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  • $1470.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller yakcora


    Jul 31, 2013

    Very professional programmer. understands and explains the project before he starts putting code together. I WILL definitely hire him again.

    Project Description:We need an android app that will show multiple radio stations on screen and the user will be able to switch stations by pushing a single button. Required Features: -This app will NOT go on the google store so you do not need to conform to any Google standards...
  • $650.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller gylmar


    May 21, 2013

    Very professional service!

    Project Description:I want a Windows Mobile Application to be migrated to Android. The original aplication uses SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition as repository and consume a Webservices in order to sincronize data from and to the device...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller sg09


    May 7, 2013

    Looking forward to next project...

    Project Description:We need someone to build and application similar to SMART IPTV.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller lum90a


    Apr 17, 2013

    Freelancer did a great job. The project was due to be done in 14 days, but it was completely done within 10. Very knowledge in the areas that they code in and work with. During testing I've never had a freelancer give me something to test that worked so smoothly from the beginning.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nitu01


    Mar 28, 2013

    Tech Proj team is very easy to work with and have great communication skills. They understood the project well and delivered in on time. Will definitely hire them again!!Thanks!!

    Project Description:Need a native app that can provide the functionality as available on this URL: to manage white list; black list; fliter rules and account management. There is a rest API to all the functions that can be done on the site via browser...
  • $1600.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller garaujosl


    Feb 5, 2013

    Excellent worker, very professional, good deliveries, good communication, recommended 100%

    Project Description:We need to develop an advertising system that will send from a windows or linux server to android clients connected to TV using HDMI connector located on different places. Think something like a supermarket...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller ziyadnour


    Jan 27, 2013

    Highly expert in Android OS. Can take complicated jobs and know what he is doing. Patient in explaining some technical details. Reasonable in providing cost estimate. Responds within agreed time. Overall great experience to work with. I am already into my third project with him, and planning for three more.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • €485.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller rainbowapps


    Dec 17, 2012

    good communication skills and very fast response. Bugfixing phase took longer than expected but in the end we fixed everything.

    Project Description:Gayroyal Notifier App This App should be apple to keep you online on the gayroyal chat portal and notify you on new messages arriving. This should happen completely in the background (service). No GUI...
  • €350.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller sahbil


    Nov 13, 2012

    delivered under schedule and more than I asked, very professional, very recommend.

    Project Description:Hi guys, I need a simple android application to play RMTP streaming radio. This must be standalone player, so not dependent other android player like vitamino player. The rest can be simple, just a play and stop button...
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jurjendevries


    Oct 22, 2012

    This is my second time that I hired Techproj. He is a great freelancer with good communication skills, knowledge about Google TV, and also about mobile advertisement platforms.

    Project Description:Add AdRise to the free version app
    Technology Projects has not completed any projects.
  • €30 EUR In Progress

    -Activate GeoLocation ( Mobile Website is already able to do this so we can easily send the position to it)- Show progress bar and status text while loading, login, logout

  • $120 USD In Progress

    Hi there!I"d like to send you a small project, it"s not really complex for someone who"s used to Android development.Basically I run an online TV station, and I need a droid app to stream the video to the mobile. The app consist in four screens:- The main menu with 3 buttons- Button one opens a webview displaying the HTTP video stream (300k);- Button two opens a webview displaying the HTTP video stream (64k);- Button three opens a webview displaying a Google Calendar with the schedule;- And one last button (at the bottom of the schedule) displaying the contact infos and all the legal stuff.I will provide all elements and precise instructions so you won"t waste time figuring oout what I"m after. :o) I guess the app should be compatible from API 8 Froyo and later.If possible I"d also like to get the Eclipse source files - if ever I change something (like the HTTP url) in the future, I"d be able to fix it at this end.Let me know if you can take this job. I"d like to have the app ready for Nov. 14th. All the graphics elements are done, just need to be resized to suit your needs.

  • $1200 USD In Progress

    The android iptv box used is a Chinese iptv box it have android 2.3 1- custom firmware to be loaded to the box via sd card2- when the box boots it only displays tabs:a- channelsb-YouTubec-web browserd-Facebooke-twitter3- the channels tab it must have categories and all channels list and categories will be loaded from remote server in a form of XML file4- each channel name must have an icon displays the channel logo5- when channel selected it will start streaming rtmp stream from wowza serverMore details can be discussed later

  • £200 GBP In Progress

    I require a betfair bot for android, designed soley for the use of exchange games, in particular exchange poker and exchange blackjack. I require it to have similar, but simplified, functions to those of "ultraxtrader". I am a heavy user of ultraxtrader and would like access to it whilst on the move. The bot would need to have "one click" buttons to back, lay, and trade. There would need to be predefined amounts for the back button and the lay button, but easy to edit those amounts "in-app", for example via a settings button.There is no requirement for any of the advance features on "ultraxtrader", i.e. the fullauto or autotrade modes, merely the 3 buttons for each hand, back, lay and "trade" / "green out".To reiterate, there is also no requirement for access to any of betfairs casino, standard poker, or sports betting. I only require access to exchange poker and exchange blackjack.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    We need an android kiosk app for 2,3 version e-pad that has the following specs:Autostart when the system is startedAutomatic Full screen browser (it should support flash)Security access to exit full screenThe Kiosk app restricts the user to viewing your website in a controlled manner.Configure the home page of your websiteConfigure the links that are allowedConfigure the links that need to be blockedLock / Unlock screen saver

  • $12 SGD Dec 29, 2013

    1) Web: a web system to help a school to manage students, courses, teachers, and some generate financial report for admin user. and an info website for the company.2) iOS: an ipad app for students to do some mock examps: User experience and ui design is important.

  • $40 USD Dec 1, 2013

    hello i have this homework assignment could you help me with it there are the instructionsCreate a new android Project, in this project, do the following:1)The project Should have four main activities2)The main goal of the application is to help people compute their daily expenses.3)The main activity should be called MainExpensesPage, the other three should be called ShoppingExpensesPage, UtilityBillsPage, and CommunicatePage.4)In the main activity (MainExpensesPage), you should have the following, A.The layout should be linear vertical layoutB.A text view to store total expenses with default value 0C.A text view to store shopping expenses with default value 0D.A text view to store utility bills expenses with default value 0E.An edit text that stores how much paid for Gas on that day with default value 0F.A button named reset that resets all calculationsG.Two progress bars, one called ShoppingPB, one Called UtilityPB, the first one reflect the ratio of shopping to overall cost, the second one reflect the ratio of utility bills to overall cost.H.a menu with threeoptions named (Shopping, Utility, and Communicate)I.Once the shopping menu option clicked, it should start the ShoppingExpensesPage activityJ.Once the Utility menu option clicked, it should start the UtilityBillsPage activityK.Once the Communicate menu option clicked, it should start the CommunicatePage activityL.5)In the ShoppingExpensesPage activity, you should have the following, A.The layout should be linear vertical layoutB.Text view called tvResultC.A check box named I shopped todayD.Three check boxes named water, rice, bread ( the cost of each will be 2,5,1 respectively)E.One Radio group of 3 options called Drinks ( the four options are Juice, Cola, Diet Cola), ( (the cost of each one will 3,2,2), note that the radio group should not have any option checked by defaultF.One spinner that is called meat type with four options ( no meat, Lamb, Chicken and Fish with cost of each ( 0,8,3,7)G.A buttons called compute cost that stores the cost inside tvResultH.A buttons called Save that returns the saved cost to main activity I.A Button called cancel that returns to main activity with zero cost and cancel status 6)In the UtilityBillsPage activity, you should have the following, A.The layout should be linear vertical layoutB.Text view called tvResultC.Three EditText controls named Internet Bill ,Electricity Bill, Water Bill. Note you need to put each one as inside horizontal linear layout and describe it inside some textview.D.A buttons called compute cost that stores the cost inside tvResultE.A buttons called Save that returns the saved cost to main activity F.A Button called cancel that returns to main activity with zero cost and cancel status 7)In the CommunicatePage activity, you should have the following, G.The layout should be linear vertical layoutH.TextView and EditText in a horizontal layout to enter phone numberI.A button called, Dial that will let you dial to it.J.TextView and EditText in a horizontal layout to enter a messageK.A button called, TextMessage that will let you text the message to the number given with given message.

  • $25 SGD/hr Nov 28, 2013

    Current sale kits are physical brochure and catalogues that are bulky and may not always be updated. To create a platform that can be centrally updated for all the product info, where the sales can use and present to clients while on the move. Image to be align to the website and the video. Restricted information to be shown to clients at their discretion.

  • $150 USD Nov 16, 2013

    I want to create an app game for apple iphones/android phones. The app also should be able to play on ipads/ipods and any google/android tablet. The app game will be monetized eventually. I want to build a download base before creating monetized pathways. The app game will be a rocket game available for any age. The client starts out at level 1 with one rocket, and the rocket needs to launch itself and navigate through astroids and arrive safely at its destination. The game should be navigated with 1 finger using the touch screen of the model(iphone,ipad,android phone or tablet).

  • $5000 SGD Oct 16, 2013

    Local university requires android developer with experience in apps that talks to servers and databases, and in creating and working with custom and/or unorthodox APIs. No design background required.

  • $4000 SGD Sep 13, 2013

    Have to proxy cisco phone logons (extension mobility) which are processed via XML. The proxy has to intercept and then delay the logon and perform some additional background checks and potentially execute various AXL commands (existing API) pending on the result of the check. the back ground checks are against a MySQL DB as well as additional inquieries via AXL (slq embedded check).The checks (values of the clauses) have to be easily customized. Also successful logons will have to be tracked in a small DB so that a web dashboard can be displayed with basic stats.Project could potentially be extended with another module if successful. Ideally the module should be running Linux. Will would provide all sql queries which would need to be embedded.

  • $25 SGD/hr Sep 13, 2013

    Hi,I came across your profile. Are you based in Singapore? If you are, can you please drop me a line at +65 9475 4755 or email me at for a quick chat. We are a startup focused on the android mobile platform and like to learn more about you.Raphael

  • $200 USD Sep 8, 2013

    I will not disclose the information for the application yet. But I so you know, it needs to have the same interface as the ""Groupon"" app in the android market and serve generally the same purpose. How long will that take to make and how much will you charge.

  • $500 SGD Sep 8, 2013

    Good Evening,I chanced upon your profile while searching for a Java Script freelancer. I have a project on hand which involves creating a human character on a website which can be further customized by adding/dropping features. Pls contact me asap if you are interested in the jobscope. RegardsRyan

  • $500 USD Jul 20, 2013

    Hi, I need to come out with an android application. basically just a simple app to keep track of all the item inside the inventory. basic description-----------------------Nowadays companies like to keep track of their inventory inside their storeroom using the conventional stock check method. Although it is effective, it uses a lot of paper & end up a lot of paper will have to be filed, taking up a lot of spaces. If these companies can reduce paper usage, they will help save more trees, save filing spaces & also use these additional spaces to store more important material possessions of their respective companies. Therefore this app is created to tackle the issue so that companies can use this as an alternative to the conventional method. features to be implemented--------------------------------------- 1. Add, Update, or Delete Inventory RecordsThe Add Menu will allow user to enter information’s on the item that they store inside their inventory such as e.g. Item Id, Item Name, Check in & Check out Date, Balance and save. - If user make any changes to the inventory records e.g. Product Id, the record will be updated when user click the "Save" button.- If user presses the MENU button, a "Delete Record" option will be provided to remove the restaurant record from the list. 2. Inventory Location User can check the location of the inventory at the inventory data entry form by using the phone gps function to get the GPS coordinates. 3. Inventory Location on Map When "Show on Map" Menu item is selected, a Google Map will be brought to view and two markers will be shown (inventory"s location and user"s current location.) 4. Compass A compass will be added to show the North, South, East, West direction on the Google Map.

  • $747 USD Jul 1, 2013

    hi need a movie appsample app : details as thisandall movie run my server.load all movies in my serverlanguage : english - turkish

  • $798 AUD Apr 24, 2013

    We are building an Android App, it is used as IPTV. So basically it is a video stream player + change channel feature. For the detailed requirement please read here:1. When the App is started it should continue the channel that was playing before it was switched off2. There will be multiple play lists. eg: All Channels | Favorites | Popular | Restricted Channels3. Favorites: user add any channels to it by themselves. The list is saved in the app.4. There will be an API providing the lists. Each list has its own ID eg: 1. All Channels | 2. Popular Channels | 3. New Channels | 4. Restricted Channels5. A list of programs will be given by another API. In this API it will show channel id / channel name / channel url / the list(s) it belongs to / available or not (if the channel is not available, which mean the user need to buy this channel. Display a message (or may be a image from a given url) to let the customer know how to contact me to buy )6. Whenever the video is loading should display an advertisement (Just an image. We will provide some URLs. App should display a random image from the given URLs.)7. We will provide the GUI. The structure will be similar to the draft in attachment. 8. I will update our API and update you tomorrow.9. This is the missing one from the last email: for the "Restricted Channels", user need to input password (4 digits pin) to access the list. This means user need to be able to setup a password in settings. The password should be sent to our middle-ware (CP) and when user access this list, password should be verified against the password saved in CP. (This is for parental control)10. We need to add advertisements on the top of the screen, see attachment.I have also updated the two APIs:First API: -----> This API returns all channel lists. 1All Channels0 ------> This defines whether this list is restricted. (for parental control) User need to enter password to access the list.Second API: -----> This API returns all channels. 11 ------> This defines which list(s) does the channel belongs to.凤凰卫视rtmp:// ------> When this is 0, display a message to let consumer to contact us to buy this channel. Or visit a website. Third API: -----> Get parental control passwordForth API: -----> Set parental control passwordFifth API:好消息:诺维电信自五月二日起推出极速无线上网套餐,家庭互联网,配合优化器无壁垒浏览国内外各大网站以及视频。5 -----> display every 5 minutes.[API is not fully ready to use yet. ]First draft of the interface design is attached. (the Panda on the background is not a static background. The TV program should be playing.)This project is released to different providers. Source code is required. Escrow payment method will be used. Payment will be released until the source code and the software is tested and working.

  • $30 CAD May 11, 2012

    I would like to get a quote for an Android project.

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