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  • [Sealed] In Progress

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  • $5000 USD In Progress

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  • £30 GBP/hr In Progress

    We are looking for a developer to help make changes to an existing QR scanner app of ours. We need someone who can help us straighten out resolving issues, so that the app supports all QR content, and category integration.

  • $1800 USD In Progress

    I need an app for BlackBerry phones for my customers in my restaurant business. The customer upon checkout would earn points based on their invoice/receipt and when they refer to friends about the business and their friends makes a purchase the person who referred them would also get points added to their credits.App must be able to push info to the BlackBerry phones notifying them of specials or deals etc.App must be able to post your comments and referrals to facebook also.

  • $2100 USD In Progress

    We want to develop a mobile app for smartphone and tablet for a restaurant. The app will be something fun like Easy-Bake Cupcakes - except, for Hot Dogs. The user will create a hotdog using ingredients available on the restaurant menu- Users will be able to email their "constructed hotdogs" to the restaurant to receive a prize- The solution will be deployed cross platform (IOS, Android, Blackberry)- Artwork will be providedMore details to serious bidders.If you are bidding on this project please submit evidence of your experience in developing cross platform mobile apps - IOS, Android, Blackberry. We are particularly interested in teams with HTML5 experience for mobile web apps and native wrapped for app store deployment.

  • $3333 USD May 13, 2013

    I am looking for an Mobile phone developer who can develop a whatsapp clone. there will be minor changes but same as whats app. looking for an expert. the app im trying to make is for all platforms (android

  • $600 USD Mar 11, 2013

    Hi,I need a client/server proxy software for web surfing in C# or whatever you think does it better.., i"ll list some features i need and can also provide sample applications if needed.1) Client should support Win XP, Vista 7 and 8.., i may need MAC/iOS and Linux at a later time.., The server application can be Win or Linux based.2) It has to support at least 100 clients with 200 concurrent connections per client.3) Two encryption methods (URL"s need to be encrypted too.)4) It has to support Authentication (Auth with a radius server is preferred).5) Supporting compression is preferred (ie. using zlib library).Please do let me know if you have a question.Thank you,John

  • $1200 USD Mar 11, 2013

    HiI am looking for a company that is able to develop an app for apple and android devices.It would be the same as tango.mePlease let me know if you are able to build this! I would provide you more information .

  • R6000 ZAR Mar 5, 2013

    I am looking for a application that I can host on my Microsoft Server Environment that runs of a SQL Database. It is an online order form for Sales Reps to generate orders in store and then send the order for via email to the warehouse for processing. The website( Application) should be easily be accessible from Tablets via mobile internet. Some reporting will also have to be generated from captured data. The process will work as follow:1. I must be able to capture customer detail and just selected it once I am at the client from a drop down.2. I will have one level of principal suppliers with products under each supplier.3. Once I have selected the customer the principle supplier will have a Tab for each with its products in rows under each supplier.4. Once in store I will have 2 columns for each product, Stock on Hand, and Stock to Order. A 6 month history will also be displayed as Stock on Hand and Stock ordered.5. Once order form has been completed, order for can contain products from different tabs or principal suppliers, it must be send to the various principal suppliers via a generated email, and stored in database.This is not a very complex project but must be able to add quantities via scrolling numbers like on you set an iPhone clock. From the attached order for you will see the products, order and stock columns.

  • [Sealed] /hr Mar 4, 2013

    Dear Sir/Madam,I need n smartphone app developed that can be used to create custom tile colors. Basically I will start with a blank square tile. The user can pick the base color from a palette. After this they can add to the base color by choosing various colored stone and glass chips. When they are happy with what they see they then can email for a sample of this custom tile.I had began development using Corona SDK but right now I am too busy to commit the time personally to this project.I am thinking that Ideally a percentage slider would be the best way to go for each of the different colored stones that the users adds. Whatever graphics that are required I can supply.I am not sure what is the best way to hand over this project - ideally I"d like someone to develop the basics along with a a user manual for the app in a program such as Corona SDK (or similar that I could purchase and download). I could then take over the development as I will have to add an extensive amount of options and I think it may be more cost effective in the long run.I am open to suggestions.Please get in touch and let me know what you think.Thank You.

  • $1600 USD Feb 24, 2013

    I need two simple iPhone and Android:The first allow users to store a digital copy of his cards (especially loyalty cards) -> card walletEntry in apps should be through an PIN code (4 digits) and user name.This cards can be added by user manually (using an entry form) or received from an web service. The details of a card are Card Name, Card Number, Validity (up to), Owner Name, Text details. Text details should be available as an QR code. Card Number should be available as a bar code (using EAN 13 codification). Any card should have an option to display the QR code or the bar code.Other facilities: a.Select and display a card -> users select a card, the card is displayed using QR or bar code (as is configured)b.Show available cards -> the apps interrogate the web service and show to user all available cards. User can select a card to add in his card walletc.Add a new card -> user manually add a new card in the card walletThe web service should be developed too (for testing proposes) using .NET technology.Example for a such application is Lemon Wallet apps (android).The second is an application used by an merchandiser to read using the video camera of his smartphone the bar code or QR code from a user who use the first applicationFacilities:a.Login using user name and PINb.Scan a card -> scan a card displayed by the first application (card wallet) using video camera both for bar code or QR code, interrogate a web service for checking the card validity, display the message “Approve transaction? (YES/NO)”, if select YES commit transaction to a server using an web servicec.Transaction lists (all transactions for a specific period of time)The web service for check the validity of a card and commit a transaction should be developed too (for testing proposes) using .NET technology.Check card validity means the card exist in the server table (cards_table) and Validity is below current date.Commit transaction means the app write in a table (transactions_table) the using of a card (card details, merchandiser name and date of use).

  • $1800 USD Feb 24, 2013

    1. Design iPhone, Android and Windows 8 app which can place a protective beam around the user to block tracking devices designed to determine smartphone location. One option may be using near field communication NFC.2. User can set desired radiant temperature and when temperature changes from the desired temperature, app sends a frequency to act as an invisible shield to maintain selected temperature.3. Please discuss how you would design the app to accomplish above 2 tasks.4. Payment: 1/3 Milestone at framework, 1/3 when app uploaded on my iPhone and final 1/3 paid after app is installed on the 3 platforms.

  • £4 GBP/hr Feb 23, 2013

    You are required to design and produce a partial implementation of an E-Commerce (EC) web site. You need to choose an unusual product for online purchase. Selling Books, CD"s or mobile phones is not permitted as they are too conventional; please use your imagination when choosing a product. Your website should consist of 5 or more pages, which deal with demonstrating a product of your choice, explaining its competitiveness, giving detailed information about the product. Marks will be awarded for the following: Design/HCI /Usability/Navigation•Efficiency of HTML (comments, readable code etc) •CSS•ASP.NET•Web controls-some of these used sensibly (textboxes, buttons, dropdown list, radio buttons, etc)-validation controls•Connection to database -searching -insert, update, delete data (one or two of these)•Shopping Basket •Additional functionality - (e.g. Implementation of VB constructs including functions and procedures [this depends on your application; for example you could add a function to convert UK shoe sizes to Continental]; more sophisticated GUI; more sophisticated shopping basket )•Report - this is a short report to help with assessment - details below.The website needs to be done in web matrix which is an integrated development environment.

  • $1200 AUD Feb 14, 2013

    I have a website that is already functioning and optimised for smartphone and tablet devices.I require someone to develop an Android & iPhone App that accesses that website.I expect the easiest way to do so is take an Open Source IOS or Android Browser, put it into Kiosk mode, so that it only accesses thesingle website url, disable any external search or url bar.Here"s an outline of how it should work.The user opens the app on their device. The splash screen appears with an image and logo. It automatically logs them into the website, giving them access to the functions of the website.If someone tries to access the website using a browser, rather than the App, they should just get the splash screen.1. You will need to add a splash screen or opening screen that shows up on the phone or tablet. I will provide the basic design.2. You will need to alter the website a little so it can only be accessed using an App, probably easily done by making a log-in splash screen, so that unless the user is accessing it from a device using the App, they only get the splash screen.3. You will need to be able to add the Google Play licensing key to the APK, and also Zipalign the APK. And you will need to do the same with whatever equivalent Apple Apps use.Sounds fairly easy.I already have a Google Play account and an Apple Developer account.The Google Play has the 1.0 version of the App functioning already, however it is just a basic script that opens a browser and joins the website. The 2.0 needs to be developed as above. I have not yet done any developing on the Apple version.If you have experience in this area it should hopefully be quite simple.Please include an estimated completion time. If you do not have experience in this area please do not apply.

  • $16000 HKD Feb 12, 2013

    A simple android apps like "Table Booking" of notification features. Many Thanks.

  • $1200 USD Feb 11, 2013

    Hi, I need Similar Application like Whatsapp. Its Chat Application. I need this to be developed in ANDROID And then IPhone. I am also developer and i do have expertise in PHP but not in android and iphone so i need some expert to work on this. Don"t apply if you are fresher or beginner, you need to provide me portfolio for android and iphone application. I need all feature to be clone and Speed should be very high like whatsapp. I know there are certain basic android chat application available in market but i don"t want that, i need something similar to whatsapp. Pls. share your experience with me in this regards, which server do we take, which application feature should we incorporate and what is the best way to achieve the goal. I need to start this ASAP. Pls. apply with your portfolio and share your knowledge so that i will have confidence about your skills. Thanks for your time.

  • $1200 USD Feb 2, 2013 is a online forex trading portal. We need to develop an iPad / iPhone application for it.the application must have same functionality as our web based platform. Please study the website and its functionality in detail.

  • ₹750 INR/hr Jan 31, 2013

    Hello We want help developing web service project please contact.this can be a 1-2 hour work only.

  • $3500 USD Jan 31, 2013

    3D Graphing Software Program required urgently, I need a 3D Software program built.mention "olangs" in PM by which i understand u read my project detailsSee attached project description.If you are interested I have a video that explains what I need.This should be an easy program to build if you have 3D graphing software experience.check

  • $1600 USD Jan 30, 2013

    We are interested in basic trading Mobile application for Android and/or iPhone that seats on top of MT4. We are looking for a team that already built such application and can customize it (colors/fonts/logo) for us promptly.

  • $2500 USD Jan 20, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

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