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Xiong Lee

Web | Android | iPhone Developer

Username: wanggil

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Location: ChangChun, China

Member since: May 2013



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  • $2900 USD
    Profile image for Seller henrychiang


    28 days ago

    Xiong has shown great dedication to the complex project. He has kept in communication the whole time and was able to manage the project above expectations

    wanggil's reply:

    Thank you Henry!I am crazy expert for 2d and 3d!Moreover unity3d is my special weapon!It was great pleasure to work for you!

    Project Description:There are two opponents in the game, each start with a object, the game is turn-based. The aim of the game is to launch the object on top (or overlapping) of the opponent’s object, in which the winner can claim the loser’s object...
  • $4032.75 AUD
    Profile image for Seller joshrobertson2


    Feb 6, 2014

    Wanggil was a pleasure to work with, always kept communication a high priority and was great assistance when I needed slight variations to my project. He is an extremely hard worker, and I would definitely hire him again for future projects.

    wanggil's reply:

    Thank You So Much!Your Feedback is encouraging me a lot and giving me confidence,I was suffering from being cheated by devil employer "mounite"!But I always believe that there are much more good employers than cheaters in!your game project was a really great experience to me, I am always ready to work for you any time in the future! Thanks!

    Project Description:I’m looking for someone who has had game app experience. I have the name for the app and know how I would like it to look (possibly open to slight variations though). It’s a semi sports game with many challenges, and will be continuous without levels as such...
  • $600 USD
    Profile image for Seller mounite

    mounite [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jan 16, 2014

    This freelancer is not honest at all, once you award him your contract he will outsource it to another freelancer in some remote parts of China. A very very very irresponsible freelancer indeed. Wanted me to pay $1200 without any work provided. He managed to collect $600 from me, provided a crappy apk and has no clue what he is doing. He should be avoided at all cost. He has made away with my $600 and still calling me a thief. This guy should be avoided like a plague

    wanggil's reply:

    I can"t believe how dare he can leave this message!I am doing all work by myself! It is very clear that no one in China does outsource any work to another developer!He was asking me to complete one module (HTML5 flip function)for 600$, I completed such module and reported him.But He didn"t pay me, but asked me to complete another new module again. I did another new module, too! Without Complaning!But He didn"t pay me again! He said he was OK with my work! didn"t pay me at all! He took all my source code and cancelled the project without any discussion!!!!!Employeer "mounite" is a thief! BIG THIEF! I am Warning everyone to stay away from him!HE IS TRYING TO RIP OFF HONEST FREELANCERS!WITHOUT PAYING ANY MONEY!BIGGEST THIEF!

    Project Description:Looking to build a very cool mobile news application with many features like localization and different algorithms. etc. App will run as hybrid on: Windows, ios and Android. I already have a designed...
  • $1488 USD
    Profile image for Seller wgumaru


    Dec 11, 2013

    So far so good, I am excited to continue working with Wanggil on all my projects...Keep up the good work!

    wanggil's reply:

    Thank You!I will surely work for you in long-term relationship

    Project Description:This mobile app enables users to see other people in the area and also see different interesting places in any given time and a place. Everything, I mean markers and OtherPeopleLocation; should be relative to the current location of the user (Mylocation) A very responsive app is a requirement...
  • $3500 USD
    Profile image for Seller sri37001u


    Dec 10, 2013

    He really good. and he delivered what he promised.

    wanggil's reply:

    Thank You So Much!

    Project Description:hi, We are looking Audio call cross platform application, We need professional and experienced people to handle professional way. Technically sound and previously developed similar application added advantage...
  • $3250 USD
    Profile image for Seller Sixpak1175


    Nov 24, 2013

    Great Work!

    wanggil's reply:

    Thanks!It was really fun and creative working!

    Project Description:Want to create a animated mobile application. The application will be used to all mobile based smart phones. First would like to create it for Iphone.
  • $3085 USD
    Profile image for Seller mediaroot


    Nov 15, 2013

    Wanggil is an amazing developer with great experience in what he is doing. I was happy working with him and I will defiantly hire him for many other projects.

    wanggil's reply:

    Thank You!It is really great lucky for me to meet you!This project is big new experience to me but I can finish it because you helped me so much with explaining carefully about requirement, and guiding me step by step.I am willing to work for you anytime in the future

    Project Description:I need an expert-only HTML5 multiplayer game developer to develop a game based on concept. Please don't bid if you don't have the experience and did a previous similar project...
  • $2000 AUD
    Profile image for Seller JamesCStevenson


    Nov 10, 2013

    The work was top notch, and he was very good at keeping in touch.His communication and willingness to work is excellent.My only complaint is that this project did not go to specification or budget and I only found out after I had paid most of the milestones. I quickly became frustrated at being pestered for milestones and then finding out the project couldn't be done to specification.Having said all that, I am more than willing to hire them again for future work, now that I know how to manage the incentives.

    wanggil's reply:

    Thank You James!It was really happy to work for you.This project was great experience to me.One sorry thing is that requirement was too vague. so it has been a little difficult to make vague requirement into consolidated ones as progress is going on. I will be always ready for your call anytime in the future

    Project Description:The intention of this app is to allow users to remove their posts or threads from any given forum. When a user decides to remove their history from a forum, they rely on the good will of the admin to mass prune their threads...
  • $500 USD
    Profile image for Seller JamazH


    Oct 31, 2013

    good developer!

    wanggil's reply:

    Thank You Sir!

    Project Description:I have a iOS mobile app that is already uploaded to app store it is in need of new updates. The mobile application can be found in the app store as: single no babies. I have attached a word document with the updates...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller charlesburman


    Oct 21, 2013

    It was great working with Wanggil. He was fast, quick and very efficient. I will certainly use him again when the need arises.

    wanggil's reply:

    Thanks!Your Project was really excellent experience to me!And you are the best!

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
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    Xiong Lee does not have any work in progress.
  • $778 USD Today

    I need to be able to record several live streams could be up to 100 from I will be throwing events in which all participants need to have video evidence of the game they played. Twitch does not allow its members to record so I need an application that will take the url of as many streams as I want and record them all with labels and info in each file

  • £1488 GBP Today

    I"m looking for an app to be built so my meter exchange engineers can capture information on site the it"s sent to the office via email in an excel spread sheet with photos attached I"ll upload a a sample of what I need one of my clint uses a similar software on Motorola pda"s called ijob

  • $1488 USD Today

    I want to develop a emoji app. I have all the designs, I just need a programmer to put them all together and make everything function.

  • $1444 AUD Today

    Hey Developers,I need a Ferris wheel implementation for iPhone, where the wheel rotates but the views for each slice adjust themselves to stay horizontally aligned all the time. means if you have labels as slices in the wheel, you rotate the wheel but the label adjust them to the new angel and stay the same even without rotation. Its a quick job only want someone who can deliver in a couple of hoursRegards,MV

  • $38 USD/hr Today

    Re-image a state-wide online system application. Provide user experience enhancements by rethinking the process of engagement. To design an entirely new and fresh interface using modern design standards.

  • $54 USD/hr Today

    I need someone to create an iOS app for my business. The app should be functional and professional. The app should also follow the branding of my business.Please message me if you have any questions.

  • $1488 USD Today

    It is mostly a drop game. move the ice cream cone along the bottom and catch the right specs of game:3-7 colors dropping Speed changes per level"obstacles" to programIAPAd-space, SDL hook upLogin/user recoveryGame Centeroverview screen, game screen, settings screen, win and loss screen (win with stars, etc). store screen, pause screen, splash screen.In-game power ups people can click on (or purchase)Tutorial for first game or 2 (and parts past that intercepting new items with a pointerMinimal database feedback (game should work offline and when online send information to the server for updates)Since I am planning over 100 levels (and 400 eventually) you probably want a level builder. Contact me and I can give you an idea of the format you may want to use (what changes level to level)I have visual and sound assets. I have spreadsheets (and if needed database) of level elements and queues/goals. Included a screenshot from concept for you to get a better understanding of the project. You will need to understand the project before you bid. All proposals within the first 20 minutes before you could even read/discuss/scope the project will be blocked forever. I do not want shoddy work just so you could get the first bid in.Portfolio of games you have developed already is appreciated.

  • $1488 USD Today

    Need to set up an online database. Will need to be able to create an online interface with a standar program.The objective is to create Service order for customer service. some of the characteristics:-each user need to register and access with it"s own credential-each action done from the user need to be registered and logged.Need to be able to create and record Service order with numbers.-each service order needs to have several field to enter datas and upload files-need to implement a function that send mails to each user binded to the Service order each time a service order is updatedneed to be able to print a full service order report in a nice formatdatabase need to be accessed from an iphone appsneed to create the program with a standard database platform

  • $14890 USD Today

    We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of an application. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as followsA mobile app that resolves user IDs to phone number by pulling phone numbers of registered users from a web service. A user profile can create several IDs and assign several numbers to an ID. The app retrieves the phone number and inputs the phone number retrieved into the phone"s phone app.Milestone: The first milestone is divided into 2.1. Build Web app/service and DB for data storage that supports the followinga. User creation and activiationb. ID creation allowing multi ID per userc. Phone number addition and removal2. Build Android app(later milestone will require it to be multiplatform ) that supports a. User logon.b. ID retrieval and storagec. Transferring the retrieved phone number to the native phone app for dialing.For completion of this project, please have this up and running on a development webserver I can access to test its functionality as described.VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write I AM REAL as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not start with this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does.

  • $1488 USD Today

    hello ..In short, I want same this application

  • [Sealed] Today

    Build an advanced android application1.) Approximately 15 pages total2.) Powered by an API (uses two separate API"s)3.) Get and Post api calls4.) App is a coupon appWe will deliver:A.) Functional spec with screenshotsB.) Sliced png or jpeg images at high resolutionC.) Completed API feeds and instructionsAbout you1.) Focus on mobile development2.) Extensive Experience with android3.) Very high freelancer ratings4.) Available in the coming weeks to begin developmentWe need a few more weeks to complete the API and design, so we would like to take this time to find a an android developer.

  • £1488 GBP Today

    The Manager"s holiday diary allows management and tracking of employee holidays over a 52 week long year. The app tracks how many holidays each employee has booked per week. Such as if Tom has booked 3 days off in week 5, then in the tracker this would be represented. To book holidays the user selects the first day of the holiday, and simply drags the date this to when the holiday would end. The main feature of the app is its ability to track holidays booked and display them on the tracker to provide a "at a glance" view over 52 weeks. More then one holiday diary files can be created by the user. This would be useful if there are more than one depts the manager is in charge of. The app takes advantage of IOS 7 layers. The app does a provide a share feature which would allow a PDF version of the holiday diary to be emailed. I have designed this in a PDF FILE which shows in detail the functionality and design aspects of this app. I can provide this via email. I am looking for an honest programmer/designer who will complete this project within 15-20 days. I would like daily communications to ensure the project is completed to the required quality. Thank you for reading about this project.Skills required: iPad

  • $1488 USD Today

    Need a simple app for ios and android to order taxi. the application is fairly simple:From:To:When:Type of CarORDER TAXIit has to be able to figure out persons placement by gps, has to have integrated maps for person to select place on the map. has to be able to choose the date and time. it will be connected to website CMS, and will automatically recognize persons phone number and put it in cms. the confirmations and car number and phone number will be pushed thru the app. it will also ask the user if they want the addresses saved for future use.The app has to be in Russian.End of the project: working and tested app published in itunes and google play stores(all applicable fees to be paid by me).After wwe will talk about support and changes fee on ongoing basis.

  • [Sealed] Today

    1. We need a web application, or maybe could be an administrator section of the App in point 2: a. The super users should be able to manage their own farm in terms of type of olive, tank type amount available. b. To add and remove users, olive farms and tank type c. To manage the schedule for each farm d. Import data from farm2. App in IOS a. User can Book Unload time / Change Booking / Cancel Booking b. Choose day for unloading delivery c. specify Type of Olive and aprox Kg to unload (There will be an assignment for the farm of specific time for every kg) d. Output should be a list of options to choose for available required slots in the available line for that type of olive.Very Quick and reliable delivery time. This project must be delivered by Tuesday 22nd of April, if you cannot guarantee delivery in that timeline please do not post bid.Many Thanks

  • $2290 USD Today

    PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING! We do not accept bid price changes after the project is been accepted.We prosecute scammers and toughs. If your delivery time is off you will be penalize.!!!!Everyone is invite to bid except user ITDV as he tried to scam our company in the past and it is our company policy not to work with him!!!!We are looking for an app developer to do an Android and Iphone application for a retail shopping client.The application need to have an inventory of products that can be selected by the user on 5 different shopping patterns and generate a bar code that can be read by a scanner and pull the information from it so that the order can be deliver correctly and prompt. Example:Shopping option #1 Shopping option #2 Shopping option #3Product A Product CProduct DProduct B Product AProduct B2x Product G 3x Product H 2x Product AThe bar code needs to be read by the laser scanner and the options display on the screen for the retail employee to deliver the pack the order.The options and products will be store on a SQL DB and you will need to create a simple webpage to connect to the DB and display the order.The phone user should be able to store the favorite order so it can be easily pull next time he wants to do another purchase.The bid is for the 2 apps for Android and Apple store and a web interface online to pull the information from the DB, the product need to be fully deliver and not partially.If you have additional questions feel free to ask before bidding.Force shield IT President

  • $5154 USD Today

    We are currently hiring females who want to work out of their homes as a webcam model/actress, on a part-time or full-time basis with great earnings. Age and looks are irrelevant but enthusiasm and work ethic is far more important! Everyone over 18 can apply. We give you the attention & training you need in order to reach your maximum potential, several of our models are earning well over several thousand a week working less than 30 hours. We love to see our employees succeed!We would love to hear from you, so if your interested or would like additional information please contact us now.No experience is necessary, we"ll teach you everything you need to know. If you put in the work, you"ll make excellent money. Contact us right now.

  • $4581 USD Today

    Would like to initiate phase 2 of mobile app mAssigner (To Do List Manager, a productivity improvement app) . Looking for skilled android developers to work on same on hourly basis. Assure you good rates .Please go through the app to understand the complexity of app and then only bid for same

  • $2977 USD Today

    Software designe for a platform game need to be realised

  • $34 USD/hr Today

    Want to initiate work on version 2.0 of iPhone app mAssigner (To Do list manager app). App is complex so want before bidding please try out the app. Need 4 freelancers on hourly rate

  • $2977 CAD Today

    I need an iPhone app that will allow customers to login to an account and place orders from our bakery on a daily basis. It would need to have several product category submenus and be able to customize slightly on an ongoing basis for seasonal items and product additions/subtractions. If you have any further questions, I"ll be quick to respond for clarifications.

    Xiong Lee does not have any open projects.
    Xiong Lee does not have any work in progress.
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Senior Team Mananger

Jan 2006 - Dec 2012 (6 years)

Green Software Inc.


Master in Computer Science and Technology

Beijing Foreign Studies University





930 out of 1000 Marks



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