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  • $179.00 USD
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    Jun 10, 2014

    SUPER GREAT JOB.... Will definitely use again.Thanks

    Project Description:I have a study guide application that has embedded pdf, xls, ppt, and docx files. The app is rather large. I would like to incorporate a dropbox feature that would allow the user to choose which files...
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller jeklen


    Jun 10, 2014

    All went well, thanks!<br/>

    Project Description:I have an app which has 2 classes (one UIController which shows uiwebview contents) which need some memory optimization, as they are currnetly eating up 2-4 MB each time. I cannot provide the complete...
  • ₱5157.00 PHP
    Profile image for Seller tortol


    May 1, 2014

    Excellent to work with!

    Project Description:I need an Android app that sends its GPS locations and IMEI to a server via TCP. Winning bidder will be provided the data packet format that has to be sent to the server.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller tecgroup


    Feb 23, 2014

    Usama did an excellent job on this project, even though the project was more complex and complicated through the late wishes of our customer, he was able to quickly grasp the changes and went developing almost in a scrum manner.The project changed initially from a well defined project to a lean and agile developed project and usama focused on delivering a excellent quality on time. Sometimes communication were difficult but counting in that he worked the last two week almost all night to get the job done - this is to be neglected.So when you want an excellent c# developer and he quotes on your project - take him!!!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller onewebsite


    Jan 27, 2014


    Project Description:As discussed on email and mockups. GPS Tracking application.
  • $490.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller wELLy


    Jan 5, 2014

    Ossama was very professional and did an excellent job. He was very enthusiastic in light of the complex nature of the project, very flexible with the changing requirements and delivered within the promised budget and quality . He's easy to work with and always responsive. I'd highly recommend Ossama and will definitely recruit him again on my next project.

    Project Description:The proposed system is a crowd-sourcing application that utilizes the GPS and Internet capabilities in calculating the current speed of the car. The proposed phone application utilizes the Internet to connect to a database to get updated speed limits of the roads of one city( Few roads) ...
  • $3500.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller Tlscott3512


    Dec 15, 2013

    Great work

    Project Description:I am looking for a developer who can build a mobile app for my company and my industry sector. The app is a sun path, position, information resource. I will supply some resources for the calculations required, and the coder is to research and write code for the remainder...
  • $1155.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller denkaz


    Nov 5, 2013

    He is a good programmer. The project was delivered on time. I recommend you to hire him.

    Project Description:N/A
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller wathend


    Sep 28, 2013

    Great skills in tackling some very complicated communications between iPads. Very happy with the project and outcome.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller LouisViLow


    Sep 24, 2013

    Expert Coder. Know what he's doing and will finish it ASAP.

    Project Description:Hi, I have a clock code with me right now and I need someone to add in alarm feature only USING 2 SN74150 Multiplexer and the output will be connected to the arduino and then the arduino will send out output to my buzzer to trigger the alarm...
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  • $1333 USD In Progress

    DO NOT OFFER IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HAILO.We require the Android firstly and after success the iPhone version of an application basically identical to Hailo ( but instead of being used only for Taxis, is would be used for other kind of suppliers.The app should be built in Java.The paypal payment should be configured.There should be a website terminal (on our server) to handle the user and supplier should have at least spanish and english translations and easyness to translate to other languages.Should have the capacity to process payments with Paypal

  • $2000 USD In Progress

    Need to make iPhone/android app for listing used cars with the following specs : regular user : - can brows/search ads , contact sellers registered user: - can post ads , edit ,delete their own ads admin , via cpanel : - control user -assign amount of ads to registerd users - add banners in app - approve ads from registered users i will provide the design , app will be in arabic biders with same previous work will be preferred .pls show me your previous work on pm

  • $600 USD In Progress

    Goal: Create a function that takes a random amount of SVG objects and pack them efficiently into a predefined rectangular area.Sample application available.SVG library available.Requirements:- Create new function to reach the above goal.- Function should to be in a separate class- Function should work with Svg objects- Function should preferrably use a library clone/fork of library does contain collission detection. View SamplesXMLOutput for example which outputs status to debug console.This library may be extended with new functionalty but existing functionality must remain intact.- Function parameters to be:- An SvgDocument containing children SvgElements. - A PointF defining the area to place objects on.- A float defining a general margin between objects.Function needs to use this margin between edges of the surface as well as between objects.- A boolean defining if an object can be placed within another.- Function needs to return:- An SvgDocument with the following structure- SvgElement[] surface ; Children array is an output surface; ID / name = sN, e.g. s1 then s2 etc.- SvgElement[] shape ; Children array contain the output objects; Each SvgElement will be treated as one entity to be placed on the surface.- SvgElement surface ; Child is a placeholder for non-placed / failed objects; ID / name = failed- SvgElement[] shape ; Children array contain the failed objects - SvgElements can contain all types of Svg shapes and properties (lines, circles, polygons, text, etc) of the library.- SvgElements may be rotated freely. - If an surface is full then a second surface will be created and used.Notes:- All measurements are in millimeters.- Inside is defined as second closed of boundry inside an object. Example: Imagine a circle (c1) and inside this circle is another circle (c2). Outside c1 is &quot;outside object&quot;Inside c1 but outside c2 is &quot;on surface&quot;Inside c2 is &quot;inside object&quot;Example: The middle of the image 3.svg is inside objectThe middle of the image 5.svg is on surface, but the space inside the small holes are inside object

  • $1263 USD In Progress

    We are looking for a Windows 8 app developer with PROVABLE experience to write a project and asset management app for us. The app will connect to services in an Azure backend. An android version of the app has already been written and can be used as a template. The app will access geo location services, on device camera and incorporate mapping. It will store AES encrypted data on device when not connected and upload the data upon auto detection of a connection to Azure.UI designs will be provided by us.

  • $555 USD In Progress

    Develop a 3D Node Editor-uses latest version of OpenGL-renders in both software/hardware mode-using C# WinForms and Visual Studio 2010-runs on Windows 7 and 8-Background plane to use image, always visible-complete source code and project files are requiredNodes:-3D sphere-Can be rendered having the option of being a colored gourd shading or textured mapped-Size can vary-Text Rendering of node name centered on top of the node-Text using black outline with white text-Nodes can have sub nodes that form their own rings-Attributes: Name, Id(Integer), Size, Color, TextureMapNameNode Placement:-Node placement is dynamic and will depend on the amount of nodes in a ring-Each time a node is added it will be placed at an equidistant angle from each one in that ring and the entire ring will be recalculated. Example 2 nodes are 180&quot; apart, 3 nodes are 120&quot; apartInteractivity:-Colored Glow to appear behind the node, always visible, when you pick/select it, only one node can be selectedView-Button to toggle windowed/full screen (always visible regardless of mode)-Button to view Isometric or top down view-Button to auto fit display of all nodes-Button to pan and zoom to the origin node and its ring-Button to pan and zoom to the current node and auto-fit screen to see its subnodes

  • $157 USD In Progress

    Hi Usama,As discussed, please find details of project posted here.We need a program which can measure dimensions of 2D objects of irregular shapes accurately (images as shared earlier.)So far we are able to reach accuracy level of .5 cm but we need to improve on that.As well as consistency in measuring is must.Rest of the project details will share thru email.Thanks,

  • $206 USD In Progress

    I need to update the mobile phone app Usama wrote to include new developments that have occurred recently.

  • $315 USD Yesterday

    Currently have a small led flashlight that has a strobe function. I want to modify the circuit to change the frequency the strobe operates at.

  • £168 GBP 5 days ago

    I need a poc,Mobile app needs to listen for GCM notification, and the notification will have following details1. Longitude2. Latitude3. Radius4. Expiry time5. Text messageOnce the app receives the notification, it should create a geofence based on the above msg details, the data should be stored in sqllite. If the user enters or exits the region, a local notification should be displayed on notification bar. Also, the geofence should expire automatically when it reaches the expiry time given in notification.What I need1. andriod mobile app2. No UI required, Just displaying a notification in notification bar.

  • $444 USD 9 days ago

    This project , the computer&quot;s sound is transferred to the phone via WiFi.Server needs to do(Windows Form Application Or Java Form Application)The computer&quot;s audio output should be sent to the phone via the UDP.(the user must choose the microphone or the output sound)At the same time to multiple phones to connect to the computer.(Server should be open user should make a connection request.)Telephone needs to do(Android Java Application For Eclipse)Must be minimum delay in sound.(To do this, users should be able to choose sound buffer).Contact phone users should enter the server&quot;s ip.Example Project

  • $222 USD 9 days ago

    GPS location interface application for iphone.

  • $1055 USD 16 days ago

    Hello, we need a native iPad app, this applications is going to work as a quotation tool for visiting new customers. The quotation is for security services, the can select many options available:- Native app. Fast loading.- Home: metro style, like windows 8. This is going to be the menu linking to the sections. Sections need to load fast. Easy to go back, arrow and touch gestures.- Each section is going to have different options, each option has a image for reference. Staff is going to show this to customer and he selects what they need. We are going to use forms fields, they need to be stylish and have nice effects.- When selection is ready, the staff can send the quotation to the client. The app should store this offline, once they get internet signal they email is sended. Customer should receive a customized PDF.- Also there should be an online site with user/pass to see all quotations done by staff.- For using the app, staff should login. If you have questions, please let me know.We are not going to hire people without works done.

  • [Sealed] 24 days ago

    This will be a quick and simple conversation of a mobile web project into a native app.Our client has a mobile web project running right now that interacts with a .NET database. The project allows them to monitor locations/speeds/data from vehicles that contain their tracking hardware. This is used by companies such as delivery companies, etc to always know where their delivery vehicles area.They want a native app build for iOS, and possibly Android if the pricing model to have both developed is feasible right now.The first page will be a simple log-in with your username and password. No one can use any aspect of the app if they don&quot;t have an account created by the admin already. There will NOT be an option for someone to create an account within the app. It must be done already by the admin within the pre-existing web structure.Once logged in, it will be a simple page with links to each individual vehicle they are tracking, as well as a map that displays the location of all vehicles.Graphical design layouts will be our responsibility, while it will be yours to build the native code to interact with their existing mobile web project, and take our graphical designs and incorporate them into the app itself.

  • $5000 USD 24 days ago

    The Bible Simply Put is a biblical teaching tool that outlines the whole story of the Bible. It will be used to help people walk through the whole Bible in 6 different ways, they will all work together and people will be able to move back and forth between them. They start with simple going to more complex ways of moving through the Bible. On our website you can see the project ( it is not fully completed yet ) and we have a few mock screen shots for what we would like that app to look like. ( )The app will be full of very distinct color references and have a decent amount of text in it. We would like to have the app be self sustaining and hold all the necessary info inside itself. ( at least the original layout, in the future there may be a need for a using a server )I have more mock ups of the app that aren&quot;t on the website and a flow chart. We are looking for a good beta version of this app so that we can start getting it into peoples hands and finding out what they do and don&quot;t like.

  • $200 USD 25 days ago

    Create a winsock and redirect the UDP and TCP packets from a specific application to the localhost on port 1080.Example: I want redirect all trafic UDP from DOTA2 to with port 1080.

  • $88 USD 26 days ago

    Hello, i already have a software UI ready, but i need put this more responsive, more elegant.This project is on .Have 3 forms. Actually its very sample.

  • $1000 USD 26 days ago

    You will be required to integrate Game Center into a mobile app for iOS. The game has been developed using the Cocos2D framework (v2.1) so you&quot;ll need to be familiar with objective-c and the Cocos2d Framework, and Apple&quot;s Game Center and the GameKit framework.The single player modes (quick game, and campaign) are already complete, as is a local (same device) multi player. You will only be required to add the networked multi player functionality. Specifically, that will mean initialising Game Center and authenticating the local player, match making (pair 2 players for a game), handling in game messages, and game over with the appropriate callbacks for things like losing connection etc.The game is a simple shooting game. Each player controls a ship, the idea being to fire shells (similar mechanic to Angry Birds - the player uses touch control to set power and angle) and tries to sink the other ship. For the 2 player mode shots are taken in turn, so as far as gameplay is concerned the messages being sent via Game Center are quite simple (type of ship, position, angle and power of shot). If shots hit the opponent they cause damage, when all health is lost the ship sinks and it&quot;s game over.At this stage I&quot;m looking for quotes from developers with the appropriate skills and experience. I&quot;ll need to see some proof that you are capable of completing this in a reasonable time (i.e. examples of past work) and sensible questions about the project.In the first instance please respond and put the word &quot;ELEPHANT&quot; in your message which proves to me that you have read this description, any messages/bids without that word in the reply will be ignored, I hope you understand!I&quot;m very happy to give more details and answer your questions. Please ask whatever you need, and give me an estimate for your price and how long you would expect to need to complete the project. Please also let me know if you would likely be interested in ongoing work, we&quot;re constantly developing games both for mobile and web so if you have experience and interest in games/multimedia development for iOS and Android, and/or Haxe/Flambe, Javascript, HTML5 etc. we can probably offer you further work if this project is completed to our required standards.

  • $88 USD 26 days ago

    I&quot;m looking for someone to look over some code, just a few lines. Thanks!

  • $944 AUD 28 days ago

    I need a POS app developed that is mostly used in an offline environment, products and other app details will be updated with XML files downloaded from a web server daily. Please give me some examples of a working POS app or please don&quot;t bid. More solid requirements will be given to potential employers.

  • $222 USD 28 days ago

    Design of a microcontroller peripheral using VHDL and EDA tools.

  • €5555 EUR 28 days ago

    I need top app designers on this project.The app is basically a job site with a custom API created by us. You need to program basic functionality and integrate our dna API.As example you can have a look at We want all the functionality of that site restyled to an app.User must be able to make account, add and edit info, upload cv, create dna with our API, search and like jobs in a favorite list.

  • $1000 USD 28 days ago

    Whois Parser is a c# library (.Net 3.5) or a c++ dll. Functionality:1.Retrieve domain-name and find the domain-name registrar whois server. a.Receive a domain-name as input (e.g. or b.Make the necessary checks using the whois protocol without accessing the registrar whois server. c.Return the registrar whois server2.Parse a RAW whois record a.Receive as input the domain-name, the registrar whois server and the RAW record of whois received from the whois server b.Parse the raw whois record into the following fields: i.Status code – Success, Failure, OverQuota. To identify the statuses the developer must connect to every registrar whois server separately and generate the statuses. ii.Registrant name iii.Registrant Organization iv.Registrant Address v.Registrant City – if can be isolated from the address vi.Registrant State/Province – if can be isolated from the address vii.Registrant Zip Code – if can be isolated from the address viii.Registrant Country ix.Domain registration date x.Whois record last update c.There should be a different parser for each registrar whois server. d.The parsing should be done using regular-expressions.Phase 1 of the project will include 500 registrars whois servers.Phase 2 of the project will be adding parsing for 500 more registrars whois servers.The project will be written in C# or in C++ and will use a structure we will provide.Countries and country codes and list of registrars with example of raw data for each registrar will be provided.The developer should state price quote that includes phase 1 as a milestone and phase 2 as the full price.

  • $100 USD 29 days ago

    I need a very simple app created that powers a small fan that is connected to the phone via micro usb. The fan will look something like this: do not need different speeds, just on and off. The app will essentially be one screen with a button in the middle, when you press the button the fan will turn on, when you press it again it turns off.Other details I will be able to discuss with you once you bid.Thank you,

  • $777 USD Jun 11, 2014

    Write a mobile application for o website like getlokal.

  • $777 USD Jun 10, 2014

    Device is running Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 Classic, CE OS 5.2.29040. We can update the OS if needed. We need an application written that integrates with the on-board barcode scanner and connects to a MS SQL Server via Wi-Fi on a company LAN. The database hosted on the SQL Server is the back end for a proprietary desktop application. The app will be used to scan shipping labels and log data to the database and display data to the user. Approximately 3-5 screens/modes will be needed. A Scanning Mode where users will choose an Action, ActionState, and Employee (which will all be populated from the database) and then scan items. When a scan is read, the app will log the data in the database, verify the data is logged, and display a confirmation to the user. A Lookup Mode where a user scans a barcode and retrieves information about the item and display it to the user. A Manifest mode where the user can find a Shipping Manifest item in the database and retrieve a list of items using different criteria. Some selections may made via keyboard or via scanning a barcode. It is preferred that the code be written so it can be loaded into MS Visual Studio 2005, but not required. Also preferred would be that the code is written in VB, but not required. Our in-house developer can provide the necessary database information and SQL code for functions that read/write data to the database. Step-by-step instructions for installing the software on the device will be needed.

  • €222 EUR Jun 10, 2014

    hi, i have a project on the appstore and i want to add some features to a new update like update the app to ios7 supporting for more information thanks to PM me.

  • $1000 USD Jun 10, 2014

    An app that you can enter the amount of min txt and data your network provider has given you and the app records how many min txts and data you have used and gives you warnings when you are are close to your limit. Once you have reached your limit it blocks you from using the service whether it be data min or txt and can even set a password for children so they do not exceed the monthly plan.

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