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  • $55.00 SGD
    Profile image for Seller benlim78


    7 days ago

    I have no comment.

    swashbuckling's reply:

    Shame on you! Released my funds after 1 month and got document in 1 hour. People like you have spoiled this freelancing market.

    Project Description:Thanks you card content Basically is a thank you card copywriting like the one in the attached. (pls do not copy the same.) It is for a tobacco company where they launch a new cigarette. The tagline...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Patodia


    15 days ago

    Excellent work once again...<br/>

    Project Description:as discussed.... 10 articles needed
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller waqasbnu


    16 days ago

    Job well done.

    Project Description:Hello; I have hired freelancers in the past to write articles; I am looking for dynamic and honest article writers who can produce original and creative content on daily basis. This is a long term and on going task...
  • $1080.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gastoncmr


    17 days ago

    I am happy to hire Vicky, Vickly solved all issues and worked really hard in the last 3 days, I will hire again<br/>

    Project Description:Im making a website about a football player, I need to know if there&#039;s possible problems with copyright material since im taking it from other sites, also i need help with the marketing of the site. Im trying to launch the site by tonight so i need quick help...
  • $31.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller davidebolognesi


    19 days ago

    Vicky is a first class writer! She is speedy, efficient, effective and incredibly skilled at transferring ideas onto paper! Very professional, it was a real pleasure to work with her. Go Vicky!<br/>

    Project Description:I am looking for experience travel bloggers to write about Rome, Florence and Italy in general. You will write about food, touring, things to do and whatnot.
  • $210.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yhayou


    27 days ago

    They never let their clients feel left out. A very good company, and I made new freinds with kumar one of the best people I have ever met in the world!

    Project Description:I have a weight loss website and I cannot always write articles so I need a something or a database that will automatically gather articles from PLR sources and turn them into unique and readable articles...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sfvegas


    27 days ago

    A breath of fresh air. I was skeptical on finding someone on Freelancer but Vicky was professional, able to write a great PR script for us to use. I would highly recommend

    Project Description:We are starting a service in Houston and as a non-profit want to attract some attention to what it is we are doing within our community. We want a PROFESSIONALLY written press release from someone who has strong English writing background...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller maviscfernandes


    27 days ago

    Highly professional freelancer. Very knowledgeable and helpful in providing a quick turnaround.<br/>

    Project Description:I have a new blog aimed at Millennials. Since they are poised to inherit many profound challenges, it is designed to help them understand why change is challenging and figure out what kind of leader they will become...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller beally


    29 days ago

    Good work and very cooperative. I recommend this freelancer. Thanks for your help.<br/>

    Project Description:Hi, I have seen your profile and interested in offering you my project. Please accept the project and start working. Thanks
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller folder52


    29 days ago

    On budget, not on time

    Project Description:1. I need 5 unique articles about topic &quot;california king bed&quot;. Each article should be a minimum of 400 words and must be unique (I will check all articles with Copyscape). 2. Rewrite (reword) each of these 5 articles twice so that you have 3 versions of each article (15 articles total)...
    Swash-Buckling has not completed any projects.
  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I need to summarize an academic book of (~350pp) entitled The British: Reverence towards Nationality & popularize it for British readers. The project will produce a Kindle book [of ~35pp.] in UK English consisting of six chapters:1.From Antiquity until 1485 CE2.The Renaissance3.The Long Eighteenth Century (1688--1815 CE)4.The Nineteenth Century CE and the World Wars5.Questions of Identity and Belonging6.Conclusion -- Britain is to be separated from the EUProject purpose:The British concludes that Britain will eventually reject membership of the European Union (EU) because it is the only European national group that still maintains an authentic nationality. This is the main conclusion of the study that this book documents, which includes an in-depth investigation of the manifestation of the British national identity throughout the last millennium. The full academic publication is a part of a ten-book series entitled &quot;A Post- or Super-Nationality in The European Union&quot;, and is the result of postdoctoral research by Dr. Yehuda Cohen of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Please see!The-British-Reverence-towards-Nationality/co3i/1 for more information.Special Instructions:The target audience of the proposed shortened Kindle book to result from this project are the many Britons who take an interest in the proposed national referendum on Britain&quot;s membership of the EU. This Kindle book specifically targets those wondering about the results of the last EU parliamentary election in May 2014, where 40 percent voted for a small party whose main agenda item is Britain&quot;s secession from the EU (an event foreseen by Dr. Cohen&quot;s research), and especially those who wish to understand the relevance of their British national identity in relation to contemporary Britain.The Kindle book&quot;s main modification from the original academic publication is that it must appeal not only to scholars, but also to the general British public, and yet still be strongly based on the facts and reasoning contained in the original academic publication.We seek a competent and experienced writer in such an endeavour to complete this project.Suitable candidates will receive additional support from us in order to develop their proposals. For additional information, see

  • $250 USD In Progress

    We have initiated a reputation management campaign and require some articles written to enable to SEO agency to submit. the articles need to be 500 words each and we need around 60 articles in total. the articles need to be business oriented and about a specific person whos details will be provided. the idea is just to ensure the persons name is mentioned in the article which needs to be of business/corporate nature. timing is crucial here. we can split this project into 3 mile stones of 20 articles each. the first 20 articles must be delivered to high standard within 72 hours. the additional 60 articles will need to be delivered by 25th of July at the latest.

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    Looking for writer expert of Italian affairs to write posts about Italy on a dedicated blog. You need to know the basics of SEO, and possibly having been in Italy at some point to know enough about food, culture, and art!

  • $526 USD In Progress


  • $10 CAD/hr In Progress

    SEO blog posts

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    Publishing a pre-written article on news websites

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    looking for some high quality articles.... 10 articles needed on different topics. gaming, arcade,...etccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc

  • $750 USD In Progress

    We are looking for a talented writer/team of writers who will rewrite and post relevant news stories to a number of our websites on a daily basis. News stories will be provided daily and need to be re-written to be 100% unique. You may NOT use any software and all work must sound professional and natural. Work may NOT be re-used elsewhere.For each news story you will need to do the following:1. You will be given a story to re-write.2. Rewrite the story in your own words - It must pass copyscape and WILL be checked.3. Post the story to the relevant wordpress site (you will be provided with login details) with a picture.4. Create 1 or 2 links within the story to other pages on the website using specific keywords.Word Count: The word count will vary depending on the original story being rewritten, but will usually be between 150-400 words.We will need 40 news stories rewriting per week (8 per day) over a 4 week period (160 stories in total). If this goes well, we will continue for a longer period of time. Important: You must be able to write in a clear, accurate and interesting way. We are not interested in people that will simple change one or two words around using a thesaurus. You must have great English skills (US terms) and provide regular communication on the progress of your work.To recap, your bid should be for 160 rewritten news stories of between 150-400 words, including posting the stories onto a wordpress site with a selected image that matches the story. The stories will be provided daily.

  • $19 USD In Progress

    need you to edit my recommendation letter

  • $15 USD In Progress

    Looking for someone to define the following words in a way that it looks like it was written by a person and not a dictionary. Humor/creativity is a plus. Looking for about 2-3 sentences per word. (60 characters max per word).ADVENTUROUSDETERMINEDLOYALPATIENTRELIABLEAMBITIOUSFUNNYHONESTINTELLIGENTSYMPATHETIC

  • $12 USD/hr Today

    Hi all, i need unique content for 2-4 sections of my website categories : FAQ and Services are main target.Site is www.time4education.euall i need is to unique content.Contact me for more information.

  • £263 GBP Yesterday

    I am needing content done for all the services pages you see here onaquilaconsultingaus.comYou will need to have done a marketing agency content before,Can include images etc

  • $263 AUD Yesterday

    I need someone to rewrite articles. You need to be able to write in a catchy, blog like manner. You need to be comfortable with technical content. Please send your application with a sample of your writing.

  • $178 USD 2 days ago

    I&quot;m in need of 20 articles written about various topics including social media, internet marketing, SEO, working out, law, digital media etc. Please be ready to provide samples of work and be proficient in English. No spun content.

  • $15 USD/hr 5 days ago

    Looking for a team of talented freelancers to help with a new business, please bid with your specific experience and what you can lend to it. Thank you

  • $34 AUD 7 days ago

    Hi, We require 1 press release with possible on going blogging/writing work

  • $9473 USD 14 days ago

    I have a few revolutionary ideas that will change the world as we know it and the thing is I don&quot;t have the technical know-how in order to make this a reality.This is what I would like to doI would like to build a team which includes a (small, long-term optional) initial investor (I will also be investing my own money as well)A programmer and possibly a few other additions to the teamAnd of course Myself. I have a lot of skills and we will discuss all of thisI will have the members of this team sign a disclosure agreement so that my ideas don&quot;t get stolen as i have had someone in the past who was going to work with me on an idea &quot;steal&quot; it from me and greatly capitalize on it. This is also why I haven&quot;t put information about my ideas on this project description I personally think the best start would be to find another investor who i can discuss my ideas with and together we can find and hire the other members necessary to make this happen. After we complete the project with success then we (the other investor and myself) will decide together the next direction such as selling to one of a couple of large corporations I have in mind that would be interested in our &quot;product&quot; if you want to call something with such innovation and implications simply just a product :).If this sounds interesting to you then lets have a discussion.

  • $101 USD 16 days ago

    I have 5 high quality articles of business and IT related. The writer is also expected to create another variation of these 5 articles so needs 10 articles in total to be submitted.I need these 10 articles (5 provided plus 5 re written) to placed on high ranking sites including journalistic type of sites for SEO and reputation management purposes. this project must be completed within 2 days.

  • $4210 USD 18 days ago

    I need several content writers for my authority and niche websites. I need high quality content articles.I am paying$10.00 dollars per 1000 word article$15.00 dollars per 1500 word article$20.00 dollars per 2000 word article

  • $100 USD 18 days ago

    $4 for a 225 word, poker news articleI am looking for someone that will be able to provide me with 3 news articles about poker every day. The articles can be based on any poker news coming from a reliable source. They are NOT to be based on a strategy article. It is important that the articles are written up as soon as the news comes out (one or two hrs) as that old news is not much good to us. We will show you how to filter the news using twitter if you would like.We will pay at the end of each weekI’m hoping to get a small bet of life in the articles (not boring). if at all possible.It will pass copyscape.There won&quot;t be any grammatical error, syntax error, spelling mistake, etc.As that it is only 225 words/article. I will only take excellent English. 3 articles/day * 7 days a weak * $4 an article = $84/weak

  • $526 USD 18 days ago

    We currently have 50-100 articles/videos on our website that explain what our product is, and how it works.We need someone to go through all of these articles/videos and arrange the content into question and answer format so that we can use it for our online helpdesk FAQ.Rewriting of the content into questions needs to be changed to fit your own words - not just copy and paste.Additionally, you will be expected to sort all of the content into specific categories, and in a logical order that would make sense to someone looking for answers in our heldesk FAQ.Please let me know if you have any questions - thank you!

  • $30 USD 19 days ago

    3 articles 750 words minwill send title in PM

  • $8 USD/hr 19 days ago

    I need very professional preferable native english content writer for website 100% unique and professional. You have to do proper research on construction websites and gather idea and write professional contents include technical language.The website address is NOTE I&quot;LL NOT AWARD PROJECT BEFORE GET THE SAMPLE TEXT WRITTEN IN ANY OF THE BELOW PAGE TITLES.Below the page titles required contents. About UsLeadershipCulturePre-ConstructionGeneral ContractingDesign-BuildProperty ManagementProject ManagementInterior FitoutMaintenance Quality & SafetySustainability SubcontractorsBlogs = 10Press Release = 5

  • ₹10526 INR 19 days ago

    Hi, I am looking for individual content writers, who have a lot of experience in the field of writing, you must be able to handle versatile projects of writing. If I like your working style, than we will hire you for a very long term working partnership.Here are the types of writing, which we are looking for..Sales page writingWeb 2.0 articlesGeneral articlesSEO articlesWeb contentsBlog posts Guest PostsEzinesYou will get the work on every day basis, so you must be able to work for atleast 8-9 hours a day.Your qualities should be...Awesome command over englishEngaging contents creators100% copy scape passed articlesHighest level of communicationExamples of previous writingSome specific expertisePlease do not waste my time, if you are not the person who will write the articles, I am looking for only INDIVIDUAL writers, so &quot;NO TEAM&quot; Please...I will wait for the bids on my project!Cheers!

  • $147 USD 19 days ago

    I looking for someone to blog about my T-shirt for dads


  • $147 USD 19 days ago

    Hi,I&quot;ve a ongoing project of 30 articles per week on various topics. All are 500 words. I need some research, excellent grammar, friendly tone and user friendly content. If you will do good job I&quot;ve plenty of works for you. Good opportunity who want to earn steady income from writing work.ONLY EXPERIENCED CONTENT WRITERS PLEASEThanks

  • $330 USD 19 days ago

    I need a professional writer for my site who can write as well as rewrite/rephrase articles that falls in the entertainment/general niche. The writer should have a fantastic command in English language, and should have a good sense of humor. Should also be flexible with SEO keywords. Should know how to post on Wordpress as well. I&quot;m basically looking for galleries/lists(would be separated in wordpress using next/previous buttons), like top 40 lifehacks, top 40 places to visit, 40 things to do when you are bored, some stories that can be split with pictures into 40 pages, etc. Each article could be less than 40 pages, but no less than 25. Each page should have related images too. Sexual or violent articles are strictly prohibited. The articles should be really interesting and catchy. Each page should contain at least 150 words. Of course the articles can be taken from sites such as reddit/ any good source, but then should totally be rewritten/rephrased, to avoid plagiarism. This would be checked using an anti-plagiarism tool, so no point copying pasting articles from different sites around the internet. The images should differ too. Only serious and reasonable bidders.

  • $90 USD Jun 26, 2014

    Ghost writting...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

  • $157 USD Jun 7, 2014

    This is a simple project and I have the note to answer all the questions.

    Swash-Buckling does not have any open projects.
    Swash-Buckling does not have any work in progress.
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Jan 2013 - Dec 2013 (11 months)

Government of Sindh

To carry out research on history of Sindh.


Masters in International Relations

Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur



Excellent Researcher


It was awarded for completing 300 years research in just 2 months.


200+ Publications

All English Newspapers of Pakistan

I have written plenty of articles and letters in all English newspapers of Pakistan.

Agora Media

Search my name there to check my publications <br />