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Shazzad Hossain Khan

WordPress & PHP Developer

Username: workon

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Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Member since: November 2009



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  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller neptuncpt



    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! As always, Shazzad delivers the highest quality of WordPress services I have ever encountered.

    Project Description:As discussed
  • $100 USD
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    12 days ago

    Always go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality work, he is and will always be my favorite freelancer!

    Project Description:As discussed and agreed for wordpress plugin modifications, and I still need to write because it asks for 100 characters lol
  • $242 USD
    Profile image for Seller andax


    Mar 19, 2014

    Fantastic work as always. Quality and compromise

    Project Description:Custom wordpress on a template with around 10 changes
  • $110 USD
    Profile image for Seller cricketbirdy


    Feb 16, 2014

    Great job, simple and easy.

    Project Description:I maintain a Wordpress site for my scientific organization (  We provide information in the form of PDF files that are (currently) downloaded directly from the default wp-content directory...
  • $720 USD
    Profile image for Seller AusDesigner


    Feb 13, 2014

    Fantastic Freelancer! The job came back way better than expected. great communication, fast and of the highest quality. Will definitely use this freelancer again.

    Project Description:Aim: Create a form that populates a Case Study. Required features: • Layout of the case study page • User rolls so Case study has publishing restrictions • Creation of a form that populates the Case...
  • $150 USD
    Profile image for Seller AusDesigner


    Feb 10, 2014

    Highly professional. Excellent skills, great communication will definitely use again.

    Project Description:Aim: Create template for existing wordpress theme. I am looking for a CSS expert who understands how to create a template using the themes responsive design. As the site is already built it will be just a matter of building a template using the existing header, footer, menu etc...
  • $195.53 CAD
    Profile image for Seller guexx


    Jan 13, 2014

    Best Wordpress Developer I have found

    Project Description:Wordpress Hotel booking engine .
  • $120 USD
    Profile image for Seller puntable


    Jan 7, 2014

    Again a pleasure to with with this freelancer. Projekt was delivered in only 20 hours after he accepted project. Only positive things to say about the work :) If i really needed to give some harsh feedback, then it would be even better if he accepted to communicate in Skype. But no problem as long as project is completed within budget and without any problems. Can recommend this freelancer for everyone.

    Project Description:Need a custom Wordpress event plugin. Details are allready discussed in PM Colors in calender. Private concert = Red Public concert = Green Rehersal = Blue Custom = Yellow
  • $105 USD
    Profile image for Seller andreamilano


    Dec 29, 2013

    Excellent freelancer! he implemented a complex function into my wordpress website. will use him again in the future. thanks again

    Project Description:I need an advanced custom search function in Wordpress. The user can search using a form made of three fields. For every field, Wordpress has to check if it is a custom taxonomy and select its parent,...
  • $54 USD
    Profile image for Seller puntable


    Dec 28, 2013

    Great work. Delivered in only couple of hours and 100% satisfaction. Can definately recommend this freelancer to other employers. Will be returning here for more projects in the future. Thumbs up :)

    Project Description:I need a simple forum integrated with the Wordpress admin area. You can use existing plugin or create your own forum, your own choice but most important is that is works like description. Forum should only be visible in the Wordpress admin area...
    Shazzad Hossain Khan has not completed any projects.
  • $220 USD In Progress

    I have three responsive HTML pages created: a blog home page, a blog archive page and an individual post. HTML provided will be cleanly coded and responsive. I need a Wordpress expert to convert these HTML pages and CSS to a responsive, SEO friendly wordpress theme. This blog will seamless integrate with our already established site (look and feel). Theme must be coded cleanly, load quickly in browsers and pass relevant theme checks testing for latest Wordpress (3.9+) standards and best practices. Please provide examples of your previous work related to this project with your proposal. Thank you!

  • £52 GBP In Progress

    Hi I have a small search website and I need some small changes. That job should be a quick one.Here are the requirements:1) After someone presses the "search" button, the website shows search results (in case without any checkbox filter set it displays all) but it always jumps to the top. I want it should stay (the view). Its like there is an anchor at the top every time someone searches it jumps and that can be quite annoying also when someone clicks on links in the search results. So it should stay where the user scrolled and not jump to the top.2) When someone clicks back on the browser all the search results or settings are gone. Sometimes even the website breaks (different browser). Thisneeds to be fixed (chrome,safari,firefox)3) The same as 2: when someone searches for a programmes then clicks to see the programme page and then clicks back in the browser then it should go back to the search results and not loose the search results nor break the search.4) When someone searches for a program, opens it and then clicks on the "provider" then the provider page shows up. But there must be a picture of the relevant provider to the left. Picture is not in the database yet. Can be empty field for now but later when I want to add pictures the database structure should be there already or something where I can put them - (see picture 1).5) All internal links (links to other pages from the database) should appear in orange colour. All external links should also be orange but with a small icon next to them indicating that by clicking on that link people will leave our website ( the icon is the same as wikipedia uses - please see picture 2).6) The page "list of researchers" contains a list of researchers. These should appear in alphabetical order (by last name).7) If a program is classified in the database under different key stages (one or more) then these should also appear in the list for. example | Keystage1 | Keystage2 please see picture 3.8) If someone searches for a program then clicks on the program to display the program page there is to the right a list of "practices used"These are in the database and link to internal pages. However they should link directly to the external page (link is also in the database). That"s it :)

  • $368 USD Today

    We need a wp voting plugin such as ""hotornot" feature, but with more statistics. We need a section (or shortcode) at the end the wordpress article, where users can choose to vote or note on the article (2 options). After voting, users will be redirected to another article and so on. Users can not vote on same article twice a day. We need real-time stats on the articles, based on their categories and tags. Example: the most voted article on the category x, the least voted article with the tag y. There can be a list of votes (percent or number) and also a chart showing how the votes varied in the past 30 days/week, day. Something similar to google analytics. Price might vary, in reasonable limits

  • $25 USD/hr Mar 16, 2014

    Hello I have a company Personal Development, I would like to create a blog in wordpress cute.I already have a similiar layout to another company that would like to see similar, this is below: only a few colors, I wonder what the value of this project and how much time you give it up?

  • $631 AUD Jan 14, 2014

    We would like to add an e-commerce shop to our existing company website ( will have around 30 - 100 items catalogue with 3 different tab on each product: description, data sheet and directions to use.It will need to be built based on existing template. Preferably under secondary domain (

  • $25 USD Jan 2, 2014

    Hi,You have done work for us previously. We are ready to go live with this site, but their is a bug prohibiting us from going live in the work you provided. Please check our previous project for the details of this error.Regards,Eric

  • $120 USD Oct 13, 2013

    private project

  • $450 USD Sep 23, 2013

    The first $100 usd milestone is to finish the project boxes give them the style with Icons and show category and the style progress bar css… the share button on the boxes if possible to add the filter to have the share this in spanish. homepage move the default gbs full with banner with pictures of the projects to the bottom, just above the footer.Fix the field "Country" on submit project, on section "add a new sponsor" text field Country does not save to sponsor profile. In sponsor edit profile the country is a drop down. On the single project page on sponsor box, the Country doesn"t show, what appears is the "City, State". Make it appear Country.The next $350 usd milestone is to make this changes:-Make the State dropdown menu, a text field. It appears on sponsor profile, user profile and on checkout.-Make login/register in 1 page instead of 2, and the lightbox so they don"t have to leave the project page when following a campaign.- On register new account options, it asks if want to add to mailchimp, but asks for location to follow deals on that location only, remove that location, and only have the option to subscribe plain to 1 mail chimp list. - Make sponsors be able to add people to the team.- Fix when they add a new sponsor so they can return to previous one.- Gbs top menu, add icons to each item (see image and I give you codes of icons) and make the one you added "My campaigns" only appear when they have a campaign created, if they don"t have a campaign don"t show, right now takes to a blank page. Change style and Icons to the side user menu (see image)- If possible to remove decimals on buttons on single project page for rewards and for the pledge tab.- 2 wysiwyg editors to update, either to tinymce or update current editor REACTOR (it can upload images and insert video html codes if you add a code to the editor) The pages need to be changed: Project Page in "Notifications Tab"… And Sponsor Edit Profile - When sponsor posts an Update to their project, make it auto-approve but still send an email to wp-admin that the update has been posted (this currently send so admin will approve), change default notification title, currently says: Project Update #1: "Name of Project" change it to: Noticia #1 del Projecto: "Name of Project"- Remove the /project/ from the url, so projects have the url: wihtout affecting the share and earn functionality.- On the single project page, on the bottom left box where there is a pledge button, it says: help achieve the goal to: Name of project (Nombre del Projecto) but that supposed to say the Actual name of the Project.- On the team box in single project page, above the pictures of the Team, add a text: "people on this team" in spanish: "Miembros de este Equipo:"- On checkout process, add top banners/shortcode to each step of the process: cart,checkout, and review after returning from paypal.- Add a space for shortcode/banner to the Search Result pages (categories, tags, locations)- Create new email Notifications that gbs doesn"t have: - send email to sponsor (all team?) when a purchase is made in their deal, and a comment has been posted in their deal. And when they create a sponsor profile add their email to a different list in mail chimp, to receive a sponsor sequence.- Top Banner/shortcode in and here too: - Public Sponsor Profile Change Facebook Twitter Icons, and instead of say: Facebook, say: Their Facebook URL: (fb icon)/mifbpage_ On this page: Where they manage their Notification Setting (bottom part of the page) add a shortcode/banner space_ On checkout page Remove: Is this a gift for someone else? or hide it by default.

  • $180 USD Aug 27, 2013

    I am looking to make a plugin for a Wordpress site for auto tires that can have the ability to search and/or filter by:-Year-Make-Model-StyleAfter you filter the attributes it should take you to the correct tires. The results should be able to be sorted out by brand, price and size.I need the results to be able to show the factory reccomended sizes. Then also show results for 3 plus sizes.The plus sizes are tire sizes that fit a car, but are not on the factory reccommended setting.I would like it to be an autocomplete drill down and workable on a Mobile browser.Please look at for reference.The existing car parts site which the tire plugin will be added, needs to have its search engine/filters properly configured for tires and parts.The site has a csv uploader plugin which works with ecommerce custom fields plugin which will need to be configured.Please PM me for additional infoThank you for your interest.

  • $250 USD Aug 2, 2013

    Single Project page:- Create as design attached- move video and numbers on top of the tabs- Make background and icons change depends on color selected by owner- Tabs: make bubble with number of: comments, updates and backers- Add share url (move it from sidebar widget to where social links are)- Add number of fans and followers that the owner of project has- To where the social share is, add an icon that opens lightbox and has a code so people can embed the miniature of the project on their site. - Add Follow/Not follow button (if not logged in, links to registration page, if logged in shows # of updates of followed projects on the menu bar)- Make % progress graphic fill in animation, and numbers- on the bottom of page (outside the tabs), show persons in the TEAM.HomePage- Built inside PageBuilder (html or code inside blocks)(we have plugin js and html on the blocks do you think will work for the filtering sliders?)- Top banner is full with- Add the purchased filter grid ajax, make it filter by category- Current theme`s slider shows 1 latest project per category, make it filter the admin selected project per category.- keep current themes slider with latest projects (design of the miniature of project will change)- So we have 3 sliders on homepage: staff picks, latest projects and filter by category.

  • $250 USD Jul 21, 2013

    Hello Shazzad, heres the first stage to make the site responsive, the most important pages are homepage and single project so they look good on mobiles, the homepage will have a top full with layer slider (we have the plugin and its responsive) and we talked about some plugins to make filtered grids for the hompage projects they are responsive as well, I didnt get if you would make the ajax slider, or should we get a plugin, we saw this one yesterday and its really nice:

  • $150 USD Jul 17, 2013

    Hi, we chatted a little bit before, we would like to break the project in steps, right now we need to make some modifications in the submit project page, seems like you know gbs plugin right? the submition form we need to add the field so they can choose project-tags, add some tooltips or lightboxes to guide them thru the process, so they click an icon and a lightbox popsup with text, picture or video, we would need that the content from the lightboxes be easy editable from the admin, I will make you a video to clearly explain everything, from there we can continue with the next stage, we need someone that can assist us with lots of thing before and after launching the site, let me know if you are willing to take the project

  • $100 USD May 2, 2013

    hi work on Can we discuss my calandar?

  • $210 USD Apr 29, 2013

    We need a Wordpress web developer to do some minor editings. We do have a few websites and need someone who is quick, efficient and affordable to take care of these websites. Please PM me your experience with wordpress, and if you are a team or individual. We have knowledge with Joomla and want to start a new hosting site with the sync yootheme template. Exterts in hosting sites are better. Thanks !

  • $100 USD Jan 1, 2013

    I need some help duplicating a wordpress pluginI am using this plugin to list rental properties ( and want to duplicate it to list churches as well. I have duplicated the plugin myself, but run into issues with certain parts not working correctly. There is some kind of issue where the plugin is getting confused because of the duplication.

  • $30 USD Dec 13, 2012

    I saw you did a project importing yellowbrick into joomla. I am looking for the same thing. Do you have an example of it?

  • $400 USD Sep 7, 2011

    Hi I looking for someone to build an HTML/CSS website. The site will be similar to Cash except for the customer back end section. In addition i will need a business directory built. Site needs to be SEO friendly and pull information from the database efficiently. I will provide you all content for the site. All pages will be sent in a .doc. The business profiles will be sent in an .cvs file. All creatives in .psd files for you to attach to the site.Please provide me with an accurate timeline and estimate. Thanks

  • $80 USD Aug 4, 2011

    I have a football pool setup that is written in php. (not written by myself)It is a small site, I have less than 10 people in the pool.It looks like its been abandoned now.The directory I keep all the files in seems really bloated. I can"t believe they are all needed.Looking for someone to go through the code/site, see if anything is unneeded and can be deleted, and see if any of the current code could be tightened up.I may also have some minor changes I would like to be made.Site appears to be mostly php.

  • $30 USD May 23, 2011

    At the top of our website homepage we have some red graphic text on left and an Aweber optin form on the right. We need both the graphic text design improved and the Aweber optin form designed to match header graphic and website design/colour.We can pay $30 for this project.Here is the homepage: Please take a look at red graphic text + aweber optin form to the right of red text.We would need to see some graphic design and text graphic design.We need the job done urgently!Please leave PM if interested.

  • $100 USD May 21, 2011

    I want someone to analyze my website and make changes to make it more visually pleasing. Here is the site: could be done through CSS changes. I"m happy with the current design it"s just a little rough around the edges. I want it to look more "Web 2.0" like, also taking into consideration usability for the user. Slick, clean, professional. Should be simple and quick project for an experienced person.

  • $100 USD Dec 28, 2010

    Hello , i have a static website and I want to trasnform into a dynamic website in a CMS system .I d require previous similiar work , and I will provide more details for the task .Serious bids ONLY .regards ,

  • $100 USD Dec 27, 2010

    1 Page website, copy and examples will be provided.Integrate Facebook connect, (we have the script)There should be a link to signup, when this is pressed a modal popup appears with an option to connect with Facebook or enter your email addressWhen the user enters their email address, they are emailed a link to download a fileA post should be made on the users Facebook wall, the information for this post should be taken from the MySQL database.Emails should be stored in a MySQL databaseWe"d like an option to send out mailings to the users regularly with an unsubscribe link, there should be an option for plain text or html (I think this is already in the script we have)There will be an ongoing requirement for a similar site to be duplicated, please consider this when creating the site so it is easy to update in future.Successful completion of this website will lead to further work through Freelancer.comThis project needs to look really attractive to encourage signups

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