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  • $505 USD
    Profile image for Seller entrepreneur2000


    25 days ago

    I'm happy with the result and dedication of the team, but code quality could have been better (css styles hardcoded in html, a lot of not used JS libraries loaded, a very old version of Metronic admin theme provided etc).

    Project Description:I need an online appointment solution, which will allow clients (website visitors) to book an appointment and admins to manage the appointments via the admin interface. This is similar to (except that it's for a single company)...
  • $670 USD
    Profile image for Seller Adrian344

    Adrian344 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Mar 12, 2014

    Webspidy bid on a project of mine at well below the target budget. He insisted that would definitely complete the project within 7 days (for something that would take 30-40 days) and that I would need to release a milestone straight away!!!! I was contacting him daily to no reply or updates and he had the audacity to tell me why are you still contacting me (making up excuses such as hes not at his dek etc). He stressed me out to the point of no return, after 3 weeks I decided to contact support, then he quickly drafted a 5 minute worth of work. He was suspended and my funds were held. He then begged me via email and to support to unsuspend his account and I got my money back, but not my 3 weeks of wasted time. I wish I had the bad reviews before working with this freelancers, check out ripoffreport’s website. Just a warning, as I couldn’t do much except write this review. Please note, majority of the feedbacks are fake, you will be wasting your time working with webspidy!

    webspidy's reply:

    This person is a cheat, after completion and sending all the project files he contacted his bank for credit card fraud. The small amount of advance money was refunded. We lost our time and he got a complete project without paying anything! being a company we can handle this type of cheat, we must warn other individual freelancers so that he cant get project files without paying anything in future. Freelancer must take actions against fake users! Horrible experience.

    Project Description:We require a identical copy of a website;, of course without any of the logos/copyright but the exact theme. The site should have a functioning admin panel to manage all user accounts and listings and forum posts/threads...
  • $167.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller gap17311

    gap17311 [ Incomplete Report ]

    Feb 26, 2014

    the service provider didnt present any done work

    Project Description:I want a online store (dropship based) similar to 1- all products will have photos, and shall be inserted automatically from suppliers lists (,,
  • $350 USD
    Profile image for Seller Pixelim


    Jan 24, 2014

    I can't find any words to describe this talented team, they did once again a great job. We'll keep on working for a long long time, everything is just started :) Thanks!

    Project Description:This is additional work for our previous project automation. We have agreed on terms.
  • $1200 USD
    Profile image for Seller Pixelim


    Jan 8, 2014

    The most professional company I have ever worked! They are doing incredible jobs and they don't know what does it mean the word "impossibility". We are already started working on new projects. Viva la Webspidy!

    Project Description:Project being awarded based on discussions, it's about developing an existing PHP script into a Tourism Agency automation that fit completely our requirements. Further details could be found on the file...
  • $1546 AUD
    Profile image for Seller brettpix


    Jan 7, 2014

    I have used this development company before. They have been really great in the past and this project was saved by a really good new developer although the project was very very late with no communication until the new developer started. I will do another project with them right away as I am told the communication issues are fixed.

    Project Description:Build Ecommerce site with design to match to www and to match design of OK to tweek both BUT they must match. One Registration, login and Account area for both sites that will appear under the MYPLACE tab...
  • $750 USD
    Profile image for Seller zeeUAE


    Nov 6, 2013


    Project Description:Skrill Automation + Min Fraud intergration
  • $211 USD
    Profile image for Seller lyleandbrooks


    Oct 3, 2013

    Probably the best freelancer I have used previously always flexible delivers on time and on budget and will always go the extra mile to help. Great communication also.

    Project Description:Project required for Skilled worker to code a html website and inetgrate various multiple XML scripts in the store as as well as a bespoke CMS
  • $209 USD
    Profile image for Seller BBOA


    Aug 27, 2013

    Excellent, Freelancer thorough and proffesional service from start to finish.

    Project Description:Project Description: Project requires a bespoke creation of a travel affiliate website which will feature XML feeds which we will provide and a CMS.
  • $209 USD
    Profile image for Seller BBOA


    Aug 16, 2013

    Excellent as always will contine to use great communicastion and delivered on time

    Project Description:Project requires a bespoke creation of a travel affiliate website which will feature XML feeds which we will provide and a CMS.
    WebSpidy has not completed any projects.
  • $1752 USD In Progress

    A framework will be developed script for detalis oxyclassified.com1- Specific ad spaces should be created and the members should be able to purchase ads on these spaces. They should be able to see the statistics for their ads published on these spaces likewise on facebook or site’s own ad word. (price?)2- file and database backup through admin panel (price?)BOLD 3-cargo system – various kinds of payments system - transfer, door delivery, debit cards, paypal etc. and secure e-commerce system (price?)BOLD 5- invoice module (price?)BOLD 6- box module (price?)BOLD 7- “pending”, “approved” and “about to expire” new memberships (price?) BOLD 8- pending and approved payments (price?)BOLD 9- authorization for activating and deactivating categories and adding categories through xml according to the language groups (vehicle, real estate, electronics, clothing etc.) (price?)BOLD 10- backups for user groups, users and admin (authority to determine) (price?)BOLD 11- ad number and searching by ad number option BOLD 12 - authorization for specifying publication and expiry dates for ads (price?)BOLD 13-creating features for sale on home page and on different pages such as showcase, fire sale showcase, new showcase, live showcase ads and filters to show the ads published in the last 24 hours or a week. (price?)BOLD 14- social user profiles and profile link like\oxyclassified (price?)BOLD 15- a theme similar to (operatively,compatible,operable, for cars data, realty housing data and general data and RTL run) (price?)BOLD 16- authorization for activating/deactivating all features (category, user group, banner, etc... action or status) (price?)BOLD 17- agreement for the maintenance and updating every six or three months (price?)I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.BOLD OF TOP PRIORTYFor tolal our offer 1500 usdThanks in advance.rgrd

  • $1300 AUD In Progress

    Need someone can build a new SNS website.Please contact my email: asap.More details will be discussed.

  • $212 USD In Progress

    Please integrate affiliate programmes into pre-created website, we have enslisted the following affiliate accounts Commision Junction / Trade Doubler / AWWe need affilaites such as listed:-Qatar AirlinesAir FranceLastminuteExpediaOpodoKelkooCruise DirectVirgin AtlanticP and O and other cruise related sites

  • $494 USD In Progress

    I need a website built similar to where customers can choose a product or garment, upload their design, pay for the order and submit it and well ship it to them. It should also be a feature where we can design it for them at a cost, if they dont have a design ready to upload. The designs will be submitted to us after payment and then we will confirm the order, create it and deliver. The site design should be sleek and easy and function as customink does. Mockup should be able to be designed quickly. Must be able to have daily contact and update via email skype and/or phone. Design should include graphics and text also.

  • $226 AUD In Progress

    I have an open cart commerce store (retail store) & (wholesale store) setup and running as a multistore. The site is launched. I want to make improvements to the site by adding some extensions and also getting the wholesale pricing functioning for the wholesale Store. Here is a list of what I want to achieve, I have included details of extensions or info that I think may do what I need, but I request you to look at these and other extensions to see what is the best option and discuss this with me:1. Add an extension for off-line credit card processing. NOW: we only have paypal payment processingWANT: To have secure, and compliant offline CC processing so we can manually process the CC payments manually on our terminal.POSSIBLE EXTENSION NAME: Offline Credit Card w/Encryption and ValidationEXTENSION ADDRESS: Wholesale Pricing for products and their optionsNOW: We do not have a way to add pricing for wholesale at the moment.WANT: I want a way to add a wholesale price to each product and its option. I have seen 2 ways of doing this. 1. Using discounts (there are extensions that do this) (see next item in this list) 2. add a new wholesale_price field. I want to discuss what is possible and do this. NOTE: what ever we do we need to be able to update using the extension Smart Export/Import(VQMOD) that I have installed and use for updating my products/options/ categories/etc. 3. Discounts by % and ability to add discounts by customer group, option, shipping etc. Must be easy way to bulk enter and update.NOW: discounts must be added in $ amounts and individually to each product. Also there is not discounts possible for options.WANT: We should be able to add dsicount % and it should also be available for the products options, customer groups, shipping and others. We should be able to set and update the discounts in some bulk way.4. Improve Attributes - see extension - Improved Attributes 1.5.x v1.2.1 [vQmod]NOW: Attributes are not easy to Find, but they are important .WANT: I want an extension that allows the attributes to be displayed in different areas of the site, such as on the product list pages. POSSIBLE EXTENSION NAME: Improved Attributes 1.5.x v1.2.1 [vQmod]EXTENSION ADDRESS: Improve newsletters and newsletter management - native vs mailchimp NOW: We are only using standard newsletter in opencart – I do not see how to use newsletters well and how to design easily and manage. WANT: Improved email marketing and newsletter management. Research tells me mailchimp is good for newsletters or is there a better way using other extensions? POSSIBLE EXTENSION NAME: MailChimp IntegrationEXTENSION ADDRESS:

  • $206 USD In Progress

    Existing Wordpress site with installed ThemeModifications to slideshow change pictures etcFix background from tilingsetup site for mobile devices facebook links contact form working Part 2Esisting wordpress site with theme installed Build site add galleries and slideshow to front page set up contact formFacebook links

  • $750 USD In Progress

    I want to develop an Online Outdoor Advertising Marketplace named Vacant Boards.This website will encompass boards searching, listing and adverts placement.Users will have the ability to sign up, submit boards and be charged according via a debit/credit card.The home page will have slider images of premium boards. Visitors will be able to search for boards without signing in but will not see board"s details unless they are signed in. FEATURESEach listed board will have a permanent ID that can be used to search for it and for reference purposes.Boards can be geo-tagged while uploading using Google maps or via longitude/latitude NEWSLETTERSubscribed users will receive bulletins based on their subscription. RESPONSIVENESSThe website should be responsive to mobile devices and tablets.SAMPLE WEBSITEPlease check out (it is very similar to what I want to achieve)

  • $618 USD In Progress

    I want kind a freelancer website but focused for travel requests.\r\nUser end (traveler)\r\n-A page with a web 2.0 design with moving pictures and to sign in with or without facebook integration.\r\n-Up to 4 filed to fill, like: name, travel dates, destination...\r\n-Next steps they will fill up more questions about the trip\r\n-Next page they will have to pay a fee (integration with paypal), so their travel request goes to the database.\r\nProfessional end ( travel agent)\r\n-Access to all travel request. They can access the travel information, but not the traveler info, like email and phone number. If they like they will have a option to buy the lead and then have access to the traveler info.\r\n-Each lead can be bought up to 5 times. So 5 different people may buy the same lead. So if someone buy a lead, then there will only 4 left to buy, if 2 travel agents buy the lead only 3 will be available, and so on... As soon as all 5 are bought, must shows sold out.\r\n-As soon as a lead goes into the database, all travel agents must receive an email with the travel info, but not the traveler email and phone number.\r\n-Travel agents will load credits with paypal account to buy the leads.\r\nAdmin end:\r\n-I may set how many credits each lead is valued (so travel agents can pay)\r\n-Each lead must be approved by admin before becomes available to travel agents\r\n-Establish cupon codes\r\n\r\nFeature:\r\nOn the third step, when the traveler is filling up the travel information, if he/she choose not to pay, and leave the page, an email (provided on the step before)must be sent offering 50% discount on the fee with a cupom code.

  • $216 USD In Progress

    Project requires a bespoke creation of a travel affiliate website which will feature XML feeds which we will provide and a CMS.

  • €1600 EUR In Progress

    As described on this project: as discussed.

  • $1402 USD Today

    Our startup would like to have someone create a simple animated video for us describing how our product works. We are looking for about a 20-30 second video.

  • $4329 USD Today

    Hello ! I need a team of developers that can provide me an IDX system for Real Estate Business . I need the system to be functional on mobile device also. My target is to achieve something similar to the following examples:https://www.diversesolutions.comanother example would be: bid only if you have the skills to do this. If you bid please write me a short description on how you think the project should be done .

  • $2525 CAD Today

    We need to create a website from a Wordpress template: already buy the template.The integration is already done. We will start this website only Wednesday of next week. During the week, I will give all informations about functionalities to the winner, so he will be ready to start Wednesday April 30th.We need to develop the functionalities of this website:There is 2 section in this website: one public and one private.The public section is classic.In the private section, you have two possibilities:- Customer (you can create an account)- Employee (the admin will create an account for you)If you log in as a customer:- You can track your package (via You can see your bills (past and current)- You can see news exclusive to registered customersIf you log in as an employee:- You can see news exclusive to employees (and there will be a checkbox that employees have to check to tell the admin that they read the new)- You can see your payroll. The admin will have to put it in the wordpressThe admin should receive emails when an employee check the box when he reads the new.the website will be bilingual (FR + EN).

  • $618 AUD Today

    Effective and attractive web design for a School

  • $1494 USD Today

    We need to build our website for , this web as to be with a responsive desing (bootstrap or similar) a good example for this is this draft of our own (this template can be used if you want).Our specialties are for US visitors (english version) Mobile apps development (android, ios, windows phone), corporative and banking custome development and mCommerce. For the rest of the visitors (spanish version) Mobile apps development (android, ios, windows phone), corporative and banking custome development and eCommerce(in general).All the text needed by the designer/developer will be gived by our mkt team.We hope to receive a custom design that can be based on the template (treble) posted.

  • $4484 USD Today

    I am the founder of a fresh start-up which offers a new way of doing shopping in stores (we are in the payment space). We have an alpha version running but we will need some help to get some improvements on the UX and visual design aspects.Technically, the front-end is done with the foundation framework, SASS and compass and we would like to keep it that way.In a nutshell, we are looking to outsource some of our designs, to ensure a higher end-result and give us some time on other, more pressing issues.Basically, we divided the design assignment in five functional blocks, with various degrees of urgency:1. Marketplace pages2. Navigation elements3. User and wish list pages4. Transaction pages5. Email templatesAt this stage, we are interested in outsourcing the first two blocks (store design and navigation). We are looking for a full-stack end result, with final designs coded using the foundation framework and css structured with sass (the existing code will be available upon contract agreement).

  • $1958 USD Today

    Ich benötige ein Onlineshop für eine Onlinedruckerei mit Funktionen wie www.flyeralarm.deI need a Onlineshop for my Online Print with Functions how

  • [Sealed] Today

    We currently run an existing website for the buying and selling of used printing machinery - www.pressfinders.comWe would now like to expand our business by the creation of a new, more modern website that will act as a platform for the buying and selling for all industrial machinery.The content of the website will be similar to websites like and www.wotol.comThis will be a classified website, where there are two users - private (individual) and company.Users have to register an account and can post ads for free, but they have to pay for featured ads. Users will be able to setup their account, which will act as their own shop-store and their own website displaying their machines.Twitter / Facebook / RDS feed / Google +, etc - social media feed will be required and it is included for register and loginWebsite needs to be available in different languagesThere needs to be an Escrow payment system implemented similar to E-lance, and the buyer and seller can set milestones. Accounts for payment will require verification and Terms & Conditions and Non-Liability Agreements will need to be included to protect our interests. It will also require IM messaging between users - similar to Elance, and an invoicing system (Ballpark or similar)The style of the website needs to be like Airbnb. Clean and simple.Admin panel to control the website - all adverts and publishingBuyers will be able to search industrial machinery either by entering keywords or by manually browsing within the categories & sub-categories listed over the site. Sellers will be able to add industrial machinery by entering in the details in the various categories & sub categories listed on the site12 months support will be required and price for ongoing support afterwards (this can be priced separately)An App will also be required for Android and iOS (but this can be priced separately)We are looking for a developer who is able to take this project from the beginning to the end and provide a quality professional service. Ongoing support with fast response will also be needed. Obviously, it goes without saying that the attention to detail is essential and good previous experience / reviews are a must. The ideal candidate will be a developer that we can almost build a partnership with, trust and grow with and who will be able to complete the project"s milestones within the time frame that is specified (to be agreed). Nothing in our experience is worse than a developer who suddenly puts your project on the "back-burner" while they attend to something else and delays our work. Our project must be prioritised. Good English will be important.

  • $2783 SGD Today

    I am looking for someone to do up a web application. This website is a bus-pooling website and it shall allow users to request for routes and accept routes.In this website, it will allow users to request for a route and stay as pending route till admin approved it. User will have to state the postal codes of their pick up point and destination during the request.Based on the number of applications, the admin will then decide if they do want to start the route. If approved, the system will automatically select the pick up points by grouping requester by their distance away from each other. System will pin-point the pick up point/ drop off point of the route by setting a meeting point so that the group of requester only need to walk less than 100m to the pick up point. Each group will have at least 2 requester if not, the system will send email to suggest a nearest pick up point (distance between 500m -1km) to the requester. Upon approval of the route, system will send an email to the requester to confirm the service and pay the service via paypal.I need a developer to stay with me thru this project and after this project. Do read and understand before bidding. TQ.

  • $3432 USD Today

    All bidder, excuse me if i am not clear about my requirements as i am now to this portal but happy to give detailed information to right candidate.We are seeking a programmer to implement Magento e-commerce or opencart for our shop. We are footwear company based in Madison, WI. Initially, we expect to offer up to 120 styles of shoes.We are looking for someone who can continue to maintain and support expansion of the e-commerce platform, oversee the web site, and integrate social media outlets as well. also most impotent we want to have ability for credit card processing on our site, we don"t want paypal.Experience in area is essential. thank you take care

  • €721 EUR Today

    We are looking for someone with WordPress experience that can create a specific type of webshop. The webshop will sell a luxurious product based on group deals. These are some of the key points:1) SEO friendly (Yoast)2) WooCommerce or EDD integration3) Link to Ogone payment provider4) Group deal (sale continues when at least 25 people have "purchased")5) Auto-play video on homepage6) Fully responsive design7) Speed optimized shop (minify, smart code)8) Custom code and theme adjustments requiredWe would like to invite people who already have experience with WordPress commerce, modern looking responsive webdesign and links to PSP/Ogone. This project will require some changes in the future, so we are looking fo someone who can be available on longer term aswell.

  • $1340 AUD Today

    Movvve Online Fitness’ main aim is to become one of the leading online fitness Companies in the world by providing affordable fitness classes online anywhere in the world, without the commitment, but with the full fitness experience. We need the website to be built around the idea that people will pay to view fitness videos. - Full video integration will be very important- Full social media integration, emphasizing on facebook sign ins - Payment system to view fitness videos - Banner set up - Back end support

  • $1391 USD Today

    hi ,I am looking for a web developer to business directory . In short, I want the developers to give me a range of benefits and be my partner in a long time .The Portal- Can share the selected directory- Can you comment- Can provide a rating .b ) Business Owners .- Can the business list- Can edit lists made.- Can fresh dealc ) Owners Portal- Can know the list ,- Edit / change.delete listing , unnecessary comment .- Provide ad to the advertiser .- etcSerious bidders and can work with minimum cost to the first come first serve .Apply for this which have completed 20 plus jobs.

  • $4742 USD Today

    Looking to create a web based reverse image search platform (similar to Google"s reverse search function) that can autonomously execute searches on a scheduled basis and can search multiple on-line sources and compare them to a portfolio of images stored on the web based platform to find matches/ replicas.

  • $1443 USD Today

    I am need a Website ( restaurant directory ) and i need somebody who can build it in Flat UI Design. Please contact me for more details.I am also looking for a Co-founder for this Idea. So this is maybe your Chance to go Big!!

  • €237 EUR Today

    Make an Existing HTML website responsive. (Adobe-Muse-Export)Imagine Responsive:Auto-Resolution on Webjust for browsersno mobile needed.

  • $4793 USD Today

    Dears,I want to Make website same as with online reservation system. like the visitors can do the search for any airline from ... to and then make the booking and pay by visa.

  • $1752 USD Today

    A full featured Forex website for us with the below requirements:1) Fully responsive2) Traders Cabinet with Automated deposit/withdraw3) Connection to MT4 API4) CRM integration5) High standard with current top brokersFurther discussion will take place after initial selection.Thank you

  • $515 USD Today

    I"m looking for a web designer to design a website I have samples of what I want, the website will be a one page design with 5 sections

  • $1340 AUD Today

    total graphic redesign look more appealing aesthetic, user friendly, incorporate multimedia effects. need to be able to manage easily. Need secure donation facility via our bank, (not paypal that is already working). We are humanitarian aid not for profit company and need to reach out to people to help those in need.

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Jul 2011 - Present (2 years)

The Webspidy

Project management, Resource allocation, Project Reporting, Recruitments..

Business Development Manager

Jul 2009 - Present (4 years)


Job Role : <br />Business Development , Online Bidding , Direct Sales , Assessments of marketing opportunities and target markets, intelligence gathering on customers and competitors, generating leads for possible sales, follow-up sales activity, formal proposal writing and business model desig, Supervise Staff,Diversify Products and Services,Identify Inefficiencies,Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention,Develop Business Plan,Supervise Plan Implementation, Public Relations.


B. Tech

West Bengal University of Technology



B. Tech



Century International Quality ERA Award

B.I.D ( Business Initiative Directions )

WEBSPIDY Won 15th Century International Quality ERA Award , GENEVA in GOLD category.