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Tomislav Malis

Business Analytics - Excel and VBA Expert - MS Project Expert-Primavera P6 Expert - Oracle Business

Username: tomislav1975

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Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Member since: August 2013



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  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller euroventure


    May 30, 2014

    very professional and cost effective

    Project Description:require a freelancer to construct a data spreadsheet for excel 2007 -2010, review the attached spreadsheet for a idea. also goto youtube, and type rogerius111, the top video on the youtube ...
  • $80.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller excelrablo123


    May 24, 2014

    Very professional. Good Job

    Project Description:I need a spreadsheet to show me the following information. Date Customer Product Quantity Cost Price Selling Price Percentage Mark up (difference between cost and selling price in percentage) Total Sales (Quantity xSelling price) 5% Commission value on total sales...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller orfejzarada


    May 18, 2014

    Excellent work and great communication.

    Project Description:I have Excel problem to solve. I have data, created columns, tables, everything. I need connection. I have several Excel sheets with same tables structure and the same columns only different values and rows...
  • $36.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller WonderfulMike


    May 11, 2014

    A+ programmer that will exceed all your expectations! You can hire him with perfect confidence! He will get your job done without a doubt! Thank you Tom for a brilliant job and your great patience!

    Project Description:1. I will type the number of musicians and the cost per musician in each respective column and will leave the cursor blinking at the end of the cost per musician figure. The macro (which I will assign...
  • $45.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller palermitano


    May 8, 2014

    Excellent programmer and great job. Thanks!!

    Project Description:hi, I would need a few macros for Word (docx): 1) split a docx document into different documents, taking h1 tags as separations. The title of each splitted document should be that h1 title. 2) from...
  • €40.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller brunonature


    Apr 29, 2014

    excellent VB programmeranalyse correctly the requirement and found the right solution quickly.very good profile

    Project Description:Hello Team Please could you write a visual basic Macro (in a .xlsm files ) to identify - top ten relevant keywords - from - each cells - colum spécified (...
  • $100.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller en6210


    Apr 22, 2014

    Excellent communication Excellent job What more could you wantAlways enjoy with Tomislav. Thank You

    Project Description:.......................................................................................................:-)
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller en6210


    Apr 8, 2014

    For me Tomsilav is No. 1 Professional, quick, patient, and full of ideas. Again at any time!!!

    Project Description:Existing tool change as described .....................................
  • $113.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller steve045


    Oct 25, 2013

    Great customer service, He knows what his doing and does what he say. would definitely hire again.

    Project Description:Using a windows 8 table (acer iconia) I want to be able to click on a button in excel and the camera will open, take a photo and the picture will be imbedded to a cell. Put pop ups command in my workbook, Hide, show sheets automatically with button based on value...
  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller en6210


    Sep 18, 2013

    I've seen a lot in Excel. But this is madness!Excel guru through and through. Perfect!

    Project Description:Hallo, können Sie in Deutsch kommunizieren? Das würde für mich die Kommunikation mehr als vereinfachen. Ich benötige eine ganz spezielle Grafik die Temperaturdaten aus einem Excel Sheet einliest, als Grafik ablaufen lässt...
    Tomislav Malis has not completed any projects.
  • $24 USD In Progress

    Hello, I have a small list of keywords in excel (1200 rows). I have keywords in Column A and keywords in Column B. I need for the keywords from column B to be removed entirely from column A and then the results pasted into Column C. You will then put the duplicates found from column A in column D.I have attached the file excel file. I need this project done immediately within the next 10-20 minutes at most. Please bid $10 to be accepted and leave a personal message.Thank you!

  • ₹2000 INR 2 days ago

    I have started the project but am having difficulty finishing. i need one excel guy expert level to finish this

  • £50 GBP 6 days ago

    I am looking for somebody with advanced excel skills to organise an excel spreadsheet and briefly explain how you have achieved it.I need the attached document and listed tasks to be completed within an hour today.

  • $155 USD 14 days ago

    hello,i want to create a report summary from an excel filei need someone very good with excel

  • $110 CAD 16 days ago

    Hello,I need a cost calculator to figure out what my recipes cost me to make. This project has been started; you only need to tweak it to make it better! There is a mastersheet and all of the recipes get their data from that. This is already filled in for you.My problem is that I put the recipes all in one sheet, and I would like them each in their own worksheet (within the same document). So, there may end up being 20 tabs or more in the document but it should be easier for me to read than one great big long worksheet with all of the recipes on it, as it currently is.You may have to do some calculations, as the product comes in kg but the recipe uses other measurements, like oz. So, conversions are sometimes needed.Are you available to take this on? You can also give me an estimate once I upload the file.Again, you"re not making it from scratch but modifying it to a more usable document. Thank you so much!

  • $555 USD 16 days ago

    I request an excel spreadsheet template for real estate investment scenarios. I want the spreadsheet to work the following for me PER PROPERTY PURCHASED:Amortization of loans up to 80 years length, with monthly breakdown of principal and interest components (user will set purchase price and interest rate on borrowed finance)LVR - This is the Loan to Value Ration. For example, if a property is purchased for $100,000 and the loan is $70,000 then the LVR is 70%. I would like the spreadsheet to identify principal and interest repayments on the loan amount only, not the full purchase price of the propertyPayback period for capital improvements (spreadsheet user will provide amounts paid for capital improvements at any given time during the 50 year investment period)Outgoings and multiple cost fluctuations and Rental income fluctuations ie allowance for increase or decrease in (set by user)Land tax rates (usually set for the life of the investment - set by user)Calculation of purchase costs (user will provide percentage, please make allowance for up to 10 different purchase costs which user will enter)Comparison of investment against market yield. Example: typically residential real estate returns 4% per annum, but one investment scenario set by the user only returns 3.8%. (user sets market yield. Market yield should be set to change on a yearly basis set by the user throughout the 80 year period)A final net figure per annum and also at the end of the 80 years (or earlier as set by the user), be it a loss or income. This final figure should end at 80 years or prior to that as set by the user and should calculate NPV should the user choose to run a scenario where the investment is sold in any given month in any year prior or up until the 80th year.THE SPREADSHEET MUST THEN REPLICATE THIS FOR UP TO 100 PURCHASED PROPERTIES. The purpose is to identify how well scenario would run with the user inputting a scenario where an investor buys more investments at any month in any year up until the 80th year.Additionally, the spreadsheet should take into account the development of each of the 100 properties, individually. For example, property number 27 is developed in year 18 and 6 months to now have 20 units built on the land instead of 3 houses. Development costs set by the user can be input as well as additional funding expenses such as interest. This should take into account capital income, ie sale of each newly built unit, or rental income, and how it performs against the development"s ongoing costs and pre existing funding as well as typical market yield. (user sets upfront costs and expected interest rate over the life of the development project for that property. FOR THIS PARTICULAR ISSUE TO BE RESOLVED I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH A SPREADSHEET OF AN INDIVIDUAL SCENARIO AND HOW IT WORKS. REMEMBER, THIS PARTICULAR FEATURE OF THE SPREADSHEET MUST RUN IN ACCORDANCE WITH MY REQUIREMENTS AS LISTED. Finally, I would like the spreadsheet to provide a summary in easy to understand figures as well as via graphs. All the information that the scenario produces should be provided graphically as well. The spreadsheet must do this per property, as well as a summary for all properties purchased. THE SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE FOR THIS JOBYou should have excellent English skills and a thorough understanding of finance and real estate investment and development. I will provide you with further details on how I expect the end result, but for the most part, you will need to complete this project with little input from me.THE DESIRED OUTCOME OF THIS PROJECTA complete tool which provides me with a way to develop analysis on scenarios for real estate investment opportunities. I should be able to determine, when, and how much to invest at any time and when to sell and in the case of developed properties, how much to sell before the break even point is reached.

  • $155 AUD 18 days ago

    We would like a sales sheet creating in excel that calculates the pricing variables for us

  • $250 USD 18 days ago

    project that contains any calculatin , like salary verification, data entry format, project typing details , etc......

  • $88 USD 18 days ago

    Hello,I am looking for someone to create a macro for me.I have a source file with raw data and a template file that serves as the destination file. The source file is filled with data while the destination template file only has column headers.The source file has column headers which are similar but not exact to the template file. The headers vary in their order and in their existence for both source and template files. That is to say some files have a few columns while others are more comprehensive. As of now, there is a manual copy and pasting of the source file into the template file as such: If a column header in the source matches a column header in the destination template, the data from the rows in that source column are pasted into the destination template.If a column header in the source does not exist in the destination template, a new column is created.Matches are not exact, so Date of Birth could appear as Birth Date or D.o.b, for instance, in the source file but still need to be placed into the Date of Birth column of the destination template file.I would like the macro to scale so that it works on any new source and template combination.If any clarification is needed please ask.

  • $25 USD 18 days ago

    This is a very small task. Your goal is to create a spreadsheet that allows to enter some numbers as string and display certain numbers. You will need to help me secure this spreadsheet. Thanks

  • $83 USD 18 days ago

    I have a spreadsheet program that needs a little macro work (attached). It would be pretty easy to look it over and then read the rest of this. The purpose of the spreadsheet is that a user will be limited to selecting only 4 fruits or vegetables out of a total of about 20 in the list and they must stay under the amount of money they have available (say $100.00). The purpose is for them to maximize their point totals. Here is what I need accomplished with this spreadsheet: 1. There are columns off to the right with different currency data in them (columns S, T, U). Depending on which currency the user selects in a drop-down box (Dollars, Euro, GBP), I would like those currency figures to appear in column C. 2. The formulas in cells C5 and C7 currently work off of 1"s or 0"s in column F. I would like these to work off of check-boxes in column F instead. 3. Most importantly, I would like the user to select which ranking method they would like applied, (either Rank A, Rank B, Rank C or manual). Ranks A, B and C are located off to the right in columns P,Q and R. If they select either Rank A, Rank B, or Rank C I would like this data supplied to column A and have Colums A, B and C sorted in ascending order on Column A. I realize that the columns off to the right (O through U) would need to sort as well to keep the data from getting all jumbled. 4. If they select manual, I would like a pop-up listbox to appear (I"m open to other methods)and allow them to manually rank the fruits and vegetables. Here again, when they are finished I would like their ranking to appear in Column A and have all the right descriptions and currency figures appear in columns B and C as well. This data set would also be sorted in ascending order on column A. This is all that I need accomplished on this spreadsheet. ## Deliverables1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## PlatformWindows (excel spreadsheet)

  • $25 USD 18 days ago

    need someone to solve the 2 numericals

  • $333 AUD 28 days ago

    Turn tasks into categories and put in Microsoft project. I provide tasks and timings

  • $30 USD Jun 28, 2014

    HI, I managed to create an Excel macro. It is working now, but I want to have it optimized since right now it is being copied 14 times to control each sheet. Basically I need the correct loops within the macro to run it from a single module/sub routine and reduce the numbers of lines.Need to create arrays and loops for the following variables: My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=14, Criteria1:="=Can" "This is not always the same name as the sheet, for example "Fed" My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:="=No" "Other Option is yes Sheets("Canada").Select " This is the name of the sheet, some times it matches the filter criteria, some others don"t.What I am thinking you can do is an Array, something like this but you can decide the best way to do it: Dim region(1 To 14) As String Dim sh(1 To 14) As String region(1) = "=SE" region(2) = "=NE" etc sh(1) = "Southeast" sh(2) = "Northeast" etc For r = 1 To 14 All lines of code... My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=14, Criteria1:=region My_Range.AutoFilter Field:=7, Criteria1:=decision More code... Sheets(sh).Select next r

  • $94 USD Jun 28, 2014

    Hey everyone,I have an inventory sheet that I need to update daily. I have several excel files that need to talk to each other. Basically I just need a button that will create an "End File" which is just a file that will tell my sales channel what listings need to be removed. I think it is called a macro but I am not sure that is the correct term. Every day I will download the most up to date Products file and Active Listings file, then I will click the button you are creating.3 Workbooks / Files:MasterFile (Contains older inventory items)Products (Contains up to date inventory items)ActiveListings (Contains Listings for Products)Button Actions:a) Finds Item IDs that ARE in MasterFile but NOT in Products (meaning that they are no longer offered by the supplier). The Item IDs need to be added to a list of Item IDs to remove from ActiveListings (let"s call this LIST A), then the row needs to be deleted on the MasterFileb) Adds all Item IDs that have the stock value as "N" within Products file in LIST Ac) Finds all listing#s within ActiveListings sheet, then Creates an "end file" which is a CSV file that has the listing# of products that are out of stockExample:MasterFile File (NOTE - These are the old inventory from the previous day)TITLE, ITEM IDBaseball, 001Basketball, 002SoccerBall, 003Football, 004Products File (NOTE - 001 and 002 are out of stock. 003 is missing, meaning it is discontinued. Row corresponding to 003 needs to be removed from the master file)TITLE, ITEM ID, IN STOCK?Baseball, 001, NBasketball, 002, NFootball, 004, YActiveListings File (NOTE - I currently have 2 active listings for 001 which is out of stock, and 1 listing for 003 which is discontinued)LISTING ID, ITEM IDLISTING#1, 001LISTING#2, 001LISTING#3, 004LISTING#4, 004LISTING#5, 003Created EndFile CSV (NOTE - This CSV file contains which listings need to be removed)ACTION (STATIC), LISTING ID, REASON (STATIC)End, LISTING#1, NotAvailableEnd, LISTING#2, NotAvailableEnd, LISTING#5, NotAvailableThis is the first job of many, so I would love to work with someone who can help me with more macros / buttons / Excel work in the future. If you are interested, please let me know a price estimate and if it is a good price then we can talk further and I can provide more details. If you need clarification, please ask. Thanks!

  • $25 USD Jun 25, 2014

    I need a User Form (I think that is what will work for this) that will open automatically when the file is clicked that will allow user to input certain known numbers and then calculate those numbers using basic formulas (sum, time calculations, division) so we can record them.I am open to any form of a file that will work for this calculator. All data will be recorded manually and does not need to be saved to the file.

  • $30 USD/hr May 26, 2014

    To work in your company with dedicated in whatever position those needs expertise and enhance my talent, knowledge and capabilities.To see it that I would do my best for every tasks assigned to me and be open to any learning opportunity.To apply in a position that suited to my qualifications and capabilities, to deepen my skills in order to be competitive in my chosen field.To gain experience and professionalism in a reputable and well established company where I can develop my career, improve my talents, and especially to contribute my skills for the company’s growth and success.

  • $333 USD May 1, 2014

    We have 2,250 items in a spreadsheet that we need someone to look at both the item number and the description and match it to another spreadsheet from the vendor. We then need the VENDOR ITEM NUMBER copied over EXACTLY to the original spreadsheet. At the same time, we need to have someone look at the UNIT OF MEASURE from the spreadsheet and input a multiplier into the spreadsheet so that cost can be calculated correctly. For example, if the unit of measure from the vendor sheet is each and there are 6 each per case and in our spreadsheet the unit of measure is by the case, we need a 6 as the multiplier.Because of the nature of the work, EXCELLENT ENGLISH is required.

  • $20 USD May 1, 2014

    I have a form which is used for when employees join the company. At present the information is written in by hand. We are looking to have this made electronic so it can be filled in with MS Word and the field length limited so everything stays neat.The form that needs editing is attached.The form needs to remain the same but made so there is no chance of error Lowest bid will secure work. Should be an easy task for someone.Must be able to communicate via Skype to UK based client.

  • £150 GBP Apr 23, 2014

    I need someone to export the following from Tecdoc into a excel or cdv format1. A complete list of Contitech and First Line part numbers 2. The Tecdoc Type No (aka K-Type) of the vehicles these parts are compatible with3. Images of the parts I only have a hard copy of the Tecdoc database May need additional brands in the future

  • $250 USD Apr 7, 2014

    I"m looking for a highly qualified individual that can take a generic Microsoft Excel that I use for basic timesheet and invoice tracking and transform it into a highly advanced Excel Dashboard application that I can use for Business Intelligence purposes.In other words - I"m looking for an Excel professional that has Dashboard experience. You may have to use some third party controls and/or components to get Excel to do and display what I"m looking for and that"s okay. I"ll be looking to you to recommend various third-party addons.To get the remaining information for this project - please download the "excel-snapshot.docx" file and go through it very carefully. Thanks.

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Zagrebacki holding d.o.o. - Zagreb roads

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Head of road signalling for Zagreb roads

Feb 2008 - Jan 2011 (2 years)

Zagrebacki holding d.o.o. - Zagreb roads

Firm with 130+ employees dealing with road signalling (400+ crossroads with traffic lights and vertical / horizontal static signalisation) for City of Zagreb.

maintenance engineer

May 2007 - Feb 2008 (9 months)

Zagrebacki holding d.o.o. - Zagreb roads

Head of road maintance for part of City Zagreb

Dec 2005 - May 2007 (1 year)

Zagrebacki holding d.o.o. - Zagreb roads

Project engineer for maintenance and development

Apr 2002 - Dec 2005 (3 years)

Zagrebacki holding d.o.o.


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