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  • $28.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller noassaker

    noassaker [ Incomplete Report ]

    Apr 6, 2014

    they are silly and lazy people, told them to find bugs on a specific website,but they found bugs on another website not related to the needed website and at the end they didn't know how to find these bugs so they didn't find any needed bugs

    Project Description:I need someone to find bugs on a website
  • $8.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller monitrix

    monitrix [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 18, 2013

    Please Don't Believe this Guy ! i did a mistake by hiring this Worker<br/>

    tiabrains's reply:

    User monitrix changed the passwords and told us to work. How it is possible without getting any passwords of website? It is ridiculous. We have sufficient evidence to show his mistakes. He disappeared when we were about to work.

    Project Description:Hi, I need theme modification. please read the attached document..i dont think its hard job.. Please read then only bid. Thanks
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller benpeetermans

    benpeetermans [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 9, 2013

    I was promised to have a function added on Monday, today is Saturday and it's still not added. Not only that, they actually messed up the website which made 404 pages appear all over the website. I asked them to fix it ASAP but didn't even receive a reply. Had to fix it myself.Complete waste of time.

    Project Description:I&#039;m looking for a developer for my client. They have purchased a template from themeforest, you can view a demo of the theme here: Instead of bars and restaurants, our theme allows people to place ads...
  • $88.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ethernetting


    Oct 31, 2013

    I will hire them again

    Project Description:We need a wide screen responsive 1 page wordpress site It can be from scratch but would prefer a tested and proven theme We would like it to look like our current site ,but only...
  • $175.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Changes1


    Oct 8, 2013

    Highly recommended company. They are very polite and understanding. Their knowledge is first rate! i would like to work with them again sometime.<br/>

    Project Description:Hello I am looking for a developer to make changes to a template i am about to purchase. the template is listed here --&gt; here are the changes i would like made 1...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ehsoysal


    Sep 14, 2013

    Even though I was very demanding they did what I asked. I can highly recommend them to anyone.

    Project Description:For those who are interested. I am looking for a professional that can build a website with either a custom CMS or an existing one (preferably Joomla as I have used it for many years) to create a website that pulls text and images from RSS feeds and displays them on my website...
  • $260.70 USD
    Profile image for Seller stevestu2


    Aug 4, 2013

    I can highly recommend tiabrains for the special project they accomplished on Big Commerce templates for us. The cleaned our error code and built new functionality. They were easy to communicate with and understood our needs. The accomplished them in less time than we projected. What more can you ask for in a great source? Thanks tiabrains!

    Project Description:This project has two parts: Part 1 - Correct HTML code problem issues for webpage: Background: This page is generated from a custom Big Commerce template I created...
  • $51.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller zahra1104

    zahra1104 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 28, 2013

    Work could not be completed , this provider was not qualified at all, and really wasted my time.TOTALLY FALSE. AVOID

    tiabrains's reply:

    This happened due to communication gap. We told several times to come on skype to clarify some doubts but this communication from this client was not good to support him.

    Project Description:I would like to have a fully functional website for Real Estate I have several examples to give you to have an idea, it would be a site like However...
  • $38.50 USD
    Profile image for Seller rsimonot

    rsimonot [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 24, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    tiabrains's reply:

    Communication is important part in delivering the project. We always prefer clear communication to deliver the projects in a nice manner. We requested several times to communicate with us on skype but this client couldnt communicate well.

    Project Description:Have multiple websites that need updates. These are basic sights that need slight modifications we have multiple websites selling the same activities. need to update with information that they are the same, and reinstall the api(??) for ponorez which is fairly simple as all the code is there...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Topsshirts


    Jul 6, 2013

    Nice working with the team again - professional. Thanks!

    Project Description:Fix my sliding banner and position the search box underneath.
    Thakar Infotech has not completed any projects.
  • $244 USD In Progress

    the website has only one product for sale, with maybe the option of different colors. the main thing that is important is that it allows visitors to create a wholesale account and access wholesale prices. along with allowing visitors to purchase at retail price. Im using prestashop ecommerce.

  • $170 USD In Progress

    I would like to have my existing w w w . t o a v a y a. c o m replicated to a similar website but with small graphic differences. New site should also include a forum and a section where users could input data into a few editboxes and the site would output a script based on their input. New logo and color scheme could be needed as well as well as SEO. Overall layout will remain the same as the exising website (I can provide workpress theme). Also, need a portion of the site that would be accessed by paying 1. users select form that will generate code (could be up to 20 forms), based on the selection the form will have different fields ...user inputs in editbox1: testeditbox2: minescript will output:this is the output for the test name where is mine.

  • $48 USD In Progress

    I have a buddypress & multisite -setup&quot;ed wordpress site with plugin&quot;s.I want to make sure the parent/child structure of my Social theme ( ) is working correctly and shown to be ready for CSS & PHP modicifaction (documented report ).

  • $206 USD In Progress

    Hi I need some help with the below, it would be a full project payment. We can work together and finish it in 10days.Please send me the best website you have designed and created. 0) create html for a coming soon page, i have the designs readyyou only need to add the countdown to the days i want it to go live on(12/12/2013) this is the date it will go live onwe will keep on working together till this launch date and insure minor issues are working properly and perfectly1) make it faster to load2) replace some text and symbols that i will give you3) add my special video players4) change the layout of the work page5) insure all links are working6) add my videos to the players we added7) i want to change the text font8) i want to minimize the elements on the page so 90% fits without scrolling down9) make it mobile compatible

  • $155 USD In Progress

    wordpress site ..very small one ..have a graphic design... minimum budget....need to be finishe in 7 days

  • $773 USD In Progress

    Hi, need a website with CMS and copywriting for 52 business articles and facebook postingCreate a web hosting with domain name to be bought or jointventure.comCopywriting for my websiteCreate a new feel for jointventure.sgAbout us, Business ideas, Contact us, Business article, Business ventureI will need a CmS system to collect Name, Email, Hp and whether they are investors, Buyer, workerCreate an email autoresponder to clients when they subscribePrepare 52 short articles in facebook and link to Business article This short articles will be send email to them and through facebook

  • $463 USD In Progress

    Please see details within the enclosed pdf file. Some basic description: change compatibility on mobile device and any other browser for our website. Basic web maintenance such as update, bugs, etc.

  • $15 CAD/hr In Progress

    I have created a SEO content about the Flight To San Francisco which has to meet below criteria :Should be between 600-800 words in length &middot; The write up should include the phrase &quot;flights to San Francisco&quot; at least six times.&middot; The words &quot;holiday&quot;, &quot;trip&quot; and &quot;Etihad Airways&quot; should be used at least twice each &middot; The article should use any other terms the writer believes would feature in Google searches on San Francisco. &middot; The writer should note that this is not a destination guide in the classical user-friendly sense, but a page designed to rank highly for people searching &quot;flights to San Francisco&quot; in a search engine. &middot; The article should include general information about the city and things to do there, but should not be whole sentences copy-pasted from the Internet. Re-write and reword research information as you see fit.Now I want you to create a brief, top-line summary / analysis of current search rankings for &quot;Flights to San Francisco&quot; and what activities Etihad would need to undertake to ensure as high a ranking as 5 hours..

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    I need you to turn a PSD file into a navigable website. In addition, the top of the page (my requests, etc.) should pull data from another site. It was created in PSD. Tabs of &quot;Tecnologia(Technology)&quot;, &quot;Mitos e Verdades(Myths and Truths)&quot; annd &quot;Sobre Nos(About Us) will follow the Magento text format.Top menu should be fixed and scroll only the portion below it.It needs to be possible to translate through an external file. For example, the site will be built in EN and have a file with only texts. From this file, you can do the translations for other languages ​​and rise to the site.

  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    Looking for an expert with wordpress / PHP / theme programming for various questions.No regular job. I contact you each time that I have a question / problem with wordpress programming.Requirements:* Skype calls (clear audio needed)* Experience with Net Viewer or similar, free softwareExample of task:Convert a form with javascript, to a PHP form with similar functionality, included on a wordpress page (~develop a small plugin / wordpress hack).IF YOU CANNOT ANSWER THE EXAMPLE TASK, PLEASE DON&quot;T APPLYThanks :-)Florian

  • $1333 USD 6 days ago

    Project Description:Looking for a B2B website to be designed based on a WordPress Parallax theme template, The initial design is to include 6 pages: Home, 4 Solutions pages based on similar layout and an About/Contact Us page. We will share a draft that was started and an example site of another company of what we&quot;re looking for. Please include &quot;WordPress Parallax&quot; at beginning of your bid. if you have parallax web press design experience then Please include relevant example sites, (B2B, parallax theme). Thank you.

  • $3333 USD 6 days ago

    I am looking to create a site that would have client and dealer portals. The site would have clients sign in and state vehicle that they are looking for. We would then have local dealers compete for the business on a reverse auction method. There used to be a company called that had a similar website and platform. They are no longer up but there is still much information about them online. The site needs to be flat, user friendly, interactive, responsive and mobile responsive. The most important part is the reverse auction portal of the site. It needs competitive to the marketplace and very userfriendy The site needs to be on a SEO friendly platform.

  • $166 USD 6 days ago

    We need minor customization in cometchat. let us know if you can do that cusomization in comet chat.

  • $1111 USD 6 days ago

    A website to post chess lessons for current and prospective students.The website should display chess puzzles for the student to solve.It should keep track of last puzzle solved and next puzzle to solve.It should keep track of correct/incorrect puzzles solved.It should provide a percentage of correct puzzles solved.It should provide ability to login with id and password.It should provide ability for new students to create an account.It should have a home page, contact page, and feedback page.It should restrict access to the paying member only.It should have ability to accept paypal payments for monthly/yearly memberships.The website should be flexible for me to modify existing pages and add new pages.

  • $277 USD 6 days ago

    I&quot;m looking to develop a site for uploading audio, and that have that audio file available for download and RSS feed, in addition to podcast pulling tools. Once the audio is uploaded, members can tag the audio and provide thumbs up/down rating feedback. In addition, they can upload their own remix of the audio that was uploaded. The design of the site should allow for self-management by the member base (as much as possible) with protective filtering to ensure the rating system is not abused by flamers. I have my own hosted site web space through Midphase and would provide all of the account access needed. I&quot;m looking to use Wordpress/MySQL with popular and safe plugins necessary to perform the functions noted above. In addition, I need a variety of ad-hosting options so I can make a bit of money from ad impressions.It&quot;s acceptable to have a base project implemented with simple functionality, as long as the code/setup will allow for easy expansion and additional tools.

  • $500 AUD 6 days ago

    Build a Business Intranet for Staff for three locations.Build on Wordpress or other CMS platform.Individual user logins, groups.Features: messaging, e-mail messaging, training capability, courses, policy distribution and be able to get staff to read and accept policies, get reports on the read and acceptance of policies, form, rostering, publish rosters, news and events, links, documents.

  • $11 USD/hr 6 days ago

    We have an immediate need for a contractor to finish building out a web site using WordPress with an already purchased theme. This will include building custom layouts for 5 to 10 pages, and modifying an existing theme and pages.Please include the number of years you have been working in wordPress, and specific experience within wordPress. Be detailed. Resource must be available immediately, starting on 7/7/2014

  • £500 GBP 6 days ago

    Hi,We are looking for a website designer to design and build a website an upcoming online game set in Ancient Rome.Website will preferably need to be delivered and set up as a Wordpress site and need to implement a html 5 signup & login form and a paypal donation system.More details and example links will be provided when requested/accepted.Many Thanks

  • $633 USD 6 days ago

    Build a site for a new national association in the UK with over 400 members. Website will preferably be in Wordpress CMS, with focus on membership areaWe also need integration of member database with a mailing list that can easily send information out to selectable groups (via MailChimp or others)Our overall look and feel needs to be professional and simple with good mobile accessAdded PayPal/EventBrite section for donations and eventsMore details and example links will be provided when requested/accepted

  • $555 USD 6 days ago

    Build a site for a new national association in the UK with over 400 members. Website will preferably be in Wordpress CMS, with focus on membership areaWe also need integration of member database with a mailing list that can easily send information out to selectable groups (via MailChimp or others)Our overall look and feel needs to be professional and simple with good mobile accessAdded PayPal/EventBrite section for donations and eventsMore details and example links will be provided when requested/accepted

  • $377 USD 6 days ago

    I am looking at setting up a deals website such as Groupon, but I only wish to offer deals on food. Payment gateway required.

  • $555 USD 6 days ago

    Looking for a professional web designer to create a custom template for gaming website that features some of the most popular online PC games (World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Hearthstone, etc...)We are looking for a very clean professional design with proper texturing, professional and seamless add placement.Our current design is www.gamers-league.comPlease message us back with your portfolio as we would like to look at the existing work.

  • $577 USD 6 days ago

    Dear, freelancer.I have a directory site design with php and mysql before, but now I have bought a vantage theme and set it up on WordPress, but my problem is that I have up to 60,000 existing data that I want to move to my vantage new site, How am I going to do itI want talent freelancer, if you have good skill,please bid,We can discuss more.

  • $522 USD 6 days ago

    Have a website using the Linguini theme v 1.5 but have made several modifications to this theme and its files / styles over the past 2 years. Need to upgrade the theme to the newest version (Linguini 2.1.3 - files provided) and create a child theme that will preserve our styling and custom modifications, duplicating the overall appearance (and all content from) the existing website - but also allowing us to use the new features and improvements of the updated core theme.

  • $144 USD 6 days ago

    I am building a sports satire website and would like my site to end up on page 1 of Google under the search &quot;sports satire&quot;.

  • $188 USD 6 days ago

    The task is very simple. I have a website in English, I would like to replicate the theme of the site and use wpml (which is already installed on the site) and add additional language (RTL)The theme is &quot;Page One&quot; is very simple, you can see a screenshot attached

  • $477 USD 6 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for someone who can create me a nice wordpress template that will work well with woocommerce plugins and what not. If you think this may be you, let me know.

  • $177 USD 6 days ago

    I want a wordpress plugin that I will be able to use and display MOBILE PHONE SPECIFICATIONS, PICTURES, COMPARE PHONES, LIST OF PHONES & PRICE exactly like GSMARENA (

  • $477 USD 6 days ago

    Hello Freelancers,I need an expert to fix various minor bugs and styling issues for a custom programmed set of plugins in WordPress at acquiraventures.comThis website needs the following issues to be resolved:1. Layout and styling2. Show some fields in profile previews3. Admin&quot;s ability to review users&quot; uploaded files for user registration admin approval4. Admin&quot;s ability to review users&quot; uploaded files for uploaded project files for admin approval5. Fixing of user-follow-user issue6. Fixing of user-message-user issue7. Fixing of commenting and ask-question system8. Fixing of special search filters and functions as well as stylingAll must be done within 7 days from today (by next week Thursday 10th July)Thank you.

  • $477 USD 6 days ago

    Need to create one page responsive Wordpress parallax website.100% customized & creative to fit corporate all functions.Work Completion: 15 days.

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