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    Spam FilterWrite a java application that reads a file of email messages and classifies each message as spam or not. Here"s how this will work: There will be three input files and one output file in this project:An input file consisting of email messages. Each message will have a unique Message Identification Number (MIN) associated with it.An input file with a list of keywords.An input file with a list blacklisted senders.An output file with the list of MINs that belong to spam messages.Attached is a sample file of email messages. Notice that each message has a BEGIN and END tag.Attached is a sample file of keywords.Attached is a sample file of blacklisted senders.Your application must accept as a command line argument the names of all three input files.Your application must mark as spam any messages containing a word on the keyword list in the subject or body of the message or any message sent from a sender on the blacklist. To mark a message as spam you simply need to include its MIN in the output list.Your application must append the email address for the sender of any mail marked spam to the blacklisted file when that address does not already appear there.For any message marked as spam add all words that are 6 characters or longer in the subject line to the keyword list.Finally, you must output a text file containing a list of all of the MINs for mail marked spam.There are many approaches to this problem but you must use a class Message to represent email messages and a class Filter to provide the filtering functions necessary here. These are minimum requirements. Your filter class should maintain a list of keywords and a list of blacklisted email addresses and a user must be able to add words and addresses to these lists. We will discuss approaches to this problem in more detail in class. Good luck!Extra Credit (20 points)You can read the contents of a web page by creating a URL object and feeding it to a Scanner. Check the Java API for details on this. Here"s an example of how to do it: URL u = new URL("");Scanner input = new Scanner(u.openStream()); Note: You will need to import the URL class. Once this is done you can scan the contents of webpage source files. For this problem, scan the contents of the webpage you created in Assignment 1. Find any email addresses and keep track of them. Then follow all of the links on your webpage and add any email addresses found on those pages to your list. Now write out all of the email addresses you collected to an output file, one address per line.If doing the extra credit write an additional test class and an AddressFinder class. GradingEach question in the Programming portion will be graded as follows:25% for whether it compiles30% for whether it runs properly (expected output for given input, etc.)15% for style (formatting of code, variable names, comments, etc.)30% for design (efficiency, handling error conditions, etc.)Please make sure your program at least compiles before you submit it! There will be no partial credit for a program that "almost" compiles. Additional resources for assignmentFile attachment mail.txt ( 5 KB; Nov 13, 2013 3:37 pm )File attachment keywords.txt ( 1 KB; Nov 13, 2013 3:38 pm )File attachment blacklist.txt ( 1 KB; Nov 13, 2013 3:38 pm )

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