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  • $120.00 USD
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    roccovitaly [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 27, 2013

    The project is not completed according to the dispute

    Project Description:here are the options: •Thomas Pogge, Freedom from Poverty as a Human Right: Who Owes What to the Very Poor? •Thomas Pogge, World Poverty and Human Rights: Cosmopolitan Responsibilities and Reforms...
  • $250.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller nriti

    nriti [ Incomplete Report ]

    Jul 13, 2013

    Never replied after accepting project.

    Project Description:private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. private job. As discussed. first...
  • $60.00 USD
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    Jul 9, 2013

    thanks alot for you<br/>

    Project Description:N/A
  • $10.00 CAD
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    Jun 13, 2013

    Good work and great communication.<br/>

    Project Description:Report of 1500 Words Information Technology is helping HRM, How ... ? Need a report discussing negatives of IT against HRM... Citation: Harvard, 5 references at least Due Date; 9 June Budget: 30 CAD
  • $52.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller purecrystal


    Jun 13, 2013

    :) A+++She handled everything nicely<br/>

    Project Description:Ecommerce site needed like Need to add shopping cart and user management system. Details will be discussed later via PM Best of Luck
  • $5.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller brianleo


    Jun 10, 2013

    Freelancer is very professional, understood what I wanted and perfected that based on my needs. Will hire in the future<br/>

    Project Description:I need an organizational report of 2000 words urgently. Candidate must have MBA or equivalent degree. Detailed will be discussed in PM. Happy Bidding
  • $12.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller diamondweb123


    Jun 10, 2013

    Simply the best... A+<br/>

    Project Description:Simple PHP site needed in a limited budget. It should be modifiable and should comply all the coding standards. Detalis will be discussed later.... Thank You
  • $31.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller shaun1975


    Jun 10, 2013

    Beautifully handled the task...Ready 3 more tasks ... highly recommended<br/>

    Project Description:Academic Work: 1000 words essay on: managing hr team for maximum production with best utilization of resources References needed: 5 min Harvard Referencing Deadline: 2 Days Max
  • $26.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller starwebmasters


    Jun 10, 2013

    Good work<br/>

    Project Description:I want to connect my Visual Basic Program to my Online MYSQL Database. I am running a super store and wants to deploy this scenario ASAP. Diversity of work will be needed. Please only apply if you are sure you can do it, also if you have experience of 5 years or more....
  • $10.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller crescenttech123


    Jun 9, 2013

    GREAT GREAT GREATTTT WORK...Though it was low budget but she managed to provide a super duper project...Would Hire again ... Thumbs Up...<br/>

    Project Description:Wordpress Template Needed Theme should be just like: But need site in more details and person should be able to deploy multiple plugins properly. Project budget is rather bid accordingly.....
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  • $12 USD/hr In Progress

    Greetings - I have a few projects that I&quot;d like to discuss with you - how can we connect?Brendan

  • $84 USD In Progress

    this paper is describing about the utilization of Code Mixing in language, especially in English classroom among students and lecturer. it can be used as a simple example and reference for you who wants to write an essay about linguistics and language. the second one is an essay in My Ancestor&quot;s House by Bina Sharif. The essay deals with the perception of the female characters toward the practice of patriarchy in Pakistan. You can use this essay as reference or example in writing essay about literature.

  • $60 USD In Progress

    Hello I have a power point presentation that i would like to re-create and have it as something creative, outside of the box , as its a corporate identity for premium luxury traveling presentation .This presentation is to provide for clients as to further explain and showcase what sort of products we exactly have to offer.It&quot;s re-creating of an old presentation of 17 pages, but i don&quot;t want to stick to that number, maybe around 25 - 30 pages whatever it takes for more graphics and your own add on creativity as well as an additional added pages on the one existing.i need it finished by Saturday for my revision.If you are talented in creating a unique customized power point presentation and have high presentation skills then you may Bid on this project.Would like to see a similar work sample that you have already done.60$ Max for this project.Happy Bidding!

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Essays Urgent-------------Hi, I am currently seeking a writer who is experienced in Technical Writing or essays. This person is needed to help me with three essays.Note: The essay does not depends on quantity, but it is about quality. I mean, you have to write? at least 5-6 pages.It need to be done ASAP.Happy Bidding!

  • $10 USD/hr In Progress

    I need text document turned into a powerpoint presentation. Good pp, Skills are good english and a feel for the subject to make logical cuts

  • $24 USD/hr In Progress

    management concept in a global organisation

  • $15 USD/hr In Progress

    Keeping the situation into consideration, please prepare your report and analysis on the following1.Negotiate an acceptable price for both of you.2.Develop initial offer, target price, resistance point and BATNA.3. Considering to the adamant trader, Elaborate impact of Negotiation Style on success and failure of Business Deals4.Draft a section on &quot;International Negotiation, the facts and the culture&quot;5.Culture based Negotiation Strategies6.Influence of cultures and economics on Business Negotiation.7.Ethics in cross-border negotiations8.Multinational Negotiation and how successful are they.9.Barriers to Effective Negotiation among countries due to different cultures.10.Communication practices in international business negotiations.Purpose-:1.Introduce the subject and why the subject is important.2.Preview the main ideas and the order in which they will be covered.3.Establish a tone of the document.4.A reason for the audience to read the paper. Also, include an overview of what you are going to cover in you paper and the importance of the material.

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Academic writing on topic related to Business Marketing. A total of 2500 words with theories and bibliography needed. Fluency in English is essential.Turnaround time: 48 hoursPayment: 50 USDNo escrow. 25% Advance payment upon review of first 200 words. Remaining upon completion.

  • $126 USD In Progress

    Need a 10 page double spaced MLA formated proposal research paper written on the marginalization of illegal immigrants within the United States. It should go in depth covering the discrimination, exploitation and other abuses on human rights illegal immigrants face when in the United States. A minimum of 6 citations need to be included in the paper. The paper should also propose viable solutions to these problems and cite appropriate supporting research. Working time no greater than 5 days.

  • $30 USD In Progress

    i would like some to helps me to write a critical Appraisal with a reflections on learning process750 word minimum.

  • $50 USD Nov 5, 2013

    I have seen you were offered a similar project, how did you get on was it successful?1. What should you do?Share a deal on hotukdeals.com2. Who can join the Program?Those who haveA. Have a account on hotukdeals.comB. British residents

  • $250 USD Jul 20, 2013


  • $5 USD/hr Jun 14, 2013

    I&quot;m looking for competent Wordpress users to help add content to an existing Entertainment blog. Each article is spread out amongst 5-10 pages, with each page displaying a title, image and a paragraph of text, along with navigation to the next/previous page (see attached image).The process is pretty straight forward and runs like this:1) Either both of us or myself suggest topics to cover2) You research the content needed via things such as Google3) You find images that are free from copyright (such as Flickr, or anywhere else so long as we&quot;re free to use them)4) You create the posts inside Wordpress, add the images and content and then link up the X amount of pages via the set navigation we use.Each article takes around 2 hours to complete so please make your bid based on 2 hours work.This is an ongoing project, so if you can do the above well, you can do more articles after this one.Any questions, please ask.

  • $69 USD Jun 8, 2013

    Around 15 slides on technical and infrastructural aspects of video education resources including presentation notes. You could explore open educational video resources; khan academy, merlot, etc. I need details on at-least 5 top open educational video resources.

  • $30 AUD Jun 8, 2013

    Work details:1. What should you do?Share a deals to hotukdeals.com2. Who can join the Program?Those who haveA. Have a account on hotukdeals.comB. British residents are prior.3. Payment$30 per deal.

  • £142 GBP May 28, 2013

    i need 2 report and 2 presentationconditions are uploadedi need the work in 1 day, tomorrow midnight.

  • £43 GBP May 22, 2013

    Task 1 Description of problem to be solved: This task requires you to understand differentapproaches and strategies used to measure, monitor and control the incidence of disease in communities. 1.1. What are roles played by WHO, Department of Health (DH) and Local Authorities in identifying levels of health and diseases in the population?1.2 Explain, using statistical data, the epidemiology of HIV and breast cancer in the UK. 1.3 How effective are different approaches and strategies adopted by NHS to control obesity in the UK. (Word count: 800)Deliverable:Learning Outcome 1 as demonstrated bypass criteria 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3Task 2Description of problem to be solved: This task requires you to investigate the implications of illness and disease in communities for the provision of health and social care services. 2.1 What are current priorities and approaches to the provision of mental health services for people in London? 2.2 What is relationship between the prevalence of mental illness in the UK and requirements of health services to support individuals with mental illnesses? 2.3 What impact lifestyle choices have on future needs for health and social care services? (Word Count: 800)Deliverable:Learning Outcome 2 as demonstrated by pass criteria 2.1,2.2, and 2.3Task 3Description of problem to be solved: This task requires you to be able to understand the factors influencing health and wellbeing of people living in London. The following link gives an idea about efforts made by London local authorities in ensuring health and wellbeing of people in London. What are the health and wellbeing priorities for people in London?3.2 How effective are the strategies, systems and policies for ensuring health and wellbeing of London population? 3. What changes could be made to improve the health and wellbeing of people in London? 3.4 How effective is ‘Smoking Cessation Programme’implemented to encourage people to quit smoking for people in London? (Word count: 800)Deliverable:Learning Outcome 3 as demonstrated by pass criteria 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4

  • $150 USD May 21, 2013

    A 6000 words case study on organizational change and transformation management. More details will be provided later.Thanks.

  • $70 USD May 17, 2013

    In a position paper on the role of logic in artificial intelligence, Nilsson argued that the logicalapproach to AI is based on three theses:Thesis 1 &ldquo;Intelligent machines will have knowledge of their environments.&rdquo;1Thesis 2 &ldquo;The most versatile intelligent machines will represent much of their knowledge abouttheir environments declaratively.&rdquo;1Thesis 3 &ldquo;For the most versatile machines, the language in which declarative knowledge is represented must be at least as expressive as first-order predicate calculus.&rdquo;&rsquo;1Nilsson&rsquo;s view is not universally accepted, and indeed even at the time Birnbaum2 offered astrong response. The debate has continued over the years with various researchers making arguments for and against Nilsson&rsquo;s theses.The coursework task:In this coursework you should consider the literature, beginning with Nilsson&rsquo;s and Birnbaum&rsquo;spapers and including other more recent views, and argue for or against Nilsson&rsquo;s view. (Note thatthese papers and others are available via the library e-resources.)Your essay should be a maximum of 2000 words long (excluding references), typewritten in 11ptfont with 1.5 line spacing, and printed to a reasonable qualityCheating/PlagiarismThis coursework is an individual piece of work. While discussion of general concepts and ideasis a healthy academic activity, any work submitted for assessment must not include that of others.Please see the student handbook for more information, or ask if you need guidance.1Nils J. Nilsson, Logic and artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence 47(1-3):31&ndash;56, 1991.2Lawrence Birnbaum, Rigor mortis: a response to Nilsson&rsquo;s &rdquo;Logic and artificial intelligence&rdquo;. Artificial Intelligence 47(1-3):57&ndash;77, 1991.1

  • $50 USD May 13, 2013

    Write a critical reflective essay (1000 words) on your journey of discovery through themodule, set within the context of the learning outcomes. In particular, describe howthe course challenged your thinking, brought to you new and interesting ideas andconcepts, or, presented approaches to the topic with which you may have disagreed.

  • $2 USD/hr May 11, 2013

    pls see pmb

  • $105 USD May 8, 2013

    Research Paper on Cuban immigrants (Cuban Americans) and their experiences. Please include a broad history of Cuba since Fulgencio Batista. It needs to be 5-8 pages APA citation.

  • $120 USD Apr 23, 2013

    want scientific article ( Publishable in journal ) written on cloud computing adoptionNeed to describe challenges of Adoption, will send more information after the contractWant to start ASAP, ready to pay 120 $ for the right person. Pleaseshow your qualifaction and expereince writting this kind of journal before I make decision.

  • $85 USD Apr 18, 2013

    A recent assignment given to executive MBA students asked them to link strategic change with a significant innovation adopted by their organization. One student based his response on the introduction of self-scanner checkout terminals in a British supermarket. This student failed in his assignment.(a) Explain why you think he failed by discussing the differences between strategic and tactical/operational planning. Define the substantial differences between the levels of corporate planning (“business policy”) and illustrate this with examples of alternative time-scaling, management involvement, decision-making levels, significance of the changes and so on (60)(b) Also explain exactly what innovation is and what impact it might make on growth strategies. In this respect reference to the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter’s idea of major innovation sending “gales of creative destruction” through the economic systems should be discussed particularly with regard to long wave business cycle theory. Refer also to the short and medium range business cycles (e.g. the Kitching and Juglar) and their relevance in this context. (40)Report format using appropriate sub-headings with an introduction, summary conclusions and bibliography. Word Limit 2300 to 2500 words.Use business style report explaining how business cycles are linked to innovation and how business strategies are influenced.Evidence of extensive reading and research. Use of accepted citation systems such as Harvard.

  • [Sealed] Mar 29, 2013

    Apologies in Advance for the long details, been ripped of too many times so want to be very clear. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY. BID CRITERIAI am looking for high quality, easily readable articles. Do not Bid unless you are willing to research and write something UNIQUE and of HIGH Quality. No article spinners or outright plagarism. These people know who they are so don’t waste my time (or yours). These articles are to go on my travel related website are are designed to be articles that people actually read. (And not some piece of seo crap that doesn’t even make sense). If you bid on this project, you are confirming that you have the time to do this, not that you already have 10 other jobs to do first. Preference will be made to those residing in either a commonwealth country or the US or other native english speaking country. Your Bid will be in Singapore Dollars! Please use an online exchange rate converter to work out your bid so you are sure you bid the right amount. Don’t be an idiot and write “my bid is in USD” or something similar, Bid in in SGD only! THAT IS FINAL!. Excuses about being in hospital or sick relatives etc etc. are not tolerated, i wasn’t born yesterday. Just be straight with me. PAYMENTRead my feedback, i have a history of paying people on time without any issues. Payment will be upon receipt of the articles. Payment will be made AFTER every 5 articles. To many experiences where people simply dont finish the job because they’ve already been paid. ARTICLE GUIDELINESEach Article must be written in either MS Word, MS Powerpoint or Mac Pages.Each article must include a photo that is at least 600px in widthEach article must include at least 3 other small pictures relevant to the articleEach article must include the google map code for a map 600px x 200px (Type the location into google maps, click the button that looks like a link, then customize to the right size)Each article must include the embed code for a relevant you tube video with a maximum width of 600pxEach article must be grammatically correct. Each article must not repeat the same point more than once. Each article must be well constructed with a pragmatic approach with headings such as : Introduction to ...., Getting to ....., things to do in......, culture in......., The article needs to be informational, full of facts and to the point. no creative writing please.I’d estimate these would take about 1 hour research + 1 hours writing to be of good quality. If your good at this type of thing the time may be considerably less. ARTICLES ARE REQUIRED ON: 1-nicobar islands2-hat yai3-perhentian islands4-rawai island 5-cameron highlands6-medan7-jogyakarta8- kuching9-surabaya10-gili islands11-lombok12-christmas island13-krabi14-pulau ubin15-nikoi island16- tioman island17- hua hin18- visiting north korea19-Private islands in Asia20- Phuket NightlifeBEFORE YOU BIDTo ensure you’ve actually read the above project carefully. Please go to my website, go to the footer, click the facebook button. Then private message me the quote that is included in the cover photo of my facebook page. Only people who do this will be considered and if you are reading this, well done! most freelancers never get this far so dont be worried about all the low bids people put, there the type of people that spend all day bidding random numbers on random projects, they wouldnt have read this and their bid will be ignored.Worthwhile taking a look around my site to see the type of articles i have on there already.

  • $3 USD/hr Mar 22, 2013

    Need a writer for a long term project - Native writers will be preferred.I need a minimum of 20 unique articles per month @ $3 per article - 600 words each.Interested bidders should have a passion and knowledgeable in women issues as regards relationship, career, spirituality, fashion &amp; makeup. I need someone with good research and proof -reading skills.Articles must be 100% unique; must pass Copyscape and should be grammar free, readable and of good quality.

  • $250 USD Mar 17, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • €200 EUR Mar 16, 2013

    Hello,I graduated from a top Business School in France last June 2012 and I have to write my thesis to validate my MSc in Finance.Therefore my master thesis must be on a finance related subject. I already did 2/3 (although my English need to be corrected) and already started the last part. I now started a job in Investment banking in London so I do not have enought time to do my thesis properly. I would need someone for fool proof editing and help with the last part. The total length should be around 60pages.Almost every sentence in this work must be backed with news article, university papers, quotes etc.The writer should be native in English, studied Finance on a Master level and already have written good academic papers (with some proof).I would like to get the most interaction possible with the writer even if he asks me to help in order to be sure my thesis would have the academical excellence I am used to.I also require confidentiality from the writer (NDA)Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.Thank you very much,Marie

  • $10 USD/hr Mar 14, 2013

    We want you to write 500 words for us.We are looking for someone who is a professional creative academic writer. We are looking for someone who has experience on freelancerWe will pay you $10 dollars for this project.

  • $50 USD Feb 6, 2013

    Hi,I want help from writers to create a business plan for our product. We will provide some basic informations, but the writers has to come up with a really good description on the following.Who we areWhat we sellWho we sell toFinancial HighlightsCompany OverviewManagement TeamProducts and ServicesCompetitiorsMarket OverviewMarket NeedsMarketing plan

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