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  • $20 USD
    Profile image for Seller tgb2004


    21 days ago

    great freelancer, was quick and good.<br/>

    Project Description:Hello, I would like to add some fields in the right way in access database 2010, or in separate table. And make some queries. Few hours of work. Are you familiar with access 2010 and do you have time...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller nimrod4154


    22 days ago

    Working with torajiv has been a pleasure. Fantastic communication and cares deeply about his work. I would recommend him to any of my friends. A++!!!

    Project Description:Current Problem: Many users currently use a shared Excel spreadsheet to enter data (only one can edit at a time) and also have to spend valueable time entering the same information into a personal log (spreadsheet)...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller psychoken


    25 days ago

    Initially I gave in and agreed to pay additional $120 for work he has already agreed to complete. After payment he requested extra $40 for a delete button and $70 to compile. Ridiculous. He is a cheat

    torajiv's reply:

    The feedback provided is degrading, defamatory and based on utterly false statements.The $120 mentioned, was quoted to the employer for adding an extra feature that would enable user based rights for the db users. The $40 and $70 were also quoted for additional modules that were requested in two forms. None of the above money has been paid to me as the work was not even started. The project was done in MS Access where there is no such thing as &quot;Compiling&quot;. If any one is interested in going through the messages exchanged between me and the employer(that prove the facts) can download this PDF file (I have uploaded to dropbox): have also lodged a complaint with freelancer for this defamation attempt. I have completed over 150 such projects - all with 5 star ratings and I stay committed to provide the best service to my clients.

    Project Description:a) basically, I have 8 simple tables with me now. I only need around 7-8 forms to query, add or edit the data. Please help to edit the tables for me and edit the fields as they are incomplete. Especially for case C...
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller Jaydeb56


    Mar 6, 2014

    Easy to work with, knowledgeable, 2nd time I have worked with him, I would hire him again.

    Project Description:Tune up existing database, modifying as necessary to make work as we need it to.
  • $450 USD
    Profile image for Seller marcussc


    Mar 4, 2014

    Rajiv has been wonderful. I would definitely hire again. he has really engaged with the project and has provided thoughtful input throughout the entire development process.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller cjmcma


    Feb 26, 2014

    Great job - quick, on point

    Project Description:Hi Torajiv - I need some simple updates to an Access database you created for me. Something has stopped working (drop down list for companies) and I&#039;d like to add some more fields
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller tstearns


    Feb 19, 2014

    Excellent work and great communication

    Project Description:I need a physician report card for approximately 150 individual physicians that is a one page/physician document with 3 sections they will be scored on. I need to be able to search the database to pull...
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller hollywoodseth


    Feb 13, 2014

    Best freelancer I have ever dealt with. Great work. I will be using him again for sure.

    Project Description:I have a database that my company uses for catering. It be able to have up to 5 different users on it at the same time and everything updates in real time. Also want the location field to have a drop down option for popular locations...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller aneesahs


    Jan 24, 2014

    He did a good job of creating a user friendly login prompt, dashboard, and administrator data entry windows. His insights helped us make important decisions about the overall design and security features. He was very responsive and quick to fix issues for us. I'll definitely use his services again!

    Project Description:We are creating a single entry point for all users on the network to access our database forms. They need to be authenticated first by username/password through a login screen. If the login fails, a red colored message is displayed inside that screen indicating so...
  • ₹1750 INR
    Profile image for Seller abdullahjaved


    Jan 19, 2014

    torajiv clearly understood my requirements, bid accordingly and then provided me a perfect solution. I would like to work with him again in future as well.

    Project Description:In my database I have certain defined items/milestones, each having a certain amount of money allotted as its cost. This cost is released/paid in bits and pieces over a period of time. 1. Sometimes the amount is released as an absolute amount, 2...
    Rajiv has not completed any projects.
  • £166 GBP In Progress

    We have a simple contact management database, and need the following set up1 - ability to create diary entries of actions or tasks for each person and view them on a calendar2 - ability to mail merge one or multiple contacts to a word document using address fields - save copy in contact record3 - ability to mail merge to outlook email one or multiple contacts using email field - save copy in contact record4 - create logins with user and administrator level5 - create database password6 - create a &quot;dashboard&quot; form showing number of calls made each day per user, number of new opportunites per user per day - this list grows so you can see past datathis database is to be then moved into an existing back off database so help on what to copy would be appreciatedthanks

  • $111 USD In Progress

    The scope of this project is to further refine, modify and improve an existing Access Database for use by shared users. I expect clear communication and an understanding of the needs of the project. We will discuss specific modules of the database after the project is awarded.

  • $388 USD In Progress

    Hi,I am basically looking for a MS Access database for a small dental clinic. We need to capture patient&quot;s personal details, medical history, and link to few consent forms in the patient record. Also we would like to add notes to the patient records and we should be able to write a quick treatment plan( in a plain text box) and total cost which we should be able to print out together with the patient details. If possible we can also set-up a invoice form, and this can be used to print out an invoice for the patient together with our business details (as a header), treatment performed and the cost incurred.In addition i want to have 2 dentists working on their laptops using different instances and at the end of the day i would like to combine both copies (i.e. records updated individually by the dentists on their laptops) into a master copy i.e. on an external drive or cloud arrangement. This would ensure that all the records are combined into the one master copy which we will then backup according to our needs. I am currently in the process of developing it myself however due to time constraints i would like to know how much will it cost and time it will take to develop such a database?I can provide all the fields and data requirements. Regards

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;Access Data Base&quot;

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    Ongoing Access ProjectSolomon Fowler taking over for Jesse Peterson

  • $2 USD/hr In Progress

    Hey! Long time. I have another project that I want you to work on. This one should be a BIT simpler, but Im not really sure. Every day, when I give the billing department an envelope to ship out, I write down on a weight sheet (paper) the company name, and the weight. Open the attachment and look at it so you can see what I am saying as I write this: There are 4 columns on the top of this sheet: customer, 10k, 14k, 18k and 3 on the bottom: customer, pd and pt. What I do is write, for example, customer A under customer, and then 4.75 under 14k if the ring is 4.75dwt and is 14k. If there is more than one weight, I will write them all next to the customer. Then, when she bills it, and I confirm she in fact billed it to 4.75, I circle it as complete, and under the customer name, I write the invoice # (you see the #s under the customer names). This becomes very messy (as you can see), makes it easy to miss weights, makes it difficult to go back and check to see later on, etc. What I would like, is something similar to this sheet but in electronic form. I would type the customer name and the weights I needed. Then, I would like some way to highlight the weight once it has been checked. This way I will know which weights are done in an easily visualized way, and which are still open by the ones that havent been highlighted. Now, I dont care if it is set up exactly like the attachment, whatever you can do is completely fine with me and using whatever program (excel, access, etc). Please let me know if you understand, or if you need more information. If you can, I am leaving the cost up to you. I am just putting in $2 bc its the lowest I can put in, and I have no idea.

  • $22 USD/hr In Progress

    I am a seafood distributor with many different grades of product that I ship. I have an existing MS Access database with custom front end that I would like reprogrammed and simplified. 1. I would like to input data through the same front end that I am currently using with maybe some slight modifications2. My database now has a calculation in it to separate product from different suppliers going into the same case for shipping. (I would like an easier way to enter this data) possibly by just a dropdown activated by a check mark in the front end interface.3. I want to the ability to generate custom date range reports for some of the reports that are already in my Access. Currently they do not query by date ranges. This may be due to the way the front end is inputting the data, I need this changed. 4. I would like my database updated to 2013 to take advantage of any future changes.

  • €12 EUR/hr In Progress

    Hi Rajiv,We have a Customer application. It is expansive and dont work well.Therefore we want a Access Database which includes our Customer informations like Adress and her Special interests.Furthermore wie want send newsletters throug the Database and sort them, which One recived a Newsletter. And it shoud possible to send Emails throug the dB.And we want create invoice. All what er Need for a Customer DB. May you have more Ideas.How Long Time and how much will it Coast?Please consider that i Need One for more different Jobs and Time.Best RegardsUmca

  • $100 USD In Progress you completed this project?i need the same thing but with the following additions:1. i need multiple categories... i.e. Litigation, Corporate, Administration, etc etc (the use must be able to add more2. the database needs to give a unique file number to new files according to a template XXX/YYY/A, where XXX is the customer number and YYY is the project number for that customer3. i would like the database to make a label to print for placing on the file (maybe with a barcode)4. i would like to be able to batch-close files and add them to boxes for off-site storage (Box 0001, Box 0002, etc) and record the specific location (i.e. Offsite 1, Position x1y2)

  • $14 USD/hr In Progress

    I put together a basic access 2010 databse and I need someone to make it better. This includes relating the tables, creating an invoice that will flow over into a receivables list type thing and so on. I could send the database to you with instructions of what is additionaly needed.

  • £277 GBP Today

    Project Description:To create a demo database system that runs on the Microsoft Access 2007-2013 file format. As part of the company’s modernization program, I am looking for someone who can help create a new database in which we can move the core data in the tables from the currently used Access 2.0 database and shift the culture from working in a part-manual, part-computerized way to a fully computerized way that will be stored on our cloud system. The database needs to look clean and simple, in order to input data easily and provide clear reports.To do:-Create 4 tables (Debtor, Debt, Client, Communication)-Create queries, forms and reports to produce similar tasks to the current database - with the changes noted on the attachment.

  • $100 USD Yesterday

    Hi, I need some help with a program,The 2 problems I am experiencing are:#1 I would like to have the ability to save in the database multiple examinations. I&quot;m going to send a screen shot of what I&quot;m talking about. I would like to be able to advance to the next exam but retain all of the previous exam information with that original date. As I would click on the little black arrow at the bottom, I should be able to advance to the next exam in chronological order. Currently, we are unable to create a new exam without deleting the existing data.#2 When I run a monthly report, the numbers are not adding up correctly. This seems to be connected to the work done by our recent programmer. The &quot;Production number&quot; on the &quot;Monthly report&quot; on a given date should match the &quot;New Fees&quot; on the &quot;Daily Financial Report.&quot;Please start your message with &quot;4536&quot; to show me that you read through the project and aren&quot;t just spamming. Thank you.

  • $388 USD 4 days ago

    Required to be built using Access 2007 or previous version of Access. This database would allow bookings to be added, reviewed, edited etc. Dates and times of bookings are important as we do not want to double book. In addition, we need to track the inventory, what inventory is out on a specific day and if we add a new booking, it will not book equipment out if it is not available.I feel a calendar function would be ideal to add a booking in, this calendar function would show all dates in a month that have a confirmed booking or provisional booking, the user would select any date in the month to begin adding a booking/query. Integration with google maps would be beneficial, as the business requires attending a customer location.Billing details would be stored, including attachments, if required. This would also allow a delivery note to be printed to the driver/installer.This business rents out tables, chairs, tents etc. The database interface needs to be kept as simple as possible with large font.

  • $155 USD 6 days ago

    I am a physician in a public hospital. I need a patient database created that includes patient demographic info, historical data (eg, smoker), lab/imaging/physiometric data, current and past medications, as well as other categories. The database should be easily searchable and relevant data points trendable.

  • $66 USD 8 days ago

    I have 2 databases. I need to get phone numbers from the master database and record them into small database.The databases are in excel, but you can covert them to access, if necessary.

  • $100 USD 8 days ago

    Ms Access xp simple databasedetails in PMB.Budget to be set (not exceed 100 USD)Regards

  • $200 AUD 12 days ago

    I have a client that uses an in-house Microsoft Access database to maintain job sheets. The person that created the database is no longer available. They are currently using Microsoft Access 2003 and have recently upgraded their office machines to Windows 7 and Access 2013. There are now issues running Access 2003 on Windows 7 machines with Office 2013 installed. Clients wish to upgrade the database to be compatible with Access 2013.I need someone with Microsoft Access skills that can upgrade the database.

  • $111 USD 16 days ago

    Develop MS Access database from XLS file. Need import process to import XLS file into Access Database. Initial screen to maintain file must be able to sequence and lookup based on FA-IDTAG, FA-LOCATION, FA-CLASS and FA-DEPARTMENT. Need to print report in same 4 sequences. Need to have range option based on FA-LOCATION, FA-CLASS, FA-DEPARTMENT, FA-ACQUISITION-DATE and FA-LIQUIDATION-DATE.

  • $500 USD Nov 16, 2013

    I need a database for calculating recipe costings.TABLESAs I see it this would consist of; Table 1: Suppliers - NameTable 2: Ingredient category - categoryTable 3: Units - UnitsTable 4: menu sections - sectionsTable 5: Ingredients: Ingredient name, supplier name (drop down from table 1) Ingredient category (drop down from table2), unit (drop down from table 3) cost per unitTable 6: recipes - For the recipe costings themselves I need to be able to add multiple ingredients, anything from 3 to 30 so it needs to be flexible. Also, I need to be able to add other recipes as ingredients. This could be a separate section but again I need a lot of flexibility in how many I can add. Ideally the form would start off with 1 drop down for ingredients and 1 for recipe ingredients with a button or something to add more as needed, I don&quot;t know if that&quot;s possible though.The info I need on the recipe table is; namemenu section(drop down table 4)recipe yieldrecipe yield unit (drop down from table 3)ingredients (multiple drop downs table 5 bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityrecipe ingredients (multiple drop downs of recipes ordered by section/alphabetic bringing over unit and cost per unit) Plus field for inputting quantityRecipe cost: each ingredient and recipe ingredient quantity multiplied by the cost, all added together and divided by the yield amount.Table 7: DishesBasically a copy of table 6, excluding the yield and yield unit and adding a selling price field.REPORTS1. I will need a printable report of all ingredients, ordered by supplier then alphabetical with current prices and an empty filed next to each for price checking.2. A report listing all recipes from table 7 detailing name, recipe cost, selling price and a calculated field for each recipe showing &quot;1-(recipeCost/sellingPrice) expressed as a percentage to 2 decimal points.FORMS I would want a auto start dashboard consisting of;Dash 1 - report 1, report 2, add items subform, edit items subform, other subformAdd items subform: add ingredient (new record form for table 5), add recipe (new record form for table 6) add dish (new record form for table 7)Edit items subform: edit ingredient (new record form for table 5), edit recipe (new record form for table 6) edit dish (new record form for table 7)If it is possible some way of searching for a particular item in the edit forms would be very useful.Other subform; links to edit form for the first 4 tables

  • $200 USD Nov 7, 2013

    I am stuck creating forms for my commissions database. I need help finishing up this little project, and with the right person, I need to expand on the project later.Problem:Commissions are paid to our agency from several carriers, each sending us monthly or weekly statements. Each statement has one line per policy, much like an order form. We have several agents, whose policies are paid from the carriers. We need a database to enter each commission statement into a form, then, each month, we need to run a report showing how much each agent is to be paid.I have attached the database, which will show the basic tables (and where I am stuck) :)Time is really of the essence, as we are now three months behind in generating our reports.Future needs: We would like to expand the project later by adding basic contact management to the database. It would be nice if we could pull up a contact and get a list of their policies.

  • $15 USD/hr Jul 19, 2013

    I have a need to build an access database that utilizes a GUI with all of the underlying tables hidden and locked out with the exception on an administrator logging in. The user will complete a survey and based upon their answers and the underlying benchmark data I will provide the user will then be able to create a report showing where they stand relative to the benchmarks. Additionally I would like the user to be able to track their rate of change in each benchmark category. So if they input their data 1/1/13 and then again 6/1/13 and again on 1/1/14 and so on they will be able to see how they are progressing. I have this somewhat done in excel now however I want to give it a much more professional look.

  • $111 USD May 18, 2013

    Transfer the work process from Microsoft Excel sheet to a small friendly access database for 3 to 5 users. The program must be open.

  • $30 USD Feb 20, 2013

    I need an Access DB that can:1. Import a csv file containing a client name, dental procedures performed, date of service, insurance portion paid, patient portion paid, and remaining balance.2. Create a billing statement form that allows:a. A specific client to be selected from the imported file.b. Entry of insurance information such as patient deductible and the percentage of the procedures the insurance will pay for (such as 80%, 50%, etc).3. Then print out a billing statement where all of this information is displayed. Also, math should be performed to calculate how much the insurance should pay and how much the patient should pay. For example, if the insurance company should pay 80% of a procedure that costs $100, then the insurance will pay $80 and the patient pays $20.

  • $30 USD Jan 29, 2013

    I need to have some coding done in Excel for a program called Swordfish by Estuary Solutions it is a futures trading platform . Swordfish can interface with Excel, it has I believe to be coded in VBA. The Excel interface is already coded by Swordfish, I need 5 different parameters, CCI x 2, EMA x 2 and a Fast Stochastic, coded for Excel so that as the data coming in is read and when my conditions in the parameters are met Excel will put in a buy or sell command to Swordfish. I am sure you will need more info to decide if you are interested please contact me with what you need to know.I have attached a word doc for you to look at.Please note that OTS in the doc is now Swordfish .I am not shure of a price so please discuss this with me.Kind regardsChris Watson

  • $100 AUD Oct 18, 2012

    Hey there, i have a small VBA project that consist of making a Ten Pin Bowling Score data entry system with proper sorting. If intrested, please let me know and i will send you the full project details

  • ₹5000 INR Oct 17, 2012

    I want to get developed a &quot;profitability report&quot; from my data in separate tables viz. Monthly Purchase, Wage, Salary, etc. Format of Report and tables are attached.

  • $15 USD/hr Aug 16, 2012

    Hi,I need to have a microsoft access program for an Sport center.They have to manage:- daily mask A (mask with n column - one for fields -and all hours of a day), with this mask the customer can select a range of hours and then set an event (like prenote field for Player &quot;Ted Green&quot;)- daily mask B, only a list of event, if the customer want add a new event, It&quot;ll show at a new row.- Daily, weekly and monthly Statics about How many money then earn/loosewhich is the event most profitWhich is the best range of hoursHow is the best customer- A Customer Mask- A Define Event Mask (like rent field, teaching tennis, play tournament...)- A Mask for manage business (how much I have to give to garder, to teacher, to me...)What do you think about that?I know that isent detailed but, before I prefer understand How much It is cost and How many time to do.Thanks in advanceNeolinus

  • $60 USD Jul 17, 2012

    I am working on a project that has proven to be extremely time consuming and I wanted to know if there were any ideas for a web query that could automate my efforts of searching a website&quot;s database and going through entries and placing each entry in a row in excel or access. for example here is the database I&quot;m searching - from that list I have to manually select each of the neighborhoods (one after another). Once the search returns there are thousands of records of which I have to click into each and extract; Address | Neighborhood | Use Code | Land Area | Owner Name | Mailing Address | Sale Price | Recordation Date | URL then I go back to the search results and do the same thing over and over for the next listings. This has proven to be extremely time consuming and I was just wondering if there were a way to automate this. Also, it would need to be flexible enough that my spreadsheet updates with the results once news ones are added. If you are able to do this I would offer up to 10 additional projects, same task but different websites that need to be able to be imported into the same or another worbook, we could also negotiate a rate increase.

  • $110 USD Jul 15, 2012

    I have a list of General Ledger accounting codes with descriptions. The goal is to create an access database that will be user friendly. For example, we would upload all the GL account codes and descriptions and the users will be able to key an account code or description and the database will return the GL code that matches the search. I think access would be the best option for this.Also, we need an access database to manage our contracts. Something that we would enter client information and orders, some of these orders have trigger price increase over time so the data base will need to remind us of all the time base triggers, either trough an email reminder or some other form of reporting.the ideal candidate must be an expert or excel and have experience with data bases. We have Time sensitive projects all the time so looking for someone we can work with long term.if you have any questions let me know,

  • $1500 USD Nov 9, 2010

    I need to convert text output from product database to be converted into Excel sheet or Access database.The reason is to format the output and to prepare it for price data entry.

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