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Location: Noida, India

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My projects:

  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller johnwylie


    Oct 27, 2013

    This developer was helpful and completed the task, happy to hire again.

    Project Description:This job is to produce one iPad screen that I will add to an existing app. The functionality is as follows: 1) get user location from GPS/location api 2) check closest store location, i will provide a CSV file with about 50 locations 3) display map, with marker showing the shop location...
  • $315 USD
    Profile image for Seller perched


    May 14, 2013

    This guy does great work. Second time that I hired him and very pleased with the results. He was very willing to work on revisions to the app in order for it to meet my requirements. I would, I plan to, hire him again in the future.

    Project Description:On the Add page, add the following fields (all being optional): - Pattern: - Color (Primary): . Not sure if you can have a multi select on a picker wheel but something similar is desirable). - Color (Secondary): - Size: On the Catalogue page, add values from new fields above...
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller perched


    Jan 27, 2013

    Gaurav understood the requirements and provided a first build that was very close to meeting my expectations. There were some minor changes need and he made them quickly and was very good with communications. I would hire Gaurav again to build out core mobile functionality.

    Project Description:I need a demo build for an iPhone in order to raise funding for a business. The app needs to add products to product catalog/database, show a list of products in the product catalog, and show an individual product when an item is selected from the product list...
  • $650 AUD
    Profile image for Seller alexuren


    Jan 6, 2013

    After having issues with another developer, I was very happy with Gaurav and his level of communication and commitment to this project. He stuck to his agreed timelines to provide updates and incremental builds.In hindsite, the project was probably more complicated than i'd initially explained but Gaurav continued to forge forward with solutions and ultimately delivered a functional solution and assisted to ensure this was published to the App Store on my behalf - Will hire again without a doubt - Thanks Again Mate

    Project Description:Note - details and screen flows attached iphone app - approx 4 screens with small database and basic sync from mysql via php pages that I've prepared and/or will prepare depending on your requirement...
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller tommydog


    Sep 10, 2012

    Good Service. I marked the comms down a bit (3*) but this is only because of the time zone issues and to be expected i guess. We got what we asked for . thanks for the service.

    Project Description:iphone barcode scanner - looks for the barcode value string (EAN 13) in a website product search function example : download app from itunes open app on iphone or ipad type the name of the item...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller highlevelstudios


    Jul 10, 2012

    Great freelancer. Great communication!! His response time is good and great product. We started from scratch and he helped me through the entire process I would recommend him highly!

    Project Description:this project is for gaurav sinha thanks again for great work. I have 2 new iphone apps I would like toy to setup data fetch and puch notifications for. Thanks again and I look forward to this project.
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller veryawesome


    Jun 10, 2012

    I was very satisfied with both the commitment, knowledge, and professionalism tannu2009 shown while finishing our project.

    Project Description:I am in urgent need of a simple iOS Native application that will load a url via WebView and also have the ability for a user to upload images from the device. 1. URL for use in webview 2. Server path where images that are uploaded will go to...
  • $35 USD
    Profile image for Seller grantb1974


    May 8, 2012

    Excellent experience working with Gaurav and his team. Would definately recommend will use again in the future.

    Project Description:I have a app where I want to allow users to add the current issue they are reading to their facebook wall. This needs to use the Facebook API. It would be good if this could be included into a very...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller perini14


    Mar 29, 2012

    This is the 2nd time I'm doing work with tannu2009, and the experience is very positive!

    Project Description:I have a iPhone application that needs to be upgraded to support iPad 2. It's a small app, relativly simple.
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller dancudds


    Mar 22, 2012

    Despite changing specifications on our side, the project was completed quicker than we agreed and to a great standard. Would use again.

    Project Description:I have an app which I need to have the requirement of adding a XML parsing for data info based on UDID.
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    tannu2009 does not have any work in progress.
  • $600 AUD 9 days ago

    We are looking for a developer/programmer who can build our children"s app from start to finish.We have ready, all the picture, sound and button files.The app is simple.Intended for 2-5 year olds, it"s a simple game that plays an animal sound and the child has to choose the correct animal picture that is associated to the sound.This is exactly what needs to be created:Home screen:Visually, there will be a jungle background (i have the picture file ready).The game logo will go on the top. Below it is a "start" button.Once the start button is pressed, it will initiate the first animal level.First animal level:Same jungle background. ambient jungle music is playing in the background.The animal sound is played 3 times.There is also a SOUND ICON at the top centre of the screen. This icon (when pressed) will play the animal sound again.Below this will be 4 randomly generated pictures of animals.Of course for each level, one of the pictures need to be of the correct animal that corresponds to the sound.If the correct animal picture is chosen, a CORRECT icon will appear on the screen and then will proceed onto the next random level.We need to make sure that no levels are repeated in one session.If the wrong answer is chosen, a "buzz" is sounded and a big cross appears on the screen. Then the cross will fade away. The incorrectly chosen animal picture is greyed out from the options so only the unchosen pictures remain until the correct picture is chosen.IMPORTANT: There are 10 levels in total. These levels must be in random order. But each level MUST ensure that the sound and correct picture is appearing.The aim of the game is for the child to go through all 10 animals. Once the child has done that there is "WELL DONE" screen with celebration music in the background. Also on this last screen, there is the option to go back to the main menu.STANDARD INCLUSIONS ON EVERY PAGE:1) Top left corner - home button (house icon) - this will take the customer back to the home screen2) Top right corner - mute button (music on/off icon) - this will turn the background music off.I have included a very simple Xcode5 screen capture to show the POSITION of all the buttons and icons on each page. This is for positioning only. Do NOT use the same images.The image files will be named appropriately to show where it should appear.

  • $10 USD/hr 22 days ago

    We are looking for an iOS developer to make small updates and maintain an iOS app that was already developed. This smaller ongoing contract could lead to more if all goes well. The person accepting this mandate must:- Have good capacity for understanding code written by someone else (we"ll obviously accept a learning curve here)- Have experience not just to develop app, but also with Application Loader- Be available to work approximately 8 hours per week, each week- Be available to start soon, as we have small pending updates to work on already

  • $6000 USD 22 days ago

    My company is implementing network upgrades for our customer in multiple locations as part of infrastructure readiness for an application roll out. There are several different sites in a variety of stages of implementation. We are looking to provide electronic visibility at a glance via a mobile app on the status of implementation. We are looking for a similar structure as the “Stocktouch” (see screen shots) mobile application although our data is static – not real time. The structure would be:Top level – Regions (red/yellow/green status of implementation)2nd level – Sites within the regions3rd level – the individual site detailsRequirements:-Mobile app for the iPAD to start (would also like to support iPhone & Android in the future) -We will provide static data to be loaded into the application-We will need support for uploading new information on a monthly basis as we complete or change implementations This is almost like a “product catalog” application that is static until there is a new product or price change – very similar type of use case. The difference is in the organization of the data which we’d like to be presented in a way similar to “Stocktouch”

  • $1200 USD 23 days ago

    [3/18/14, 9:36:19 AM] Reggie Matter: Idea: Keeps up to date records of expenses on projects ( like a stock market )Reason: Cleint has been doing House flips - I create an estimate thinking this is what material - labor - overhead will cost me and here is my profit. I would love to be able to see that on a live scale like the market - to be able to see my profit go down longer people work and more material purchased - It would allow me to take people off job and get someone else to save cost etc...How to keep track:LaborI was going to put an ipad at each job where the labor people would have to clock in and out - which would keep track of their hours / or they clock in on each project so I know what it would cost in futureMaterialsI was thinking you could use a universal card but would have to be compatiable with home depot, lowes etc... Probably easiest idea would be to take a picture of the receipt but would the program be able to separate each item and totals[3/18/14, 9:37:34 AM] Reggie Matter: **Would be extra cool if we could find a Developer that could build out some sort of camera device that pulls lines items from receipts to separate "fields of the App" **

  • $600 USD 23 days ago

    I need an app, for both android and iPhone, that does the following:1. Display a list of PDF documents which exist at a specific web url(the list can be made available via xml or json etc.)2. Download that PDF when touched by the user to local storage3. Displays a basic PDF viewer allowing the reader to flip through each page with a swipe gesture4. Alert the user when a new PDF has been added to the list via standard notification bar.We must have access to all files at completion of project so that we can compile and sign the app with our developer key and add to market with our existing developer account.

  • $2000 USD 24 days ago

    Other things that need to be added or should be taken into account:-The design of the app should look unique and pleasing. - QR/Barcode-The application should be able to integrate with the website, the web services are already developed-A point system where users can gain or lose points based on the information they give -A quiz where users are shown questions with multiple choices to answer.-Being able to upload a profile picture from the users gallery, social media or taking a picture with the mobile/tablet-Search option to look for information on the database -Automatic activity type recognition, being able to determine whether the user is walking/driving/using public transport etc.-Being able to use application as navigation and find out what the fastest/cheapest way is to travel (just like Google Maps) -Integrate/share the application in as many popular social media as possible-Ability to invite people and follow them (for updates about information/news)-Include a hash tags (#) and at (@) script on the website-Members can follow/add friends/build team or join a team. And invite

  • $222 USD Aug 2, 2013

    Hello, I need a developer to work on my 2014 diary, I have files on pdf already designed for print version, just need an app developer to covert it into an online application that can be used on phones, ipad etc, I have the diary printed for 2013, but will like it turn it into an app for 2014. I have all diary files on pdf designed and ready to go. Please bid only if you have experiece for this kind of job, and can show example of apps done. Job is very urgent, will need someone to start straightaway.Many thanks

  • €30 EUR Aug 2, 2013

    lower bids are more prefered!!so..what do i need done ? ..i need an iphone/ipad application has to have categories, ill provide you rss..its really simple appfeel free to contact me

  • $1200 USD Jul 28, 2013

    I have an existing ASP.Net MVC 4 Mobile website at that uses JQueryMobile and connects to a ASP.Net Web API (JSON or XML) RESTful API. I do not have great ObjC or Java skills- but I need an App for both platforms that replicates the functionality shown on that Mobile website. The API is documented at so you can understand the API you would be connecting to. The only additional functionality not currently shown in the Mobile Website is an In-App purchase process that gives a user access to Attend an Event. Currently the Mobile Website allows users to access for free. The design and UI of the Mobile website is guidance only. It is preferable that you use appropriate constructs and conventions in Apps of each platform to improve the user experience rather than simply replicate it screen for screen. As such, a portfolio of previous work is required, and the slickness of the design of previous project will be an important criteria in selection. it is preferable that each App is natively developed rather than using PhoneGap, Titanium or another cross-platform web framework. Having said that, if your portfolio shows you can use HTML5 + CSS to produce good quality phone apps, and that is your approach preference- that will be considered as an option. Each use case (or small sets of use cases) will need to be reviewed as complete throughout the project- as opposed to waiting until the very end of the project before I can see progress. Please consider that when making your bid- as this has been made clear at the outset. A source code repository will need to be used: either TFS or SVN. Preferably the former, but if SVN is a strong preference- then that is fine too. Please have a look at the Mobile website BEFORE making your bid, as the functionality of the website indicates the scope of the project. Some screenshots are attached for reference.

  • $155 USD Jul 19, 2013

    we would like some expertise to help us to refine the iphone source codes with QR Code featuresplease state your job references and your hourly ratethanks!

  • $555 USD Jun 1, 2013

    1.Video framework, all icons/logos, forms except appointment will be given.2.User remotely selects a doctor, makes appointment.3.Select patient.4.Enter personal and insurance data.5.Doctor enters exam notes in template and selects codes, completes probe sheet.6.Prescription: Closest pharmacist to patient, text link to pharmacist and patient for pickup.7.Patient payment8.Appointment. a.Remote scheduling.b.Office appointment for follow up and continuous appointments like MS Outlook.c.Auto text reminders one day prior and one day after treatments. 9.Financial reports: a.Select start and finish date, b.Select what the report is for: patient, doctor, clinic, procedure, city, state, zip code. 10.Data stored in user’s device with Cloud backup.11.Payment made after app completion and testing.12.Sign NDA prior to start.

  • $405 USD May 22, 2013

    I need an app that can scan QR Codes and/or Barcodes and send the information from them to a specific "verification URL" and parse the server"s response as Valid, Invalid and if Invalid, state reason why (included in response)The reason I need this done custom is because we will not have time to scan, go to a website, close browser, re-open scanner to scan next barcode... needs to be Rapid

  • $600 USD Mar 28, 2013

    I want to make a simple app that users can send email from it without opening mobile email .thank you,

  • $10 USD/hr Mar 23, 2013

    We need an iOS developer with strong cocos2d skills.At least 2 years in iPhone programming.Thanks

  • $500 USD Mar 16, 2013

    We are looking for a simple equipment leasing calculator application for Android and iPhone. User will type in amount and monthly payments for variable terms and buyouts are calculated. User will also have the ability to send us information to request a quote and contact us.It will need to be uploaded into google play and iTune Apple stores.See attached for a basic layout of the applicaion.Thank you.

  • €500 EUR Feb 10, 2013

    App-Entwicklung:Funktion: QR-Code Scanner, Anbindung an das Adressbuch, Zugang zur DatenbankGrafische Oberfläche liegt bereits vorDie Umsetzung erfolgt für alle gängigen Plattformen. Ziel: Das abscannen von QR-Codes, Abgleich mit der Datenbank, Verarbeitung von vcf Daten "iPhone"

  • $1600 USD Oct 17, 2012

    We are looking for a programmer to build out our iPhone/iPad app.The app is mainly a scheduling app that will use items like tasks, calendars, notes, etc. but in a basic format. It will be placed in the productivity category. We want a version for both the iPhone and the iPad that can sync together via iCloud or another solution. The apps will function the same on the iPhone and iPad, but each will have a slightly different layout.We have specific characteristics and designs we already can point you to in other apps that we would like to use or emulate.We will discuss specific details of the project during the selection process.Programmer should speak good English and provide timely responses and status updates of the project as it moves forward. We are looking for someone to add to our team as a long term provider. If you do this project well you can certainly expect more work.Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • $1600 AUD Aug 24, 2012

    HI Im looking for a team who can build an mcommerce app to run off my zencart store.I own and run 2 zencart ecommerce websites and would like them to be made into apps that will run on iphone/ipad/andriod systems.The finished apps must get all information from my zencart store, so im only required to make changes in zencart and it will automatically work on the app.This project is to complete 2 apps. we will work on 1 store first then when completed start the second. both are on zencart and very similar except 1 is a retail site and the other is wholesale. is 1 of my sites that needs to be turned into an app the app should have all the features of the zencart but made simple to use on a mobile devicePLease only apply if you have experience in this area and can provide a quality error free, modern fresh app. please reply with examples of other mcommerce stores you have created I would need your advise on the layout of this and ideas to make it a good easy to use app.For full payment to be completed the apps must be approved and made available on the apple app store looking forward to seeing what you can doregards Mark

  • [Sealed] Jun 21, 2012

    Hello,I need an App developed for both Android and iPhone that will do the following:1)Use ZXing library to scan & decode QR codes;2)Validate the decoded stringa.Must have correct URL address in the string;b.Emit beep/tone if scan is successful and string is valid;c.Emit different tone if string not validated ? return to scanning mode.3)On successful scan:a.Save Scan string and datetime stamp to local SQL DB for history;b.Lookup Item in local DB with decoded ItemIDc.If Item Exists in DB, then open User input page, display ItemName in text field;d.If Item does not exist in local DB then attempt to retrieve data from my server using http GET;i.On success read XML result and save to local DB and display ItemName in text field on User input page.ii.Output Error to screen if server unavailable or returns error;iii.Queue GET retrieval to background task if connection not available;4)On User Input Screen - Send button clicked:a.Store ItemID and user?s input string (transaction data) in DB;b.Send transaction data to my server using http POST, packaging itemID and user input string into XML (support http and https);i.Queue data to send if connection not available;ii.Send data when connection is available;c.Store server response, pulling ItemName from XML and storing in local SQL DBd.Output Error to screen if server unavailable or returns error;FUNCTIONALITY:=====================So, the app will:- use ZXing library to scan QR codes and get the result string;- Provide button on scanning window to enable user to switch on/off flashlight- Code to ensure flashlight is switched off when code is scanned or after some interval of time.- Communicate with my server via http or https GET/POST/PUT requests to my server and read response XML from it;- Store item and transaction data in local SQL database;- have a service that is installed and uninstalled together with this app and that will perform communication with server and notifications about new data while application is closed;- have a queue that will hold the collected data if no data connection is available or server is down and will try to send it again when data connection is available;- be in multi-language, develop initially in English and you will provide me some text file where I can translate all things to other languages and there must be a language switcher in this app(not in device regional settings);- store server"s URL as a variable, which value I will be able to change easily by modifying it in source code and recompiling the app;- have a notification when newer version of app is available for download;- be able to send/receive data over HTTP as well as HTTPSUSER INTERFACE:=============================See attached pdf ? screens include:- screens for scanning and data collection steps;- a screen for application settings (several input fields, radio buttons and checkboxes);- a help page and a link to our online help page;- all screens in horizontal and vertical layouts depending upon phone position.IMPORTANT:====================================================================PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU CAN DELIVER EVERYTHING THAT IS MENTIONED HERE====================================================================- I will have full copyright for this app;- I will have all source files;- You will provide 3 month free bugfix period;- I will need your report on development progress every few days;Thank you!

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