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Mohamed Soliman

.Net Developer, ASP.NET and SQL Server

Username: thesaw

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Location: Alexandria, Egypt

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  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SOFTWAREXPERT


    Feb 15, 2014

    fast and smart

    Project Description:I have upgraded an ASP.NET application to MVC 4. Everything works on my local computer. But when I deploy the application to a web server I get the error message witch can be seen at Selected programmer will have to connect to my computer using teamviewer ...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller fpsoftware


    Jul 22, 2013

    TheSaw did a quick and good job of providing us an automatic feed for a project we were working on. He was quick and professional and his code was tight.

    Project Description:We have a simple feed that is basically a web url that returns certain values each time you query with this URL. The values returned represent the price of certain precious metals. We need this data queried...
  • $30.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller xgisfreelancer


    Jul 19, 2013

    Task completed in less than 2 hours from project initiation..Two thumbs up!

    Project Description:I have a working code sample that needs some basic modification to get it functioning properly. This task should take an experienced c# programmer no more than an hour to complete. I have attached a complete working sample although it still does not function as required...
  • $12.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dological


    Jul 19, 2013

    The task was easy bot the way he tech and do everything via Teamviewer was cool.. thxs..<br/>

    Project Description:Im already install the SVN server And i think the specifications are Ok and also already isntall the svn on Visual Studio 2012 I need someone to couch me to install my VS 2010 / 2012 solutions on the SVN Server...
  • $12.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller monitrix


    Jul 1, 2013

    Good Job..Thanks<br/>

    Project Description:HI, i have an app in twitter which allows users to authenticate them to share posts on there twitter wall. What i want you to do that when users authencticate you must store there id and create a page where i want to post message that goes to there wall...
  • $35.75 USD
    Profile image for Seller danea817


    May 15, 2013

    great _++++++ and fast +++++

    Project Description:Hello, Want a simple application when to open it to send me the username of computer date and time. Thanks
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller turn123


    May 6, 2013

    Did an excellent job and clarified most of the questions up front. Was quick to fix the one item that there was a misunderstanding on. That said the project was a few days late and communication stopped for while when it was due but resumed when the work was finished.

    Project Description:I need the following modifications made to this program. 1. Window should be sizable 2. Tool Button should read “Alerts” 3. Function Button should read “Tools” 4. Currently there is only one Holding column in the Alerts table...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wakerunner5


    Apr 1, 2013

    Great job!!! I had some &quot;experts&quot; I found on a website that spent over 8 hours trying to get my project working... thesaw found the problem in less then 20 minutes. Great work, highly recommend!!

    Project Description:I have MS SQL Server setup on 2 computer (Win 7 and Win 8), they both work locally, but neither can connect to the other over a LAN. I need help configuring the Win 7 computer to allow access over a LAN to work with the SQL Server database on the Win 7 computer...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Mediamaniac


    Mar 30, 2013

    I am very grateful for the work provided.The provider showed excellence in patience and communication. He provided ideas and thoughts to this translation work.I can truly recommend him!

    Project Description:I have a smaller text that contains some technical language. This text is to be translated to arabic. I expect arabic to be your mother tounge.
  • $76.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller cj1371


    Mar 26, 2013

    Everything was great. But the file thesaw sent me had a virus that jacked up my computer and caused me to lose my laptop. I know this because Geek Squad told me that is what happened.

    Project Description:I have a bulk of the code done. I just need a two things added: • Create a listing area to display each of the following for each appliance entered through user inputs: o Home appliance o Number...
    Mohamed Soliman has not completed any projects.
  • $750 USD In Progress

    Program descriptionWe need to create an email program that can actually divert every piece of email being mailed (send) out to a review panel where an individual/s can read the email and make sure that nothing in the email is unauthorized to email to the recipient. They would also be able to edit the content to comply with security rules.We would need an email-client that actually could receive email, but not email out. Instead it would have a screen that looks like a normal screen to create your email but actually it would create a record that would be saved into a sql table. The fields of the table holding the proposed email would be:UserID A field that stores the user id of the person signed in at the computerFromEmailAddressToEmailAddressCopyToAddressEmailSubjectDateTimeStamp of when deposited/saved into the sql tableOrigMessage WhoApprovedChangesToEmail A text or comment field where the changes to the email can be saved EmailSentSentDateAttachedFiles Name of zipped file of any attachments We would also need a small table that would maintain all previous email addresses for each user’s email client so that particular user could easily access his email addresses when he is writing an email.We would suggest that the bulk of the coding could be accomplished by using the following component for (We will buy it.) client for the agents should look and work like Outlook 2013. The only thing that should not work is its ability to email out.So we need the email client created.The review console createdThe review console needs to be able to email out the approved email under the name and email address of who originally wrote the email. The reviewconsole would display on a grid all pending emails and a reviewer should be able to open up the email read it, edit it if needed, mark who approved and send out the email under the original writer’s email address.The program must be created in VB.NET (Please understand this project before you bid on it.)First payment would be ONLY after you have created the mock up of the client and the appropriate tables necessary for the program to work.Subsequent payments would be released at agreed on milestones.See diagram of system

  • $100 USD In Progress

    Generate sample data for tables based on column type and special keywords in column name. Need to observe the following1. populate parent tables first, then sample id from parent table for child tables. If many to many relation, need to handled a little differently.2. if for a given db, language is other than English, translate entered data, use something similar to 3. Some data is randomly obtained from a source db, others are just random datetime. Boolean, numbers and text4. generate Address data using source db depending on specified country of db5. Number of row recorded at a time may exceed number of rows in source table, so may need a proper query to generate sample.6. Process need to be fast and efficient, no inserting of one value or row at a timeInterface will contain 1. Client id (which determines db name, country and language, tables/columns and their relations)2. Number of rows3. button to generate4. progress bardb is ms sql 2012Interface: WebLanguage: 2012/2013 Select Case ColumnName.ToLower Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;first_Name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;firstname&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;fname&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;f_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;given_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;g_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;gname&quot;) Dim Query = &quot; SELECT TOP 1 Name, FROM Names ORDER BY NEWID()&quot; Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;last_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;lastname&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;lname&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;l_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;surname&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;family_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;familyname&quot;) &quot;Dim Query = &quot;SELECT TOP 1 Last_Name FROM Last_Names ORDER BY NEWID()&quot; &quot;if no last name is found for a country, use male last name as last name Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;middle_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;middlename&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;m_name&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;mi&quot;) Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;addr&quot;) Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;city&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;town&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;township&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;village&quot;) Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;state&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;st&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;province&quot;) Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;company&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;firm&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;organization&quot;), InStr(ColumnName, &quot;dba&quot;) Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;title&quot;) Case InStr(ColumnName, &quot;phone&quot;) End Select

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    I need someone who can work about 20 hours a week for the next 4 weeks to help my programmer completing a project in ASP and .NET

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    I have a website that has been in production for 3 years. My clients have asked for some new features. I am looking for a senior level person with experience in ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server, and jQuery to add features such as showing user comments on mouse-over and re-writing our comment system to allow admins to delete comments. I also need to add a credit card processing module that will be connected to my payment gateway.I can provide details of the project once I find the right person.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    this is a web online ordering system in visual basic must be done in visual studio 2010. I would paying at most $40 for this project and it must be done on time please check the attached file for instructions

  • $75 USD In Progress

    Hi,I need a project finished:The tool I need done is a simple tracking of a project with 10 steps and 1 keywords ranking.... that means that the program need to keep track of some projects by saving data in its own csv file or database (using forms).The 10 steps are very similar, are FORMS that someone need to FILL IN, and press SAVE if necessary, there are external links to websites...that&quot;s it... nothing complicated (FORMS and LINKS).The other part of the project is checking the first page of google to see if the website is there for ONLY one keyword...I should be able to add unlimited projects and save them.I have a sample of half of the application done , the other programmer didn&quot;t finish it but it will be better that you do it from scratch..Take a look at the screenshot in the attachment (there are only a few steps, the remaining steps are very similar ...forms and links).If you are good in what you do for sure you will do it fast!Thanks

  • $1000 USD In Progress

    the system is 10 tasks each task 100 $the first task is three types of maintenance schedule:1- line maintenance (short-term).2- pilot report/observation(during trip)3- hug maintenance (Long-term)

  • $45 USD In Progress

    This is a small application and it should not take more then 3 hours. The Project is about making an application using HTML, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX. The user is to move the cursor and try to close the popupWindow(which is an image) by clicking on the X (top right hand corner) but the image moves away from the cursor. For example, if the cursor is approaching the X from the right than the image moves to left, if the cursor is approaching the X from left then the image moves to the right, if the cursor is approaching the X from top then the image moves to the bottom and, if the cursor is approaching the X from bottom then the image moves to the top. The image does not have to move diagonally on the screen, it just have to move up, down, left and right depending on from where the cursor is approaching the X(which is on the top right hand corner).

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Need help for some programming in Java

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    Please - please read carefully and only apply if you can do it. We accept COMPANIES only and people who can speak on SKYPE?Architecture- This will be online application built on PHP/ASP.NET that would enable users to send text messages (SMS) in a single or bulk email form.- It will be used to send Text/SMS messages- It will use third-party web xml which this application will call to send text messages- The web template and associated graphics will be provided by the BIIS and shall only be used for purpose of this website, and other usage of the same web template or its graphics will be considered breach of this agreement.- We are expecting impressive app with jquery functionality

  • $555 USD Jun 18, 2014, sql, mvc, c#, webservices

  • £150 GBP Jun 5, 2014

    Dear Mohamed, Salam Alikom,I was looking to discuss with you about creating a web site for matrimony &quot;marriage&quot;the idea to offer a purposeful and honest service to the market. to know what the features:- simple and decent interface, powerful search engine, a forum to share experiences and overall capabilities similar to; certainly some additional tweaks and filters&quot; but this is the base starting. I had some discussions with Indian teams but think it is better to work with people from similar culture and mind set.If interested, let me know. meanwhile, would like to know rough estimate for time and cost. considering a tight starting budget for this project.Thanks and best regards, Ahmed

  • $100 USD Jun 4, 2014

    Hello,I have Arabic document I need translation to English and the writing should be like news articles, I don&quot;t want word by word translationthe total words in the final article should be around 750 to 1000 words only, the file will send to you after bid

  • $100 USD Feb 3, 2014

    I want a basic application with the following fields: insert Supplier enter Product ------------------------ Make request - combo box to choose the customer and the product Fields to enter quantity Export pdf

  • $80 USD Jan 26, 2014

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $135 USD Jan 25, 2014

    I need a web function creates data for a treeview written in This function will provide data from a database mysql using odbc , a folder structure, or xml.The web function will be an overloaded function and should work like thisPublic Function myTreeView( byval datasourcetype as string, byval sSQL as string , Byval sCon as string, byval sFolderimage as string , byval s) as treeviewEnd FunctionPublic Function myTreeView( byval datasourcetype as string, byval sFolderPathorXML as string) as treeviewEnd FunctionThe function should be called like thistreeview1 = myTreeView(&quot;Folder&quot; , Note: This function will use recursiontreeview1 = myTreeView(&quot;Database&quot; , treeview1 = myTreeView(&quot;XML&quot; , If file is txt , doc, png data will be displayed in the Details section if not a link will be displayed . If the treeview is from a database and result is text it will displayed in the detail section.Table Example Web display Example

  • $111 USD Jul 20, 2013

    I have a legacy Symfony production server which requires a variety of tasks to be completed, some large and some small. There are some bugs in some of the custom designed features that need to be fixed. For starters, the new products that get released on a regular basis are presented on the individual user&quot;s page, and they migrate to their respective categories after they become two weeks old. The old products that are re-released will still migrate as they should, but new products do not. It&quot;s probably something simple, but it&quot;s bugging me. I&quot;m hoping to find someone with good skills for some larger projects, but this is where I want to start.

  • $100 USD Jul 17, 2013

    A freelancer is required to translate a set of ten website designs in PSD format from English into Arabic, along with 100 words used in a mobile app interface.

  • [Sealed] Mar 17, 2013

    i have a folder 21 GB, 800 folders , 8000 has names, addresses, fone numbers, email ids. Many files are copied multiple times so lots of duplicate data.i want you to:1.tell me how many email ids are there.2.extract them.3.remove duplicates.4.Make excel sheets of 50,000 ids each.5.put them in csv format6.send them back to me**Result required is only email id, no name/adress/fone...ONLY EMAIL ID IN CSV FORMAT TO USE FOR MAILINGS**You need to tell me how to send you the seems complicated.Budget 30 usd

  • $500 USD Mar 9, 2013

    I need a C# programmer who has experience working with files and the Windows registry to develop a program that will allow a user to perform the following tasks:1. Copy user profile to external mediaa. Option to copy current or other user profile (Default is current user profile)b. Verify enough room on external media prior to copyc. Option to delete profile currently stored on external media (Default is to delete)d. Option to empty recycle bin prior to copy (Default is to empty)e. Option to delete temporary IE files prior to copy (Default is to delete)2. Transfer user profile from computer to external mediaa. Verify enough room on external media prior to transfer b. Option to delete or wipe profile from hard drive when finished (Default is to wipe)c. Option to empty recycle bin prior to transfer (Default is to empty)d. Option to delete temporary IE files prior to transfer (Default is to delete)e. Option to decrease size temporary IE file size prior to transfer (reference) (Default is to decrease size to 10MB)f. Update registry to point to new profile location3. Return user profile from external media back to computera. Update registry to point to new profile locationb. Option to delete or wipe profile from external media with restoration is complete (Default is null)4. Remove a user profile from computera. Option to remove current or other user profile (Default is current user profile)b. Option to delete or wipe selected user profile (Default is wipe)c. Option to remove user profile from registry (Default is to remove entry)Application may need to read certain user and/or system information from the registry, reboot, perform the selected action, e.g. copy, transfer, return or wire a user profile, and update the registry if necessary before booting into the OS.A status indicator should be used to the progress of the action selected.The application is expected to be launched from the external media that will store the copied or transferred user profile.The application should run on Windows XP, Vista and 7 both 32 and 64 bit versions.

  • $20 USD/hr Jan 8, 2013

    I have a an excel file that using a series of SQL queries retrives data and organize it into some usable pivot table.I need the application to access the same data and present it in a more usable way.Details will be disclosed over skype.files available upon request.

  • £30 GBP Dec 9, 2012

    Project is a simple piece of work which requires coding various searching algorithms e.g. binary search. Would take a little amount of time for somebody experienced with Java.All files needed are attatched, the file named &quot;specification&quot; is the project outline. I would be very grateful for any help provided, I am on a tight budget and a very tight deadline (Needed ASAP, before 8:00AM UK Time.

  • $30 AUD Sep 11, 2012

    Hi there I am after an SQL Guru to write 4 SIMPLE queries for me, it involves using a maximum of 4 tables and using simple left outer joins :) Simply level 1 sql work here. I require comments as this will be used as a tutorial.

  • $500 USD Aug 26, 2012

    Looking for an excellent c#, developer with experience using Bing or Google map to complete the remaining part of the website development work.Only bid if you can work on daily basis and finish the project on time.

  • [Sealed] Jun 7, 2012

    We are looking to create various holiday websites, which will feature properties (lettings etc...) for people to view and enquire about. We are looking for someone to create the website, and will be looking for this to be done on a strict budget.The website should be written in ASP.NET in either or and needs to interface to a SQL Server 2005 database. We would be looking for the solution to provide a method of categorising the locations of the lettings, with a search feature, as well as the ability for a user who manages their own listing to login and specify availability etc...We are looking for this project to start very quickly, and therefore welcome competitive bids.We would require the following functionality:Public Functions:Search propertiesview details and pictures on propertiesenquire about propertiesview availability and pricingRegistered Advertiser functions:register accountCreate new propertiesadd / edit properties and photosdefine availability and pricing

  • $500 USD May 3, 2012

    Dear Friends,My project is very simple and in this project i need those one intelligent person who can quickly start my work. this work is base on TYPING. in this project you have to simply type material which one in PDF file. it,s approximate 250 Pages and each Page contain 200 Words.all detail will be given in future who will eligible or want to do work sincerely.Fresh Candidate can also bid on this project.

  • $100 USD Dec 8, 2011

    i need someone to make a small desktop program for me to manage my web content., among will be mysql / c# , this is going to be a small but ongoing project, once done, i will ask to to add upgrade to it from time to timepls quote me your hourly fee ., then i will provide the detail..thanks

  • $350 USD Jul 10, 2011

    - A simple server (c# console application) to keep latest modified user files- Client program ( c# form application) (the buttons must be placed exactly the same as in the attachment)- Server must have a database (MSSQL - containing User and File table at least and any other tables needed)- File table must contain file attributes including at least file name, size, last modification date- User table must contain any needed user info containing at least username(e-mail) and password for login- Server must contain a &quot;root&quot; folder and a subfolder named with username(i.e. ) for each user to keep his files (or do it your better working way)- Server lets you upload - download - synchronize files sized up to 10mb.- Client interface must contain a file menu and a connect button, a disconnect button, an exit button inside it(as in the attachment)- Client interface may contain any other better looking addition of your choice to interface- Client must be able to manage manual jobs by upload button, download button, synchronize button, delete button, open with button.- Client program has a list of files showing the detailed info about the file.- Client checks 10mb file upload restriction and not lets violations.- Each client must have an account to login.- Client includes a &quot;root&quot; folder which includes user files to be synchronized.How the program should work:- When client logins with username and password, it connects to server and immediately auto-synchronize itself with the server.- Under synchronization process: Client checks his root folder for all files, then compare the files in client root folder with the files in server in root\username folder.- If the same file with the same name exists in both sides, then decides which is newer(check last modification date). Newer one is replaced with older one. Or optionally at most 2 versions of the same file is kept.- If a file in client root folder does not exist in server root\username folder it simply sends the file, or if a file in server root\username folder does not exist in client root folder, then it simply sends the file to client.- The auto-synchronization after each login must be able to managed by sync button manually(the same work is done when syn button is clicked).- When a file changes in root folder,client side program must sense changes and perform synchronization automatically.- When a new file have been added in root older,client side program must sense changes and perform synchronization automatically.- User can open file from interface and when changes it,client side program must sense changes and perform synchronization automatically.- Manual buttons must work for appropriate jobs. Upload button for single upload, download button for single download of the selected file from the list, delete button for deleting file from both sides(or choose where to delete), open button for opening with default program in the system.(and any other additional buttons if you like).- Any error should be notificated to user, shynchronization completed, not completed etc must be reported to user. Progressbar shows the amount of job done. and vice versa.Note:- Again clarifying that the buttons must be placed in the user interface exactly the same in the attachment.- Whole work must be done in MSSQL - c#(.net) and must work with visual studio 2010, mssql server 2008. (Comments will help me out to understand the source code.)- Deliery is urgent.

  • $30 USD Mar 26, 2011

    Our old web.config file needs to be converted to run on IIS Version 7.5.We are running Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. Initially, it is just the web.config file I need help with. But it this goes well, I will be open to sending additional work your way and on a more permanent basis.If you are not an absolute masters of C#, ASP, .NET, and SQL, please don&quot;t reply to this post.Bid with confidence.Thanks

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