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  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller metozdmr


    2 days ago

    Good job, always work with vano101!

    Project Description:Designing to implement an airline reservation system by using linked lists. In this system, there will be a list of flights, and for each flight, there will be a list of passengers. Details will be given...
  • $15.00 SGD
    Profile image for Seller shinvina


    4 days ago

    Very precise work, keep it up :)

    Project Description:Implement some simple java console. Must have deep understanding of Object, Classes and Array List. Productive and good communication with tight timeline.
  • $24.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sharn89


    4 days ago

    Excellent work. Will hire again.

    Project Description:Looking for someone to do this project.
  • $14.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Velnos


    6 days ago

    Not a great coder but can finish the work.

    Project Description:Very simple Visual Basic 6.0 program to move files (*.docx), according with a date period. The program must have a source path, target path and the date period. In the target folder create folders and copy files with week period...
  • $25.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MasterBeta


    6 days ago

    Thank you! :) will hire again!

    Project Description:All I need to edit is the "Sequence.cpp" all the other files should not be edited. However, I can’t figure out how to fix the program. I want the program to pass all the test e.g. Test 1-7, when I run "./a3a"...
  • $20.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller destrrr


    7 days ago

    Great seller, very easy to work with and he knows what he's doing. Will definitely work with again.

    Project Description:The code I want you to modify is here: Instead of a single dimensional int array, I want a multidimensional (2D) char array, like so: [0] = [0][1] [1] = [0][1]...
  • $44.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller crazy888s


    10 days ago

    great communicator and delivered on top

    Project Description:I'll message with the details with the files
  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller daggjason


    11 days ago

    On time and perfect work ..... Talented freelancer and really good in JAVA<br/>

    Project Description:Java assignment as discusses due on Saturday July 12th 12.01 PM EST and rest all as discussed.
  • $24.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sharn89


    11 days ago

    Good service. Will hire again.

    Project Description:I am looking a C programmer to do a project. I have attached the work file that needs to be done.
  • $36.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller alarconvw


    11 days ago

    Good coder.

    Project Description:Current situation. I use a software to memorize texts: a few letters are removed in some selected words, and I have to add the first missing letter of each of these words. The level depends on the number of words to be removed, and the number of help letters given...
    Vano101 has not completed any projects.
  • $6 USD/hr In Progress

    Private project for vano101 details as discussed

  • $30 USD In Progress

    please see the attached file for the full description, it needs to parse the data correctly.

  • $64 USD In Progress

    HelloI need someone to create part of a Screen Capture software for me.The software should have the same features as you find in e.g. Instant Screen Capture.Note: Saving and edition the screenshot is not important and will be added by me later on.Here are some of most important things that should be included- The captured screenshot should be stored in a stdPicture object- Capturing the screenshot should be like in Instant Screen Capture software- the source code (vb) should be well commented and easy to understand.- The coder must be able to fix bug that I find (Until a few weeks after the completion of the main software).- 3party tools should not be used (except standard VB6 components and APIs)- The interface (icons, looks ++) are not so important because this should be fixed by me.- Must be written in Visual Basic 6.- All right for the code and the software should be own by me.- Should work on all Windows platforms running Visual Basic 6.If you have any questions, feel free to ask I will try to answer them all.

  • $24 USD In Progress

    This project MUST HAVE: Functionality: Efficient and complete implementation of all required features.Design & Structure: Well Structured and concise code; optimal use of suitable date structures and algorithms.Documentation: Useful comments clarifying the main ideas and high-level structure in a concise way ** MUST HAVEWrite a C/C++ program that implements a simple adaptive document coding scheme: For every word in a document the word is coded as a lexical shift in the characters according to the length of the word, every character in the word is lexically increased in value by its word length, for example Be a cat should be encoded as Dg b fdw since &quot;Be &quot; is length 2 B shifts up to a &quot;D&quot; and &quot;e&quot; becomes a &quot;g&quot;, etc. Characters should wrap around and preserve their case so &quot;zoo&quot; would be coded as &quot;crr&quot; and &quot;ZOO&quot; as &quot;CRR&quot;. For the purposes of this coursework the document is an ASCII file. ASCII characters &quot;a&quot; to &quot;z&quot; and &quot;A&quot; to &quot;Z&quot; without any other characters in between form a word. Any other character can be considered as a space character (so numbers and any other special characters can be ignored / treated as space). ONLY character values should be coded. All non-characters should simply be reproduced. Your C/C++ program must compile on the machines in the Linux lab and should do the following: 1. Read in a document from an ASCII file given as first argument on the command line. 2. Encode each word in the document as described above and output a file named &quot;coded.txt&quot;. 3. A decode facility should be provide whereby &quot;coded.txt&quot; is read and an output file &quot;decode.txt&quot; is created. • This should be included in the main program and your program should verify that “decode.txt” and the original input file are identical. Only use functions from the standard C/C+ libraries and not any other libraries, and do not directly use any code from other sources, but write your own code for the complete functionality. Try to implement this efficiently with respect to memory and processing speed and document the source code carefully via comments that clearly indicate how you have chosen to solve the problem.

  • $44 USD In Progress

    old-style DLL ( .DEF defined function exports ) to wrap the ETRADE DLLsfor export functionality in a 4GL language ( Powerbuilder 12 ) or in Visual Basic( 6, or Visual Basic Express 2010 ). This must allow the programs to usec-style strings as byval input/output, no structures to be passed in the functions, and as simple an interface as can be managed while retaining functionality.Must be compilable in Visual Studio Express 2010 C++, since the code will be altered to allow functionality for all ETRADE DLL functions ( ETCOMMON.DLL, ETOAUTH.DLL, and ETMARKET.DLL - no orders or accounts).

  • $106 USD In Progress

    We would like to develop a Free Caption Maker application which will have following functionalities but different in design as you can see in example: add details in proposal regarding how you will develop this software. You can also tell about any opensource you will use or you have developed similar software.We will contact the bidder who add much details as possibleFinal deliverable must include-Setup installer-Sourcecode (which I can also compile easily)-A nicely designed + user friendly Free Caption Maker

  • $15 CAD In Progress

    I need someone to finish the attached file and explain to me what each function does and it needs to compile with no errors running command using cygwin gcc -ansi -W -Wall -pedantic filename.c

  • $34 USD In Progress

    Hi I want some one to make a simple object-oriented dice game to me in java programming. A simple game where the user is playing a dice game with the computer. You have two dices each and throw them, the highest dice wins of the four dices. You have to insert money first, max 500, and then you can bet money, you can only bet 100 at a time, and if you win you get 100 more and if you lose you lose 100. And if you have no money left you have to insert another 500. After each round the game ask if you want to quit or continue. If you want to continue you bet again if you have money left or you have to insert more if you dont. Requirements: Each class must be focused and have a clear purpose. Also, to minimize the number of dependencies between objects. The demands placed on your design is that it should be object-oriented, and that it shall use inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism and / or interface. Also The graphical interface should be responsive. The program should, in other words do not end up in deadlocks and it should not be long response or waiting periods without clear feedback to the user. Each class should have a clear purpose and the number of dependencies should be kept low. Methods should have a clear purpose and only one purpose, and they should be kept short.I want this done in 2-3 days as fast as possible with a lot of comment of everything you have done. Also comment a lot where the requirements are. This should be sent in eclipse zip-file.

  • $24 USD In Progress

    vb2010 TutorMy usage of VB2010 is limited, and a direct conversion from vb6 to vb 2010is an issue to me.I am looking for a vb 2010 expert coder who can help me fixmy vb2010 errors, and help me to convert/re-write the vb6 project to a vb2010projectI will need someone on a long term basis to help me with my VB2010and vb6 to VB10 problems.Payment will be made on a item by item basis.Here is a vb2010 example:these are errors/warnings in my latest projectHere is 7 and 8 of 48. (Most are duplicates of the two below)Warning7Variable &quot;tmpFile&quot; is used before it has been assigned a value. A null reference exception could result at runtime.Warning8Function &quot;Format&quot; doesn&quot;t return a value on all code paths. A null reference exception could occur at run time when the result is used.================= ========================Warning37Unused local variable: &quot;tmpPar&quot; I know how to fix this: Dim tmpPar As SqlParameter (Comment this out, or delete this) - &quot;Dim tmpPar As SqlParameter================= =========================I am having issues with the VB 6 &quot;address of&quot; function, and I tried looking on line, and found about 50 wrong fixes, and did not have the time to test all as the first 10 did not compile correctly, and I thought finding a tutor was the best solution.I will need vb6 to 2010 conversions/fixes in a bid by bid item.The first two are Warning 7 & 8 above.

  • $19 USD In Progress

    I need one C++ program edited and another one coded. I need the first one done within 24 hours.

  • €1000 EUR Yesterday

    Hello mate! I need some help modifying a native iPhone app. I got a decent budget and some tasks, are you open to talk?Thank you!

  • $15 USD 4 days ago

    This is a private project for vano101.

  • $25 USD 5 days ago

    I need a DLL which contains a function I can call from Java JNI, which takes an array of bytes, and a file path, and does runtime encryption.

  • $30 USD 5 days ago

    Need a simple program for a college project. It&quot;s not complicated or anything, but it has to be done with Data Structures in mind (that&quot;s the subject), so it should be optimized around that.Again, it should be quite simple for anyone knowing how to code in c++ (I don&quot;t), but i has to be delivered within one week.Also, it shall be delivered with its source code (which must contain numerous comments in it), and a brief doc concerning the techniques followed during development, and why that specific data structure (for example, binary tree) was chosen.

  • $30 USD 5 days ago

    Design a Ship class that has the following members:A member variable for the name of the ship ( a string)A member variable for the year that the ship was built ( a string)A constructor and appropriate accessors and mutatorsSix overloaded relational operators that compare 2 ships. Compare based on the year theship was built.A virtual print function that displays the ship’s name and the year it was built.Design a Cruise Ship class that is derived from the Ship class. The Cruise Ship class should havethe following members:A member variable for the maximum number of passengers ( an int)A constructor and appropriate accessors and mutatorsA print function that overrides the print function in the base class. The Cruise Ship class’sprint function should display only the ship’s name and the maximum number ofpassengers.Design a Cargo Ship class that is derived from the Ship class. The Cargo Ship class should havethe following members:A member variable for the cargo capacity in tonnage ( an int).A constructor and appropriate accessors and mutators.A print function that overrides the print function in the base class. The Cargo Ship class’sprint function should display only the ship’s name and the ship’s cargo capacity.Use the following code in your main function to test your classes:// Create an array of Ship pointers, initialized with// the addresses of some dynamically allocated objects.constintSIZE = 3;Ship *ships[SIZE] = {newShip(&quot;Lolipop&quot;, 1960),newCruiseShip(&quot;Disney Magic&quot;, 1998, 2400),newCargoShip(&quot;Black Pearl&quot;, 1800, 50000) };intfirstShip = 0;intlastShip = 0;// Call each object&quot;s print function and check for newest and oldest.for(intindex=0; index < SIZE; index++){ships[index]->print();cout

  • $35 USD 5 days ago

    Hi, we have an 805 text to translate.English to Russian.Please, only post if you ate a translator. We don&quot;t need Google Translate jobs.

  • $20 USD/hr 6 days ago

    Hello! I need a windows application written in It&quot;s a server/client type of application that communicates over the network. The project overall is very simple, but there are some tricky aspects to it that i need someone with experience to tackle.I&quot;d love to chat with you and discuss the project, and see if you would be able to do it. I&quot;d like to begin work as soon as possible. We can pay the hourly rate.

  • $30 USD 6 days ago

    Very simple Visual Basic 6.0 program to move files (*.docx), according with a date period.The program must have a source path, target path and the date period. In the target folder create folders and copy files with week period.In the zip file you can see and example. Some files has 00 in the date, son must creat a folder &quot;Out of date&quot;.The coder must send the source code compatible for Vb6SP6.

  • $30 USD 10 days ago

    String Manipulation, simple word game.

  • $30 USD 10 days ago

    I need a programmer to write me a software in C++. I&quot;ll include already made software instructions and program included to help you the programmer to finalize the last step to complete the program I require for this task. It&quot;s an easy task guaranteed, good money too!! The choice is yours!! I never forget those that stood by me in times of need!!

  • $30 USD 10 days ago

    I am looking for someone who can convert a very simple 1 page form to a aero glass style to make it more &quot;Windows own&quot; like. There is just a single form page, with very little code attached.

  • ₹700 INR 11 days ago

    Hello,It&quot;s actually for my school assignment. We are given a question paper which we have to fill and submit by 14 july! So all I want is that you help me by joining me over Team Viewer. So lemme know whether you can do or not?Thanks

  • €43 EUR 12 days ago

    Basically it is all explained in the pdf that I attached underneath

  • $34 USD 12 days ago

    This calculator calculated love percentage of couple.after giving couple name it calculated and display wishes massage in massage box.

  • €22 EUR 13 days ago

    We would need some translation from an English text to Russian, for a website.Only fluent in English and Russian would be considered.

  • $40 USD 14 days ago

    It is an assembly language project.The details are attached.

  • $16 USD 17 days ago

    Hello,I am looking for someone to write a script that I am having difficulty in completing myself. I have a script that makes a Json request to an api and receives a response. In the attached Json response you can see &quot;user.worker1&quot;, &quot;user.worker2&quot;, there could be more and those names can be random.I would like to pull all the information supplied for each worker in the Json and use form 1 to display it in a tabcontrol like in the screenshot (yellow box) provided.I hope you can follow what I am trying to do.

  • $54 USD 17 days ago

    Hi,I would need someone to code me an java (using swing-class and graphical simple GUI) ATM.More info:When you open program, it show&quot;s at gui: &quot;Welcome, insert your bank/credit card and enter PIN-code. After entering correct PIN code it let&quot;s you login, if code wrong it says wrong PIN.User-id at database is: pin code (5 pre-defined pin codes(user-ids) can be writed to code: 1:8754 2:0934 3:6887 4:3335 5:2398 . Every action need to be done whenever possible with object-oriented programming.Database would be an virtual table inside the java-file.I will need all source (etc files that i can make changes easilly with Eclipse).(All of the currency marked/showed at Euros (€))After successful login comes main menu where you can choose following:- Open new bank account (asks: Bank account name, Your Name, Generates 10number Account number (middle of numbers have &quot;-&quot; mark) and date/Time and before generation asks confirmation. So at the database under userid (pin code) other saved details are bank account name, your name, Bank Account Number and Generation Time/Date)- Save money to your account (asks how much to put to the account: and from dropdown box choose to what account number and before action asks confirmation. Database: At userids transactions show: Money added: amount and add&quot;s to selected account&quot;s balance the specified amount)- Show your account balance (after choose from dropdown box what accountnumbers balance to show. Reads from database selected account balance)- Take money from your account (asks how much to take from the account: and from dropdown box choose from what account number (shows also selected bank account balance) and let users choose: 20€, 40€, 60€, 80€, 100€, Other amount=user specifies amount. Before action asks confirmation and check that account have enough money for action. Database: Reduces selected bank accounts balance)- Pay bills (Asks receivers account number, name and amount. Also user need to choose from dropdown that from what account money is taken. Before action asks confirmation and checks that account have enough money) Database: Marks receivers account number, name and amount to userids selected bank account numbers transactions Uses with object-oriented mthod.- Show transactions (user selects from dropdown box that from which account number to show transactions).- Exit (Save main account object-oriented, log-outs and cloces the program/gui)I can&quot;t offer more than about 60-70$ and project would need to be done in 10 days.

  • $47 USD 18 days ago

    I have sources, Makefile and relevant libraries for an executable that was build with MKS Toolkit ( am looking for somebody to make the project build on Visual Studio 2008.

  • $24 USD 19 days ago

    hey \\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\n\\\r\ni need a solution for my assignment for Theory of Computation course \\\r\n\\\r\nthe assignment is in the attachment please see it before you do anything \\\r\n\\\r\ni need the solution before 7 July .. thank you

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DevelopEx Ltd

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VIMAS Technologies

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