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My projects:

  • $700 USD
    Profile image for Seller cheapartt


    15 days ago

    Great work! They turned in everything just as I required, on time, great price. Also, they were willing to make all the changes I requested. High quality animation.

    Project Description:I am looking for bids on an animated demo video, for example: About 80 seconds - I will provide the script, and if need be, I can arrange the voice over work...
  • $800 USD
    Profile image for Seller emleung


    Feb 25, 2014

    Great choice. VFXCreator cleared my Freelancer doubts with their quality of work & attention to detail. Fantastic job with the content we gave them, and able to make edits timely and accurately.

    Project Description:Want to amp up a small conference crowd for a 3-day startup offsite/conference. We'd provide you with keywords/phrases, along with the meeting theme! Can possibly incorporate film footage from our event last year...
  • $450 USD
    Profile image for Seller mikefreewhite


    Feb 6, 2014

    Very professional, patient and helpful. Great artwork and animation! I recommend and would absolutely use again for future projects.

    Project Description:Animation in 2D as described in the original project
  • $385 USD
    Profile image for Seller motiongraphicz


    Jan 28, 2014

    Second time working with vfxcreator. Once again, very high quality animation. Great communication, very professional.

    Project Description:A .5 to 1 minute HD 1080p motion infographic. Animation only. No design work. All design and Illustrator file preparation will already be done by an experienced motion graphics artist. After Effects animator will use the designed and prepped Illustrator files...
  • $700 USD
    Profile image for Seller Yani101


    Jan 17, 2014

    Very Smart team. They were able to deliver my vision in high quality performance. Excellent Job!

    Project Description:I need 5 animated segments . Each segment is around 30 seconds. I vision the character looking like Designed By Jane -abc tv show.
  • $605 USD
    Profile image for Seller motiongraphicz


    Sep 30, 2013

    vfxcreator has great after effects animation skills and delivered a high quality animation on a tight deadline. Great experience working with them.

    Project Description:A 1.5 to 2 minute HD 1080p motion infographic. Animation only. No design work. All design and Illustrator file preparation will be done by an experienced motion graphics artist. After Effects animator will use the designed and prepped Illustrator files...
  • $600 USD
    Profile image for Seller dvenencia


    Sep 13, 2013

    Unleashed did a great job! this was my first project so I did not know what I was doing but they guided me right through the process thank you

    Project Description:I would like to create a video similar to the link shown for an app that I am creating please contact me at your earliest convenience
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller Evelic86


    Jul 25, 2013

    Very patient and professional freelancer. The only downside of the project was that it some times the lag of communication between the parts resulted in long waitings. I think this could be improves from both sides. I wasn´t that specific in the deadlines and sometimes i would've liked to know how the freelancer was doing with the project without me having to ask. But overall a very professional and well done job.

    Project Description:i need a 2d motion sales video with typography. (3 minutes in length). The video i need is similar in style to: The script and voice over,logos will be provided...
  • €1050 EUR
    Profile image for Seller pqinfo


    Jul 18, 2013

    The project took longer than expected as in the beginning the communication was difficult. But vfx creator tried hard and put in a lot of work, so now we have a good product and do a follow up project together for a German version of the video.

    Project Description:To whom it may concern. I am looking for a motivating animated whiteboard animation video for our online recruiting company. Video will be 60-90 seconds long. We will provide a script, explain the scenes to be created and the voice over...
  • $450 USD
    Profile image for Seller mymixtapez


    Jul 12, 2013

    Great communication and great work. They went back a couple time's and fixed it the way i wanted it. Will use again.

    Project Description:The project requires the animator to create a 1 minute animated video to be displayed on all of our campaigns, explain what the app does and how it is used. Here's a link of what we have:
    UnleashCreation has not completed any projects.
  • $650 USD In Progress

    1.) This treatment is 100% animated, The style of animation is pretty much like Japanese Cartoons like: (Golgo 13 and Afro Samurai). THE ANIMATION WOULD BE 1:30-1:45 seconds long. NO VOICE ACTING, LITTLE TO NO SOUND EFFECTS. SPECIFIC SONG PLAYING THROUGHOUT.I ALREADY HAVE:CHARACTER CONCEPTS OF 4 MAIN CHARACTERSMUSICLOGOS NEEDED TO BE IMPLEMENTEDIt would be from 1 minute and 30 seconds to 1:45 seconds long. Just basically, the 95ers collective, moving through the city New Orleans. Also sort of an introduction of who the 95ers is in the video. There would be no voice-over"s. That would be too complicated I feel for you, would it? Anyway, we would start in New Orleans, running away from cops (Me and Randy) with duffle bags full of ziplocked k2o and Zide shirts with the k2o and zide logo on each plastic ziplock bag (packaged like bricks of cocaine) and merchandise portraying the image of it being drugs. We would then run for a little longer with New Orleans scenery too compensate it. Then we would be approached by King Quest (Mars Finesse) and Jonny Thundafuck, the other half of the 95ers, and they would be in a white "89 Trans Am, and play the getaway drivers role. We would all get in, runaway from the cops in the car, getaway chase on the interstate (I-10) with the Superdome scenery in the backdrop. This should be around the 35-45 second mark. While getting away, James and Malik are wilding outside the window of the Trans Am, mocking the cops and throwing up 9-5 crew hand signs. We would then get to safety and go back to Jonny"s house in the 7thward to a house party at night to count our earnings of everything in the duffle bags (k2o merchandise) in Jonny"s room while everyone is in the house partying. Scenary of girls and people in the house partying would be good also. Then with either captions, one of us would say "this isn"t enough. We need to take over bigger heights," While opening the duffle bags and spilling it out on the bed to see nothing but the k2o USA Collection for Fall/Winter 2013 spread out.From that, we go back into the main room to resume partrying. It would then have a small cutscene with each of our face to show who is who in 95ers. This will also show our personality. Jonny would be smoking with 2 girls, both of the girls hitting out of a bong. Malik would be next to the DJ of the party grabbing onto a girls ass, while giving the host vibe of the party. Randy and James would be in the kitchen,sitting on the counters with a girl all under Randy, kissing on his cheeks, while Randy has a nonchalant look on his face, and another girl under James biting and kissing on his neck, with an exciting look on his face. ** Each of these cutscenes will have our names by us, like the beginning of a TV show opening. To identity each one of us**Then the anime would end with all 4 of us standing together then look into the cam and a gunshot would sound, and flash to the 95ers logo for the ending.

  • $1200 USD In Progress

    We are creating a childrens TV-series and are looking for somebody to create the characters and animate them in a nature environment. This is an initial competition where the best freelancer may be hired for longer term work - specifically an 8 minute pilot episode which will be used to promote a full 26-episode season.We need you to provide a 60 second video showing your skills with animation. Your project should result in a copy the story from this video: from the time 0:22 until 1:22. We do not require audio, but the mouths need to be animated. You may optionally overlay the audio from the sample video.To be selected you must provide us with one or more samples of your previous work.

  • €350 EUR In Progress

    German Version of mindhire Video

  • $450 AUD In Progress

    I need a less than 3 minute and 50 second detailed animation similar style to the following examples: video must match existing branding and website ( EXACTLY The video animation needs to be in sync with the mp3 audio file that I will provide and the audio needs to be added to the animation.I will also provide Builtt logo, audio file and a copy of the written script.TIME TO DELIVER - 15 daysBUDGET - $450Regards

  • $300 USD In Progress

    I spoke with you

  • $2100 USD In Progress

    Video Presentation DesignerContract PositionWHAT WE NEED1. A video that explains what the AMT business model does in 90 seconds (investment pitch)2. A second video that explains the benefits for the consumers. Preferably animated, 90 seconds in duration. OBJECTIVES OF THE VIDEO➢ First and foremost, the videos must ATTRACT the investors’ attention➢ Describe and educate the investors on our vision and the business model➢ According to Dr James McQuivey at Forrester Research, a video is worth 1.8 million words:➢ Create an engaging story about the business to attract the audience and around curiosity➢ Be inspirational, energizing and interactive to compel the audience to invest into the project MUST-HAVE FEATURES• Unique representation of the service industry on a global level• Convey all the consumer benefits • We need to appeal to the new generation of investors, young on the ball, ahead of their time on the latest technologies so we need to be different and very creative.• Break the rules. Come up with something different even in the visual sequence, music, format, and layout. The whole presentation needs to represent and convey the spirit of AMT.• The investment video (first video) should conclude with a lead up to the second video. E.g. “now watch this short video, where we explain how we can benefit the consumer” • ALL VIDEOS must include talk-overs and music• Include key words. E.g. “Profitable deals offered from trustworthy services and products suppliers to the consumers”STAGES OF APPLICATION1. Please send your resume and previous works for review. Approved candidates will be sent a guideline on what Allmightytrader is and does2. Thereafter you can send us a 100 words description on the general theme and vision of the videos you want to produce. 3. After review, shortlisted candidates will be asked to produce a storyboard. We will select the most creative, direct and eye-catching storyboards. 4. Successful candidates will then be given 1-2 weeks to present the first drafts of the 2 x 90 seconds videos. One of our skilled team members will guide you through this process and answer all of your questions. NOTE ➢ You will also need to provide approximate quotes for each of the videos ➢ There is also a nice BONUS on offer for the successful performers IMPORTANT: Our company is going through an exciting phase of rebuilding our online platform. The concept is similar to Please do not create your videos based on our old website. A link to our new website and more information specific to our new business plan will be provided, once you have successfully progressed beyond the initial screening stages.Due to the rigorous and skilled nature of this job posting, only serious and professional applicants with initiative and inspired ideas should apply. Due to a large volume of anticipated applicants, please be aware that we won’t be able to offer individual acknowledgements to all applications. We express our apologies in advance. REWARDS➢ We value passionate and artistic people who are willing to grow. We will offer higher performers with generous rewards and further opportunities to work with us➢ If your video is selected for the final pitch and is instrumental in successfully raising the funds, we will pay you a bonus of $3000.00 in addition to your contract price➢ For the right candidates this is a fantastic opportunity to grow in our global expansion and enhance your design careerPLEASE READ ALL THE DETAILS CAREFULLY AND GOOD LUCKTO APPLYFor the initial application: [removed by admin]THANK YOU “We are only limited by our imagination” - Anon

  • $280 AUD In Progress

    I need an animated video made similar to the link below. information and flow of information will be provided. We just need someone to make the information look good.

  • $250 USD In Progress

    I would like video similar to the one in the link below.Type in Red Sox to prove that you have read this.The video will be shorter, about a minute or so. I will supply most of the images, text and maybe even a 10 second video.LINK TO VIDEO STYLE

  • $400 USD Today

    Hi,We are looking for someone capable of making us a small animation video (2minutes max).This video must explain how our website works, it should be funny and clear.

  • $300 USD Today

    We requiere a creative person that could make a great animation of our logo to be used as "opening" in our promotional videos.This logo is a registered trade mark for our Technology Store were we sell products like SmartHome Control, Audio HiFi, Electronic Security, Bluetooth gadgets, tablets, with a philosophy of integration of all the products we sell for an easy consumer lifestyle and energy saving.According to this the animation should have a high tech look, be dynamic and short duration as it is intended to be inserted at the begining and end of our promotional videos.Colors can be white over black or black over white. Red color can be used to make emphasis in some animation transitional details.

  • $750 USD Yesterday

    I am looking for someone that can create a video of this kind of quality as shown in the links below. The video project is part of the elements for a marketing campaign for a structural engineering company and the person is responsible for the script, musical background (voices if any), graphics, and everything it takes to make the video project come to live. Once the freelancer candidate is selected, they would be also be provided with the company website which would give an overview of the company background and their market. I would prefer a candidate that can also work on other projects in the marketing campaign such as Logo & designs for various packages like newsletter, website , flyers, brochures etc. SEO content writing is a plus. Here are the links: Provide me your quotes for a 2-minute video of this quality and samples of old-related assignments. Thank you for taking the time to read through my posting.

  • $450 USD Yesterday

    I would like to make a video for my company that teaches Spanish to people from all over the world via Skype, with Colombian teachers who are trained to teach Spanish to foreigners. They speak the best Spanish in the world, according to many studies. Why have to travel constantly, or sit in a boring class, when one can be at the comforts of their own home. I need a great video, catchy, good marketing, smart, and right to the point video, that will help people choose my company to achieve their language learning goals.

  • $750 USD Yesterday

    Looking for a shadow type animation for a 4 minute sound track to a Masonic Poem.To follow the story

  • $1500 USD Yesterday

    I have a small project to design an cartoon educational shirt film 3D, contains three animated characters, the duration is one minute, I need someone to design simple 3 characters (father mother and baby) gulf style like this : in cartoon look with rig and animationand animation look like this: character modelling, rig and animation

  • £150 GBP Yesterday

    create an animation for a service that we are thinking of providing,

  • $50 USD Yesterday

    I need a short animation (5-7 seconds) of an Aurora Borealis that then forms into the words "Aurora Glow Software."

  • $1500 USD 2 days ago

    I have movies/videos 2-15 minute long, I would like them to be recreated on 2D or 3D programs. or what ever programs you prefer, as long as I can upload them to website later. Size is important files can not be very large(( They are educational videos how to use paper spray. This is example of what is I’m looking for; this is military one I’m looking to do a civilian animated looking version.You will be creating the character talking of course but with no sound. I will get someone do the voice. (Narrator). Details in the background you do not have to be worry about, Our main focus is on the instructor and trainee. ))I"m looking for someone who I can depend on if future project. Not one time deal. I have more then 30 movies. and probably more will be on the way.

  • $1500 USD 2 days ago

    animate a webisode of a total of approximately 10 minutes in length with 8 characters to be animated and can provide story boards if needed. This is a university student project and must stay within budget and may include webisode credit to animator.

  • $9000 USD 2 days ago

    Looking for some one to make a 2d cartoon movie for kids. I will provide script. Must be 1 hour and 30 minutes long and must HD quality. Design, background, and caricatures are up to you so be creative. Background music an sounds are up to you as well. Send a video you have done before as a reference with your bid.

  • $250 USD 2 days ago

    I need a Japanese anime comic book design and illustration through out the comic book. I will like it to look like an actual comic book i.e. story board boxes, anime design, subtitles, etc.

  • $450 USD 2 days ago

    Animação em vídeo para projeto de internet, para ser veiculada na internet, you tube, vimeo...

  • $250 USD 2 days ago

    The video will showcase how an app will work at a high level. Even stick figures would work.

  • $350 USD 2 days ago

    Hello, I need a commercial done in animation/cartoon similar to the movie "Frozen" with a funny upbeat interesting and engaging videothat"s a unique for a company commercial the product is a sports bevarage. The video needs to be at least 1min 30 secs long.I"m stressing that I"m looking for cartoon quality such as the movie "frozen" so please respond if you can provide that quality! Thanks

  • $250 USD 2 days ago

    Hello!I was wondering if you have any experience with basic "story" animation?Let me know! I might have a job for you.

  • $1500 USD 2 days ago

    Hi,We am looking for one of you to handle the pre-production & post-production for our video ad. We will take care of the production. The video includes animation which should be handled in post-production.Here is the breakup of Video:1. Founder talk (Part 1 of 2) -- 30 secs2. Product (360 degrees outside view and internal assembly view)3. Use case(s) -- 2,3 minsa. By Actorsb. By Animationc. By Background narration only4. Footer text5. Product Architecture6. Seek funds -- message (30 secs -- 1 min)7. Punchline Messagea. Founder talk (Part 2 of 2) -- 30 secsPlease send your proposals. We plan to go live with this ad in 3 months.Thanks,

  • $250 USD 2 days ago

    I need a video animator so create animations with movement and based on my script if you can do this apply now and show me your previous samples

  • $100 USD 2 days ago

    Draw and create an 25 second animation, i want 2 characters drawing (i"ll provide images) and animating to this video To the standard of the video: basically copy the video with characters drawn, looking for the project to be completed in 1-2 days, message me for more information, Maximum price: 65 GBP (£) 100 Dollars ($)Please don"t bid any higher, thanks

  • [Sealed] 2 days ago

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Vfx Artist

Dec 2010 - Oct 2011 (10 months)

FnF studio

At FACT & FICTION STUDIO., i was responsible for all the VFX WORK happening in the studio...

Graphic designer

Jan 2009 - May 2010 (1 year)

Junior Kids Publications

At JUNIOR KIDS PUBLICATIONS, my responsibility was to design print ads in corel draw and to design websites using Photoshop, flash and Dreamweaver.



Delhi University


Specialization in vfx



Best VFX artist(in zonal awards)