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  • $950.00 HKD
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    10 days ago

    Good work. On time. Will hire you again!

    Project Description:An assignment regarding business strategy
  • £100.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller MrExcelsior


    21 days ago

    Excellent freelancer, project was delivered on time and on budget. Will certainly hire again. Thank you.

    Project Description:Dear Freelancers. We are looking for someone to complete a Project Management assignment. The deadline of the task is on the 20th June sharp. ****Please bid only if you think you can meet the challenging deadline and we will send you the instruction...
  • $1000.00 HKD
    Profile image for Seller hockmanfung


    Jun 23, 2014

    Good job! A great freelancer!

    Project Description:An assignment regarding "Project Management for Business"
  • $105.00 CAD
    Profile image for Seller vrkk1


    Jun 19, 2014

    Did not complete in proper english

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $147.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller deolivares


    Jun 18, 2014

    This project was delivered very late. It was rife with grammatical and spelling errors and I had to rewrite almost every aspect of the project. I wish I would have selected a different freelancer.

    Project Description:After selecting a research topic, create a thesis and provide an outline for a video presentation along with the presentation script and a visual aid. Full details regarding the requirements along with...
  • $595.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AssignmentMaster


    Jun 15, 2014

    Excellent writer

    Project Description:As Discussed by email Deadline in Monday (01:00 PM)
  • $1000.00 HKD
    Profile image for Seller hockmanfung


    Jun 4, 2014

    Good job. A great freelancer!

    Project Description:Assignment of Sales Planning and Operations
  • $198.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller vancyzhou7


    Jun 3, 2014

    Language use is not fully satisfied the Master Degree level requirement. I have to amend based on the paper.

    Project Description:Only accept maximum bid is AUD $200, any bids over that price will be ignored. Please attention that if you are not qualified to write IT research degree paper, do not bid it. I don't want to receive...
  • $315.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kmalthe


    May 29, 2014

    Always willing to improve work based on feedback. Overall, a pleasure to work with!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller AssignmentMaster


    May 25, 2014

    Excellent Work

    Project Description:As Discussed by email Deadline in Monday (06:00 PM)
    SwiftCult has not completed any projects.
  • $125 USD In Progress

    write about 3000+ not include references . within 3 days . payment will release after 1 week of receiving the work no copy paste

  • £126 GBP In Progress

    Dear Freelancers.We are looking for someone to complete a Project Management assignment.Please bid only if you are familiar with Planning and Scheduling Software SystemThank you

  • $160 USD In Progress

    The topic is (Detail please see the attached requirment): Report: identify a Holiday Cruise Company* of your choice and then analyze List of Holiday Cruise Company1. Norwegian Cruise Lines2. Cunard3. Royal Caribbean4. P&O Cruises5. Disney Cruise Line6. Star Cruises7. Thompson Cruises8. Costa Cruises9. Holland America Line10. Hurtigruten Word limited: 4000 Deadline : 10th July The supporting material been attached in this email.

  • $140 USD In Progress

    The topic is (Detail please see the attached requirment): This assessment is in three parts, please answer all elements. Word limited: 3500 Deadline : 9th July The supporting material been attached in this email.

  • $120 USD In Progress

    The topic is (Detail please see the attached requirment): Report: Individual analysis of an organization of student’s choice Word limited: 3000 Deadline : 7th July The supporting material been attached in this email.

  • $120 USD In Progress

    The topic is (Detail please see the attached requirment): PGBM02 Managing and Leading People ( take one topic from enqiurement ) Word limited: 3000 Deadline : 2nd JulyThe detail please see the email

  • $147 AUD In Progress

    My organisation requires an writer to assist in creating an ebook. This is going to be an ebook about Digital Marketing for small business owners. It will primarily be used for lead generation and will be a free ebook.I have attached some ideas on what topics needed to be covered, there will be a strong focus on mobile Apps. The book will cover 4 major topics with a requirement for an introduction to the field of digital marketing -what it is etc. We will only require the copy and will design the rest of the layout images etc. We are happy to field questions, you can use our blog/website for some research also. We are not too particular about the length probably around 15 pages.It will basically be a how to guide for beginners in the area of digital marketing.

  • $60 USD In Progress

    As discussed by email Deadline Friday

  • $460 USD In Progress

    Please start editing LR according the feedback and after that will start chapter by chapter

  • $4 USD/hr Yesterday

    We are a Chinese-established, online English School based in the Guangzhou,China.Our teaching material would be Interchange by Jack C. Richards. There are 4 books, Online English teachers maybe just need to work on Interchange 2 and Interchange 3. Every class lasts for 20-25 minutes.Now we are looking for English teachers from all over the world. Your nationality doesn"t matter. You can be full-time or part-time.If you"re interested, please contact us.Email: Skype: *** The offer for this position is US $2-4/20 Minutes.***

  • €789 EUR Yesterday

    The scientific work involves the following:1. Abstract / Intro and Research Question2. Literature Overview3. Method you use, Describe the Case Study4. Description of the cases, Profile of company5. ANALYSIS6. ConclusionAll necessary information will be given. The work will be approx. 50.000 characters.

  • $120 USD 3 days ago

    Project Description: I’m looking for Ezine Articles expert (preferably Diamond author) who can churn out 30 articles on one niche. You must also be able to write several articles on one keyword.You should prove that you have written good quantity of articles on EZA. You will show me live example of articles you wrote for EZA or links.You will write title, one sentence of summary and 500 words in the main body.You agree to rewrite the rejected the article, if it get article rejected anyway. I will send you screenshot for the rejected article and link for the live article.I will create milestone for 10 articles first to know if you can write good articles.Total cost of the project is $120/- for 30 articles and turnaround time is 10 days. Minimum bid is preferred without compromising on quality. Please do not bid more than $120/-Please also do not bid if you can not complete the project in 10 days. If you do so, this project will be termed as incomplete and I will put negative remarks in the feedback. If you are successful, you will be awarded with more orders.I only want to work with honest and patient Ezine Articles expert authors.

  • $34 USD 4 days ago

    Looking for someone with a broad range of knowledge in the Human Resource field with understanding of Benefit plans. This task will be writing about benefit plans and recommending a plan to a group of employees. The assignment is no longer than 3 pages. However, a cover page and reference page should be included making the assignment 5 pages.

  • $500 USD 7 days ago

    need someone to write a paper on scottish literature, someone with minimum masters level qualification in similar subjects

  • $100 USD 7 days ago

    HI,I need your help in information system IS if you are familiar with it please get me back. thank you.

  • $50 USD 7 days ago

    I need a high quality (premium) writer to write a technical/academic report within 24 hours. The topic is "Staffing Approach".Paying 50$ for the report (must be 1,500 words to 2,000 words)

  • $147 USD 7 days ago

    Hi,I have a document that was put together that needs to be for the most part re-written. The document has a lot of plagiarized or copied text and it needs to be rewritten and made concise. there is about 2000 -3000 words. The document overall needs to be improved as well. There is a lot of technical jargon. You do not need to add additional information or do additional research. just rewrite and structure the document.Based on the quality of work on this one, additional jobs will follow.

  • $189 USD 8 days ago

    I m looking for writer for literature review - 4000 words and research methodology -2000 words.Can you please come up with quotes details can be shared on chat.

  • $526 AUD 10 days ago

    Looking for someone to help me pass my course on frontline management

  • $210 USD 17 days ago

    I am looking for someone to write an academic report on strategic management giving This is part of an exective MBA program so the paper is question lead. Description of Assessment RequirementsAs a strategy consultant, imagine that you have been approached by the Board of Directors of a company of your choice to advise them on their future strategic direction. They are unsure as to whether to implement an inventive strategy. The Directors are keen to promote the following theme throughout their organisation: "Developing Strategy for Business Resilience and Sustainability".In this regard, they are also concerned about the challenges of managing change in their company.You are required to present the Board with a written report covering the following tasks:​​Task 1Construct an argument, fully grounded in a detailed analysis of the company"s internal and external environment. Ensure that you demonstrate in your argument the relationship among the following dimensions: strategic capabilities, competitive analysis, competitive advantage, and culture and strategy. (3000 words) Task 2Critically evaluate the strategy you have recommended and discuss its relationship with the resource areas of people, operations, finance and technology. (500 words) Task 3Recommend and justify a change management programme that may assist the company in realising its strategic objectives, taking into account the key contextual dimensions that may hinder or enhance the change programme. (500 words)Task 1 Demonstrate a critical awareness of research in the evolution of strategic management Critically analyse a case situation in terms of strategic issues and make justified recommendations Task 2 Identify and explain the importance of how the synthesise of knowledge gained from other business modules may be brought together into a comprehensive understanding of the concepts underpinning competitive advantage. Understand and be able to critically analyse the strategic position and the interrelated functions of Production and Operations Management (POM) in organisations  Demonstrate, understand and critically explain the importance of integrational thinking in their understanding of strategy and its formation and development in complex organisations Task 3  Evaluate and develop the ability to identify strategic issues and design appropriate courses of action

  • £250 GBP 19 days ago

    be examined in this assessment: On completion of the module students should be able to: (a) Demonstrate the ability to design, create, compile, debug and test stand-alone Visual Basic programs; (b) Usage of Loops; (c) Apply key object oriented concepts; (d) Implement appropriate algorithms. Coursework Tasks are explained on the attached document.

  • $526 USD 19 days ago

    Please find the attachment file.

  • $789 USD 21 days ago

    the dissertation should apply quantatative methods to anazlye the corporate performace.It also need link the corporate governance with corporate submit 5 recent literature papers to review in these two fields. The topic form is attached.ROA, ROE index will be found The regression model will be analyzed in three panels. Panel A analyzes the relationship between CGQ and ROA, panel B analyzes the relationship between CGQ and ROE, and panel C analyzes the relationship between CGQ and stock returns. As ROA and ROE are based on an annual basis, the corresponding CGQ should be on an annual basis as well. Therefore, CGQ in panel C should be on a daily basis as stock returns are. And the regression will be implemented through SPSS. we need 5 paper to confirm the ordersand proposal of 3500 words due by 10-JulyFull dissertation of 14500 words due by 1-sept.with each stage progress need to revise and carry on with satisfactory progress made

  • $34 USD 21 days ago

    writing personal statement (700 to 1000 word) for university application

  • £94 GBP 21 days ago

    I am a marketing assistant living in Cardiff. I am putting together a presentation and portfolio as part of a keep children safe initiative. A colleague has fallen ill. I need a report roughly 3000 words with a full bibliography and reference list, and I am looking for a freelance writer to write it for me by August at the latest! The report is an in depth and critical report of the impacts and outcomes of the Lamming REport 2003.

  • $263 USD 22 days ago

    The project is to write dissertation on ROI in social media marketing campaigns. This will require an in depth analysis of marketing on social media along with the detailed analysis of two high street brands like LV and Burberry, evaluating their campaigns and what impact it had on the sales and profitability of the respective company.Rest of the details are as followsWord count: 10,000 wordsTimeline: 2-3 weeksBudget: $250This has to be started straight away, so make sure you"re free to start. You"ll be asked to send at least three of your recent Thesis samples of reference.Happy bidding.

  • $85 SGD 23 days ago

    Assignement AssignementAssignementAssignementAssignementAssignementAssignementPlease note that this is an analytical report, NOT a descriptive paper. You should incorporate the concepts learnt in the course as part of your analysis. Simply describing what the company does will not earn you a good grade.You are to submit a written report based on a company of your choice (preferably the one you are working in or have worked before), identifying three HRM strategies/practices and analysing their impact on the company’s competitive strategy.Lecturer strictly require you to Identify the competitive strategy - Cost or Differentiation ( Non-profit firms or civil service organizations are to use mission statement ) Do not need to justify. Just describe it. Identify and describe 3 HRM strategy/ policy and then analyze them.We are to argue on whether if these strategies impact the main competitive strategy.Focus on the analysis as is it not a descriptive paper.Structure is as follows. Introduction ( 10%*), main competitive strategy, 1st strategy/policy then analysis, 2nd strategy/policy then analysis, 3rd strategy/policy analysis then analysis. Conclusion ( 10%* )The report should consist of the following main sections:• Introduction (a brief description of the company’s business and its competitive strategy) • Discussion & analysis of three HRM strategies/practices (main competitive strategy, 1st strategy/policy then analysis, 2nd strategy/policy then analysis, 3rd strategy/policy analysis then analysis.)• Conclusion• References (at least five)The report, of not more than 1,800 words, should be type written in Times New Roman, font size 12 and double-spaced with page numbers.

  • $789 AUD 26 days ago

    I am looking for some assistance in writing and researching a Cinema Studies essay, with the core topic examining VHS Tapes and the history of the medium. The main focus of the piece is the legacy of VHS. What I need is a 6,000 word essay, with references, that looks at the historical impact of VHS tapes, beginning from the inception of the format, through to the dominance of the format into marketplace and how that format changed the way we as spectators viewed films in our homes. I need the piece to be written in Harvard referencing style and have a list of reference/research material that I can forward to the successful candidate. The time line of this project is roughly 50 days.

  • $526 USD 26 days ago

    Required students from Universities of USA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND to help in managing few Academic Task.- You should be CURRENT Student at your university and available at your university campus- If you graduated already already, Don"t bid here please.

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