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  • $305 USD Aug 25, 2013

    We have a complete parts catalog/ parts purchase site assembled in PHP, and require someone to complete the shopping cart and Paypal Integration.Basic cart with basic passed info TO Paypal is complete... need to complete shipping options/pricing, Coupon Code option (which checks against the server), and appropriate post/return/error pages.Confidentiality and non-compete agreement required.

  • $950 AUD May 6, 2013

    i wanna create an app for all devices of a disco dancer using unity3d software. i like the dancer to have a real persons face and a head thats slightly larger than body and by different commands does different moves to a style of music, their be different outfits to choose from hairstyles hats shoes glasses and background. Perople can then challange their friends to a dance off by inviting them to join their session and then they record their dancing movements and save to watch over and over again! for more info pls pm

  • €600 EUR Apr 21, 2013

    Hi,we need a library for integration of a payment module for Basic4Android. I think you do not need to know Basic4Android much, we just need the jar-file, the xml-file and some documentation. In the future, we might need more libraries. Therefore, I am looking for someone who can work with Eclipse/Java. If you are interested, please send me a message and I will send you the links to the API and the tutorial. Then we can talk about the price.Must be ready within 2 weeks max.Thank youPeter

  • $105 USD Feb 28, 2013

    Hello Bidders> We want a basic , smooth design for our website .Cectcellphone.comWith header : Facebook, I Like / Twitter follow us / Call us : with our phone number With footer : Banners : payment method. / SSL secure payment / Certified domain banner ...etc. Meta tag / Left side : Secure payment SSL / Certified domain banner / Any advice for seo in terms of design is welcome . All banners or almost are available in jpg or html code. just need to insert them. Graphic chart : Red / White / Blue> Install this module to the store . Good Luck :)

  • $600 USD Jan 25, 2013

    We just launched a small site that sells a planner specific for "mom" bloggers. The calendar has a monthly schedule, weekly schedule, and some additional pages that are specific to the industry. We are looking for an app that would translate that material into a downloadable app that would allow the person to edit the calendar when things were due. The calendar would send a push notification popup if there was something on the calendar that day. Additionally we would need the app to be able to be swiped from page to page easily and edited to add the users information. For example in one case we have a page for monthly statistics, earnings. We would like the user to be able to add thier information on each month and access it easily. The planner can be found on thebloggingplanner (.com) . This just needs to be very simple but want it matching the website w/ our logo and also easy to use. We need someone experienced. We are just two parents so this is a small budget project for us.

  • $1500 USD Jan 3, 2013

    Hello,I am looking for a solution for help desk.The features would be the same in supportcenterplus[dot]com

  • $650 AUD Nov 24, 2012

    Top developer to make an IPhone / IPad Game. Small ProjectMust have worked on at least 6 iOS game titles. No newbies please.Must have a portfolio.

  • $950 USD Oct 20, 2012

    All details to be provided to the right matching person. Description: Advertisements website with flash scriptsPlease send portfolio.Job orientation: Flash , php, mysql

  • $1500 USD Sep 24, 2012

    I am looking at developing an App initially for iphone, once that is done and works well, want the same app for ipad and for normal mobile phones for example sumsung galaxy and samsung pad.Basically I want this app to be used via the phone camera and video, so once the app is bought or on the iphone the customer would open up the app which would bring their camera/video up to record a video, once the video is recorded the viewer will then have a choice of a selection of video clips or blend in and blend out still that is location specific. So the phone app would determine where the customer is and automatically give them a choice of slots to add to the start of their video diary. For example if they were in Manchester city centre they would have a choice of say an Oasis 20 second video, stills of the city, if outside Manchester United would say have a choice of highlights from a previous game or video compilation of the ground or blend in blend out stills. Once chosen the viewer can type in a title with date/time/names etc.This would be packaged up in a nicely designed ‘here i am cam’ frame ready to put up on facebook or email to text to family or friends.Not sure how we would access Images and video footage yet, maybe from a stock library or for example at Manchester United, we may pay a royalty for the use of video footage.Also would like to do live footage form sports events and festivals etcSo if the customer too a video of himself and girlfriend at start or during a football match, if they chose live footage, then they would get a notification after the event has finished and could have a 20 second compilation of the game they were at to package up to send.The original idea was to have video diary units at key tourist spots, sports grounds, events etc but is very expensive so looking to do the App first then progress to that so might be a lot of work if I can find the right person at a good price.I attach some files to show how the video diary units would work; this may help you to picture what I need.ThanksMark : )

  • [Sealed] Sep 12, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $250 USD May 25, 2012

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • [Sealed] Apr 12, 2012

    this is 2 phase project, first phase is belowProject Phase 1: A/B testing - image displaySummaryPhase 1 Project GoalTo display an image or multiple images on a web page via the img tag. The href element points to an aspx page to retrieve the image selected by the user. The goal is to track visibility of the image via cookie. For example if you have 10 unique ip visiting the website, aspx will render 5 unique session with image displayed and 5 unique session with image not displayed. The following data are tracked for each page load - ip address, date/time, visibility of the image, image type and web page. Subsequent visits to the page by the same user will retain the visibility of images during the test. There will be 3 image types. The web page visited is compared to the conversion list selected by the user during the test. The conversion field is incremented whenever page visited is matched during the session.Project Phase 2: A/B multivariate testingProject GoalFrom a single page, users can create multiple variants of the page by modifying elements of the original page. Using jQuery, user can select and target an element, say an H1 tag and affect its font size, color and content, position or move page elements to a different location, etc. The variant’s parameters are then saved as the user makes changes to the web page real time. The user can have up to 4 different variants per test. Finally a conversion page is selected and test duration is configured for the test. Once completed, the user is presented with a javascript code that they can embed onto their web page. When code is executed on the web page, a cookie is checked. Cookie name will be the project id and the variant type. If it exists, execute the variant’s parameters. If not, then check for the next variant on the list, create the cookie and execute the variant’s parameters. Subsequent visits to the page/site will load the variant’s style until the duration is reached or the end user stopped the test of which the original page design will display.refer to attached file for more detail requirements. timeline phase 1- 1 week, phase 2 - 2 weeks

  • $3000 USD Mar 15, 2012

    The resort hotel, search and a predetermined function

  • $1050 USD Jan 21, 2012

    I have an existing website that I want to:*Make it more user friendly*Customize to be better look and feel*Display products much better to allow for higher conversion rate on sales*Make the site look and run better*Marketing functions to help track and push more sales*Better automatic SEO, better search result capabilitiesBasically want to take an existing site and make it much better of a e-commerce site.

  • $750 USD Jan 21, 2012

    I need to update the app found here called PictureTrivia:*rv0/s&offerid=146261&type=3&subid=0&tmpid=1826& app has been doing well, but could use some updates.iphone and ipad universal versionsIt needs to be ported to the iPadIt needs to be added to GameCenterIt needs to have achievements addedPossibly disappearing options as time runs out on questionsgame will be shortened with some new mechanicsadd 50/50 optionsadd achievements in gamesome small other additionsi need this app done ASAP. if good work is done, more projects will also be offered

  • $300 USD Dec 8, 2011

    Quick job for a flash personWe have a series of 30 or so videos that are linked with overlays on YouTubeIe the video will have two or more links in it which go to another videoWe want to replicate this so that it can be done offline on a PC or MAC just by running one fileThanks

  • $300 USD Dec 7, 2011

    Hi,I need a WHMCS module created that completely automates their order.It needs to have the following things:User control panel:* A menu in the user WHMCS panel that displays the following:-Proxy IP"s assigned to his account-Proxy Port-Proxy User-Proxy Password-Proxy Country* Option for user to change:-A log of IP"s that have used his proxies-His proxy password-Option to request proxy change(once every a billing cycle)Administrator control panel:* A menu in the admin section of WHMCS panel with the following options:-Ability to add proxies to a user based on:-number of proxies -number of locations -number of IP subnets Need to:-split the number of proxies equally between locations/subnets-random proxies not sequential-Ability to remove a proxy or more -Ability to change proxy port-Ability to change proxy passwordOther features:-It has to automatically set the users account up after they order and-Automatically cancel and block user access to proxies if account get suspended/canceled/deleted by admin or automatically for not paying his monthly subscription and reassign his proxies to the "not assigned" DB field.-I also want to sell shared proxies (Shared IP not user/pass) not just dedicated IP"s. Theses shared proxies must be listed in a database as shared so that people who order dedicated proxies will not get the same IP.

  • $750 USD Oct 7, 2011

    Overall Introduction (e-commerce within a blog site)Our website is basically a blog site which shows a lot of blogs. Each blog may be related to a certain product and customers of our blog site will be able to purchase this product.Therefore,1)Display the blog in an attractive way with rich media content. The blogs have modules of images, videos, and slideshows.2)All the blog can be accessed in a convenient way. We require sophisticated navigation system including Navigation bar, keywords, search, archive, most popular.3)Customers can interact with our blog site, using facebook, twitter, and comment. We require threaded comments from users.4)We need many kinds of users: admin, bloggers(post blog), users(view blog and purchase products), and product providers. For each kind of users, they have their own account management or order tracking pages.5)Once user purchase the product, we need product page, order submit/cancel/track, payment (paypal and google checkout), backend inventory management, shipping notification, etc.We have detailed documentation about requirements of designs (briefly), workflows, backend database, and user accounts.

  • $625 USD Sep 14, 2011

    I was wondering if anyone could make me a site like Id liek to be able to make a community site liek that where peopel can Create Leagues for different Games on Yahoo and Pogo etc..I hope someone can do this for me for a reasonable price. Thanks!

  • $35 USD Aug 13, 2011

    We need an expert designer, who can design tons of facebook pages, as we have lots of work to do.If you are expert designer then bid, Lowest bid will prefer more.Please bid now for 2 facebook welcome pages.Thanks

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