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  • $80 USD
    Profile image for Seller alualdi


    4 days ago

    Asked for the payment promising to complete the job then disappeared.

    Project Description:1 - Fix an indicator to compile correctly with new MT4 build 2 - Do a modification to same indicator (small modification) 3 - Make a simple expert advisor based on 1 indicator only
  • $56 USD
    Profile image for Seller cpickens


    15 days ago

    Excellent Job. I always have a great experience.

    Project Description:This is a simple project. I have a custom MT4 Indicator that I want turned into a EA. All the rules for open a buy or sell order are inside the indicators code. 1. When the Indicator sends a buy signal open a buy order and vice versa...
  • $70 USD
    Profile image for Seller vizimento


    Mar 12, 2014

    Perfect job!

    Project Description:Hi, I'd like an ea, with some custom indicators. These indicators are switchables (on-off) and the TF is changeable. So entry is when all switched on indicator gives same direction. The switched off are no effect...
  • $70 AUD
    Profile image for Seller djhenry1981


    Mar 11, 2014

    Very fast service and delivery. Very patient with me. Highly recommended, will use again. Thank you :)

    Project Description:I require two items. Firstly, an EA for current version of MT4. The EA upon changing a stop loss for a trade will automatically set a take profit for 3 times (must be variable) the stop loss for 80% (also variable in the settings) of the lot size...
  • $54 USD
    Profile image for Seller klsevcik


    Mar 10, 2014

    Super fast coding, great price, always available and patient. 10/10

    Project Description:Platform: METATRADER 4 Values specified by user: - market (all markets that broker provide) - chart type (always candlestick) - position (long, short) - volume - position opening price - closing...
  • $54 USD
    Profile image for Seller cpickens


    Mar 8, 2014

    Excellent work again.

    Project Description:I need a custom EA created. This EA is based on Renko Charts. The startegy is based on the system at The system contains only 2 custom indicators. If you take a look at the link you can see how the system works...
  • $54 USD
    Profile image for Seller cpickens


    Feb 25, 2014

    Another Excellent Job

    Project Description:This is a simple project. I have a custom MT4 Indicator that I want turned into a EA. All the rules for open a buy or sell order are inside the indicators code. When the Indicator sends a buy signal open a buy order and vice versa...
  • £75 GBP
    Profile image for Seller samgeorgeogden


    Feb 23, 2014

    I will definitely be returning in the future.

    Project Description:Need an expert advisor coded for my MT4 Trading terminal. All logic for the EA is in the attachments.
  • €50 EUR
    Profile image for Seller financialcris


    Feb 18, 2014

    Lightning fast delivery, outstanding high-quality work. Its the first time I'm placing a custom made EA in the terminal folder, add it to a chart and see it running instantly, placing orders correctly without any glimpse, warnings or tweaks of any kind. You made my day!! thank you very much. Will look forward to work with in future projects. Highly recommended.

    Project Description:Build an EA (Expert Advisor) based on the open source SUPDEM indicator that I have attached. The indicator basically draws supply zones as rectangles above current price a demand zones below current price...
  • $45 USD
    Profile image for Seller IMFinal


    Feb 12, 2014

    Super Fast Coder. Perfect done. Understand usabillity. Added more functions then asked for. Sometimes things just flow :) - AAAAA

    Project Description:Create an indicator with email alert and also sound alert when a specific price criteria is met. Chart will have one support/resistance indicator that will be use for rule settings. Basically IF Open > CLOSE @(1-2 pips acceptance range)) 1.xxxx(Defined my indicator) Then Alert Trade UP for example...
    Cristian has not completed any projects.
  • $40 USD In Progress

    as discussed close-by script covering 3 scenarios

  • $150 USD In Progress

    Create an EA for me, as discussed in the previous project

  • $200 USD In Progress

    I need a grid strategy to be programmed into an EA. The strategy is relatively complicated so I am willing to pay more for a quality job. I will release the payment only after fully testing the EA.Thank you.

  • $24 USD In Progress

    I need a simple ea to open buy and sell base on my single indicator

  • $195 USD In Progress

    I require an expert advisor that can do the following functionality listed below.But i will break this down into phases, and you must submit it to me in phases so i can test each phase.Payment will also be made in milestones based on completing each phase.Phase1: Inputs:- BuySell = 1 or 2- Entry=1.2150, - Target=15pips, - Stop=150pips, - ReEnter=yes/no, - HowManyTimesReEnter=3- Cancel Order level=1.2250). The robot trades accordingly, but if i select re-enter=yes, Then after the trade is closed, the robot needs to re-open the order again So for eg. If my target gets hit and the trade hence closes, then the robot should automatically replace that trade order again, even if stopped out the robot should automatically place the trade order. It should keep doing this untill either the HowManTimesReEnter is exceed (3 times above example) or price and reached cancel order level. Phase2: This is complete to explain, and will need to be spoke about on skype.But basically put, there are 14 levels (murrey math lines) which will need to be defined and calculated based on my input of level 1, and the distance between each levelThen there is a distance above and below each of these levels and also a line in the middle each of these levels. Now the distance above and below each line represents the entry and exit points. So if i then tell the robot buy a level 4 (it will enter at the line just below level 4, and exit at the line just above it, assuming we are long).So basically the inputs will now change, the inputs will become1. 0 level line2. Distance between each line3. Entry on which line = 5So in the above example the EA would enter just below the level 5 line, and exit just above itAgain, this is complex to explain, but once i share my screen and show you, its actually very easy to implementAnd i have some code where the lines are already implementedThe EA must also draw the lines, and allow me to change the colours of the lines. Phase 3:Multiple entries at the different lines.So now the input would be something like Entries=1,2,5,6.5,8.5 etc..And you would use all my numbers to enter orders at each of those levels.So overall, Phase1: you are first making it enter multiple times but i have to enter in the levelPhase2: We start to automate the levels, where you can now have the EA calculate my entery levelPhase3: You are allow me to enter multiple orders so i dont have to run the EA on different chartsThis must work on all mt4 broker account, for currencies and forex.And you must be able to SPEAK english over skype.. SPEAK IT. not just type itso if you dont have a microphone dont bid

  • $30 USD In Progress

    I have a martingale EA that needs modification. All I need is to limit the top ammount that is being open by the EA. The rest of the code should work as usual, except the top position that is being open. I will release the funds only after testing the EA.

  • $35 USD/hr In Progress

    We are a company that is in need of contract EA file writing for metaquotes and perhaps some additional systems. We have an immediate need now to write and install the first EA file which should be relativly not too complex which involves executing a perscribed algo formula to the trading in forex. We are an established company that manages forex funds for institutions and are now branching into the R&D area on a number of new trading strategies over the next 12 to 18 months and are desirous of forming a longer term relationship with someone who meets are requirements and demonstrates capabilities and competance in the coding field. We have numerous R&D projects active that will require ongoing contract work throughout this period. Initially the coding will conform to an algo that has been selected to impliment and which is needed in Metaquotes, but which will also need to be utilized on other institutional desks in other lanquages and that will be a followon project to the initial coding of this one in Metaquotes. We need to make a hiring decision in the next 5 business days so if you are interested in discussing please contact us at and we will open discussions. Thank you. ... JB

  • $10 USD/hr 3 days ago

    Hi there,we have worked together before in 2012. I have a question regarding a MT4 indicator:question is if you can build an indicator that can read out net lots - and can be used with an EA - for example in my EA coding I could then code condition based on the indicator i need that can read out net lots - for example: if indicator net lot = positive - do not execute signal... or the other way aorund if indicator net lot = negative - do not execute signal. bascially adding the net lot as an additional condition inthe signal process of the EA and for that we"d need an indicator that can read out net lots - iexposure a standard mt4 indicator does not give access to its values so you cant use any of its values to use as condition for your coding.thanks

  • $150 USD 8 days ago

    i want to create an ea which can open buy/sell orders based on a specific set of rules - use of manually drawn trendlines, rectangles and %. It will compare the trendlines in different timeframes and open a trade with a trailing stop in a chosen timeframe. if the conditions are not met it will cancel the trade. there will also be a take profit and pyramid into trades. i have prepared a small description of exactly what i need.

  • $280 USD 11 days ago

    I require an expert advisor EA created based on the rules below.The EA must work in both MT4, and MT5It must work on standard micro accounts, and ECN accountsIt must work across multiple brokersEA must work on weekly, daily, 4hrly, hrly, 15min chartsEA must be able to backtest in MT4, and show me the working backtest. Do not bid if you do not have a microphone to talk over skype.The winner must be able to talk over skype with a microphone, so if you cannot do that, then do not bid.The methodology of what is required is given below:1. Input: NoDaysToLookBack - based on this it obtains the marketHigh (high of the market) (default= 30)2. Input: PrecentageBreakDown - i will input something like (5%, 12.5%, or something) (default = 12.5%)3. Position Size (default = 0.1)4. Target (1,2,3,...) (default = 1)Now, EA then draws lines based on high and percentage breakdownIt draws the first line at the HIGH, the other lines are drawn by the high into equal parts based on PercentageBreakDownSo for eg.. if i was to have inputted 10%, then it will - Draw a line a the very high- draw another line 10% below the high- draw another line 20% below the high- draw another line 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, .... below the high.. - So it would have drawn 10 lines.Now after that it also draws lines halfway between the two lines. And it draws small lines 1/8 above and below these lines. (1/8 of distance between to major lines)Entry:At the major lines (so 10%, then again at 20%, then again at 30%)... its a little more complicated because it needs to buy just above (based on 1/8 lines)Profit Exit:If set to 1, then at next major line upIf set to 2, then 2 lines awayAt the next major line above.. So if you bout it at 10% drop (ie the 90% line), then sell it when it gets back to 100%if you bought it at 20% then sell it when it gets to 90% lines ... etc..Its a little more complicated, because you sell just below the line (based on 1/8) below it.Stop Loss:No stop loss is places, multiple trades continue to be opened until profit target is hit.What happens when a new high is madeEA recalculates everything based on new high, so everytime a new high is made, all the lines are recalculated and re-drawnThis needs to work on hrly charts Anyway that is the guts of the EA.

  • $56 USD 14 days ago

    I am looking for a professional, long-term, and full-time cTrader/cAlgo programmer. I also want someone who knows not only cTrader/cAlgo but has trading experience too. It would be even better if you have experience in MQL4/MQL5 programming for Metatrader but it is not a requirement. How it would work is I take details about a job from a client and forward it to you, you review it, you ask any questions, and you quote me. Then if the job is started, you would send me the program and I then take care of billing and delivery. Everything is done on a per job basis. Once a job is complete then payment to you is due. Details can be discussed by PM. Please read the requirements below and place your bid. The bid should be based on the sample program posted. The bid should include the price you would quote me and also the estimated timing for completion. This will give me an idea of what to expect later. REQUIREMENTS:1) Only programmers with strong English skills need to bid. I need somebody that I can communicate with easily and someone that will understand the job and what needs done. So please bid only if you know and understand the English language.2) Only experienced and professional cTrader/cAlgo programmers need to bid. If you are only starting to program then please do not bid.3) Only reliable programmers needed. Please do not bid if you will stop communicating as soon as you receive a few payments. Please do not bid if you live a wild life-style and can go days without any communication or work. I need a reliable programmer who can communicate and program in a timely and reliable manner. If you say something will be done in 2 days then I expect it around this time. Not a week later. I am a programmer too so I fully understand that you may get stuck on certain things. However, the delivery time should be near the estimated time in your quote and if there is a delay just email me and tell me.4) Good communication is a must. Since you will not be reporting to a physical location for work every day then I will need to have reliable and fast methods for communicating with you. You must be able to communicate online by email.5) Please do not bid if you are not willing to fix some bugs. Every programmer makes mistakes or overlooks things from time to time. I need a programmer who is willing to examine and test programs for bugs or malfunctions if they exist and then fix them. Sometimes clients are simply wrong. In this case, I will need answers or proof that the program is working correctly.6) Full confidentiality is a must. You will be making programs for paid clients. Our clients will need automatic full confidentiality, copyright rights, and source codes to every program we make for them. Some of our clients will market the programs online. So all jobs need to be handled with professionalism and respect. For example, I do not want to see programs uploaded in a forum or website where they can be downloaded. I do not want to see them anywhere else - either resold or given away for free. This is very important. A one-time Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required to be signed by you before you can even start work. 7) This is a full-time position. This means that you will probably be programming around 40 hours a week on average. In the beginning it may be slow until the ball gets rolling. Later though, expect to be busy. There may be slow periods and there may be fast periods. Just expect to be busy. 8) I only need a permanent long-term programmer to bid. I do not need anyone who will program a few programs and then give up. If you have doubts about any of the requirements then please do not bid. I am looking for somebody who will work with me for a long time. This is better for everyone involved.I will choose whoever fits all my needs the best. Please feel free to talk to me by PM before you place a bid. If there are any questions about this position then please ask. Thank you for bidding.

  • $350 USD 17 days ago

    hi the trading software i am looking for can be look similar as in this website let me know if you have an interest in this thanks

  • $150 USD 27 days ago

    Helo , My expertadvisor works relative good, but have some error for work 100 % correct.for clean the code and modify some small things I think you need 10 -20 hours.After this first work I have always small work for implement some additional features.the code have ca 4500 lines+ additional entrylogic , which is also to clean.the budget is variable, when trhe quality from your work is good, we can work in this projekt longer togehter, and may be you are interested for work after in the Finacialmarket with the EA and me together.

  • $50 AUD Feb 23, 2014

    Hi,I notice you may have worked on similar projects in the past.In a nutshell I urgently need the following:-1) Export of data from an OFFLINE chart to Excel.2) On activation it should export x bars of history.3) Thereafter it should add the information for each new completed bar as it happens and create a new line in excel for each new bar. (I don"t want it to send all of the history on every update, only to append the history with the latest data).4) Data needs to include OHLCV Date and Time (INCLUDING SECONDS)5) Ability to run on multiple charts at the same time.Can you help, I would be very grateful.I have no idea on budget or time.ThanksTrader968

  • $320 USD Dec 23, 2013

    Need Good MultiCharts Trading Strategy ProgrammerLooking for good multicharts programmer who can handle simple to complex strategy programming. I have many systems that need coding and continually come up with new ideasYou will have to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) but that"s pretty standard. I prefer to use the multicharts standard edition vs. .net, in easy language, in case i ever decide to go back to tradestation. But let me know what"s more flexible.You will have to be good at coding trendlines - i use them a lot. Bid on 2 strategies: one moderately complex with trendlines (if you"re skilled with trendlines it will likely be easy) and one simple. When that goes well we do more. I can pay quickly but I need speed from you. Plus the faster you pop these out the more you make from me. Thanks!

  • $40 USD Sep 24, 2013

    Summary of changes: Item 8 has been changed and the exist inputs have been revised. Item III, (a), (1) has been corrected.Here are the revised rules in full:Moving averages high and low. Rules to code as of 9/21/13I. This EA should be coded to use two Moving Averages of my choosing (MA1 and MA2).II. All of the following must be true for a Buy Order:a. For the previous bar:1. The bar close is greater than MA1.2. The minimum distance between bar close and MA1 is x pips.3. The maximum distance between bar close and MA1 is y pips.4. The bar close is above the bar open OR the bar close is above mid-point of the bar.5. Both MA1 and MA2 are not sloping downward.6. It must be at least 1 bar after the previously closed buy trade.b. For the current bar:7. Current price must be equal to or greater than the previous bar’s close.8. After the previously closed buy trade (if such a trade exists):a. The price must have dropped X pips below MA2.b. Any previous bar must have closed X pips below MA2.Inputs (a) & (b) can be set to true or false to enable or disable them.III. All of the following must be true for a Sell Order:a. For the previous bar:1. The bar close is less than MA2.2. The minimum distance between bar close and MA2 is x pips.3. The maximum distance between bar close and MA2 is y pips.4. The bar close is below the bar open OR the bar close is below mid-point of the bar.5. Both MA1 and MA2 are not sloping upward.6. It must be at least 1 bar after the previously closed sell trade.b. For the current bar:7. Current price must be equal to or less than the previous bar’s close.8. After the previously closed sell trade (if such a trade exists):a. The price must have risen X pips above MA1.b. Any previous bar must have closed X pips above MA1.Inputs (a) & (b) can be set to true or false to enable or disable them.IV. Other conditions for buy and sell trades:a. Only one trade can be in the market at a time.V. Exit ConditionsEach exit can be set to true and false to be enabled or disabled. If more than one condition is selected, the first that occurs will cancel the other(s).Definition of Risk (R):Buy order Risk = entry price – previous bar’s MA2Sell order Risk = previous bar’s MA1 – entry price1. Stop loss = X% of Ra. The following inputs can be set to true or false and require that stop loss is enabled.2. Profit target =X% of R3. Breakeven stop after X% of R pips profit.4. Trailing stop: TrailStopStartpips = X% of R, Trail By X% of R.i. Raise stop loss to X% of R after Y% of R pips profit.VI. Other notesa. The RiskPercentage input should be calculated off of an additional input in which I can set a fixed account amount.

  • £150 GBP Aug 2, 2013

    I have an indicator that I would like to be able to configure sound and email alerts on. I suspect it may be quite an easy job but I don"t know for sure. I would like to discuss this at some stage if you are interested. I have put a nominal amount in for the budget based on thae fact that it may be very easy and only take a few hours.Thanks

  • £10 GBP Jul 27, 2013

    In due course

  • $240 USD Jul 13, 2013

    hi I just want to ask if you do programming for Metastock, as I read all your programs on metatraders only?

  • $45 USD Jul 11, 2013

    make an ea using this indicator

  • $30 USD Jun 17, 2013

    I´ve got an already working robot (EA), but would like to add one more function (1) and modify an existing one (2).(1) This function should be named "breakevenxpips". As the name indicates, this function calculates the breakeven of all open positions together and threfore closes all orders an on the calculated breadeven with the added x pips (e.g. +10 pips, +20 pips). When this function is on (true), it exchanges (instead) the classic take profit. - As my robot already draws and recognizes horizontal lines, it would be great if the modified robot could draw a breakeven+pips line on the chart with the given function - if it´s not to complicated.(2) Existing Function: sltplineI can´t get the said function to work (it should close the corresponding order on TP or SL). The code should be reworked, so that the EA closes all open orders on the given horizontal line "TP" or "SL".Would you be interested in this job. Please give me a short notice so that we could proceed further.Thank you! Best regards,Tomi5lav

  • $10 USD/hr Jun 16, 2013

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project "EA Building"

  • $30 USD Jun 15, 2013

    Hi,Please connect with me on

  • $15 USD/hr May 29, 2013

    Measures of Forecasting Error and Exponential Smoothing Regression for ForecastingUse the Excel Help function to learn how to:- Raise a number to the power 2 (i.e. square) a number- Use the LN, EXP, ABS, and SQRT functions- Use the Solver Add-in- Construct a line chart for multiple variablesStudy cases Las Vegas Visitors and Northern Napa Valley Winery, Inc. for class discussion. EvaluationAssignment 6 (Individual Assignment): Las Vegas VisitorsEstimate a regression model to forecast the total number of visitors:1) Open “Reg” templates, populate time and dummy variables, estimate regression model2) Use estimated regression coefficients to compute forecasts for fans production for the period from January 2004 – November 20123) For the forecasted fan production from January 2004 – November 2012 calculate: o Erroro Squared erroro Absolute % erroro The numerator of Thiel’s U statistico The denominator of Thiel’s U statistic4) Calculate the following error metrics: mean error (ME), mean squared error (MSE), root mean squared error (RMSE), mean absolute percent error (MAPE), and Thiel’s U statistic5) Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors in December 2012 – December 2013 Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors using additive Holt-Winters model:1) Open “Additive” template and familiarize yourself with the formulas used to develop additive Holt-Winters model2) Calculate ME, RMSE, MAPE, and Thiel’s U statistic of the additive Holt-Winter’s forecasts for the period from January 2004 – November 20123) Calculate the optimal alpha, beta, and gamma parameters of the model using MS Excel Solver so as to minimize RMSE4) Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors in December 2012 – December 2013Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors using multiplicative Holt-Winters model:1) Open “Multiplicative” template and familiarize yourself with the formulas used to develop multiplicative Holt-Winters model2) Calculate ME, RMSE, MAPE, and Thiel’s U statistic of the multiplicative Holt-Winter’s forecasts for the period from January 2004 – November 20123) Calculate the optimal alpha, beta, and gamma parameters of the model using MS Excel Solver so as to minimize RMSE4) Compute forecasts for the total number of visitors in December 2012 – December 2013Compare the error metrics (ME, RMSE, MAPE, Thiel’s U) of the three models. Construct a line plot showing the actual monthly number of visitors and forecast by these models.Write a management report (using the required format) suggesting and justifying an appropriate decision regarding the total number of visitors forecast. In your report, analyze the patterns of the monthly and annual number of visitors time series; discuss the properties of each forecasting model and their relevance to predicting the series; select the best forecasting model for the series; make your recommendations supported by arguments which are further supported by references to model results and tables or figures in your report. Independent outside research is encouraged to provide relevant background information and/ or to provide more support for your arguments.

  • £80 GBP May 6, 2013

    Template of Indicators/Expert Advisor for Metatrader (MT4) Trading Platforms.I require a template that must be suitable for importing onto all Metatrader 4 broker platforms, which will remain installed on my clients" Metatrader software after any future Metatrader updates are downloaded. My template will contain 3 hidden standard indicators, linked by an algorithm and 3 standard indicators which will be displayed on screen.I need to have a very simple way of adjusting the inputs of the indicators, without needing to recode.Three different symbols will be required for potential buy, sell and close to appear above and below candlesticks.I will expect all rights to be delivered to me in respect of this work and it to remain my intellectual property.This is an easy project for anyone who knows what they are doing.I am looking to establish an ongoing relationship with an excellent Metatrader programmer, because of other indicators in the future that I will need importing onto Metatrader. If I am satisfied with your work, I would be happy to forward more business your way. I"m very happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me.

  • $30 USD May 1, 2013

    I would like to know if you can code this indicator. I would like to know how much you would charge me and how long it would take. I filled in the price below so the message can go through.

  • $50 USD Apr 30, 2013

    HiWould you be interested in quoting the cost to program a money management EA for MT4.I would like the ea to monitor the followingThe EA is to monitor the equity and balance on a single pair with magic number, and when the sum is zero, the EA will total the pip count of all trades running, these will be a mixture of buy and sells. The Ea will then remember the pip count and close all trades when the pip count moves in our favour by an amount nominated by ourselves.As an example ,equity and balance zero, pip count +22, nominated pip difference 10, so when the pip count adds up to 32, as long as we are now in positive equity, the ea closes all trades and pending orders.Another example same as before but pip count -22, now when the pip count is -12 (10 pip movement), now in positive equity (its possible with negative pips), the EA closes all trades and pending orders.Thanks for your time.

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I've started out in the field of programming developing web applications and websites for small local companies and free agents. I then moved into financial markets and trading systems development. I've been strictly developing metatrader applications for the last three years.<br /><br />I am proficient in MQL4, MQL5, ASP.NET 2, ASP.NET3, and C#.



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