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Muhammad Usman

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Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Member since: August 2007



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  • [Sealed]
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    Nov 20, 2012

    Good freelancer<br/>Good freelancer <br/>Good freelancer just needs to pay abit more attention to detail but with guidance can produce good work. Would hire again!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $375.00 USD
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    Ravineb [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 2, 2012

    5 days have passed since the deadline, and I still haven't heard anything from them, in spite of leaving them many PM's. Initially, they seemed very keen on doing it and even offered a good margin but now they have completely disappeared. Don't get carried away by the ratings here, very unprofessional, would never recommend them.

    Project Description:I need someone to develop a simple Terrapin android app for me. I don&#039;t want anything fancy,the basic functioning should work.. &#039;BOB&#039; takes a pic of an accident. BOB sends an ad to the Terrapin server saying &#039;accident&#039; or &#039;dog missing&#039;(tag words),time,location...
  • $100.00 USD
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    mannjess [ Incomplete Report ]

    Dec 28, 2011

    Failed to meet multiple deadlines, then provided broken code after project deadline had passed which didn't remotely meet the clearly stated requirements. When questioned, he said he "decided to change the requirements because the original ones were too hard". I asked him to provide just half of the original project, and gave him another full day to do it. He delivered my own code back to me without any new styling. I gave him another chance and another day, and he disappeared without any contact. This was a truly awful experience, even for a VERY simple project. Avoid this provider.

    Project Description:Reposting. Last developer vanished without completing the job (again). I have 3 pages I need added to my client&#039;s site today. I&#039;ve attached the mockups for the pages. We&#039;re using Zend Framework and jQuery...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller isakukageyama


    Aug 4, 2011

    Great work - high quality work on time and on budget

    Project Description:Logo for Online Teaching Website I need a logo for an online teaching website. Please contact me with design work you have done in the past.
  • $500.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ukhouse


    May 21, 2011

    Good Programmer

    Project Description:We have a requirements to build android app, attached is the file to describe this
  • $300.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ilmanen


    Apr 20, 2011

    High quality development. Capabilities extremely high level.

    Project Description:Hi, our messaging app needs performance update and some functional features. Sorry but developers that have earlier work with this project are prioritized. Task: -performance update (faster opening)...
  • $1400.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller eduardobaer


    Apr 4, 2011

    There were some issues with greater complexity than expected in order to develop the app I needed, but overall it was great working with them

    Project Description:I have a small iPhone app with ~15 screens that I need to port to the Android 2+ platform. The app communicates to my server via webservices and provides a platform for ordering pizza delivery The...
  • $1200.00 USD
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    sef19 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 29, 2011

    He appeared eager, willing and expr to bid, but disappear a long while after 1st conf call. I filed concern to freelancer. He is polite & always provide alternate plan and date, which never come true, and worst, disappear and forget what he has committed. For 1st time user like me, be aware ! He is nice and you would give a lot of margin, even cross deadline, end your risk your project.

    Project Description:Online survey application for public and members. The survey form(s) is allowed to be downloaded to a Mobile device for offline usage. Authenication is required if the survey is for members. The application...
  • $750.00 USD
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    khhlimited [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 4, 2011

    After several days he had started working on the project, he disappears for a whole week without ever telling me why and never replied. Even if he had a personal problem, he should've told me, but all in all as a buyer, what a waste of time and money.

    Project Description:I&#039;m looking for someone who can create a basic member profile platform which consists of the followings: - member(user) info / details : name, birthdate, occupation, hobbies, etc.. - visual calendar with a particular date clicked brings searched phrases (from my site) and memo taken on that day...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller qupid123


    Jan 11, 2011

    I've been in the software industry for 3 years and one day I managed to find these guys. They were easily the best I've ever used. Their coding skills were top notch and had the best communication and English skills I've ever seen from a foreign developer. Will use again and have recommended them (particularly Usman Chaudhry) to my colleagues. Thanks

    Project Description:Hi, I have the designs and requirements for an application I need developed for Blackberry&#039;s new device - the playbook. View the link above for access to all development tools and an overview of the actual product...
    Muhammad Usman has not completed any projects.
    Muhammad Usman does not have any work in progress.
  • $250 USD Sep 2, 2012

    Hi,We require school management software with source code for the following modules:I want a School management PHP source code which can both be used on intranet based as well as web based platform.The web part will be installed and running in the internet and the Intranet based application will be installed on a standalone system, but both applications should inter related.It will be a single School management system in PHP code which can both be used on local network as well as web based platform.The main reason is the internet links is not reliable. whenever the internet is down the application should be able to run on local network so that the school activities will not the disturp it will only update the local data on web server when the internet link is restored ie when onlineThe school admin will be having the authority to access the web part in the internet. It is the same person who is entering into the web part by giving the user login and password and enables the transaction in between the applicationsFollowing are some of the core modules of School software: Admin ModuleView/Take AttendanceFee Submission/detailsSchool time-table generatorAlert MonitorDisciplinary managementCreate PagesImage GalleryHomepage SlideshowNews &amp; EventsHomeworkTutorialsOnline QuizCalendar/EventsAppointmentsStudents Management Settings Assignments Management ExaminationsPayroll Management Document ManagementEmployees Management(Including teachers)Subjects/Courses ManagementPerformance Management (Report Cards) Library ManagementInventoryID Card Generation ManagementAdministive Tasks Partents and Students Login Chat engine Hostel Management,Transport ManagementWaiting for your reply..,

  • $2000 USD Aug 1, 2012

    We need the development of an iphone app and an android app that would connect with our heavily modified online osCommerce store with qtpro for stock by attributes. We don&quot;t want a website browser format, but instead a navigation through the categories and products. Please see the All Saints App for an example as to what we are looking for. application should display a banner image that will be set in the osC admin and this app will pull from the existing online store database the list of categories and products, caching it locally. This cache should be updated daily or through a specific user request. The cache should include the product name, description and download the images on demand. Product images should not be stored long-term on the mobile device due to the size and number of images.App user should be able to navigate through the product catalog by swiping back and forth and looking at the pictures and description, available options and price.Every time a product is displayed, a button &quot;Buy it now&quot; should appear. If the customer clicks on it - after they select the options (ie size, color), it should go into the osCommerce shopping cart operating the same way as through a standard osCommerce purchase. But instead of giving the traditional osCommerce shopping cart web page, the app should have inside of it a specific icon to review and edit the shopping cart contents. This icon should only be visible if there are products in the cart.Due to the existing customization on the website checkout, app checkout may redirect to the website checkout so long as all items are entered into the osC shopping cart with associated quantities and sizes.We would like to repeat that this is not about creating a different html page for the iphone/droid. We want our own app to have all functions built-in. It possibly will use XML or some other protocol to talk on the back end between the site and the phone. Since our goal is to sell our products listed on the catalog, we plan to offer the app free of charge.We foresee the need of a few scripts to be added into the osCommerce site that will interface with the app. It is important to implement security in all aspects to avoid SQL injection, cross-site scripting, etc.Project is not complete until we receive the complete source code of all scripts and the full app properly organized, documented and tested fully. This is not an open-source project. We will retain exclusive copyright and distribution rights.Similar projects have been done for around $700, we are working with approximately the same budget. More will be paid for suggested features above what is required. I can send screen shots of what we are looking for.

  • $500 USD Apr 12, 2012

    I need a expert photoshop/ photo editing that can do the following: adjust color/exposure and improve image quality, change color in photos, make crystals shinier, changing background color, remove background or white background.-The color to be changed must match with fabric colors reference I will provide.I have hired someone before for this project and got people that couldn&quot;t do a quality job. To make sure I will like the work, I will send everyone 1-2 photos to edit to specification so I can see a sample of the work.I will need up to 100 photos total for this first project.Thank you all!

  • $800 USD Dec 23, 2011

    Hi, I would like to build an magazine application for ipad and android. The application will be very much like zinio. Kindly let me know if you can do this, and what the cost implication and time-frame would be. Thanks, Ben

  • $150 USD Apr 1, 2011

    I may need someone to rewrite an existing apk file to be able to handle sessions across the httprequestand the webView for android. I already have the emulator uploading to the database by way of request_idbut need to be able to update only if there is a valid server session.

  • $500 USD Mar 17, 2011

    I need small interactive application for questions and predefined answers some thing like quiz. Some questions will have to be answered by some consultants so we need backend to manage questions and answersThanksMaggie

  • $220 USD Mar 1, 2011

    I need someone who can upgrade an application from Codeigniter 1.72 to 2.00This person MUST be very experienced with CI and have upgraded other applications already.There are a few things you may want to know about the application:1 - the application folder is stored OUTSIDE of the system folder. 2 - there are 3 plugins used in the application that must be renamed as helpers3 - there are 25-30 models, 90-100 controllers, and about 150 view files. Thank you!

  • $2800 USD Feb 24, 2011

    Keep in mind when submitting a bidding price this is a long term job with many updates not just a one time job! Will want iphone and blackberry apps in the futureREGISTRATION (agree to terms of service,name,phone number,email address,dob,city state,relationship,zodiac,ability to send text message to all cell phone contacts with invite)SEARCH (can advance search on name,phone,email,city,state,relationship,zodiac,)PROFILE PAGE (diplays pic,location,name,relationship status,zodiac,home town,MENU NON FRIEND(request,photos,chat,friends)MENU SELF(edit,photos,chat,friend wall,friends)MENU FRIEND(photos,chat friends,friend wall,remove friend)REQUEST (active if profile is not currently on friend list,Person receiving request will haveoption to add as friend)LOCATE (goes to map and shows location of friends on map. Ability to turn feature on or off)CHAT (home link,search bar,chat window)PHOTOS (shows photos scroll with positive and negative symbols to remove or add request of friend ability to remove photo by pressing and selecting remove)FRIENDS (shows friends request with -+ on pic on each corner to remove or add friend.)WALL FRIENDS (displays comments, and ability to comment if friend )EVENTS (post event information (date,event name, short description,event removes self after date passes)comment posted on friend wall)

  • $750 USD Feb 23, 2011

    Hi, I would like to get a budgetary proposal for the development of , describe mobile application. Attached, please find a high level design. Based on the bids we will send a detailed spec to the chosen vendor.We would like to get a bid for each platform separably (Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackbarry, Symbain, jave).In addition, please include a yearly support fee for the next 3 years, and a hourly fee per change request.Best

  • $500 USD Feb 15, 2011

    Simple Android word game is needed with 2 screens max. 2 player or turn based multiplayer option also.Chat function, and Google Admob integration needed also.

  • $700 AUD Feb 12, 2011

    For Company Maxfire

  • $600 AUD Jan 28, 2011

    I require a talented android developer to create a live wallpaper.The wallpaper will use a static image which I will supply, and 4-5 dynamic lighting/special effects which you will provide. These effects will include a realistic river flow, realistic explosions and flying 2D debris. Must have variable user settings Eg. Variable river speed, Amount of debris and rate of explosions.The wallpaper must be cpu and battery optimised. Be fully debugged and compatible with most droid phones running 2.1 and up.The app must be delivered fully ready to upload to the android market and fully signed allowing for future updates.I need a developer who has a passion for their work and has very high standards. Lets start this project asap.A good example of what I need is &quot;City Night Live Wallpaper&quot; available on the android market.Please send me examples of your android expertise. Please only bid if you are 100% capable of producing what I need.Regards,Ben

  • $800 USD Jan 20, 2011

    We would like a website making like:www(dot)topcas(removethis)hback(dot)co(dot)ukUSER INTERFACEThe site will feature merchant name, logo, description, and current offers. There may be multiple offers for each merchant. There should be a button to go to the merchant&quot;s website.Visitors can sign up, download a toolbar for IE/Mozilla browsers that we are having developed, and browse the cashback offers in a similar way to the topcas(removethis)hback site.We would also like the ability for visitors to rate/review merchants.When the user is logged in a tracking code should be appended to the affiliate link so that we can track any sales back to the member and allocate their cashback.Visitors can refer other members. When they refer other people who sign up, their ID number is saved as the referrer. Visitors should be able to see how many people they have referred as follows:1st level referrals2nd level referrals3rd level referralsMembers can also see a log of their cashback received from either personal transactions or referral transactions.Users should be able to withdraw their earnings by having the funds paid to their PayPal account. This can be done as a manual request.BACK END SYSTEMWe would like a back end system to add/edit merchants, and import commission data from the affiliate network.Whenever transaction data is imported for each transaction the tracking code identifies the member who made the purchase.The member recieves 50% of the commission amount.The person who referred them (if any) receives 10%.The person who referred them (if any) receives 5%.The person who referred them (if any) receives 2%.Referrals are only paid down three levels.So for example if $10 commission is received the member who made the transaction will receive $5. The person who referred them receives $1, the person who referred them receives $0.50 and the person who referred them receives $0.20. We keep the remaining $3.30.All figures should be rounded down to the nearest penny.We will send you a file with example transaction data.All data should be checked to avoid duplicate transactions. Where a paypal withdrawal request is made the admin will be able to take the amount from the member&quot;s balance and record it in their account as a paypal withdrawal.OTHER THINGSWe would like a logo for the website consisting of the words KING, CASH and BACK stacked on top of each other with a crown on the top. The website should be bright - primary colours, white background, black text. RSS feed of merchants, SEO urls for merchant info pages.We would like widget areas for most popular offers (by number of views/week), latest offers (by date added), and people who have earned the most (by total amount earned).

  • $1000 USD Jan 15, 2011

    i need a real estate portal like php, mysql, and perfect seo portal based in brasil Do not bid so low and very high.. i have a low budget I want correct estimation.Only programmers with real estate experience, send me yours last projects doneI&quot;m graphic designer and i will provide all templates and graphic support . i need quote only for programming.i want a style portal and i like smart suggestions.please sign-in on the and check all Please analyse and bid on project.

  • $590 USD Jan 7, 2011

    We am looking for someone to make a mobile version of a clients website. The site should be tailored more for iPhones, but should be functional on most smart phones. We would like to have the following featuresHOME SCREEN-Logo for ToGo Key West-Facebook link to : layout should be similar to the home screen on an iPhone. These buttons should be the links to the MENU&quot;S SCREEN. They should only be 3 across instead of 4, with the phone number and map launch buttons* underneath.* Phone Number and Get Directions buttons. Same as when you do a google search from an iPhone.MENU SCREEN-Logo for restaurant-a MAP, COUPON (when applicable), and Facebook link-Address and phone number button*. -All the food categories (ie Sandwiches, Salads, Pizzas, etc). These &quot;bar buttons&quot; should function similar to the drop down categories on (see attachment 4). These bars should expand to show the advertiser&quot;s menu (attachment 2 & 3).-Once the Category Bar is expanded, it should include the Item, description and price. Also, if possible, an CAMERA ICON for items that we have a photo of the food. This will not be available at launch, but we would like you to keep this in mind in the design and we will provide one food item photo to beta test this on.*** Please also let us know how much you would charge to add a new client to the HOME screen (icon, phone and directions) and how much to layout out their menu page.PLEASE CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS. WE ARE LOOKING FOR A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP WITH COMPETENT DESIGNERS AND PROGRAMERS. We have at least a dozen projects in the pipeline coming our way.Thank you for your interest.

  • $5000 USD Jan 5, 2011

    Hi,We are a US based Company focused in Mobile Development and we are looking to partner with someone for iPhone, iPad and Android App development.We develop custom apps for large to mid-size companies and you will be required to work at our client&quot;s directions.If interested, please send us your hourly rate in US$, portfolio of work(mobile apps and/or other work) and a good time to talk.Best Regards,Ashesh

  • £500 GBP Dec 16, 2010

    For detailed description of the android app and website, please see attached document.Basic Outline: An application to rate an image set using Android app or website, comment on the images and make suggestions for new sets of images. Image sets, comments and suggestions to be stored and archived on website. Latest image sets to be sent out to android app and displayed on web site.An image set consists of 4 images, a caption for each image (max length 30 characters), and a “description” text for each image (Max length 450 characters).It must be easy for me to add new images, captions and description text to the website and denote these as the “most recent”, to be refreshed to the android app and display as the first images on the website.Android App Outline:Check for new images. Display latest images. Allow users to fill in a text box to suggest new images, which will be sent to the website. Allow users to view the descriptions of each image, then make a comment and submit this comment to the website.Website Outline:Allow ability for administrator upload most recent image set, while retaining the old image sets and associated comments and ratings.Display most recent image set, along with most recent comments and ratings, and allow internet users to add to the comments or ratings.Display most recent suggestions and allow internet users to add to the suggestions.Project assumptions:I know Amazon S3 hosted services is good, but am open to other suggestions. Once you have chosen which web host you would like to use, I will open an account with them and send you the log on details (unless you have a better idea?)I will send you the domain name, and a few further descriptive details (eg title of the app) once we are signed up (withheld at present to maintain confidentiality). These specific details are to remain confidential and undisclosed to any other parties.All source code for the android app and website must be made available to me, along with the IP rights.Project will be working “out of the box”. Ie, upon delivery I should be able to download the android app to my phone, connect to the website from the android app as specified, interact with and maintain the website as specified.

  • $120 USD Dec 16, 2010

    Hello Everyone.I have a photoeffects website, and I&quot;d like to have an iphone/android app development. A webservice...The project should be...On the start page it needs to list all photoeffects and links to next and previous pages.Once the user touch an effect it will be redirected to a page where they can upload a picture from the camera roll.So, the picture will be uploaded to the server, will provide the final file, that should be displayed for the user to save or share on facebook, etc... It can use addthis to share, if possible.I&quot;ll provide the photo effects on a xml file.The result should be similar to photofunia app.I&quot;ll need the source code.I recommend you to use appacelerator or phonegap.

  • $200 USD Dec 11, 2010

    I have started a new site you can msg me and I will give you the URL.the site does local business reviews. I am looking for someone to make me an application for Android where user can login from the mobile application and write a review, upload a picture, pick the propercategory, enter an address.Basically submit a business and interact with the site using a mobile app.

  • $430 AUD Nov 6, 2010

    Hi EveryoneI am in the process of starting an online business and website is almost finalised.I would like someone to develop an iphone app to put my catalogue online. So people can download browsable catalogue on their iphone and send me an order via email on their iphone, or send me a request for a formal quote. Then i manually process the order by giving them a call or communicating via email. Its only a starter thing so i want a basic presence on the iphone. I am open to ideas so people with experience as well as newbies, please contact me.Please follow following format when replying:1. Experience in iphone apps. (newbies please state skills, if you havent done any projects yet. I will consider everyone accordingly)2. Projects in your portforlio, etc.3. If something similar to my requirement already exists, that you can clone for me. Please supply me address of the site or apps so i can check it out.4. Quote in AUD and time frame required.Thank you very much in advance

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Co-Founder & CEO

Apr 2007 - Present (7 years)


At this point in time we have around Forty (40) Employees and we are always open to extend with right opportunity. <br />Technical Team Overview:<br />3 Project Manager<br />2 Team Lead<br />2 System Analysts<br />5 Senior Developers (Web Application)<br />3 Associate Developers (Web Application)<br />6 Senior Developers (iPhone/MacOSX Apps)<br />3 Associate Developers (iPhone/MacOSX Apps)<br />7 Senior Developers (Android Apps)<br />3 Associate Developers (Android Apps)<br />2 Web Designers<br />2 Testers (SQA)<br />1 Graphic Designer


Bachelor in Computer Science

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences


Masters In Business Administration

University of Melbourne - Melbourne Business School



Mobility Work Shops

Melbourne Business School

Its about new trend for Mobile application at that time iPhone was launched recently and Held it workshop for Business school.



M. Usman

It all about the Mobility and its development and the strategies of their marketing, Competition between Android & iOS.