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5+ experience in PHP / MYSQL related projects

Username: vcsahu16

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Location: vadodara, India

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  • $155 CAD
    Profile image for Seller thaiguy


    3 days ago

    Excellent freelancer to work with. Not afraid of taking on challenging projects and no problem with providing support after the job is done.Will hire again!

    Project Description:We are looking to integrate eShipper shipping system into PrestaShop. I can provide API and API documentation. Looking to create full featured shipping module where we can enable/disable carriers and also add handling fees to eShipper prices...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller Graphopress


    14 days ago

    Was just a small project but done great and very quickly. Soon will hire again.

    Project Description:The prices of my products have 3 decimals (for example 0.056 euro). Prestashop has only 2 decimals. Looking for someone to make the adjustment in Prestashop for 3 decimals.
  • $450 USD
    Profile image for Seller borabeistore


    26 days ago

    very good work

    Project Description:hi, I saw that you worked on a project that interests me very much. This is the module for prestashop import products amazon. You can also do this form for me?
  • $171 AUD
    Profile image for Seller nickcoleman


    Feb 28, 2014

    Excellent work, easy communication, time-frames a little unrealistic but work completed in the end.

    Project Description:We need to modify an existing pre-order module (link below) in our Prestashop store v., . Details of pre-order module below. We also require some basic formatting changes, also listed below...
  • $13.12 USD
    Profile image for Seller jlopez82


    Feb 6, 2014

    Excelente FreelancerSolved my problem right awayThanks<br/>Excelent freelancerHe solved my problem right awayThanks!

    Project Description:Hi! I wonder if you can help me I have a problem with my prestashop store, The problem is that my stock is not working, if a client buys a product, the product is not discounted from the stock, if a try to change manually the stock in the back office it doesnt change....
  • $222.4 USD
    Profile image for Seller popand


    Feb 5, 2014

    It was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for your help.

    Project Description:I need a new entitlement module for Prestashop that would allow a user to either Rent (48-hours) or Buy a product. The module will maintain the user / product entitlement as an object that can be reused through out the shop to show or hide different functions...
  • $259 USD
    Profile image for Seller awadballal


    Jan 29, 2014

    Done phase 1 , and we start phase - 2 .. great payer ..

    Project Description:Hi, Hope my email find you well , i have an magento store and i need to connect the store with new payment gateway .. they sent to me the APIs Doc, so can you do such job like that .. Calvin - told me to contact you to do this job ....
  • $135.86 USD
    Profile image for Seller NZTG


    Nov 9, 2013

    Fantastic work, delivered ahead of schedule and exactly to specifications. The developer also joined me on Skype during our product launch in case there were any problems, and when we did indeed find a hiccup in our system, he fixed it in record time. I highly recommend VC's work.<br/>Good job, and on time this time. Thanks VC, competent work.

    Project Description:Ebanx has a new API that allows for a two step checkout process instead of 6 steps. Please view this presentation for details:
  • $201 USD
    Profile image for Seller dinookarki


    Oct 15, 2013

    It was another wonderful experience working with such a professional and dedicated Prestashop developer. I would like to surely hire him again and again for any of my Prestashop and other PHP related jobs.

    Project Description:Need to Hide/disable unmatched product attributes combinations in prestashop so that there won&#039;t be problem and waste of time selecting the matched attribute values in dropdown.
  • $400 USD
    Profile image for Seller dinookarki


    Oct 9, 2013

    fantastic job. hope the same level of result will be delivered in a fast manner in the near future.

    Project Description:My prestashop site has some changes and all of them are about product combinations. is my dev site url. currently there are 10 products and nearly 8 products have some changes. The...
    vcsahu16 has not completed any projects.
  • $260 USD In Progress

    I am looking for prestashop module experienced developers.

  • $300 USD In Progress

    For our webshop based on Prestashop we would like to import products and categories with a csv. The csv file is changed daily so ideally the import is run nightly with a cron.All the information we need is available in the csv file, from the productname, category, price, inventory, etc. We basically need the functionality of the following module:, with a couple of modifications:- the images are located on an external server (the url is in the csv file)- in the csv file are about 60.000 productsThe other functionalities, like mapping the fields, multiply the imported price with a percentages, etc. will be the same.

  • $180 USD In Progress

    Your job is to build a Prestashop module which will interact with an external API to calculate the order value and then insert it into the Prestashop shopping cart.Please read the attached document to see workflow.Any doubts please ask. Thanks.

  • $100 USD In Progress

    starting phase-2 to complete the Magento bank integration.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    Hi vcsahu16,I can see that you have worked on another project where you have enabled pdf invoices to be attached to an email template in PrestaShop.Your last costumer expressed his needs this way:Pdf invoice should be attached to all email templates which have - Allow customer to download and view PDF version of invoice - checked in back office.Except for email template called &quot;credit slip&quot;, which should have the pdf credit slip attached instead.I would like a solution as above, but I also need it to be possible to send the PDF version of the invoice when my costumer has chosen to pay by bank wire. Ideally I will mark the order as send and the PDF invoice will be send by email (maybe even created and send).I need the solution as a module or as instructions as to which files to modify, because my client doesn&quot;t permit me to give others access to the shop.Would you be interested in this job?Best regards,Kasper

  • $277 USD In Progress

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FYI: I am re-posting this project since the previous freelancer never complete it . It was supposed to take 3 to 5 days but after 4 weeks I still had nothing and no much news about the evolution of that project. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE BRIDGE PROJECT BETWEEN PRESTASHOP AND OPENCART : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have an opencart store and I would like to link the database it with a prestashop store. I would need you to create a prestashop module that would allow me to pull the database information from the prestashop store ( i.e. stock, product name,description , images, categories, etc... ) and have a constant 2 way LIVE synchronization between the 2 databases. You could call it a 2 way live synchronizing bridge. Examples: - If the prestashop updates it&quot;s stock, then it is adjusted on the opencart store.- If the prestashop updates it&quot;s pictures then it will adjust the pictures in open cart.- If the prestashop updates it&quot;s prices then it will adjust the prices in the open cart.- If the prestashop updates it&quot;s XYZ then it will adjust the XYZ in the opencart.- If the prestashop updates it&quot;s XYZ then it will adjust the XYZ in the opencart.- etc... etc.. The above should also work in reverse....- If the opencart updates it&quot;s stock, then it is adjusted on the prestashop store.- If the opencart updates it&quot;s pictures then it will adjust the pictures in prestashop- If the opencart updates it&quot;s prices then it will adjust the prices in the prestashop- If the opencart updates it&quot;s XYZ then it will adjust the XYZ in the prestashop- etc... etc.. Basically, one can select WHAT you want to synch and selects it and in which direction.... : example:Only : stock bridging between prestashop to opencart only , or Only : stock and description bridging between opencart to prestashop only , orOnly : stock, description and prices bridging between prestashop to opencart . or both ways, if prestashop updates then the opencart is updated and if the opencart updates , it will update the prestashop side also. -The mother module would be for a prestashop module. The information would be feed to the opencart site. And when there is an update that has been selected to synch from the list of things to synch ( prices, stock, descirption, orders, customers, photos, etc..) and in which direction, it would start synching it. The prestashop module would be the one that gives permission to opencart for everything. Either giving or taking information to prestashop.- Don&quot;t forget the security issues. IMPORTANT : ------------------------------ Also an option to ENABLE and DISABLE what has to be synchronized from the database and in which direction. See attached image. I did just an excel to give an idea of what the module could look like. ThanksKevinP.S. This project is for my personal use and also for reselling so you will need to sign a TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP when you finish the project. Thank you. P.S.S . If the module is solid and works great, then if you are interested you can get 20 % on each sale if you keeping this modules up to date with the latest opencart version that come out and also if you answer all the technical problem that could happen with the module with clients who purchase it..example : compatibility problems, bugs, if works with this or that version, etc..

  • $90 AUD In Progress

    We are looking for a experienced prestashop developer who has alot of experence with theme design and modification.The site is need to have a module or something created so we can turn on and off the main slider up the topWe wish to move everything up incuding the 3 boxes to the top then make boxes with sub catagories then products displayed in these sub catagoriesThe products listed will be done by developerAlso some other changes to other areas of the theme

  • $155 USD 7 days ago

    I recently purchased the Fed Ex module from and I am unable to get it to work as there seems to be an issue with my carrier set up in my store. I would like to have the module configured as well. It seems like the issue is not in the module, however in the store. The PrestaShop built-in carriers are not returning any shipping rates.

  • $200 USD 7 days ago

    Hi everyone,in my prestashop I have created a customization wizard which appears at certain product detail pages if the product is set to customizable. This wizard is created on javascript and query. Within the wizard the customer is asked for several customization options for the product. At the end customer gets shown a summary about his choosen options like a custom-ordertext with details of the options along with a custom length of the product and and a final custom price.Now when he clicks on add to cart button the product must be added to cart with the custom price and not with the static price of the product which has beeing set from backoffice. For this function static price must be replaced by custom price or you have to override product.php class to recalculate the static product price by fetching custom product length and make a recalcualtion like ((staticprice) x (qty * customlength)) as I am going to sell products on per meter basis. This is upon to you how you will solve this. I would prefer the recalculation way to avoid security risks which would be possible by only bypaasing and replacing product prices!? Maybe you know it better? Furthermore the customordertext has to be passed to cart along with the product. Custom-ordertext has to be shown in cart and during the whole order process (also in backoffice orders and on pdf-invoices for exmaple).As my customization wizard is coded on javascript and implemented in the product.tpl file its upon to you if you would like create a module where you implement my wizard or you achieve the goals just by overriding some files. I prefer the way it would be solved as fast as possible.Please apply for this project only if you can handle and finish everything within the next 3-4 days otherwise please dont apply !!!Thank you very much

  • $66 USD 7 days ago

    I need some information filtered and changed on my prestashop product table spreadsheet. I am getting a spreadsheet on Monday with upgraded quantity amount and pricing of products currently available on my site. Those &quot;Quantity&quot; and &quot;Price&quot; fields are filtered by reference number each product has. I need someone to run a script and using reference number of a product find existing products on my spreadsheet and update price and quantity of my products.I need this project to be completed on Monday since I will only get that spreadsheet with updates Monday morning Easter Standard Time &quot;UTC/GMT -4 hours&quot; :) It&quot;s an hour or two of work for a professional so please don&quot;t bother me with non sense bids. Basically I need someone that knows excel and php and hopefully Prestashop.

  • $16 AUD/hr 10 days ago

    Now the sending mail function on my prestashop does not work, and registration and purchasing process cannot properly complete. So the project is to fix error to send email to customer when after register or make orders, also I can receive alert message for that.

  • $300 USD 10 days ago

    XML API Integration for Prestashop affiliates links of games,shopping etc Those who have experience on this only respond sample games sites

  • $80 USD 11 days ago

    I have a few prestashop websites that need amending - most of the jobs are simple but I have one issue that I&quot;m not informed (by the website) if a customer pays by credit card via the payment gateway, no details are stored under their account and all I get is confirmation from my online payment gateway I&quot;ve recieved funds (no details of the order). Also, if a customer pays via paypal only part of their order is stored under their account and only part of the order is reported to me.I&quot;ve had 2 or 3 people look at this over a course of a year and I&quot;ve had my fingers burnt each time - so you need to know prestashop.I have quite a few websites and this will be a long term project for the right candidate.Inbox me for a more detailed description of the project.Thanks

  • $172 USD 12 days ago

    Hi,We would like you to integrate API to Prestashop or your recommended shopping cart. You do not have to create a new website as we will base on Prestashop software.Detail of API:- utilizes simple HTTP POST methods to get response in XMLformat.- Authentication- Create- Renew - Find Status- Delete Account- Update Account- Change PasswordUsername and password are in sync with Prestashop username and password.We would provide more information of the API to the awarded freelancer.Thanks!

  • $11 USD/hr 12 days ago

    2 problems I need to have solved as soon as possible :-)))1. IDEAL module is not showing on checkout page2. Cannot get into backend to work with product prices and costs

  • $155 USD 17 days ago

    Need support for OpenERP7 - Prestashop 1.5 connector, actually I am using CamptoCamp module, works fine but it has some issues that I need to solve, basically the catalog sync from Open to Presta, the person must know very well about this 2 platforms and the campto* camp connector..* this is the camptocamp module :

  • €200 EUR 22 days ago

    The purpose of this module is to be attributed to prescribers &quot;authorship&quot; of some sales, to reward them.Creating unique discount codesThe &quot;PRO&quot; customers will be assigned a unique and auto-incremented code when registering on the website. When this discount code to be used by another client, it will give them the sale. The « not PRO » customers are not affected by this new dev.&quot;PRO&quot; customers are identified in the MySQL database.Advantage for &quot;downline&quot;In addition to sales tracker, this discount code will allow referrals to have a reduction of xx% on their order.The amount of this reduction must be made: - by a 15% global setting that applies to all - Specifically for some prescribers for another amount. This means create a new page in the administration that shows the complete list of prescribers with the amount of reduction given by their discount code to their clients (default 15%) but with the possibility of change this amount for each prescriber in particular.Code display on the front officeEach prescriber will be displayed its unique discount code so that he can distribute to his contacts. It will be displayed on &quot;My Account&quot; and the &quot;PRO&quot; CMS page. The &quot;not PRO&quot; customers are not affected by this display.Statistics for the prescriberIn the customer account of the prescriber, create a new page that displays the list of orders in which his coupon code has been used, with this table:DateOrder N°NameAmount of order without VAT and without shipping14/02/201412345DURAND Veronique47,52€05/02/201412321MICHEL Patrick52,23€Statistics for back officeIn the Prestashop back office of website, it must be possible to view statistics on prescribers over a given period. This page will display the validated orders (= which payment is validated) for each prescriber.A CSV export must be available, it will include: - Contact of the prescriber (name, address, tel, ...) - His discount code - His total amount of orders without VAT and without shipping, on the selected period

  • $555 USD 23 days ago

    I need a Prestashop integration (an override?) that add some form fields in CMS pages:- image (like default image of categories)- text- date3 new columns in databases and the code to insert in .tpl file to do play results.Thank you!

  • $333 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Hello Freelancers,I am looking for a professional PrestaShop developer. I need someone who really knows perfectly this software and can make core modifications and build modules.Please bid only if you satisfy those requirements:- You are an independent developer, I do not want managers, companies etc.- You have done at least 2 projects with PrestaShop- You speak a good English- You are available on Skype, at least 7 hours at dayHope to find the correct person! Greetings to all.

  • $60 USD Feb 20, 2014

    Hi,We need some prestashop module.1. We want to have the same form like this on link : (page is in slovenian language , please translate with google translate into yours)Here you can see, that the calculations are for each component different... Module must calculating:height x width x depth x density=kg that we can get finaly price. Is this possibly to do ?And is it possible that a customer enters their dimensions ? and it has an impact on the final price then ?For example: width x height x length or. 500mm x 300mm x 200mmPlease contact us if this is possible. We hope that we will participate together.ThanksRegards,Blaz

  • $100 USD Feb 8, 2014

    Hello,I found you and searching on google.I need a module in the same way that one you are working on: requests are almost the same, I don&quot;t need some features. I list here what I need (I just cut some):1a. Create a deposit field in B/O - Catalog/Products/Pre-Order Tab. Name field, &quot;Deposit&quot;. Allow option to enter deposit amount as currency or as a percentage of retail price.1b. Display deposit amount in F/O in Product view underneath Retail Price, display text &quot;Pre-order Deposit&quot; next to deposit amount.1c. Allow customers to check out with Pre-Order products but only charge the Deposit Amount. Do not charge shipping costs.1d. Add an option in B/O - Orders to charge the customer the remaining amount owing, Eg: (Retail Price - Deposit already paid + Shipping). All payments will be via Paypal or bank wire.2a. Add an option in B/O - Catalog/Products/Pre-Order Tab to enter text. Name text field &quot;Date Available Text&quot;2b. Display &quot;Date Available Text&quot; in F/O in Product where the Count Down Calendar displays. Keep similar formatting. Count Down Calendar will be disabled if &quot;Date Available Text&quot; is in use.4. Change buttons on Home Page from &quot;Add to Cart&quot; to &quot;Pre-Order&quot; for Pre-Order products. When &quot;Pre-Order&quot; is clicked on Home Page, do not add product to cart, take customer to Product Page.5. Change button text on Pre-Order products page from &quot;Add to Cart&quot; to &quot;Pre-Order&quot;. Remove existing &quot;Pre-Order&quot; button.6. Change text on Pre-Order products pages from &quot;Your order will be formed after the product is back in stock&quot; to &quot;Text to be Advised&quot;7. Fix formatting of &quot;New Products Block&quot; so it&quot;s the same as the &quot;Featured Products Block&quot; on the Home Page.8. Fix button formatting on the Home Page - When you click refresh the colours turn red briefly, we would like this corrected.So I think it&quot;s possible to use the same module you are working on.Is this possible? At what price?Waiting for your answer and kind regards.Luca

  • $100 USD Nov 25, 2013

    I saw this work have the same work, implementing EBANX payments in my prestashop.Can I see the project you did before?You&quot;re interested? can you give me your price?ThanksHello!I need to integrate a payment method EBANX with my prestashop website.Seem to be a easy job accordling to ebanx as they provide manuals and full support.Did you work with prestashop before?

  • €88 EUR Nov 10, 2013

    It is for Prestashop v1.5.6.0 (Attached sample image with the option in the back end).I need to have the 2 modes in the catalog rules:1º Discount in price for percentage and amount2º Increment in price for percentage and amountWhen there discount mode, keep discount the labels on the frontend, and the increase mode not show labels on the frontend.The person who gets it. I have for future projects. Regards.

  • $100 USD Oct 9, 2013

    I have a website in prestashop that I&quot;m working on, products will not add to the shopping cart either with the current theme or default theme. Cannot find a solution. Also, Layered or Faceted Navigation is not working properly in current theme.

  • $12 USD/hr Sep 30, 2013

    HiI need to integrate clients prestashop with chinabuye Details are given belowAutomatic download of supplier product datafeed file.Automatic upload of product details &ndash; product price, product name, product description, product upc, category, quantity, images, manufacturer, cross-sells, related products.Syncronization of products with distributor inventory at the time requiredAdmin interface tool for price markup control (profit margin), category mapping toolActivity logsPlease let me know1. Time needed2. Similar projects completed3. CostThanksIsaac

  • R1222 ZAR Sep 14, 2013

    Good day,I require a module for the latest Prestashop that gives the customer the option to add insurance to his/her orders.The module is to only display if the customer selects delivery. The module should allow the admin to change the value of the insurance (calc at a % rate) should the rate increase by the couriers.If:Customer -> select collection -> do not displayCustomer -> selects delivery -> displayCustomer -> select insurance-> Value of insurance = &quot;order total&quot; x &quot;insurance percentage&quot; -> New_Order_Total = &quot;order total&quot; + &quot;Value of insurance&quot;Customer -> does not select insurance -> Order total remains unchanged -> Popup box confirming customer does not want insurance (gives short description of consequences of no insurance&quot; -> customer must accept with a tick-boxThanks

  • $30 USD May 7, 2013

    Need RSS feed enabled without compromising security for a 3rd party website to import our products onto their website.

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