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Web design & Development | Iphone / Android development

Username: websree

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Location: New Delhi / Hyderabad, India

Member since: September 2008



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  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller circuitspros


    10 days ago

    Excelent work<br/>

    Project Description:Admin Backend options : - Add username - Edit username - Delete username - View balance of username Add username : username password email PM account ( text field ) Edit username : - Edit the fields...
  • $2000.10 USD
    Profile image for Seller marniesigal


    Jun 8, 2014

    Brilliant team! Great understanding of the project! Worked independently! Very skilled team of developers and designers and superb English! I dealt with Mark through the project - great communicator!

    Project Description:Hi. I am looking for someone to build a gift voucher website for me. More details to be provided.
  • $979.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bsulli01


    Apr 8, 2014

    I have now worked with Mark and his team on several phases of a large project. They have delivered every module as I have requested. They fix all errors and bugs until they get it working.

    Project Description:Set up Ecommerce capabilities and move app to production table changes
  • $216.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller SBAHRAIN


    Mar 22, 2014

    Good team to work with, will hire again.

    Project Description:Some changes needs to be done for our website 1- allowing users to login using google account,facebook. 2- allowing users to change the currency, company addresses,email,website, notes,logo...
  • $233.02 AUD
    Profile image for Seller pixelblitz


    Mar 15, 2014

    Great team to work with! Very friendly, great communication, open and honest. Will definitely be rehiring again and again and again. Our best PHP freelancer here so far!<br/>

    Project Description:Looking for an advanced PHP programmer. We are looking for Wordpress plugin customisations - preferably WITHOUT modifying the core files, as we still want to update the plugin very regularly. Must be able to start IMMEDIATELY - please confirm this in your proposal...
  • $206.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller knoss


    Mar 6, 2014

    Easy to work with. I recommend them.

    Project Description:I have got a website built in Bootstrap. All the base functions for the website are up and working. The only things left I want to implement is a user system and a responsive theme from
  • $2620.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller eizel26


    Feb 23, 2014

    Mark and his team have been AMAZING! From what started as a vague project description from us has become a piece of custom software that is going to be such an asset. Without Websree's knowledge, expertise and great communication this project would not have come together as well as it has. Highly recommended and extremely professional team. Thanks again guys for all your hard work.

    Project Description:We require a php/javascript based real-time quote calculator developed for our wordpress-based stationery website which will allow visitors to use a combination of pre-determined options, as well providing the ability to define custom paper dimensions...
  • $2268.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller robertlkelly3


    Feb 18, 2014

    Very easy to communicate with and willing to work on the fly with any changes. Well worth the money and I would definitely use again! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a fast, effective web developer for any project.

    Project Description:I want to create an art oriented website with an interface similar to dribbble where individual users will be able to create multiple portfolios of images, and post their art in these folders (ie. charcoal, ink, paint)...
  • $137.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bsulli01


    Feb 8, 2014

    Great Work as usual

    Project Description:Fix preferencese section of a web site.
  • $386.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller bsulli01


    Feb 7, 2014

    Another great job

    Project Description:Do clean up of admin site and add user functionality
    Webixion Technologies Pvt has not completed any projects.
  • $5263 USD In Progress

    Private Project for Websree. Please do not bid.

  • $515 USD In Progress

    I wish to develop a website that will be used to market a new business. In future, the site should be able to receive payments through paypal, visa etc The site should have a good look and feel therefore the developer should have access to some graphics/GUI skills

  • $1111 AUD In Progress

    We want an SMS service built on either of these platforms: service provides the following:- New users create an account through our website and add contact names, contact mobile/cell numbers and preset SMS messages to their account.- The users can then use SMS from their own mobile/cell phone to trigger the preset SMS messages to be sent to their contacts.- They can, using SMS from their own mobile/cell phone, specify a future time for the SMS messages to be sent to their contacts (eg, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 2 hours etc).- They can, using SMS from their own mobile/cell phone, extend the future time described in the previous point (eg, add 5 minutes, add 10 minutes etc)- They can, using SMS from their own mobile/cell phone, stop a future SMS being sent to their contacts.- They can, using SMS from their own mobile/cell phone, replace the preset messages in their account with new messages.- They can, using SMS from their own mobile/cell phone, instantly trigger a preset SMS message to be sent to their contacts.We have a website but will need integration with the SMS platform so users can add/amend their contact names, numbers and messages.Please indicate whether you have experience with either of the SMS platforms mentioned above and whether you have a preference based on their API information.We expect the system to send thousands and probably ten&quot;s of thousands of SMS&quot;s per month in time.We want to start this as soon as possible.Thanks.

  • $8247 USD In Progress

    Private project- Android and iPhone Applications

  • [Sealed] /hr In Progress

    Looking for developer to fill in some gaps on a few projects. Looking at 100 hours the first month and potential for growth. You will be working with a project manager and possibly other developers on projects. Must have a strong background in PHP / MySQL.Please PM for details for starting work.Thanks

  • $2319 USD In Progress

    need to develop a &quot;best offer&quot; website or an auction/EBAY clone website. This project is for a &quot;best offer&quot; site. A seller posts his listing for X amount of days (as described previously). When a buyer(s) is interested in the item, he puts in a best offer, at which point the seller is notified. The seller can then choose from the offers on his item and choose one. The site is run similar to this scriptlance site, where i am choosing from various offers.A few points in no particular order are below. Of course we will discuss the project in more detail but is it pretty straight forward auction site.1) When seller posts and items our system the system will give him an option for how many days this item will be posted for.The website should be built that the administrator has the power to changes the length of days that the item could be posted and how many option they get for example:As of now we will do 3 options of 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. Later on (or at any time) we want to change to 40 days, 30 day, 20 days or anything else. Our system will automatically remove the item at the end of that time.2) Internal Messaging System - registered buyers and sellers can only communicate to each other through the websites internal system. No personal information can be exchanged in the correspondences. Safeguards should be put into place to keep that from happening such as checking if the ampersand symbol is used in a message and not allow that message to go through and alert administration.3) The system will recognize the seller and not let him buy or make an offer on his own item4) Products of all types should be able to get put into the system. Depending on which category the item is going into it should give the right choices to the member to fill out. For example, a listing for a vehicle, like a car or motorcycle should include Make, Model, Year, Color, Mileage etc in the form.5) We want to use PAYPAL to handle the payment from buyers and sellers. We also charge our percentage for listing that should get charge through Paypal too. The fees we charge to the seller should be in the administration part of the system to allow us to change the fee when we need to.6) Proper email notifications to the buyers and sellers should be in place when items sold or after payment is made.7) Simple feedback for the buyers and sellers should be created. A 5 star system with one comment box. The administration should have access to override a rating in case any issues come up.8) The programmer needs to safeguard the code from hackers. You need to make sure that there is no slq injection possibility and that the site is coded correctly. This really should be #1 in the list - but this is very important.9) the ability to customize the homepage either with jpg ads or a product feed, or randomly selected items from all the categories.I&quot;m sure there are more items we left off the list, but we expect a fully functioning auction system with an administrative back end where we can change settings etc.i have a half finished product from company that closed down can be built off of that or can buy a package like phpprobid and work on to

  • $2577 USD In Progress

    need help making a system with which included cards with barcodes where points are exchanged and do a mobile app where customers uses the app to scan barcodes to see pointsPLease make sure you have great englishI ALREADY HAVE A FULL DATABASE TO SHOW YOU..FROM ADMIN SIDE AND MERCHANT SIDE..HOWEVER NEEDS SOME ADJUSTMENTS THEN WHAT IS LEFT IS FOR IPHONE APPwhat needs to be doneSIMPLE IPHONE APP FOR CUSTOMERSIMPLE IPHONE MAP FOR MERCHANT

  • $2268 AUD In Progress

    We are looking for a web developer that can create a customized classifieds/ecommerce web application. The candidate will ideally have experience with ecommerce site development.The scope of the task will be for a turnkey website similar to Gumtree or Craigslist but with ecommerce functionality. However, the scope is negotiable and may be reduced if desired by the bidder and mutually accepted by us and the bidder.We will provide a detailed specification once we begin detailed negotiations with a developer.

  • $1159 USD In Progress

    I need a live auction website. you can see the demo here : www.voc-auctions.comit&quot;s a i big system, but that website is with much bugs. I can give the source of that website to see how it&quot;s works.there must be much functions for user and admins. if you are not understanding about how it&quot;s work, please do not write.i can let you see the website, that i wan&quot;t...the new website must have exactly that functons and some more other functions.there must be a automatic invoice make system.users can make self there auction if they have the rights from admin.please first fisit the next website to see what i

  • $20 USD/hr In Progress

    I have ongoing work related to our previous project &quot;Multiple Choice Testing & Certification site&quot;

  • $789 USD Yesterday

    -All changes and codes should be documented.-Code quality is a must.-Responsive design is a must.-The project is only for whom worked before with Joomla and have wide experience with Joomla.-Please send sample of previous project.Requirements:-Design a logo for website.- Joomla template will be provided from our side.- Use Joomla with two languages English and Arabic [note that Arabic is from right to left] (user should be able to switch). They may be some ready framework to achieve this.Modification for Joomla:1) Alert system-The user should be able to register and pay online (payment online details will be provided later).- The user will enter details for his card (Type, number and expiry date).- admin should be able to control the document types.- Before one month of expiry date user should receive an SMS and email to alert him to renew his document card (two type of messages either English or Arabic).- There will be two membership options [personal and corporate]- Personal can enter details for maximum 10 documents (ID card, Car license ...etc) and he canot enter two records for same type of cards.- Corporate can enter details for maximum 100 documents and he can have extra 100 each time he reaches the maximum by paying for the service.- Personal, corporate membership will be paid, the admin should decide the amount -confirmation email/SMS should be sent to the user after payment for the service.-receipt should be printable after paying.-user can edit the detail of the cards at any time by login to the system.- Admin should have report about all documents and get list of document with expiry date at specific period.-Admin can print receipt for any payment done by the user2) Clearance Requests system.- There will be a form in home page the user will choose the type of the service, enter his ID, phone number and note about the request.-each type of request will have different amount to pay.-Also, if the user id is already registered in alert system, he will get different price.- Each service will have two prices, for registered and unregistered.-once user pay for the service, he should be redirected to page to print receipt and an SMS and email should be sent to him.- Admin should have report about all requests at specific period and mark any request as completed or no.- Admin should get print monthly reports about completed and not completed requested.-Admin can print receipt for any payment done by the user.-Admin should have place to get the total payment amount for each month separately and provide 1% percentage of amount.-admin should be able to control request types and their cost.

  • $1184 USD 4 days ago

    My company&quot;s name is Bamboo and i want you to build a website that&quot;s going to present it and promote my brand because i have been working locally and i want to extend my branches. I will give you more information about it when we make a deal.

  • £631 GBP 4 days ago

    We require an update of our existing diet website at to PSD, including theme modification for wordpress. See brief attached.UK applicants only, please. No direct emails to our website, and no direct pitches made through Skype.Please excuse only responding to shortlist candidates owing to volume.

  • $400 AUD 4 days ago

    Hi - we need to create a replica of our existing band website - in Japanese.See

  • $1894 CAD 4 days ago

    I own and operate a small ethical for profit business that trains and places dogs trained to detect and alert on type 1 diabetics when they have dangerous changes in their blood glucose levels (these service dogs are called diabetic alert dogs)I require a website that will help me have good visibility on the web and that will help individuals or their loved ones reach us if this type of service dog can assist them.I require a simple yet powerful site I also wish to write monthly stories about some of the dogs/familiesI would like the site to be operational within 2 months

  • $631 AUD 5 days ago

    Hi I have content and photos, I would like an easy to navigate stock standard website for the horse riding club Trail Riders of Victoria IncThe information that needs to go on the website is on another website would like to connect the site to a domain I have purchased previously.I will include photos to be placed on the website in the coming days

  • $1421 USD 5 days ago

    Hi,I would like to build a website same as and to be integrated with payment gateway.Best Regards,Ahmed

  • $789 USD 5 days ago

    My personal blog has grown into more than a hobby; now I need a website that can really showcase my brand! I&quot;ve been using Wordpress for three (3) years and I even have a project posted to create a custom Wordpress template for this blog, but I&quot;m also interested in seeing if creating a website is the right way to go. I want to work with someone who is flexible, reliable, and creative. I don&quot;t want a cookie-cutter website, but I also don&quot;t want something that is hard to update. Can you help?!

  • $1842 USD 5 days ago

    Hi! Need new modern website for training center: I&quot;ll provide design for all pages, need only coding. Will be similar to this: Need: -Build website CMS, guess wordpress will be too crowded for all functions-test for homepage, after complete test user get info in diagram and get advice about course what they will use-registration-user cabinet as -account balance, upload funds -partner program -forum with limited rules for unregistered users-more recurses for registered users

  • $557 USD 5 days ago

    The Project is database driven: where I have inputs (1. Company details, 2. Employee details 3. Training company details) Then I need to create training schedules for the employees who&quot;s training certificate has expired, THEN I need to allocate the employees to each course for which they need to go to. a email needs to be sent to the company and the employee with the training scheduled for the employee on the email a link to accept or decline the schedule with reasons.Attached EXCEL sheet with the 4 initial tabs (data input for each company/ Data input for each employee/ Create a course/ Schedule an employee to a course) this will also be the look and feel: I also created a look and feel at: to each account: company/ employee/ training company like a member login: employee uses ID number then create own password/ companies will get user number from unique number on database and create their own password etc. Admin has full access to all accountsScheduling will need to be an a calendar look

  • $421 AUD 10 days ago

    We have a website that needs a total change. The current website is too old and needs updating with current social media trends / links. We need a new site nearly entirely.

  • $526 USD 10 days ago

    HiMy company needs a web site for an NGO.It should be connected to a payment processor with donation button allowing it to receive both Paypal and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.Any design is welcome. We have already accepted a logo that will go with the site.

  • $26 USD/hr 10 days ago

    Looking for someone to help me complete the lead contact form, display confirmation div modal (example/code provided), needs to pass through a few hidden fields, need code all cleaned up and compressed ready for campaign.

  • $50 USD 12 days ago

    i want projects for web designing and for purchasing domains,website builder.i will design a website after depositing cash

  • $300 USD 27 days ago

    I want to create a social networking website with options for status updates, photo uploads, chat etc.

  • $25 USD/hr 29 days ago

    Make conception on project. PrinciplyI want mobile excange with support landline phone pay only in DuoPao!

  • $11 USD Jun 10, 2014

    I want you to design a mobile optimized landing page of antivirus. I&quot;ll give you the screenshot of 1 website you just have to copy it.Can you also banners ?

  • $25 USD/hr May 29, 2014

    I got a mysql database and i need to refactor/migrate the database to mongodb. I&quot;m looking for some freelancer to give him some hours/tasks.Thanks!

  • $555 USD May 28, 2014

    I want to add a gallery to my site that can auto-update when files are placed into an FTP folder. The gallery will need sharing capabilities like this site It is important that each image has its own unique url, so when shared each image&quot;s impressions can be tracked using When GIF images are uploaded there needs to be a way for guests to have them converted to video files (.mov or .mp4) and emailed back to them as a file that can be downloaded and shared to instagram. This site must be responsive.

  • $2319 AUD Apr 24, 2014

    As a Senior Web Developer you will bring a breadth of technology help guide decisions on the future technical direction of the product for an exciting start up based in Brisbane, Australia.What You Need for this Position- PHP 5, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery- Working knowledge of integration with 3rd party APIs- Excellence in programming, debugging, and implementation skills- 5+ years of PHP and MySQL development experience- Skills in writing creating/setting up map overlays - latitude and longitude- Flexibility and dependability- Excellent communication and collaboration skills- Bonus points for: MS-SQL, iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3 What You Will Be Doing- Working alongside a UX Designer and Tester you will be writing code for a new website (front end will be a responsive WordPress Theme) for the accommodation industry 100% designed in house (no frameworks or major 3rd party api&quot;s).- Creating a matching engine ie so that Party A&quot;s specified parameters match with Party B&quot;s parameters and return an image gallery of results showing all party B&quot;s that match onto the page.- Creating Facebook Sign up integration and will pre-fill fields into a profile page- Making the site transactional with membership sign ups- Preparing the website for live environment- Documenting technical specifications- Prioritizing tasks and daily activities- Creating 4 step workflows for when guests sign up and create their profiles.- Creating a dashboard for users which includes a calendar of availability.To apply, please provide 2 referees, along with your resume, and links to your website/s and work.

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Jan 2009 - Present (5 years)

Websree Technologies

I am working as Chief Technology Officer with Websree Technologies. My work involves Evaluate and identify appropriate technology platforms (including web application frameworks and the deployment techniques) for delivering the company's services.



Indira Gandhi National Open University



Advance diploma in e-commerce and web technologies

Software Technology Group Inc, USA.

Completed Advance diploma in e-commerce and web technologies.<br /><br />Course Content:<br />HTML<br />CSS<br />Javascript<br />ASP<br /><br />Visual Basic<br />JAVA & Advance JAVA<br />Microsoft Site Server<br />Web Administration<br />Oracle 8i<br />Microsoft SQL Server


Csstrophy is a leading css3/html5 showcase.