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Location: Tam Ky, QNam, Vietnam

Member since: February 2012



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My projects:

  • $220.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller giran99


    8 days ago

    one the best guy i found. he good and very fast with his work. i am happy to have him . will work with him .

    Project Description:i am looking for someone to create ms software for service writing for computer repair shop. so i can add clients info and parts info in there. also want search filed for old transition and and backup and restore option...
  • £600.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller NEWBEE123


    14 days ago

    Nice Work, I will hire again in future whenever I got chance. :) :)

    Project Description:please do read details. Than come with question and i do have some question will speak soon.
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Lezcarr2


    Feb 19, 2014

    Another great job, will have more work shortly

    Project Description:Paper cup machine technical database for the repairs and maintenance. I need to record daily maintenance and scheduled maintenance for each machine. To have a problem search so search for previous problems with solutions...
  • $583.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller tommydog


    Dec 31, 2013

    great guy - worked very hard to complete project

    Project Description:We want a simple record manager that can quickly print a barcode to a label printer. printer is a thermal label printer - zebra gk420d o/s win xp / win7,8 skin to look like - inflowinventory software...
  • $200.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Lezcarr2


    Dec 17, 2013

    Great Job, many thanks will be in touch again soon

    Project Description:1) provide & setup new database software and install & link to new software i.e SQL or similar but must be fast. 2) create new PRINT RUN MODULE with the following tasks a) create new folders...
  • $305.00 AUD
    Profile image for Seller ozsingh


    Nov 26, 2013

    finished with phase 1 of the project and moving towards phase 2. great work Duc!

    Project Description:Hi Winnet, we are IT consultant in Melbourne and was looking for simple Money transfer DB with remittance advise,search capabilities etc. i have seen you have completed the project on similar bases before...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Lezcarr2


    Sep 21, 2013

    Great job will use again

    Project Description:Bug Fixes 1) Not showing artwork when adding artwork from order screen 2) jobs going back into pending when manually changing status. 3) jobs not changing status automatically when choosing job from pending queue to production or changing status to completed when finished...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Lezcarr2


    Sep 10, 2013

    another great job, thanks again appreciate all your help, great programmer would recommend

    Project Description:Bugs 1) Quote has lag need to correct bug should open quote page immediately 2) Often you can save the quote as it says choose new quote number, so you have to open last quote save it again and the make new quote, then ok Phase 9 Customer 1) Need to have first Name only sometimes...
  • $50.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Lezcarr2


    Aug 24, 2013

    Great job another phase finished very happy, Thanks very much

    Project Description:Phase 8nnOrdernn1) On order need to show customer telephone number & email adrressn2) Need to have box for customer Purchase order number P.O Number:n3) When we create a work order/order the date should be the date it was made into a work order/order not the quote date...
  • $150.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller Lezcarr2


    Aug 18, 2013

    Great job, well done will send the details on Phase 8

    Project Description:To implement a quotation follow up Quote follow up 1) create follow up email template to email customers 2) To set search function on date range for quotes that have not gone to work order 3) To notify...
    winnet21 has not completed any projects.
  • $388 USD In Progress

    I want a POS program for my Laundromat. we also do repairs and alterations and other services. I want to be able to have a home screen that has a numeric keyboard which will allow simple cash transaction entries. I also need a system that will allow me to enter a customer name and job which will print labels to apply to garments for the purpose of tracking. A bar code printed on each unique label would be good. I need to be able to quickly recall a job for update or to close the sale. Some simple categories for money received is essential and a selection of common payment methods is required. I am aware that there are many cash register type programs available but the customer job component with easy recall and bar code has not been easy to source. I would also need a daily total function for reconciliation etc. The commercially available programs are very expensive and offer way to many features that I simply do not require.Thanks!

  • $150 USD In Progress

    need your skill to write code to read data from an excel file and generate invoice in another excel file based on certain criteria like date range, client name, and machine no. will give detail further to interested parties

  • $250 USD In Progress

    Hi,I need a software for a moving company that will calculate profit, expenses, and have searchable record keeping database.Attached you will see an excel find containing more info on this matter. This is pretty much how I want it, however there will still be a few additions, revisions, so please bid accodrdingly.See attached file for detailed instructions.

  • £250 GBP In Progress

    I am looking for a software which is both easy to use and accurate. The software will be used daily and the main aim of it will be to fully automate the calculations and the creating of Invoices for certain customers that the Newsagent (A local Shop which sells Newspaper/Magazines/other items) has.Currently the Newsagent must carry out all tasks using paper and therefore is susceptible to loss. Also all calculations are done manually, so there is a high possibility of miscalculation.The proposed software should fully automate the calculations and the creating of InvoicesThis software will be used for creating Invoices for 2 types of Customers that a Newsagent (Local Shop)) deals with, these are Newspaper and Business Customers.Newspaper Customers have an order of Newspapers or Magazines which is given to the Newsagent and the Newsagent delivers the Customers orders on the specified days. The Customer is then sent an invoice for the Newspapers/Magazines with a delivery charge added. The customer can also add misc items to their bill. The customers can book "Holidays" where they do not want a delivery, this should be taken of the invoice. Also customers can provide vouchers which can be used to pay for titles and this effects the bill too. Also manufacture issues should be maintainable so that customers are charged correctly.Business Customers are local businesses which hold an account with the Newsagent. These businesses can put items onto the account and the Newsagent will bill them for these. The business can pay in full amounts of part-pay their bill so a "live" account balance should be shown.Software should also be able to backup/restore data, Manage user accounts amongst other functionsReportsThere are about 15 reports required in total. Most are based on the Customer/Business details and their Invoices, there are also some to aid the Newsagent with daily/weekly tasks. Reports should be well laid out and have all the required information. Also paper usage must be kept to a minimum so printing multiple invoices to a page is ideal.The reports should have customisable fields which can be maintained from within the software.Other Requirements / InformationFormatting•Weeks run from Monday to Sunday,•Currency in pounds sterling,•Date formats in DD-MON-YYYY,•Time formats in HH24:MI:SS,•Language in English UKPlatform•Offline system needed•Software/database should be able to run smoothly on a Windows PC/Laptop without the specification being too high, good specification is provided•No additional software needs to be purchased, use of free software only•PC/Laptop will have Windows, Office 2007, IE Explorer (no internet connection)•MySQL database is pre-installed on Test PC so this would be the ideal database platform, however other DBs are welcome•Excel sheet with screens designed in VB attached. Optional to use.•PC has TeamViewer installed and this is the preferred mode of data transferConditions•All bids must be carefully placed taking into consideration of all points.•Time scales must be carefully considered and adhered to strictly. The Client can test pilot software builds and provide feedback usually within 3-4 days of installation•All bids must be final and cannot be increased once the project is taken on. This can change if the Client requests a major change.•When placing a bid, the user must detail how they will look to achieve the project goals clearly•The winning bidder must provide a terms and conditions document after having their bid accept. This document must have details with regards to the support of the software, the ownership of the software code, rights etc once development is completed. This must be signed and dated, and sent to the clientI have attached a full specification document along with the reports designed in Excel (All Reports.xlsx). Also, I have attached the screen which are in the specification document in VB format (Screens.xlsm)Good Luck!

  • ₹12222 INR Today

    I need a School Management software with complete management of Fees , Student , Staff, Attendance , ID card Generation , Exam management , Bar code based attendance management , Bulk message notification , Message alert on attendance . and other modules .

  • $300 USD Today

    We Need a Simple Point of Sale System which has below Module, Preference will be given for those who have done similar project1.User Friendly POS Sales Module which allows the cashier to operate the system in a fast and Efficient manner without using the option Mouse .2.Inventory Management Module to Create & Group Stocks + Stock Tracking /Movement + Stock History/statistics (Karadex) + Stock Take 3.Purchase Management Module4.Reporting - Cash UP, Daily Sales ,Extensive Sales and Stock Reporting , Purchase Reporting5.User Admin Module - User Creation with access rights

  • $750 CAD Today

    I have a software written in delphi that I would like to modernize, make more efficient and quicker.

  • $100 USD Yesterday

    We need Barcode printing added to Our MS Access 2013 Database.I scan products into my ms access 2013 database by barcode scanner, which then adds the barcode numbers into my product field.What i would like to do is to be able to print a barcode from each product, and also include the items location and title.The printed barcode must be able to print to a Zebra gk420d barcode printer, and of course be able to be scanned by a bar code scanner. useful information

  • $750 USD Yesterday

    This project is for a startup company called Greekie, a greek life based application. We are primarily looking for coders and data collectors to help develop our first multi platform application. We are looking to get this started within the next few weeks and have the product ready for launch by the end of August. I have an incubator located in Los Angeles where the coding will take place. However, you can work from home if that is what you prefer. The budget for this project is flexible and if you are interested in joining us at Greekie, this will be further explained.

  • $5000 USD Yesterday

    A point of sale system that keeps track of inventory, sales, customer base, connect with multiple api, reports, online reports and has a Web browser on they system and more, and connect to a mobile app in the future

  • $350 USD 2 days ago

    I would like a fully customised POS software.

  • $555 USD 2 days ago

    Win nt 4.0 software, access and visual basic with sql, need converted to either win 8 or web platform

  • €333 EUR 2 days ago

    I want a secured internetplatform, an online accountancy programm for farmers. Each farmer has it"s own account where he has to fill in all his costs and incomes of his several crops and animals. Each crop has several cost-categories f.ex. potatoes: seeds, fytocosts, energy, ... the same for sugars beets: seeds, fytocost, ... The farmer must register each cost in the right category. In a next step the programm must calculate the average of each costcategory. The farmer can see only the cost of his own and the average of all the farmers. There"s of course a supervision programm needed controlled by me/us, to manage all figures, accounts, ... The programm registers everything of cost and yield of crops, animals, ... Also investmests, loans, ... and lot of other things must be registered. In a first step I would suggest to make a small application to evaluate (see attachment), and then decide to make the hole project.

  • $750 CAD 3 days ago

    we are looking for a web based for multi users access for canned massages programmed, that we can customize with different categories, with mixed of text and photo.This is how it should work :Our agent will log in with his user name and password ( created by the administrator )customer calls, the agent must fill out the following cusotmer info before starting the questions ( customer name, phone number and email address ) these must be customized as needed ( add or remove items )when all the info are filled, the agent will click on Next ( to start the canned questions )based on the category selected, trouble shooting questions starts. at the end of form ( when the agent is done all the steps) either its fixed and results will be saved as a ticket in the database, or still needs to be looked at and sent to level 2 then it will be sent to another email address.the email must be sent with all the results including the customer info and the agent name with the date and time, plus the time it was started and the time it was sent or stored.requirements1-web base program with multi user access2-easy modifications and must be user friendly to be updated and to add the info.3-administrator creates users with limited access to them4-tickets can not be deleted, only can be done by the admin.5-all documentations and steps how to add and modify the canned respond.6-agents can not go to the next question with out answering the present one.time frame for the job 2-3 weeksif you have samples please provide it .

  • $111 USD 3 days ago

    program a lock screen system that locks screen with a question from a database of questions

  • ₹12222 INR 4 days ago

    When you lend money to people or some organization for gaining some interest over it needs to be tracked in a system.Details of System:1. This system should have different roles like Master and Supervisor.2. The job of the supervisor is to collect the interest from the people/organization and feed the data into the system.3. The System would contain data for such people/organization and data added by supervisor should be added against it.4. Supervisor should get reminder via email for tasks that needs to be performed today i.e. from where the money is to be collected.5. Master Role will allow to see what transactions are done by supervisor today.6. If master does not approve the data then it should be displayed in the next day"s item.7. Reports should be generated of different types.8. Automatic data backup should be taken everyday.This is general idea about how the software is required.

  • $750 CAD 4 days ago

    We need someone to design an Ordering Database for a small games retailer with multiple locations. The database will be used to enter items that need to be ordered from suppliers. The quantities will flow through the following stages: To be ordered, Ordered, Shipped, Received etc. There will be approximately 10 screens and the date has to flow flawlessly between them. If you are a Database expert, take a look at the attached file and get back to us ASAP.

  • $155 USD 5 days ago

    This software needs to be for windows.I need it to be able to print receipts to a receipt printer.No inventory type software. This will all be manually entered.Needs to be 3 input methods. Booth Number, Item Description and Price. Each of these 3 items need to print to the receipt and also be shown on the screen and can be edited by clicking on the line item.Needs to be able to calculate sales taxNeed to be able to view reports for specific days. For Example end of day sales report total. Booth Number total sales for a specific range of dates. Reports need to be printable.Software needs to be completed in 2-3 weeks. I must be able to demo it to check out everything to make sure it works. Software must be completely turned over to me and allowed to be resold.

  • ₹11111 INR 6 days ago

    Require a Donor Management System for managing incoming donations and donor details and other required entry fields.Should be able to export the database to excel .Should be able to directly give printouts via software of required fields.Should have a very visually attractive GUI.Should be possible to Email Tax benefit certificates directly from software.

  • $2000 SGD 7 days ago

    Cloud based software.Provide business owner a quick snapshot of their business overview in real time. Centralise back office for operations to create, update and delete items. Information will be in sync to maintain the data integrity through out the solution. Inventory management includes auto tracking, stock take, transfer, adjustment and receiving processes. Link up with Bluetooth barcode scanner and printer.

  • ₹42222 INR 7 days ago

    I want a Real Estate CRM & Sales Management Software Solution ServicesFeatures of the software:•Accounting Integration •Billing & Invoicing•Cash Management•Security Deposit Management•Recurring expense management•Tenant & Lease Information Management•Cash Receipts templates•Tenant Billing Management with bills for common place, utility, etc.•Holdover details of tenants after lease expires (in case a tenant holds on the the property after lease expires).•Contact Management•Expense Tracking•Landlord Database•Late Fee Calculation•Late Payment Notifications•Lease Management•Maintenance Management•Rent Tracking•Tenant Database•Tenant Tracking•Vacancy Tracking•Maintenance Management•Property descriptions•Property pictures both interior and exterior•Insurance•Mortgage Details•Value management•Commission and Wages report•Unit wise sales report•Inquiry Status Report•Customer Database•Application Status report•Buyer & Tenant Needs Auto Matching & Management•Available Space Comparison•Client Internet Access to Marketing Reports, Offers, Documents and Timelines•Customizable User Fields•Demographic Data By Zip Code (By Property)•Duplicate Property and Contact Record Checking •Email Merge feature and Document Template Creation•Integrated Property Database•Internet Database Sharing •Mapping, Aerials & Birds Eye Property Views•Interior and Exterior views•3D walk through integrations•Marketing/Property Listing Campaign Management and Client Reporting•Photo Storage, Editing, Optimization and Management•Project & Timeline Management•Team & Individual Shared Calendar & Task Lists•Sales History Tracking•Reports: Standard & Custom •Customizable User Fields•Group Property and/or Contact Records•Loan Tracking•Trends Analysis – Rents/PurchasePlace your bid reasonable.

  • $805 USD 8 days ago

    Features Schedule, Work order, Estimate, dispatch, Calendar Integration. Have triggers.

  • $388 AUD 8 days ago

    We need a access database purpose built. Data eventually needs to be imported from Excel. The database needs to be able to store customers and track jobs for numerous customers. Reports and forms need to be generated specific to our requests.

  • $555 USD 8 days ago

    Hello Guys, I need a system of delivery of newspaper developed in MS Access. So please apply only if you are expert in Access and read the complete instructions of project in attached files.I am looking for very experience and good profile individual or team. Please come up with your fixed cost and turn around time. Regards,Honey

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Winnet Technology Company

Jan 2012 - Dec 2050 (38 years)


we are Winnet Technology Companies established in 2012, specializing in programming, we have experience programming software for business management: such as warehouse management software, accounting, personnel management the - salary ... website design, use of open source software such as joomla, DotNetNuke, PHPNuke ...<br />We are very happy to partner with you all, our slogan is: a connection - with victory


computer engineering

Truòng Dai hoc Bách Khoa Da Nang



Information Technology Engineer

DaNang University

Software programming applications, system software ...


experience implementing projects

- Management software business<br />- Payroll Software - Human Resource<br />- Charging system phone software - developed telephone subscribers<br />- Software configuration management devices<br />- ...