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Location: Surat, India

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  • $432 USD
    Profile image for Seller cdbeshore


    19 days ago

    Good Job. Solid work. Good communication skills. After the first build, I had several issues with usability and all were addressed and fixed.

    Project Description:I need a port of my tab based iOS app. It relies mostly on tables and parses from an XML file. Tabs: 1. Main Menu - you start with the five categories and can drill down from there to show more information on each entry...
  • $257 AUD
    Profile image for Seller loopynoodle


    19 days ago

    Great Developer with Great feedback and communication. Even tried to help when i was having Eclipse problems. Would hire again.

    Project Description:I need a project Converted from iOS to Android. The iOS app is a very simple App with a total of 3 Main views - one Map view and an Coaching\Introduction View. I have all the resources you will need including images, icons and fonts...
  • $3608 USD
    Profile image for Seller KiaCD


    25 days ago

    I learned so much from these guys and the communication was amazing! I wish I could hug them for all of their hard work! So thankful for them and we will be working on the next project very soon!!

    Project Description:I am looking for an app developer who can provide services in iphone application development. We are in need of a location based app for creatives that allow them to locate other creatives in real time...
  • $3092 AUD
    Profile image for Seller inebriatedgames


    Mar 11, 2014

    Haresh and his team have been great to work with. I could not be happier with the service and quality they have provided. The skill level definitely shows in our project. Once again thanks Haresh

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • £103 GBP
    Profile image for Seller gbsuk


    Mar 6, 2014

    Project delivered in very good time and on budget. Great Freelancer - would certainly use again.

    Project Description:We need an update to our existing Android 'Drapes Check Measure' app. On the Measure page we need a new field adding below 'Recess to Radiator'. This will be called 'Head Height' and the value will be stored in the FitterItems table...
  • $515 USD
    Profile image for Seller Borf


    Mar 5, 2014

    Technotrust delivered product with professionalism and good communication. This is my second time hiring. I will use their expertise in the future as well.

    Project Description:Droid version of student scavenger app.
  • $3092 USD
    Profile image for Seller triptrend


    Feb 27, 2014

    nice programmer, perfect app program and design,right on time cominication.recommended programmer

    Project Description:Application that will list a places and info about places. It will has web admin panel , and all info read from php database . IOS and Android platform will use this app. web platform admin area can add-remove place and place info and user comment etc....
  • $1546 USD
    Profile image for Seller Zissists


    Feb 22, 2014

    When exact guidelines were provided to the team, job was done. Sometimes took more than expected time. Overall good developers with good communication skills. Would hire again for a simpler project.

    Project Description:Experienced developer in shopping applications is needed, to develop a best in class, user friendly & intuitive mobile app. The app shall be used by consumers in stores they visit, in order to check in, review shopping lists, find offers, check prices...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller Dwayan


    Feb 12, 2014

    Great Job and cost effective, absolutly will hire again

    Project is a social network website for amateur football players. users can create personal profile in the website, invite their friends, challenge other players and play in real life. The objective...
  • $1740 USD
    Profile image for Seller pmanager33


    Feb 11, 2014

    Very good App Developer for both android and iphone. I would recommend to anyone.

    Project Description:I am looking for a native mobile app to be developed for Android. My client currently has a magento community website. - 6 to 10 items for sale (If any item detail is changed in the magento admin,...
    Mob Expert has not completed any projects.
  • $900 USD In Progress

    Details of the project were already discussed in private, everything was agreed in private, I have provided details to the worker.

  • $3092 USD In Progress

    Application to control the presence of students in class. Starting at a complete record of the student, the teacher has access to a list and can record the presence of each student in all his classes. After reaching a certain number of classes attended, the teacher will know when students will be able to receive a new graduate. A calendar shows the students that attended previous classes. The teacher should load the program with information about their weekly classes and received a warning for "Push Notification" at the exact moment of the beginning of the lesson, the application is ready to receive the student attendance. We have requirements analysis, functional analysis and database diagram, that will be changed by developer to synchronize the data when the App is on internet. Suggestions are welcome.Technologies:WCF, Microsoft SQLServer, Objective C, Universal APP IOS and IPAD. The app should work offline without relying on internet;When connecting to the internet should synchronize with the database to update all information;

  • $721 USD In Progress

    I need an app for the consignment portion of my business. Attached are mock-up images of what I need designed & coded. Overview - > Accounts -> Accounts Name -> InformationTransactions -> List of Transactions -> View Transactions - > Create Transaction -> Edit Transaction ->Customers -> List of Customers -> View Customers - > Edit CustomersReports -> Export Transaction Data to Excel Graphs -> Export Customer Data to ExcelPlease disregard the Reports section to start we will focus on that last.

  • $1500 USD In Progress

    This is a continuation of an existing project - it has already been agreed with the existing developer. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE NOT THE AGREED DEVELOPER AS YOUR BID WILL BE IGNORED.

  • $4123 AUD In Progress

    Please refer to attached scoping document

  • $650 USD In Progress

    CATALOG PRODIETThe Prodiet Catalog can be downloaded free from the Apple Store. This is an app as a source of finding information about products and Prodiet feature calculators that assist healthcare professionals in prescribing products.Until now we had this app just for Apple, but we want to develop the same app for Android.

  • $3608 USD In Progress

    A native iPhone App that will allow users to track how much time they worked on projects in a week. Data will be stored in an existing management application. I will provide the xml necessary to connect with the parent software.It should have the following functionality:Login -- and remember login.Select Week (from list of weeks).View timesheet (existing web service will provide the data). Timesheet will something like this:Project Task M T W T F S SProj 1 Dev 4 8 0Proj 2 Test 4 0 6...Ability to enter hours by day.Ability to pick a task and click start (for the iphone timer to start). When they connect again 2 hours later and click finish, it should mark 2 hours to that task on the appropriate day.Ability to add project/task to timesheet (I will provide web service xml format to get the list).Ability to save timesheet locally while working on it.Ability to submit data to the application (I will provide web service xml format).

  • €4200 EUR In Progress

    The application is basically an exchange platform with the ability to chat with one another. So every buyer and every seller has to put some information when registering to the app that will make the transaction easier for them because it has to happen face to face. So that information will locate approximately where the buyer and the seller are so they will be able to meet after chatting together to arrange the meeting. With this approximate location, some advertising might be added depending on each user. The goods sold have to have some information including maybe 1 or 2 pictures.This is the basic idea, more information will be giver if you"re interested.This app must be easy to use so intuitive and simple.I want it to be reachable from any smartphones.The budget will only depend on your performance if I like what you"re doing a bonus could be added and even a partnership could start. Thanks!

  • $83 USD In Progress

    Need a freelancer to reorganize my wordpress 3.8.1 blog

  • $103 USD In Progress

    re skin app that was created with a new version .. API access with data will be provided...

  • $1800 CAD Today

    The project is very simple, the description I posted is pretty much whzt I am looking for. I just want someone who"s trustworthy, so if you could email, and well get in touch and talk about it some more. If you could email me on monday April.21st. "Project Description: A screen app that brings together all apps on one single page, so instead of clicking on the app icon you can swipe left or right to get to the desired app, of course there will still be app icons you can touch, and enter the app, you can swipe left or right to get to a page that has all the app icons you have downloaded, but this is more so to make social media faster for iphone users, so you can swipe to look at facebook, and then instagram, or swipe to message page and reply to texts. There arent a lot of iphone backgrounds that are interactive, and I want this one to be customizable, and be more interactive sith the user. So instead of facebook looking like face book, I want it to be more transparent and blend in with the background, but you still see posts, and news, and all the tabs you can press just as if you were in the face book app. So lets say you swipe to facebook, and you"re scrolling through the posts, photos, etc, and you get board, so you swipe over to snapchat and take a photo and send it, then swipe over to messages and reply to a bunch of texts. So you dont have to find the app icon for face book, or i stagram, you just swipe and use it like you normally would."

  • $103 USD Today

    I need someone to assist me submitting my iOS app on Apple App Store.Only experienced coders will be considered who have previously done this. And can get me submit the app quickly. I need the coder available at 11.30 AM IST (GMT +5.30 hrs)

  • $1030 USD Today

    You can find all details required for demo here 26 AprilAnd I have a budget of $600 app

  • $1546 USD Today

    You can find all details required for demo here Deadline 26 April And I have a budget of $600

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    We are seeking a team of Senior Software Engineers to develop educational software applications targeted at teaching English pronunciation on mobile devices. The ideal team should have proven experience building high-quality, mobile Android applications using the latest technologies which will leverage extensively our existing web, mobile and desktop product portfolios. Work description:•Responsible for coding, testing, debugging, evaluating, and documenting new application development on Android platforms.•A highly skilled and motivated agile development team.•Design and implement elegant, high-quality Android applications with a perfect customer experience.•Deliver solutions on time and at high-quality that conform to user story acceptance criteria.•Work closely with our overseas product teams and product management to understand requirements and translate them to elegant implementation and to resolve issues.Requirements:•Senior Engineers will require Bachelors Degrees (EE or CS preferred). Masters Degrees preferred.•Mobile application development experience on Android.•Demonstrable portfolio of Android apps you have delivered•Experience targeting multiple Android devices, both phones and tablets, from various manufacturers and across all OS versions.•Strong understanding of java and Android lifecycle, garbage collection and design patterns.•Strong experience with Android SDK and NDK•Strong experience with multi-threaded interface design•Strong experience with mobile relational data stores.•Familiarity with agile/scrum development processes and methodologies.•Produce full documentation of design and unit test cases. Utilize systems approach tools such as functional block diagrams, flow diagrams, simulations, fault tree analysis, state-diagrams, and others as required in product development.•Extensive experience in unit testing and test driven development.•Strong understanding of techniques to achieve high-quality user experience.•Strong experience building Android apps that interact with scalable, reliable and secure web services(RESful, SOAP and XML webservices).•Understanding network protocols(http, tcp/ip, udp)•Strong system level debugging skills.•Excellent communication and written skills.•Flexibility for work hours to meet important deliverables and project deadlines.

  • $1443 USD Today

    Android app, that will display a map of a certain location. Below that are a range of checkboxes,each which represent an entity(ATM, door, toilet etc). When a checkbox is selected, the entities will display( call co-ordinates). When unchecked, they disappear. Idea is to display all facilities on a map of university, to allow user to navigate to them. Checkboxes required as there are over 200 entities, and to avoid clutter.

  • $3092 AUD Today

    I have an existing mobile site which is used by business clients. I want a custom application created for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone which utilises the core web browser to display the site but uses a different wrapper so that it doesn"t look so much like a browser and more like a native application. At this stage the functionality will be minimal but looking forward I will want to expand the app to utilise device-specific functionality (file system, camera, geolocation etc.) so a well designed project from the start will make this much easier. I haven"t had any experience with them, but I"ve heard about Cordova and Phonegap which sound like they may be the best option for this, but if you can provide some alternatives then we can discuss it in more detail.The app will only have 2 settings at this stage - internal server address and external server address. When the application launches it automatically connects to the server and displays the page. The server the application connects to may be within the local intranet (internal) or over the internet (external). The app should handle which address it connects to automatically without the user needing to do anything - if the internal server is available then use it, otherwise fall back to using the external address. This could change while the application is open so it needs to be able to handle this. The app also needs to be able to communicate using Bonjour/zeroconf/mDNS for automatic network discovery. This is used when the application is opened for the first time and has no settings; it checks the network for a server which is broadcasting as this application and automatically connects - if it"s not available then it can alert the user and allow them to enter the settings manually. When the application accesses the server (internal or external address) the server needs to respond with a particular header and if this header is not sent then the application gives an error and won"t load the page. I also need an easy way to update the internal/external server addresses from within the pages themselves so that a change to one of the server addresses can be updated on each device.I want the UI to be clean and simple and look native for each device. Most controls will be handled by the page, but the app will need to handle back/foward, refresh, tab switching, and document opening. Tabs will be created by the page itself (disable any popup security warnings) but the app will handle tab switching/closing - I don"t know how all devices handle unfocussed tabs but the pages are dynamic so they need to retain their content when switching and not reload (which I"ve noticed Safari does at times). It should also handle opening documents readable by the device, mainly PDF & Excel, and offer to serve them up in another application. Screen real-estate is important so the controls should be unobtrusive and shrink/hide when not needed - Safari on iPhone seems to handle this well where the address bar disappears into the top of the page although I don"t like how it slides back down when you scroll up the page.

  • $2577 USD Today

    I am loking for an IOS application similar to Please only 5 stars

  • $515 USD Today

    We have the designs (See Attached 5.jpg) just need the programming part of the app.We will not award any bids over $500.We respond quick and we give detailed explanation on what we want.Please explain in detail what you will do. i.e.Program appPost to Apple for review and submission etc.Thanks.TechLeague.

  • $773 USD Today

    I need an app built that matches my website for IOS What I require of you is that you give me updates everyday at the end of your working day im very picky when it come to that i will put no money up front until i see enough work has been done and the final payment will be sent when the app is successfully on the apple store market message me for details.Not a requirement but would help if your familiar with cakephp

  • £2577 GBP Today

    I would like to develope a mobile application in three native mobile platforms ( iPhone Android and Windows phone). I have the screen designs an some flow for the app. This app will need to talk to web services and a larger back end system.I have a beta version that was used for POC ( with a few bugs) . However we would like to redevelope from scratch.The app uses push technology to send alert messager and receive accknowledgement back from the mobile user when thay have pushed the accknowledge button or have read the alert message.

  • $15 USD/hr Today

    We"re looking for an Android NDK specialist for an small-scale project which may be followed by ongoing support for some time.Reasonable English is mandatory.-SP

  • £515 GBP Today

    an app for tracking projects incorporating contacts, calender - todo list, photos sharing and a progress tracker

  • $1340 USD Today

    We need to develop an APP for digital signatures on PDF files, these digital signatures should use X509 Certificates stored on a hardware token plugged to the mobile through the audio jack and they should also be time stamped with our timestamps, the TSA server is accesed through user and password

  • $2061 USD Today

    I need an android color detecting app that works via the phone camera. When the camera is launched I can move my hand around the screen to select a color of an object, then save that color.Saved colors can be accessed later and can be maximised to fill the whole screen. Saved colors can be edited to be lighter or darker. Saved color can also be deleted. Saved colors properties should be easily accessed by me ie RGB, CMYK and Hex codes of the saved colorsThe color picker app should also be able to read color from gallery images.I have a partially working app which was done by a previous developer in OpenCV library and can provide the source code so you dont have to start from scratch unless

  • $1546 USD Today

    I want an iphone application that uses the camera to recognize Australian Speed Limit Signs on the side of the road ( a number with a red circle around it) and uses the speed limit number to compare to the current speed of the vehicle, measured using the GPS, giving a warning to the driver if speeding.

  • $515 AUD Today

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • $10309 USD Today

    I am interested in developing an app similiar to Hotel Tonight for a different industry where clients can post their availability and consumers can purchase through our site. I would like to have this available via Mobile apps and as a website platform keeping real time inventory etc. Clients must be able to add their offering themselves.

  • €1546 EUR Today

    La finalidad de este proyecto es crear una herramienta que le permita al usuario poder identificar las estaciones cercanas del metro, metro bus, etc determinar una ruta para llegar a un destino x utilizando el sistema metro, conocer en tiempo real el status del sistema, recibir noticias y publicar en redes sociales algún comentario sobre el sistema

  • $515 AUD Today

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.Please message me if you have any questions.

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