in computer science please apply for this job.

  • $150 USD Today

    Sir, i am new user I join this site thats why I am in troubling to find job and to contact with owner.Sir, i am doing electrical enginnering in 5th semester i want to earn money please guide me to find easier job and help me.please i request you Sir? i shall be vey thankful to you for this act of kindness.

  • $80 USD Today

    Hi All,I need 11 articles for a Disaster Restoration Website as follows:ALL articles about 500 words each.Residential Category:Biohazard CleanupCommercial Category:- Water - Flood - Mold- Storm- Biohazard Cleanup- Apartments- Factories- Govt. Buildings- Healthcare Facilities- Retail

  • $50 USD Today

    i have small knowledge of English language, i have no time to go collage at the moment so i need some one provide for me , teacher or software or on line course which will teach me English language with motivation interest with good knowledge.

  • $25 USD Today

    i have a company to help many student to write academic writing. and i want to offer to you if you want this job. it will 50% for you for each offer.if you want please tell me.regards

  • $300 CAD Today

    SEO articles about persian cats- buying and selling guide- adapting guide- grooming - product reviews- 100 % original - breeding - diet- affiliate marketingetcI will need to see a sample articles

  • $41 AUD/hr Today

    - hourly rate, personal selection criteria, project proposal.

  • £56 GBP Today

    as soon as possible, all tasks needed to completed

  • $19 USD Yesterday

    proofread my letter written in Enlish

  • $30 USD Yesterday

    I need a research paper about 9-10 pages with 0% plagiarism with in one week from the topics listed below Security and Privacy of Information and Information SystemsSystems Development Web Application Development Mobile and Wireless Information SystemsInformation Systems Strategy

  • $90 USD Yesterday

    I need to set-up the closed-loop temperature control system with Labview. Source meter for light source, thermocouple and cooling fan will be included.

  • $230 USD Yesterday

    This is a 3 part project. Please bid one price for all 3 parts, which will be delivered at different times. Since they are all related, I wanted one person to do each of them so they are common and build on one another.Part 1 - DUE WITHIN 4 DAYS FROM AWARDConduct scholarly research to expand your understanding of global dimensions of higher education institutions. Create a GRAPHIC DESIGN of a draft framework for analysis which presents factors that influence the current status and an analysis the global dimensions of a system of higher education.Focus your analysis on global dimensions in your draft analysis framework. The following list of factors are a few of the possible factors on which you might base an analysis the global dimensions of a system of higher education:SocialCulturalPolitical legalEconomicCurriculumScholar and student mobilityTechnologyConsider creating a matrix or other graphic display that will allow you to relate factors such as these with global, regional, and local/national dimensions of analysis for a selected system of higher education.Write a 1,750-word rationale for each of the factors you select. PART 2 - DUE 12 DAYS FROM AWARD (7 Days after Part 1)Revise your graphic design of the Draft Framework for Analysis from Part 1. Include regional dimensions on which you might analyze the current status and success of a higher education institution from an international context.Finalize your framework for analysis to include factors from paper in part 1 as well as added research from this assignment.Refine the rationale and research that supports your position and revise the accompanying paper accordingly. The final framework (subject to revision based upon feedback) will be applied to a specific international system of higher education in Part 3PART 3 - DUE 19 days from award (7 days after Part 2 and after feedback from part 2)Use the final framework for analysis as developed in Part 1 and 2Develop a 2,100-word comparative analysis of two selected national systems of higher education. Select at least six factors for which you will compare these two systems. While you may use your judgment in selecting the two systems, they should be sufficiently similar as to avoid wildly different systems (e.g., compare systems in two emerging nations or two systems in developed nations, but avoid comparing a system of higher education in an emerging nation with a system in a developed nation).Include supporting data and research to justify your ideas. Fully successful analyses will include significant research and will be rich with additional citations.Include these texts as citations in the report, among other relevant literature:Forest, J. J. F., & Altbach, P. G. (Eds.). (2011). International handbook of higher education (Parts I and II). New York, NY: Springer.Lane, J.E., & Kinser, K. ( (Eds.). (2011). Multinational colleges and universities: Leading, governing and managing international branch campuses (1st ed.) San Francisco, CA: Jossey-BassFormat your paper consistent with APA guidelines.NO PAYMENT FOR PLAGIARISM or horrible grammar and spelling. (US ENGLISH)25% discount per day late

  • $200 SGD Yesterday

    1.Write about psycho dynamic approach in the case study that include what you consider to be aim of your approach 2.Write briefly the counselling framework that may include all organisational settings, referral conditions, assessment procedure and contract. What bearing might these factors have on your work with the client.3.write a brief account of the client issues and concerns highlighting the key theme in client material around which you will focus the exploration and critical examination with the client must examine critically how you work with your client with relation with the theme.all these must include (a) what might have been useful in your interaction with the client and how you might have response differently , you must identified alternative responses and your rationale for doing these.(b)give a evaluation of your interaction which include both verbal and non-verbal responses and your ability to work with unconscious communication including transference , counter transference and defenses all this must include and evaluation of how interventions were consistently with your theoretical approach. please write a brief acknowledgment of how your own assumptions, values and agenda might influenced your client. you must illustrate example with your interaction with your client.(c) write reflections on changes in your relationship and client experience in relation to the theme over time and therapeutic significance.(d) please identifies your area how to work further with your client in relationship to the theme in future 5. write critically the limitations of your theoretical approach to counselling as demonstrated in this study, In relationship working with client theme , You must describe and use principal from phenomenology , narrative analysis or discourse analyse to reflect critically on your approach . For example you must identifies how you assume , miss , marginalize or privilege in relation to client experience of the theme if your follow your theoretical and approach of must provide evidence of alternative possibility of meanings with particular reference to social and cultural perspectives.6.Please reflect critically your experience from your evaluation of this study with your client in relation to the theme, This include a critical consideration of your motivation for choosing this client for your case study, the influence of your own agenda, assumptions, cultural and social values , issues of similarity , difference identifications , personal limitations and challenges on your engagement with this client.7. identify areas within yourself both personally and professionally as counselor fro further development in relation to working with this theme. Please write the steps you might take or might haven taken to achieve further development .Need 5000 words , in front size 12 and line and a half spacing, You cannot claim copyright and owner ship for this article writing and studies .please write the reference in APA style

  • $40 USD 2 days ago

    I NEED AN OPINION ESSAY. (THIS ESSAY IS BASED ON YOUR OPINION ABOUT ANY OF THE SELECTED WRITINGS) FORMAT *_* Font: Times New Roman Size: 12 Style: ASA format Number of pages: 2 OR 3 Single-Spaced Pages CHRISTIANITY - What is this movement all about? - How did it come to develop? - How does this movement find support from the culture? -Does this movement change anything about the core aspects of Christianity? ***** This essay should analyze these questions through author&quot;s perspective.***** THESE ARE THE SELECTED TEXTS: (PLEASE CHOOSE ONLY 1 BOOK) - Donald Miller, Blue like jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality (2003) - Diana Butler Bass, Christianity after religion: The end of church and the birth of a new spiritual awakening (2012) -Due date: Friday, August 8, 2014

  • £250 GBP 2 days ago

    I am needing content done for all the services pages you see here onaquilaconsultingaus.comYou will need to have done a marketing agency content before,Can include images etc

  • $180 USD 8 days ago

    Hello,I have written chapter 1 to 3 of this project, remaining chapter 4 and 5. I also have a survey in survey monkey for the staff of the company under review. I need experienced writer to assist with the appraisal of the whole project, i.e flesh up chapter 1 to 3 and write chapter 4 and 5. Below is the table of content of the project. will share chapter 1 to 3 and login to survey monkey upon project acceptance.Chapter 1: i. introductionii. Contextual backgroundiii. Statement of the Problemiv. Research Objectives 6/10v. Research Questions 6/10vi. significance of the studyvii. operational definition of termsViii. hypothesis, scope of study and limitationCHAPTER 21 Literature Review- (what is it & what does it intend to achieve)ii. Theoretical Framework (Theories of communication applicable)iii. Methodological Literature Review (Methods used in the studies of consideration)iv. Empirical Literature Review (Results/findings of the studies of consideration)v. Review of other key terms/areas of the study vi.Summary of Findings/Conclusion(s) from the Literature ReviewCHAPTER 3MethodologyChosen Method, Why & How?Population, Sampling and Sample SizeData Gathering InstrumentData treatment and Processing methodsProblems Envisaged/Encountered.Responses Coding for electronic processingComprehensive Data Table/RecordTable/Record of TotalsData Processing beyond/from the Totalstables/records into graphs, frequency table, etc.CHAPTER 4Summary (of project experience , findings) Analysis of ResultsCHAPTER 5(conclusion and recommendation)ReferencesAppendix: List of Tables/FiguresGlossary of Terms.

  • $100 CAD 20 days ago

    I am looking for a new name for our company. The new name can not be found on Google. Key words are as follows: algae, pure, natural, health, nutrition, nutrients, wellness, ingredients, vitality, life, bio, etc. Our website is Converted Carbon Technologies Corp. “CCT”, a private Ontario Nutrient Ingredient company has developed a scalable BioSilo™ for sanitary cultivation of microalgae targeted to the functional food/beverage additives, healthcare and supplement markets.

  • $90 USD Jun 26, 2014

    Ghost writting...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

  • $100 USD Jun 7, 2014

    This is a simple project and I have the note to answer all the questions.

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