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  • $40.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller allanw335


    Mar 21, 2014

    Work delivered quickly and was excellent quality

    Project Description:As we agreed,
  • €50.00 EUR
    Profile image for Seller Ibino


    Apr 16, 2013

    Great job !

    Project Description:Need to create a macro that will add rows by combining content of 2 columns Ex Column 1 column 2 column3 column4 Product Type Size 1 Size 2 Pants...
  • $30.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller clothingcompany


    Mar 26, 2013

    Was fast and wil he knows what he is doing...<br/>

    Project Description:For excel people i have a file with over 12000 items that needs to be sepearated into correct colluoms Please give me a price on it make sure you tell me in your message how much it will cost me... and...
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller ZedASolutions


    Mar 12, 2013

    Amazing Guy! Completed a difficult Project within 10 minutes. Will Definitely Hire again if there will be another excel work! Thanks Vikash!<br/>

    Project Description:Hi Everyone, I need a very expert Excel Guru for small task to be completed within 10 minutes! Project Details will be provided to the selected bidder. Please bid now with your excel skills!
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller sarun1981


    Feb 22, 2013

    Fast like superman..completed in just few hours...job well done! will hire him again...

    Project Description:Please quote only if you know &quot;EXCEL MACRO&quot; I have an excel sheet with column names as shown below Bill no Bill date Customer name Item name Quantity Item amount I require someone to do the...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller joxnard805


    Feb 20, 2013

    great knowledge of excel, great guy to deal with!<br/>

    Project Description:i need custom ebay fee calculator, only experience workers please. need to calculate paypal fees, ebay fvf, and ebay shipping fvf and other small charges.
  • $125.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller familygentleman


    Feb 15, 2013

    the access project was quickly and well done after lengthy discussions. the freelancer delivers the product as asked.<br/>

    Project Description:Access Export to Excel Project 1.1. On Sheet3, user inputs how many entries &quot;X&quot; he wishes to extract per table in the access file 1.2. Push a button in excel that activates a query for access file 1.3...
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller familygentleman


    Feb 4, 2013

    Work done within minutes. Very satisfied and will definitely use them for all my Excel programming needs. The job was done correctly and quickly, without any issues at all. It is rare to find someone on Freelancer that you can contact, good skype availability and get immediate responses from. Very, very pleased.<br/>

    Project Description:create a notepad file from VBA excel selection in sheet2. notepad file must be saved as UTF-8 Encoding and saved in the same location where the excel-macro file is.
  • $15.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller familygentleman


    Feb 4, 2013

    Work done within minutes. Very satisfied and will definitely use them for all my Excel programming needs.<br/>

    Project Description:this is a small issue but i need it fixed ASAP I am having a problem in my Macro Excel 2007 file, I am creating functions to use Macro to select automatically contiguous cells in a column please refer...
  • $75.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller familygentleman


    Feb 4, 2013

    Very satisfied and will definitely use them for all my Excel programming needs.<br/>

    Project Description:excel exported to explorer, in 8 steps, need to paste to explorer , log in, paste text, and upload it.
    Excel Automation has not completed any projects.
  • $8 USD/hr In Progress

    scrape addresses from zoopla and add it to an excel spreadsheet..................................................

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    static const U16 crctab16[] ={0X0000, 0X1189, 0X2312, 0X329B, 0X4624, 0X57AD, 0X6536, 0X74BF,0X8C48, 0X9DC1, 0XAF5A, 0XBED3, 0XCA6C, 0XDBE5, 0XE97E, 0XF8F7,0X1081, 0X0108, 0X3393, 0X221A, 0X56A5, 0X472C, 0X75B7, 0X643E,0X9CC9, 0X8D40, 0XBFDB, 0XAE52, 0XDAED, 0XCB64, 0XF9FF, 0XE876,0X2102, 0X308B, 0X0210, 0X1399, 0X6726, 0X76AF, 0X4434, 0X55BD,0XAD4A, 0XBCC3, 0X8E58, 0X9FD1, 0XEB6E, 0XFAE7, 0XC87C, 0XD9F5,0X3183, 0X200A, 0X1291, 0X0318, 0X77A7, 0X662E, 0X54B5, 0X453C,0XBDCB, 0XAC42, 0X9ED9, 0X8F50, 0XFBEF, 0XEA66, 0XD8FD, 0XC974,0X4204, 0X538D, 0X6116, 0X709F, 0X0420, 0X15A9, 0X2732, 0X36BB,0XCE4C, 0XDFC5, 0XED5E, 0XFCD7, 0X8868, 0X99E1, 0XAB7A, 0XBAF3,0X5285, 0X430C, 0X7197, 0X601E, 0X14A1, 0X0528, 0X37B3, 0X263A,0XDECD, 0XCF44, 0XFDDF, 0XEC56, 0X98E9, 0X8960, 0XBBFB, 0XAA72,0X6306, 0X728F, 0X4014, 0X519D, 0X2522, 0X34AB, 0X0630, 0X17B9,0XEF4E, 0XFEC7, 0XCC5C, 0XDDD5, 0XA96A, 0XB8E3, 0X8A78, 0X9BF1,0X7387, 0X620E, 0X5095, 0X411C, 0X35A3, 0X242A, 0X16B1, 0X0738,0XFFCF, 0XEE46, 0XDCDD, 0XCD54, 0XB9EB, 0XA862, 0X9AF9, 0X8B70,0X8408, 0X9581, 0XA71A, 0XB693, 0XC22C, 0XD3A5, 0XE13E, 0XF0B7,0X0840, 0X19C9, 0X2B52, 0X3ADB, 0X4E64, 0X5FED, 0X6D76, 0X7CFF,0X9489, 0X8500, 0XB79B, 0XA612, 0XD2AD, 0XC324, 0XF1BF, 0XE036,0X18C1, 0X0948, 0X3BD3, 0X2A5A, 0X5EE5, 0X4F6C, 0X7DF7, 0X6C7E,0XA50A, 0XB483, 0X8618, 0X9791, 0XE32E, 0XF2A7, 0XC03C, 0XD1B5,0X2942, 0X38CB, 0X0A50, 0X1BD9, 0X6F66, 0X7EEF, 0X4C74, 0X5DFD,0XB58B, 0XA402, 0X9699, 0X8710, 0XF3AF, 0XE226, 0XD0BD, 0XC134,0X39C3, 0X284A, 0X1AD1, 0X0B58, 0X7FE7, 0X6E6E, 0X5CF5, 0X4D7C,0XC60C, 0XD785, 0XE51E, 0XF497, 0X8028, 0X91A1, 0XA33A, 0XB2B3,0X4A44, 0X5BCD, 0X6956, 0X78DF, 0X0C60, 0X1DE9, 0X2F72, 0X3EFB,0XD68D, 0XC704, 0XF59F, 0XE416, 0X90A9, 0X8120, 0XB3BB, 0XA232,0X5AC5, 0X4B4C, 0X79D7, 0X685E, 0X1CE1, 0X0D68, 0X3FF3, 0X2E7A,0XE70E, 0XF687, 0XC41C, 0XD595, 0XA12A, 0XB0A3, 0X8238, 0X93B1,0X6B46, 0X7ACF, 0X4854, 0X59DD, 0X2D62, 0X3CEB, 0X0E70, 0X1FF9,0XF78F, 0XE606, 0XD49D, 0XC514, 0XB1AB, 0XA022, 0X92B9, 0X8330,0X7BC7, 0X6A4E, 0X58D5, 0X495C, 0X3DE3, 0X2C6A, 0X1EF1, 0X0F78,};// calculate the 16-bit CRC of data with predetermined length.U16 GetCrc16(const U8* pData, int nLength){U16 fcs = 0xffff; // initializationwhile(nLength>0){fcs = (fcs >> 8) ^ crctab16[(fcs ^ *pData) & 0xff];nLength--;pData++;}return ~fcs; // negated}

  • $5 USD/hr In Progress

    Hi. I need excel guru for couple of hours. Need some basic work to be done. Milestone straight away.

  • $35 USD 17 days ago

    Very quick job! I need to reference a simple data set and return several columns of data based on 2 criteria. No macros or VBA just need some help with the formulas. Can explain job in 30 seconds!

  • £55 GBP Jul 15, 2013

    We need an automated invoice form created ideally in MS Word 2007 which will enable use to select products from drop down fields and populate and calculate the invoice correctly.There will be an accompanying spreadsheet which will contain all the necessary information. This spreadsheet will be updated periodically so the process needs to be dynamic.We will supply a mockup of the Invoice in Word format and a sample of the spreadsheet for development purposes.There will be a requirement for the invoice to work in both British Sterling and Euro and there will be separate prices in the spreadsheet - this will not be a calculation - so we will include a &quot;currency&quot; option in the mockup form.There will need to be an option to &quot;email the form&quot; once completed (as a PDF), to save it, or to print it.If you need to know anything else please ask and we will do our best to respond quickly.We do not have a large budget for this, but can stretch to £30; if it is going to be more than that we will use existing proprietary software we just wanted to make something bespoke for us.

  • $35 USD Apr 22, 2013

    Insurance adjust needs an excel data spread sheet help. I need to adjust the graphs to add Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington, in Alphabetical order and the same alphabetical order on the graph. All the states except Arizona, California and Nevada have 0 values. I need all tabs completed with this information. There are a total of 4 tabs that need to be completed.

  • $44 USD Apr 7, 2013

    So the aim of the project is testing. I have values in attached excel which needs to be verified (tested) against respective values sitting in the access database (attached).Following are the requirements:1) Be able to run a macro which will pull data from access database and populate excel sheet (blank table). Use of sql in macro is must ... and population of each cell in excel blank table should be based on periods (which will be read from excel period headings ex: Jan-12, Mar-12 etc.) So the sql query should be passed the period read from the excel sheet. This is so if I change periods in excel (ex: if Jan-13 is changed to Dec-12) excel blank table should be populated based on new period value.2) Once excel blank sheet is populated with data, then do a compare and the values that don&quot;t match in the original excel table should be flagged ref (cell color fill read will work). 3) I have additional values in access db (those periods dont exist in excel table), these additional values should not be populated as they are not relevant. Thanks

  • $50 USD Apr 5, 2013

    I want an Excel Macro that can be manually triggered from within a workbook that copies data from source workbooks to specified cells within the destination workbook. More details and the source and destination files are attached

  • $108 USD Mar 30, 2013

    Need to create a Dashboard for Managerial AnalysisNeed to create formulas to plot Product Life Cycle for product and product familyNeed basic Business Knowledge and Excel expertise with stat formulas , pivot tables (Nice to have) and Dashboards

  • $150 USD Mar 12, 2013

    We are looking for someone to correct or rebuild a Excel file, see attachment; &quot;Green Beans ROI Sample&quot; that must calculate numbers, see &quot;ROI Layout&quot; attachment. This is what i want the end product to resemble after your creative input as a Excel file when completed, But “Important” it needs to be able to export out as a PDF that firmly fits onto a 8 1/2&quot; x 11&quot; sheet of paper with no cell boxes lines showing.Below is explanation for &quot;ROI Layout&quot; with references in &quot;red&quot; pointing to fields needing active.(A) This is where we will type, size/price of our product, or it can be radius buttons that activate a size/price in the box, (A) There are 10 product sizes. 3/4&quot;= $600, 1 inch = $1,500, 1 ½ inch = $2,200, 2 inch = $3,750, 3 inch = $6,200, 4 inch = $8,500, 6 inch = $12,000, 8 inch = $16,000, 10 inch = $22,000, 12 inch = $23,500 the prices are what&quot;s going be calculated like (C) and (D) rows from &quot;A&quot; for example; (A) we put 3/4 = $600, (C) and (D) we will type manually our clients monthly and yearly water bill cost which will calculate across the row at 10% to 40% savings, see attachment; &quot;Green Beans ROI Sample&quot; (E) Sewer yearly/monthly billing row section is to calculate out from 10% to 40% saving, which it not doing NOW &quot;Working&quot; see attachment; &quot;Green Beans ROI Sample&quot; now, of course all will start out as # &quot;0&quot; zero.C, D, E, F is to work from &quot;A&quot; as # dollar numbers across the row.(F) is a add up total of C, D, E rows(G) is to represent how many months it will take the client to pay off the product &quot;Return On Investment&quot; for example, if (A) is, 1&quot; valve costing $1,500 it calculate and divide it up (F) all across the row. Example circled in green &quot;ROI Layout&quot; shows total saving at 10%, is $260 per year for C, D, E, divide that by $1,500 = 5.7 months to pay our product off (G) must represent this calculation across the row. (B) must be centered copy in the 8 1/5 x 11&quot; sheet, which we could edit and add or take out copy , but not much more copy than what you see.(A) &quot;Row field&quot; you may have to invent how it work and effects (G) row after C, D, E, F, which will establish manually.

  • $40 AUD Mar 12, 2013

    I am needing a process automation done in excel from a website that quotes people for trades and services(quote compare) website.the process will be as follows1. Go to Url user specified2. Check login else login then go to dashboardelse go to Dashboard3. sort by listing date latest4. click on lead5. enter price6. enter message7. submit quote8. copy JOB ID, CatID, Cust Name, Cust Phone, Details - Suburb State Postcode9. Paste to excel10. Save to excel as CSV cetID_State_date_time.csv save to new folder self created by date and timeRepeat this taskThe program will need to run in background and constantly create a backup fileI need this delivered tonght- Fast Payment arrangements can be made based on this delivery.The program currently using imarco bu cant work out final stepsHours for delivery 1.5-2 hours payment $40-50

  • $250 USD Feb 16, 2013

    Looking for someone to help me out converting Excel spreadsheets into a webpage. That would be series of construction calculators, that eventually will fuse into one software.

  • $30 USD Feb 13, 2013

    I have an excel file with over 1m records. There are multiple duplicate &quot;Company Names&quot; with different information attached to each. I need to create one file with no duplicates. Basically I need to merge the duplicate rows without losing any information.

  • £25 GBP Dec 11, 2012

    Billing Query RCA reports Automation the reports find how many query received and how many query TAT met or missed we need to prepare RCA for the TAT missed task.

  • $50 USD Nov 21, 2012

    I have Data 1000 pages in notepad need to put it in excel, This is student data, Those interested can bid

  • $50 USD Nov 8, 2012

    Hi,I want an excel workbook with macros to show sheets depending on password input.The idea is that when someone opens the workbook it would ask for a password. 15 different people are goint to be working with this workbook, but I want them to be able to see and modify only the sheet associated with their password.I have a very basic knowled of macros, but i want to be able to modify it in case i have to add a sheet later on. I also want to be able to modify the passwords.

  • $60 USD Oct 14, 2012

    I have a template built with data in 8 workbooks that feeds automatically into a visualization of the data. I need it expanded to 20. To expand, new workbook tabs would be copied and renamed, the data copied and pasted into the tabs and renamed. Then the data will need to selected in the three integrated charts to add the data to the visualization (charts). The colors and labeling on the visualization will then need to be changed. Headers and Tab Names will need to be changed to reflect assessments 9-20.

  • $125 AUD Oct 1, 2012

    I need a macro written to make my shopify csv files work in eParcel. Name, address and weight need to be transferred across.

  • $130 USD Sep 19, 2012

    Create an excel spreadsheet that allows us to enter in a list of specific details from each of our real estate transactions. Have multi tabs for different agents the auto calculate and combins data entered onto page 1 so we can view totals and specific metrics we need to monitor all our transactions. Need to have the ability to handle 500+ transactions on one page and auto calculate info and combine data from all tabs. I dont want to have limited ability to add more transactions and have to adjust the formulas ourselves. The spread sheet eeds to be scalable to handle a high number of transactions. Have the ability to add, edit and remove agent names to drop down menu on the main spreadsheet page. When we add a name a column should auto matically add to the other tabs of the spread sheet where it will then auto calculate the total number of transactions of that agent.

  • $30 USD Sep 17, 2012

    I am downloading my positions every day at 5pm GMT and this includes the historical data for the last 6 years. These information are stored in excel, one tab for each stock I have in portoflio. What I need to do is analyze the historical data and calculate the maximum loos I would have faced in the last 7 years given the stocks I own (given the quantity and price for each stock I own). This number should be published on the first page of Excel. Is all clear?ThanksGiancarlo

  • $25 USD/hr Sep 11, 2012

    I have a database full of our company customers and previously quoted clients, I would like to export these names and email addresses to a CSV file.

  • £100 GBP Sep 10, 2012

    We have a workbook with two sheets.Sheet #1 contains a table & Sheet #2 picks up a csv from the C:\ drive that is refreshed each time it is opened.The CSV grabs information from a database and is updated each night.The data comes from a restaurant.The restaurant has 8 screens in the kitchen which help automate orders. Each of these screens belong to a particular station in the kitchen ie. Grill, Bar, Pizza etc.The CSV data contains information on what transactions came on which screens, the time it took to cook (in seconds) and the actual time stamp.Time Stamp Kitchen Screen Time Transaction2012-09-04 23:38:42.440Main Bar 12860366592012-09-04 23:01:25.330Cutlery 37450366592012-09-04 23:01:25.330Desserts 271 036659What we need is to basically create a report - in excel.The data needs to be arranged bya. Meal Period (using time stamps) and to actually display that meal period. For example, breakfast would be between 4am to 11:59am, lunch will be 12:00pm to 6:00pm etc.b. The individual kitchen screens.The above will mean we will have 8 rows of kitchen screens for breakfast, followed by another 8 rows of kitchen screens for lunch etc.For each of the above, the average &quot;cook time&quot; will need to be calculated based on the data, along with the amount of transactions.Here are the steps to the report - 1 User enters a date or date range in the top cells (maybe a date picker?)2 The fields below will be populated with data for that specified date.3 IF the user inputs a range, then the fields below will be cloned below the previous set and the data will be put into there for each day.

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