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The LogicGates

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Location: Lahore, Pakistan

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  • $200 AUD
    Profile image for Seller justinatkins


    Nov 29, 2013

    An excellent, freelancer. A real pleasure to work with :)

    Project Description:As we discussed on skype. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have. I am trying to fill the 100 character requirement now :)
  • €120 EUR
    Profile image for Seller skyice


    Oct 26, 2013

    Absolutely perfect. Very skilled and friendly.

    Project Description:Création d'une zone membre avec système de paiement par paypal. - Utilisation de ma base de donnée déjà existante ( adresses email et mots de passe ) - Paiement récurent - Expiration du produit...
  • $35 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ecofeet


    Oct 24, 2013

    thelogicgates1, was a pleasure to work with and was very helpful, they have great communication and an excellent work ethic, I would highly recommend them for any one looking to get web work done.

    Project Description:We require a HTML site to site to be converted to word press for easy editing, we will provide you three simple HTML pages that we would like converted. We would also like the page layout to be a theme so that we can add pages in future for simple editing...
  • $794 USD
    Profile image for Seller begolasso


    Sep 4, 2013

    It's always great to work with thelogicgates1. This was a very difficult project but the guys went to the limit to complete all the required functionalities. Great work, I'm already planning my next project with them.

    Project Description:We would like to built a content website where people can register, write an article and publish it into a specific category. Most of the mockups are created, so you do not need to focus on design, only the technical implementation of the site...
  • $2007.7 USD
    Profile image for Seller depookie


    Jul 16, 2013

    excellent freelancer wit hgreat knowledge about .net . Full recommended

    Project Description:We want to develop a intranet site according attached ppt file instructions. This intranet basically will be information +catalog.... so avoid put offers for standards intranet sites. Actually this...
  • $152 USD
    Profile image for Seller Queenazeng


    May 31, 2013

    It is really a great job, thank you so much, saqib, for your professional skills, your patience and your nice service. It is my first time to post project on freelancer and it is a great experience:)

    Project Description:hello, saqib This is the private project just for you. hello everyone else don't bid it, it's private for my partner
  • $175 USD
    Profile image for Seller AustinKalb


    Mar 21, 2013

    Overall, they did all I asked for, so I'm happy.

    Project Description:This is a MYSQL multiuser system where users can post notes (Details) against a list of primary records (Parents) via a C# application run on their individual desktops. I have a "Parent" table with a integer primary key field and text description field as well as some other fields...
  • $105 USD
    Profile image for Seller mlangan9


    Mar 14, 2013

    excellent once again!!

    Project Description:This is for the work Saqib did for NAT
  • $1101 USD
    Profile image for Seller begolasso


    Feb 24, 2013

    I really loved to work with them. Their communication was good, they did always good testing before they delivered a part of the task. Very skilled and polite. I highly recommend them and will definitely hire them again!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller mlangan9


    Jan 23, 2013

    excellent job once again!

    Project Description:Convert PSD files to HTML format.
    The LogicGates has not completed any projects.
  • $250 USD In Progress

    Hello,Based on AVADA Wordpress template (I will buy it) I need to customize it in order to look and work like the attached design.Thanks for your bids,Cem

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    We are needing to convert 5 WPF screens to ASP. The code behind (for the most part) will stay the same, so at this point in time, we just need the WPF XAML converted to ASP HTML. For example: The following WPF (from the first screen shown below) needs to be converted to the following (approximate) HTML:WFP XAMLASP HTML Pennies …The function for tabs, hidden panels, popup calendars, etc. needs to be handled by JQuery. All other functions, text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, buttons, labels, etc. need to be the appropriate ASP HTML controls.Don’t spend a lot of time on the CSS, we just need basic colors, Gradients, background image, and layout. For instance, on the tabs in the WPF (see the screen shots), we have a floating button over the tab. For the HTML, we just need it to look like a tab. Be creative on the method of conversion: If we are happy with the results, we have another 160 forms that we need to have done as well. So, faster is better.…And of course, any CSS needs to be cross browser compatible…. But we don’t need to support old versions of IE. If you are interested on bidding on this project, please provide your skill set as we will provide the XAML to only those who ask for it.

  • $1210 USD In Progress

    I am looking for an experienced programmer who can built a webbased software for me. I already have all the mockups, it just needs to be programmed.The default language of the application should be in Dutch. I will provide you with an English briefing/mockups and with Dutch translations.In a nutshell: it will be an application where the admin can upload files (Pdf, Excel, Powerpoint or Word). He can make them downloadable OR he can give them the status "on request". Users can login in the web application and they can look up files and download them directly or request them if they are not available for download. If user requests a file, then the Admin should receive an email saying which file was requested by which user.Admin Functionalities:- Admin must be able to upload Excel files, Word files and Powerpoint files- Admin must be able to create categories (up to three levels)- Admin must be able to assign the uploaded file into a category- Admin must be able to look up (search functionality), edit and/ or delete the uploaded files- Admin must be able to edit / delete categories and change the order of the categories- Admin must be able to manually create users who has access to the site - They do not need to sign up automatically!- Admin must be able to edit user details or delete user- Admin must be able to manage 4 language versions of the site. So if he uploads a file for the Dutch Language version of the site, he also has the be able to upload the corresponding French, English and German files.- Admin must be able to see detailed statistics of the users (daily / weekly / monthly / yearly): who logged in, who logged out, what did they download, which file did they request- Admin must be able to receive an email if a specific file was requested by a user.User functionalities- User must be able to login (system should be able to automatically store his login credentials)- User must be able to search for a file (by browsing through the categories or by using the search box)- User must be able to download a file or to request a file- User must be able to select language version of the siteRequirements:- Do NOT bit if you require upfront payments. I will set milestones, but they will ONLY be released when project is finished! Do not worry, I"m an honest person. Check my positive feedback.- Please provide me with the technologies you will use for this project and also what support you will give upon completion of project- I need at least 1 week to test the software before finishing the project- software and database must be hacker-safe

  • $526 USD In Progress

    This software will be used by students studying for the multiple choice questions section of the bar exam for lawyers. It should provide the student with a method of familiarizing themselves with the types of questions asked and the answers that are sought.There are two phases to this project: 1) website design, 2) software development.Website DesignThe website will be both a selling mechanism as well as portal to the software. The website will need to be approximately 8 pages (+ or -). I will provide the content for each page and I have some design templates to submit. However, I will need the developer to upload the content and do any cosmetic fixes to the website that are needed. For instance, the template does not have a portal for a temporary (trial sign-up) portal. The developer will need to add that.Software DevelopmentThe software will need to be accessed through the website; therefore, it should be written in a language that is comparable. The student should be able to both study and test themselves within the software. The software will need to provide right and wrong answers and give the student historical stats on their progress. The is a Specification Document available.

  • $998 USD In Progress

    Bids accepted only from Pakistan.We need to get developed a POS software based on old software. Important translated screens from old software are attached along with list of features in a word file.Web interface is required to manage (Activation/deactivation) of SoftwareAndroid app is required to view reports only.Compatibility. Windows XP/7/8Platform: VB.NETLanguage: German

  • $680 USD In Progress

    We require an online chat system similar to Livechat and Livehuman wherein visitors to a website will be able to "chat" with their customer service staff, who will in turn have access to an admin panel where the staff can configure certain aspects of the program such as automated messages, company logo, hours of operation, etc. The control panel should have functionality similar to Livechat Inc, Livehuman, Live2support, Velaro, and Livezilla program will let customers put a code snippet on their site and a visitor will be able to chat with them There should be 3 sections. A web based control panel, for administrators. An operator application for employees to talk to customers, and a web based chat window for customers to use. Both the operator application and the web based chat window should show a typing indicator so that the person can always see when the other person is actively typing. The operator application should be able to save and recall past conversations. Also it the operator should be able to see the customer"s operating system name(Windows. OS/X, Ios, Blackberry, etc), browser type, and IP address. There should be two methods for website visitors to initiate contact with staff. a) First, passive, which is when the visitor clicks on a chat button. b) Second, active, which is when the user does a specific action such as: leaving the website, searching for a specific keyword, spending a long time on the website, and similar things. When the criteria for activation are met, the software should show a chat invite, such as "Hello, I am Sandy, how may I help you today?" After a chat session is ended, the user should have an option to fill out a customer satisfaction survey, and to have the chat record emailed to an address that he or she provides.The software should have mobile client apps for Apple, Android, and Blackberry devices.

  • $125 USD In Progress

    I need someone to build a simple one-page website for me with order form. Must include website header and footer, signup page, save to csv, and install on my server

  • $1200 USD In Progress

    Hi, We are looking for a web app plus frontend having offline capability. Frontend is basically what we call as our website displaying our work. Backend will have three different module one is admin, distributors, client.Our backend module will be making use of camera for pictures, bluetooth for getting data from other devices, fingerprint for time management. There would be some reporting , analysing, storing of data both offline and on server. And most important of all its will be a subscription based service so there would be payment module involved most preferably paypal and some product security. We would also be required to setup a server for data storing.This is the rough idea of the project more will be discuss to right candidate along with NDA.

  • $850 USD In Progress

    We need a Hotel and Restaurant Online management system:For the hotel we need a management system that can manage bookings so that there will be no overlapping of bookings as well as be able to issue invoices of all they"ve consumed to the customers on their bill after their stay.The system should be accessible online with private access so our marketing, front office and supervisors can input real time at the same time and view all at the same time to avoid double booking with each other.For the restaurant, we need to have a food management system indicating the Point of Sale to each customer of what they"ve consumed which can also be integrated to the hotel if the guest is checked in with the hotel.The access should also be online and real-time.Also includes events bookings.

  • $1700 USD In Progress

    Build vacation property booking website based on Joomla template with required configuration, possible integration with Jomres. Detailed terms of reference and user behavior scenarios are attached.

  • $416 USD Today

    Hi,I have an ecommerce/sales based website currently operating through expression engine and we would like to transfer our site completely over to wordpress. We have a business called Speak More Clearly, which is a tool for ESL people who want to get a British, American or Australian accent. We have several products on our website for English pronunciation and speaking more clearly in English. We use ejunkie as our sales cart. What we need done:-Transfer the content and aesthetic of our website over to wordpress.-We would like to keep our aesethitic/design by finding a similar wordpress template or re-creating the website exactly as it looks now on wordpress. After that is done, we have some structural things with the website we would like to change. Once it"s transferred over, the structural things we want to change are: where the opt in form is and where certain text panels and buttons are. etc. We are continually experimenting and evolving our product and website so there will be ongoing mantinence things we need done- we want to transfer to wordpress so we can do more ourselves but there are a lot of advanced technical things we will need help with. The end result of transfering our website will look very similar in design, if not the same as our current website but it will now be operating on wordpress. Structurally we will have everything where we want it e.g. opt in form at top right corner of page. Our logo (photo of Esther Bruhl) will be on the top bar of our website, next to the tittle. We would like to keep our URL"s the same so we don"t have to change it with google adwords etc. So you can have a look and get an idea of our current website: Our website is We would like to get a quote for per project fee and also your hourly rate

  • $17 AUD/hr Yesterday

    Hello,I have a WP theme from Tempatic demo here: looking for someone who can do some customization in back-end also front end. must be reliable developer with experience for ongoing work as there are some more projects need programming skills.>>SALES PEOPLE PLEASE JUMP THIS AD THIS IS STRICTLY FOR PROGRAMMERS ONLY TO REPLAY

  • $83 USD Yesterday

    We are looking for a company that can build Wordpress sites based on the PSD that we provide. We are looking for front page design and back pages will just have the header and footer of the site.Must be familiar with udesign template (which is a responsive theme).Must make the site responsive for 4 different resolutions.Must be able to complete a site build in no longer 48 hours once you are given the PSD.Must be able to complete 3-4 sites a week.Must be available during US hours (at least 3-4 hours of our time) to make quick changes or fixes.Please no bids from India Currently we are paying $50 per site build so I accept to pay around the same amount. If you bid significantly higher your bid will not be accepted.The last 2 developers we have worked with we worked with for 3 yrs and 1 yr respectively. So you can expect the same long term agreement.

  • $35 USD Yesterday

    Looking for good development team. I have lot of development work and I need good and responsible team. I have worked with many companies but nobody could deliver. They should know what professionalism means and how important is to deliver on time. Happy biddingRemember you should have your own website and good portfolio and this is for long term work

  • $200 USD Yesterday

    The best example of what I want can be found at without the flash loading page.

  • $188 USD Yesterday

    Need someone to create a simple one page website (probably) from a Wordpress template.Its for a music project specializing in Jingles.We create simple little jingles that advertisers can licence and use as inspiration for ad campaigns.There won"t be too much in the way of content:A photo / animated gif logo and possibly an explainer videoA bit of text explaining what we do and how it worksMedia player with 10 tracks. Contact form including the ability to select which jingle(s) the client is interested in licensing.Social media links.A hideable section to showcase jingles once they are licensed.We want this to look slick, professional and creatively simple.Currently looking at a scaled down version of the "Applause" Wordpress theme as we like the one-page thing and we like that media player although we"d like to replace the flashing lights on the media player with an image or the track name.We don"t have much experience with websites so we will need clear instructions on how to add/remove music files and edit text, change photos/videos etc ourselves.Open to all ideas and suggestions.

  • $133 USD Yesterday

    The site is published and ready but need tuning to be ready

  • $333 USD Yesterday

    i need a sport wordpress template. inbox me to get more

  • £94 GBP Yesterday

    create wordpress template version of existing site

  • $16 USD/hr 2 days ago

    Hi,Please check attachment for project description, please do not bid before reading the attached file. i will provide further details to the possible candidates.Thanks and Happy bidding :)

  • $833 USD 2 days ago

    Need a website built for a company that will sell hair. The concept is an online hair boutique. It will need to be very feminine, with a modern feel. The site should incorporate the color pink to gain the womanly touch. The site will consist of 6 tabs: 1. Online store where their will be images of the product 2. Cart (lists everything the customer selected) 3. Promotions (where we will be able to list on going promotions) 4. Whats Trending (where we will have pics) 5. Happy Customer (place to add pics of satisfied customers) 6. Contact us (where they can input info so that where emailed from site on customer"s behalf.) Website needs to be completed by 04.26.14.

  • £100 GBP 2 days ago

    I need a wordpress blog page designed to look like it"s part of my html website It should be fully integrated so that any blog posts increase the site"s overall credibility with google and help to increase its organic rankings.

  • $200 USD 2 days ago

    build a custom wordpress template

  • £388 GBP 2 days ago

    Hello,I´m looking for someone who can build my website. It´s going to be a nanny agency, I want to bring people from Spain to London.I have the content in English and in Spanish, I know I will have to adapt this content depending on the theme, maybe will have to be sorter. I wrote all I consider is good to know if you are an aupair, nanny or family. Some things could just not go in the web.The domain I bought is called see the menu like this: Proccess for the candidate for the familyAupairNannyFamilyOur TeamContactThe theme that I like is: agencies in London could be: last one is the one I most like from the agencies I show.I wish I could tell you examples of other webs I would like to copy but I don´t have it at the moment. I like the theme how it is, I would like the icons in the section of services to be work, to click on them and take you to Info or process or ...I thought to use a CRM, free of course, as we are stanting our budget is low, but I think we will use Excell until we have enough candiates.That´s all, hope this is what you need to make a proposal for us.Thanks againBegoña Rubio

  • $15 USD/hr 3 days ago

    We purchased the Avada [1] Wordpress template and need help in the following areas:1) Correctly install the template and additional plugins on wpengine (you will get access to our account).2) Setup and configure individual pages using theme elements based on provided layout sketches.3) Integrating provided content (text and images) into the pages.4) Optimizing the pages for fast load times, cross browser support, and SEO.First and foremost we are looking for someone who knows the ins and outs of Wordpress and has experience setting up Wordpress sites. In addition, we are looking for someone with experience optimizing Wordpress sites.This work does not require any design work. However, it may require modifying the template to achieve the desired page layout and hence we are looking for Wordpress experts who are not shy to touch HTML and CSS.Experience with wpengine is a plus.Initially, we need help to setup the blog and pages to get the site going. We expect this work to start in 1-2 weeks and last for about 3-4 weeks. If we are satisfied with the work, you can expect regular follow-up work maintaining and expanding the site.We are looking for motivated individuals with the required skills and expertise. Please reference previous work that demonstrates these skills in your application. Pointers to live Wordpress blogs that you are maintaining is a plus.NOTE: This work does not require creating a new Wordpress template as explained above. That was just the closest category.[1] For more information on the Avada template, please check out:

  • $25 USD/hr 3 days ago

    We have our own product and we are in the process of developing the Responsive Website for the same, we have all the PSD"s ready, need someone who can convert PSD to HTML (Responsive).Will discuss more to the person who provides portfolio of their work.

  • $194 USD 3 days ago

    Looking for someone to code an easily editable wordpress theme based on my design, it"s for a portfolio site so it must able to handle images and video and be very fluid and responsive.

  • $3888 USD 8 days ago

    A website for uploading, searching and downloading photo and video files. It will have the following:1. Search screen - where the user can search for content (category, description, etc.)2. Upload screen - user can upload photo/video files by choosing different categories/subcategories and the description (also tags)3. Download screen - user can download video/photo files4. Login screenThe functionality needs to be similar to the following web sites :, istock.comThe following milestones are in the project:1. Photoshop Design (PSP images to be delivered)1. Web site design (HTML5 & CSS3 to be delivered)2. Web site implementation (all the source code to be delivered3. Testing4. Delivery (the final source code and all the photos, along with the documentation to be delivered)

  • $11 USD/hr 8 days ago


  • $3333 USD 8 days ago

    Relaunching website We will feed new content and structure to freelancer. Freelancer to supply graphics and photography. Build in Wordpress.

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