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Location: Melbourne, Australia

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My projects:

  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller thanita23


    6 days ago

    Thanks, Great Work Like Always :)

    Project Description:EA Strategy: 1) At the Start Time, the EA should place our Initial Pending Orders. 2) The number of Initial Pending Orders that will be placed onto the Account will be based on the "MaximumInitialOrders" setting...
  • ¥42105 JPY
    Profile image for Seller ibmstg


    10 days ago

    It is a great job. I think it's a real professional. Thank you.

    Project Description:Please make modifications to my EA. I am waiting for the bid.
  • $149 USD
    Profile image for Seller ibthescottyb


    21 days ago

    Very competent MT4 programmer - will use again

    Project Description:FX RogueWave 2.0 Breakout Strategy The purpose of this Pseudo code is to create a hybrid EA for Metatrader 4 compatible with the newer versions greater than version 600 named FX RogueWave. The premise...
  • $55 USD
    Profile image for Seller thanita23


    Mar 18, 2014

    Great Work Thanks :)

    Project Description:I need to Include an option which will allow me to see the Middle Point between each Pivot Level. The Middle Points should also show the price level at which they are at, just like how its shown on the Pivot Levels...
  • $650 USD
    Profile image for Seller thanita23


    Mar 9, 2014

    Thanks Great Work

    Project Description:I'm looking for someone to create a Martingale One Click EA using an existing EA, which already has most of the below settings i require. The EA was created for MT4, these setting which i already have include the One Click Buttons, Martingale Settings and most other settings mentioned below...
  • $320 USD
    Profile image for Seller marman88


    Feb 12, 2014

    The best freelancer experience I have had. Everything works 100% as requested. There was good communication and regular updates from the start of the project. There were a few minor bugs but they were due to my incomplete explanation. These were quickly rectified and a few additional items were added that I hadn't thought of to make it easier to visualise. Would definitely recommend and will use again on my next project.

    Project Description:Provide source code for MACD Divergence indicator written for MT4 usable with 4 or 5 digit broker. Indicator will be used with Range Bar off line chart so needs to be able to work with chart where multiple candles may have same time stamp...
  • €31 EUR
    Profile image for Seller ratonchjes


    Oct 22, 2013

    Professional work as always! The perfect skill, always on time, honest person! For me is the best Freelancer coder!

    Project Description:My friend, indicator the same, fxcogmaster, fixing the refresh part and the alert. I detail in private msg. :)
  • $304 USD
    Profile image for Seller skillml


    Oct 16, 2013

    The Initial reply and the commitment to the job was great. The end product has tested well and i would use Waterwood again recommend him to others.

    Project Description:I need a Partial Close EA similar to IBFX partial close I did not leave a contact # on my first upload Please call 0417175302 if you can help
  • €33 EUR
    Profile image for Seller ratonchjes


    Oct 10, 2013

    The best professional and honest coder i know! Always the best work and beyond that understand the personal problems even when he has not to do with it. This is the man that i will always work on exclusive! A big thank you!

    Project Description:Hi! HOw are you my friend? :) two job request 1- add a refresh line to the indicator, so it will refresh itself at the end of each candle. 2- add and alert to the indicator when the moving average cross the dynamic levels line...
  • $2631 USD
    Profile image for Seller jiddel


    Sep 20, 2013

    Satisfied! Very good communication and respond time. He has definitely MT4 experience and was able to solve this complicated task.

    Project Description:I am looking for a programmer with MT4 API experience and trader Know-How. The requirement for the plugin is very easy: 1.) The Plugin is filtering/ blocking every trade request (Market and pending...
    waterwood has not completed any projects.
  • $500 USD In Progress

    Hi,I need you to create an EA like how i explained inside our Chat Conversation.Furthermore i need these new changes made onto my previous Hedging EA.

  • $94 USD Today

    write new ea .i have ea that i have already that has basic features i need for this breakeven;magicnumber;friday finish time and can copy features from this as they all work good.i need a ea that uses mt4 timeframes to place preference that i will explain in detail to winning indicators at all.the usual sl and tp and trailing stop as well.this will require writing inputs true/false for time frames to get signal to quite a simlpe method which can be easily understood to winning bidder.see previous projects to see my feedback.dont ask for exact details as i have explained basic idea already.need someone with previous mt4 and coding experince.thanks.looking to pay around $60 for project as you get to keep ea as well for private use.

  • $421 USD Today

    Looking for an Elliot wave indicator that will use Fibonacci ratios and channels to accurately predict market fluctuations and trend patterns. Prefer an 8 wave setup.

  • $600 USD Today

    I need Lmax reader. I want to work on the EA CHART. Getting price API LMAX reader.

  • $315 USD Yesterday

    My coder has been working very hard on this project for a couple weeks now and is behind schedule.I have approved the release of funds to help him catch up the task list he has and help him test so he can focus on coding and debugging...The time crunch we are under is large and we have been caused to fall behind a week due to a nasty bug we finally tracked down but now the coder and I would like to bring in an Assistant Coder to help.Any takers? You need to be skilled a bug locating and fixing, optimization and backtesting and helping code simple indicator filters/triggers and integrate code blocks into existing code. A strong grasp of MT4"s MQL4 is a MUST.This project has multiple benchmarks. The coder will be paid 33 dollars per 50 dollar milestone the lead coder is performing in assisting him with these tasks.If you have knowledge of Arrays and Indicator Integration and editing please mention this in your bid, as we are going to be making a large group of trades into an array-tracked expanding/contracting group of trades based upon several market indications of needing to add or subtract risk.There will be at least three 33 dollar milestones possibly more in this project. The bid amount is per milestone and you are not primarilly responsible for the milestone lists, the Lead coder is. Your job is to help him be as fast as possible in his job and take care of the work that would take up a lot of his time.Prefer if you have good hardware to run backtests on as well as the testing of the new code will be the biggest time sink we suspect... (At least 4 core, at least 4 gig ram)Thank you!

  • $700 USD 2 days ago

    I need a automated binary options trading system made that can automatically place trade on my account on , taking into consideration my parameters of trading by pattern recognition of candlesticks on metatrader with different timeframes.

  • $115 USD 3 days ago

    I"d like to code an indicator called Center of Gravity for Metatrader MT4Here"s the link to that indicator on Codebase: can just do a Google search to find out more about it.We don"t own copyright for the source code above on Codebase. So, we can only look at that for inspiration. And we have to code it from scratch.Canned bids will be ignored. Include the word "CHELSEA" in your bid, so we know you"ve read the description.In your bid, specify clearly your plan of getting this job done.

  • $100 USD 10 days ago

    I like you to code a simple NO REPAINTING Indicator for MT4 Build 625 or higher:1. Paints tiny micro dots on a M1 line chart of the CLOSE per minute2. No repainting3. Paints on the basis of the previous close Higher (green) or Lower (red)4. Over a time period between 5 minutes and 120 minutes (So 5 to 120 dots)5. After say 120 minutes a new cycle of 120 minutes (or shorter settings) will start and the previous painted dots will automatic disappear from the chart.

  • £131 GBP 12 days ago

    I assume this would be possible ?the tdi alert signals when green cross red etc and show when strong , weak etc, what i need is the strong Sell signal to include when actual price is below a 60 ema, so red crosses green between 68 & 32 lines, as well as below MBL AND price is below 60Ema.same the other way round for Buy signal .the setting would need changing back to the original TDI by Dean Malone as well as some settings in the mql have been changed..any takers

  • [Sealed] 12 days ago

    HiI need enhancement to my current EA.1. Enhance my trade triggering rule2. Enhance to my MaxTrade rulea. When I set Max Trades equal to 2, EA trigger a BUY forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a SELL when there isa SELL signal from the EAb. When I set Max Trades equal to 2, EA trigger a SELL forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a BUY when there is aBUY signal from the EAc. When I set Max Trades equal to 3, EA trigger a SELL forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a BUY when there is aBUY signal from the EA. If first and Second trades arenot yet close and there is a third trade trigger, can onlytrigger a SELL when there is a SELL signal from the EA.d. When I set Max Trades equal to 3, EA trigger a BUY forthe first Trade, If first trade is not yet close and aSecond trade trigger, can only trigger a SELL when there isa SELL signal from the EA. If first and Second tradesare not yet close and there is a third trade trigger, canonly trigger a BUY when there is a BUY signal from the EA.Need this to be in properties where can set True or False3. I need the coder to be able to provide me assistant in ideas and suggestions as I will need lots of enhancement to my EA as we move along.

  • $14 USD/hr 16 days ago

    Quick work for MQL specialist.

  • $150 USD 16 days ago

    I have several indicators which I would like to robotize?Any help will be greatly appreciated.ThxD

  • $25 USD 17 days ago

    I have indicator I found online. Indicator alerts when price is X pips distance from a Moving Average.Problem is, indicator alerts until candle is closed - this is no use, because I apply on 1 day chart, so there are constant alerts after price reaches distance to MA.Many thanks

  • $526 USD 18 days ago

    Stage 1 is already complete. This was making making 3 eas (expert advisors) .ex4 and one script workable unrestricted. All protections and inhibitions were removed from EAs and they have proven to work just like originals. But now we have source code files (.mq4 files) to edit as needed. However, they are in a decompiled state, so the variables are strange and largly unreadable to edit code.Stage 2 is this current project. This project actually has two Phases:Phase ICompletely re-write 1 ea and 1 script that work in conjuction with each other. The rewrite will have to be very clean and have notes throughout the source code documenting what is happening. The must be written in plain english as if the person reading it only knows basic math. Bidder should also be able to explain (either via live chat or email)---------------------------------------Phase IIafter confirmation that revised code works 100% like original, then these modifications are needed. Note that most of the modifications will require one or more new parameter variables that can be user-adjusted.Trading EA wish list:- Slippage monitor (also on cash monitor): It will calculate slippage of an order that is placed and display a field on chart called "Average Enter Slippage" in x.x pips. This is calculated by recording current live price right at the exact time that the market order is placed/sent. Or perhaps take the snapshot when the order has been accepted. Then take the actual price fill price and subtract the difference. Should be zero at all times :) If you think there is a better way to calculate slippage, then let me know.- Also the same for when an order is closed out. Calculate the same way. I need slippage. So 2 different display fields. Enter Slippage, and Exit slippage. (if this cannot be done, then enter slippage on the trading ea, and exit slippage on the Cash monitor ea)- Need a parameter field to designate initial hard starting equity $ amount $xxxxx.xx (account starting balance) at the time of EA start. This is good for having to restart the ea after terminal crash or whatever reasons. So this will be the initial snapshot. - Allow for automatic increase of lot sizes for orders after being x.x pips away from the open order that. So since the cash monitor is always going to take out trades, then- allow slippage for trades in to avoid requotes. Although technically re-quotes should not happen on market orders. I designate in parameter field how much slippage is acceptable to the nearest fraction of a pip. x.x pips- the line in the sand where it determines whether to place buys or sells. Make the line thin and a light color. Also have an option of whether to draw the line or not.- send this to an output file- reverse feature. Where I can have trades reversed. I want the same logic used to calculate entry points to be 99% same, but instead of placing buys, it would sell, and instead of placing sells, it would buy. And set take profit appropriately.- place stop loss feature.Cash Monitor wish list:- have a parameter to set how often cash guardian should recalculate in milliseconds. It should default to 200 milliseconds.- have an initial equity input parameter $xxxxx.xx. This will be initial equity snapshot. - have count up timer initially sync with the TERMINAL time, not local time. Or have a true/false parameter that I can choose which time to sync with.- print to a txt/log file each time basket is closed. If basket is not closed within 24 "trading hours"Take a look at the file "equity manager for martingale lover" This is a SEPARATE ea from the cash manager project. But it has some of the features that I am having added to the cash equity manager. and you can see how it works.**THERE is some more mods but just throwing up project for now so we can start phase 1. Complete set of mods will be emailed. or posted at later date***-------------------------------- end of phase 2------ I will need 3-7 trading days to test each phase completion to verify code is working up to specs.The ideal bidder:-is familiar with and can use regularly Skype live chat/instant messenger platform with voice capability. . Their latest beta allows screen sharing. (yahoo im is case-by-case basis)-will be familiar with mt4 (metatrader 4) platform- would be an actual trader or has traded forex on the metatrader platform. Being an actual trader AND a programmer enables you to think ahead and consider minor details related to markets that just a programmer may not think about. (be ready to prove it).- programs his/her own expert advisorss or for other people.- is very familiar with mql4 or metatrader programming languages, which is very similar to C/C++- can work quickly. Even better if s/he can provide sample of working code.- can rephrase (summarize) in your own words briefly what I am asking for in Stage 2, Phase I and II via PMB. This ensures we are both on the same page.- Ask questions if necessary for anything that is unclear.I have someone in mind already for this project but decided to leave it open to see if any others may be able to fulfill the roll or other sections. I expect each phase to take NO GREATER than 4 calendar days for bidder to deliver. Bids over $500 will probably not be considered for Stage 2. If I like your stats and conversation, I may PMB decompiled files for your review. Only if you can rephrase in your own words briefly what I am asking for in Stage 2, Phase I and II.

  • $100 USD 19 days ago

    Expert MT4 programmer to modify the trading condition of the EA. Also EA has minor Stop Loss, Take Profit, Break Even issues. Needs to be corrected.

  • £105 GBP 23 days ago

    I need a simple strategy coded into an EA you will use my word document with the rules to code.

  • $105 USD 25 days ago

    Helo , My expertadvisor works relative good, but have some error for work 100 % correct.for clean the code and modify some small things I think you need 10 -20 hours.After this first work I have always small work for implement some additional features.the code have ca 4500 lines+ additional entrylogic , which is also to clean.the budget is variable, when trhe quality from your work is good, we can work in this projekt longer togehter, and may be you are interested for work after in the Finacialmarket with the EA and me together.

  • $555 USD 29 days ago

    i need to make EA in mql4 to FIX engine system . i have the Engine specifications and need from developer to make FIX tunnel to the FIX connection and make the system that by MQL4 to C++ ssytem connection to fix engine direct The EA is not more than 200 line and simple also with one volatility Indicator so i need to make this EA to work by FIX engine so pleas who can make it he has to be make it from a- z

  • $250 USD Mar 19, 2014

    Indicator with bollinger bands and some other features to be discussed

  • $500 USD Mar 18, 2014

    I have developed a tool called the FX dashboard. I have all the source code but it often freezes due to the amount of data it has to process. It incorporates displaying stripped out currency strengths, indices and commodities.I need to use my tool to trade the correlations between the various markets eg use strengths in indices to trade FX - JPY ,USD etc, or USD strength to trade gold or AUD. must be totally customizable and be able to work on all brokers with different descriptions for indices & commodities etc.Here are some training videos to give you an idea of what it currently does What i need is to be able to input the volatility levels for multiple markets and that signal then must trigger a trade long or short on the various instruments - currencies , commodities & Indices depending on the trade criteria.very importantly i need the EA to have integrated money management and trade management. i need a good exit strategy that incorporates automated dynamic stop loss and take profit functionality. we can discuss a re-design of the current interface and output but would like something similar - your input would be welcome.i also need good security built into the EA so i can distribute and activate per user with an expiry date functionality. very importantly the system needs to use less resources as the current version is not efficient in processing the calculations and data.

  • $200 USD Mar 13, 2014

    I have an indicator called TDI Red Green that is freely available and I would like to add an alert feature when certain market conditions are reached on this Indicator. Please see the description below.

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