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  • $125.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MobDesignhelp1



    Excellent service - brilliant video produced for me. Thank you and will hire again.

    Project Description:>>I would like you to edit this video for me as outlined below using the "1st template:kinetic typography with a character" >>I will only need the video from 0 seconds to 56seconds. You can see the preview...
  • $287.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller WilliamTCL


    6 days ago

    Really creative designers! My colleagues and boss really like the result. I am sure I will hire them again.

    Project Description:A media company based in Shenzhen China, need a creative designer for a small project. Project Details: Create a 1 second continuous animation for android system, see attached files for samples. 在中国深圳的一间公司,找寻有才能的设计师帮忙设计一秒的连续性动画。...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller badname23


    7 days ago

    Great work thank you

    Project Description:I need a 3D female dancing model for music video to be dancing on a new song. looking for sexy looking model with mini skirt. looks like real person as much as I can get it and it must be in HD 1080 p quality...
  • $463.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller kjeanharris


    8 days ago

    Great! Will definitely hire again!

    Project Description:We are requesting a 1-2 minute animation video that provides instructions on how to use our product.
  • $695.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller myfxservices


    8 days ago

    good job - repeat again

    Project Description:social trading video presentation - forex - follow the best traders . ....................................
  • $3701.00 HKD
    Profile image for Seller KennyTHK


    8 days ago

    Excellent work! Will do everything until satisfaction. They even synced the Chinese voice for us which was provided by another freelancer. Great job.

    Project Description:We are a independent mattress manufacturer. We want to illustrate in an animation the difficulties of buying a mattress. We want to show the differences between a branded manufacturer and an independent manufacturer...
  • $310.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller miamileasing


    10 days ago

    First time using freelance and it was a great, will us again for all future projects

    Project Description:Real estate Video explainer, 60 second long with voice and music.
  • $318.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller iamfitbodylife


    13 days ago

    Excellent team to work with. Great communication skills.

    Project Description:my website is we are online fitness coaches. please see this site for similar video.
  • $1200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller MedeHealth


    16 days ago

    Very happy as always. A great job that exceeded our expectations once again. Highly recommended freelancer and will hire again. A++

    Project Description:Educational videos as discussed and according to provided brief.
  • £412.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller sutts2812


    20 days ago

    Although this was a very big project and a learning curve for me, the free lancer was very helpful at patient. I will definitely use this guy again.

    Project Description:Video will be need to be roughly 4 minutes long. It is to advertise a modern beauty salon. We need someone to create a nice after effect presentation to match the storyboard and voice over narrative (attached) Background music and voice over will be done by ourselves...
  • $25.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller celestewebdesign


    Jun 20, 2014

    A+! JUST LOVE YOUR WORK, amazing short intro video for my YouTube videos, great music and animation and sound quality. Well done! will use again!

    Contest Brief:Ok Hi! Welcome to my project! So what I want done is: 1. Please design me a banner for the top of my Youtube Channel (please google for size measurements of the banner). On the banner I want it to be a nice white or soft pink or flower textured background (I've attached an image of soft flowers you may be able to copy and make transparent, or find one similar) otherwise just a white or soft pink textured background with no flowers and then in the middle of the banner the text in large font coloured pink/hot pink 'The Christian Housewife' and underneath in capitals in a black text and smaller font going across the bottom of the banner all in one line with line dividers in-between each word as shown below: 'THEOLOGY | BIBLE TALK | WOMANHOOD | HEALTH & FOOD | PHOTOGRAPHY | BEAUTY'. 2. I also want a logo created for my brand I have attached some ideas, in my mind I am thinking a vector/stencil image of me in pink, or a cartoon of me, but something modern, stencil like, and not too detailed. I have attached a photo of myself so you can copy my face into a vector or stencil. I want the logo / face in a circle shape try with a pink border and without (I want to see variations), you can make the hair curly like mine and long and the rest is up to your creativity to get it looking like me. I want the logo to go either next to 'The Christian Housewife' text or in the top right of the Youtube banner, we can move it around till we get it right. Then to the right of the bottom of the Youtube banner I want some text in a cursive and bold pink font to say 'Videos every week'. 3. I want a quick 3-5 second video intro clip with some music and my logo and a few flashes of pink lines or some kinda creative effect, just show me your ideas, with some girly instrumental music and 'The Christian Housewife' above the logo of the vector face. (This I need made so I can add it to the front of all my Youtube videos) Thank you and looking forward to your submissions, I think this is a really fun project and if you have the skills and know the look I am going for, I think we will really enjoy collaborating! All the best! Ps; I will need the final image submissions in formats: JPG, PSD, (WITH AND WITHOUT TRANSPARENT BACKGROUND) This will include 'The Christian Housewife' text and the 'Vector/Stencil Logo' individually sent to me at the end as well as the full banner and then the video. - Thank you so much!!
    webville has not completed any projects.
  • $438 USD In Progress

    We need to create 1min animation video with script & voice for our pharmacy website describing service we have to offer to our customer. Below is few links of the example of video type we are looking to make:

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    SummaryWe are looking to create a prototype of animations to be used in our app. You will be creating an example of these animations so we may determine creative direction (style, pacing, flow, etc). You may be hired to produce the remaining animations once this direction is locked down.Full details provided in attached Creative Brief PDF...

  • €309 EUR In Progress

    I need a 4 minute animated whiteboard style video thats unique and really cool. similar to this in terms of content but not in terms of style. but in the style of this type of thing.... me know how magic you are, I need budget, timescale for completion and what you would need from me.By the way the first video only cost £200. Please send me examples of videos you have produced

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    We are looking for a company to create a :60 whiteboard video for our new company. We will provide voice over ready for development. In addition, we may want to develop a :30 video as well, essentially the :60 shortened to a :30.

  • $773 USD In Progress

    We are the sole agents of the Korean DYCP smart parking systems in Saudi Arabia. We need an advertisement video about the product that we can upload on YouTube. We basically need to concentrate on the Rotary Smart Parking System. There are lots of films on the subject that can be found on YouTube. We need a different scenario then the once available on YouTube, and we can provide you with all the data needed. The short film should be in the Arabic language, or without any spoken words if it can be done as long as it has a graphical representation with creative and catchy scenario. It also should be short and focused on the advantages of the product. The main website for the Korean company is www.dysmart.comThis is an advertising catalog we just published: YouTube videos available, lots more available when searched:

  • $463 USD In Progress

    Need a video to explain our services in 60 seconds (or so). RentPlex is a (mostly) free property rental ecosystem website that helps landlords, renters, and service providers. It"s designed to help landlords self manage their rentals without the need for a property management company. Landlords can connect with their tenants to share information and to track interactions like repair and maintenance needs, rent payments, documents, tenant screening, evictions, etc. Repairs are probably the single most difficult part of managing your own rentals. We fix this. For example, renters can create a repair ticket, the landlord and authorize the repair and either assign the repair to themselves, an existing contractor or submit it to service providers to bid on the work. Repair ticket progress is noted and visible to everyone. The landlord can even pay for the repair thru the site. Lots of services for Renters too. They can pay rent online, create repair tickets, view payment history, store important rental documents, and search for that perfect rental. And lastly we have tools for Service providers. They can register and look for jobs to bid on. Work comes to them based on their profile noting geographic area they work in and the type of work they perform. They can upload their business credentials like licenses, bonds, customer referral letters, and pictures of prior jobs. Our goal is to make managing the rental process so easy, and pain free that a landlord could manage the process from anywhere in the world.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    I want 1-2min video describing my software. I have only PSDs of teh UI, You will have to show the process in the video.This is an example of something like what I want.

  • $360 AUD In Progress

    Hi, I need a TALENTED and CREATIVE animator to create an motion graphic animation for our company presentation. The company is specialized in the electronic cigarette industry. We will provide you with the text and voice over as well as a few e-cig vector elements (if needed).Thanks!

  • $450 USD In Progress

    a quality as you show me on freelancer I show you this one videovoice over english and later on you will take the voice over and put swedish my business will be something similar to www.airtasker.com website is still not finish but i will provide you with my idea and you will do the script from scratch everything from script, video animation and voice over.the video will be done in best way that it will be easy to download to the website.and also make the video in best quality. 1. hd quality 2. higher level for picture 60p is recommended for fast movements3. bitrate to achieve good image quality 19 Mbit/s to 40 Mbit/s 4. H.264 (CODEC)5. FILE FORMAT what do you recomend ?? ? MP4 ..... 6 for the voice over 6,144 Mbit/s if its possible other wise more then256 kbit/s and not less the payment will be release in two partones when you release the graphic and script 40 % first part and 60 % second part i will upload first part to freelancer and after I get the first part i will be release and the second part I will upload to freelancer then and release when you finish with second part.and everything is as i tell you to do.thanks

  • $625 USD In Progress

    Please create 55 images/animations for a construction law presentation. The scenes have been sent in a separate email for your review

  • $515 USD Yesterday

    We are an assistive technology company looking to launch a new product in October. The product is a sophisticated monitoring unit to keep people aging in place or more independent. We are looking for a 1 minute animation or sketch to describe our story while pertaining to this new product so we can use it on our website but also use the character or sketch in our print marketing. We have a marketing staff member to help guide the direction of this project and the creative portion of coming up with the story line. Check out our website to learn more about what we do.

  • $206 USD Yesterday

    I want to make a typography video that goes in sync in rhytym with the lyrics to a song. Some of the words will be subsisted with Emojis, I have the emoji file already.

  • $257 USD Yesterday

    Haremos para ti los mejores videos para los requerimientos que tu necesites, al mejor costo

  • €412 EUR Yesterday

    Necessito da edição video de um tutorial para um portal, onde deve haver também a interacção/animação de motion graphics.Um video curto de no maximo 2 minutos, que seja explicativo do portal, logo necessita voz em Português, Inglês e Espanhol.

  • $144 USD Yesterday

    I am after someone who is able to create me an amazing book trailer. I am after something intense, dramatic and captivating. I have my book images and promo images but am open for suggestions as I would love to have that movie trailer feel. I so far have two books released and more to come so if I am happy with your services we could continue working for a long time to come. I also have this on the website Fiverr where most are willing to do this from $5-$20 so keeping in mind a smaller budget. My website is so you can have an idea of my fantasy books. And also a reference link here as to what I like the looks of so far dramatic wise. Thank you and happy bidding.

  • $750 CAD Yesterday

    Looking to develop an animated "how it works", or "real life" marketing video for a start up. Will need to build from scratch, including script etc.

  • $618 USD Yesterday

    I need a 2 minute high poly animation with 4 characters - 1 woman, 1 superhero and 2 villians in a jungle setting. There will be a chase, fight and explosion. Will need copy of file.

  • $618 USD Yesterday

    Hi, I need three, 1 minute animation promotion videos for my product. All three involve the same two parents and two children. Each video is for 1 of 3 video games that they bought. Again, each is just 1 minute each. The video"s require dialogue lines (6 lines at most per video) as they dance to music that I provide.

  • $360 USD Yesterday

    I need a desk photo animated where it"s taken from the initial blueprint drawing and then animated to look like it"s being built, ending at the final picture of the desk. We can supply the original blue print files and the final desk photo, but we do not have any of the in-between photos.

  • $618 USD Yesterday

    We need a whiteboard explainer video to explain how the pay plan works in our direct sales business, and the three different start up options. Approx 8 minutes. we will provide the script. Needs motion and music/sound effects. Tone should be professional, but entertaining.

  • $154 USD Yesterday

    In short, What I"m looking for is an animated pendulum scale where as objects that are put on either side of the scale fall off. Looking for something simple but creatively designed. This is religious based.

  • $257 USD Yesterday

    a brife marketing instruction cartoon animation on how to use our product

  • $1546 USD Yesterday

    Hi There,My company would like to inform you to quote us a 3-5 Min 3D animation video for our newly launch security system.Please revert if you are interested on this.Thank you.Regards,Linda

  • $2680 HKD Yesterday

    Make an animated short educational video (1-2 mins) for children

  • $154 USD 2 days ago

    We need a exciting app game trailer for our new iOS game. The trailer can be animated and in a cartoon type of theme. The video ending should include where to download the app and also include SFX throughout the trailer..Please have previous freelancer experience and portfolio with previous work history.. This project needs to be completed in the next 24hrs..

  • $144 USD 2 days ago

    I need opening credits/titles redone for a video project. I have attached the video opening. I don"t have any color or style preference, so long as it looks very professional. It is for a children"s movie, so keep that in mind.

  • $773 USD 2 days ago

    I am looking to have a sales video made for clients and sales reps

  • $257 USD 2 days ago

    I"m looking for a skilled video editor to create a video for a website. The video should emphasize the importance of using our service and need to be creative. I would provide the basic idea of the theme I"m thinking about.

  • $206 USD 2 days ago

    I have a website, called I need someones help to make a video on how to create an account and sell stuff on my website. It has to be Youtube Video.

  • $257 USD 2 days ago

    I"m looking for a skilled video editor to create a video for a website. The video should emphasize the importance of using our service and need to be creative. I would provide the basic idea of the theme I"m thinking about.

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