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[MASHA-ALLAH] Professional Academic Writer and Experienced Financial Analyst

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Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Member since: February 2012



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  • $250 USD
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    would hire again

    Project Description:This paper should be about Nike sweatshops in Indonesia, talk about forced labour, the relationship between employers and workers, living conditions, abusive behaviour, underpaid employees.
  • $100 USD
    Profile image for Seller tauhha


    2 days ago

    Work done very professionally and submitted before deadline. Very Cooperative, no matter changes made from us were last minuet. I am 110% satisfied with the work done and looking forward.

    Project Description:Summary Description: The assignment is about a book review, The name of the book is Making America 6th edition by Berlin, Miller, Cherny and Gormly.
  • $300 USD
    Profile image for Seller sheydaoskui


    2 days ago

    Would hire again!

    Project Description:I have attached the description in this post
  • £250 GBP
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    3 days ago

    "Professional" is the best word to describe Xazoo

    Project Description:N/A
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller cloverrose


    3 days ago

    Excellent work as usual. Delivered in a very short time span. Seven hours to be exact!!!!!! THANK YOU x 10

    Project Description:Can you write a 3 page academic paper health care related is a short time. Paper is APA. All resourced will be provided. No plagiarism. I am required to submit the paper through a special website to check for plagiarism...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller Calvinsmith11


    5 days ago

    Excellent work made something out of nothing. Got my first job offer in 3 days. Highly recommended

    Project Description:I'm looking for someone to help edit and create a structured and creative resume for me.My resume is not strong at the moment and i am looking to get into an entry level job with ideally a bank.This would be a 1 - 2 Page assignment as i am new to the job market without a long job history...
  • $600 USD
    Profile image for Seller Rita9009


    5 days ago

    Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Project Description:I have a auditing project need to be finished in 4 days including the weekends.Can you please help me?
  • £200 GBP
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    7 days ago

    Perfectly done

    Project Description:N/A
  • $260 USD
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    7 days ago

    great job.

    Project Description:i am an electrical engineer,i am applying for Ceng from IET (uk).i need to submit competence it possible for you to assist me in writing a competence report.
  • $520 USD
    Profile image for Seller DeepFyre


    8 days ago

    Great work as always. Recommened writer!

    Project Description:Please see at attachment
    Xazoo [Trust Builder] has not completed any projects.
  • $120 USD In Progress

    I need a 12 minute interview transcribed into a Word document. Audio files shall be sent upon acceptance of the project.

  • $350 USD In Progress

    Hi Freelancers,I need help writing a technical report. This reports will be presented along a web application I created. You must used this application in the report. Application link will be provided when project is awarded. With that in mind the report main topic is "The importance of test and student supervision in High Schools" you must due a research on the importance of test as well as on the importance of student supervision. This topic must lead or blend with the advantages of creating web applications. Again must do a search on the advantages of web applications.Basically you will write on the importance of test and student supervision in high school, leading that topic or blending the topic with the advantages of web applications as well as blending it with the application i created, that is an application about supervision and test. It is important that you do a good research on the topics, no plagiarism will be tolerated. Plagiarism will be checked on project delivery and after plagiarism is checked then i will released milestones. Thank you in advanced for your help!

  • $110 USD In Progress

    Using the University of Ghana as the example, write a 1,750 word paper on the social, political, and ethical aspects of higher education in Ghana, based on data from the institution. Discuss the institution’s values and mission. Address the following:•In what specific ways do politics, social values, culture, and ethics emerge in the programs and community endeavors of the institution? •How does the institution communicate the social, political, and ethical premises to the local community? Format APA v6Use a minimum of 3 scholarly sourcesNo payment for plagiarism.No Payment for poor quality work.25% reduced payment for each day late.Due within 5 days of award.

  • $160 AUD In Progress

    Write a 2500-3000 word professional report Please view attached documents for details before bidding .

  • $80 USD In Progress

    We need to create 100 facebook pages and groups in 2 days.Detail information, please download the attachment.

  • $123 AUD In Progress

    I am an undergraduate student and I am looking for someone to complete a 2000 (+ or - 10%) word critical literature review for a psychology course. The topic of the assignment is "does involvement in sport and physical activity in childhood produce positive psychosocial outcomes?".You will be required to write a critical review and demonstrate a detailed understanding of the chosen topic. You will also be required to integrate a variety of academic sources into the review.Some academic sources and references will be supplied.This assignment must adhere strictly to APA 6th edition format.

  • $103 USD In Progress

    In this short research paper, you will investigate a computer related topic of your choice: (How to improve performance by overclocking various PC components.) A minimum of two references is required for this paper. At least one article should be from a peer-reviewed journal. The paper should contain a conclusion which brings together what you have learned in writing it. Do comment on your sources and be critical if you think this is relevant. For example, if you obtain information from a manufacturer’s website be wary of what you read. Can you guarantee that the information is not just trying to sell you some product?Submission of Paper Submit your paper as a Word document.Your paper should have no spelling or grammatical mistakes, and the construction should be logical and easy to read. These are research papers, and should not contain colloquial or slang expressions. Provide a reference list at the end of the paper. Use a minimum of two outside references. Format and Length Your paper should be written using APA style. It should be no more than seven pages long, but no fewer than five pages long. The font size should be 12 point, with one-inch margins and double spacing.

  • $65 USD In Progress

    Reflection Paper should be two pages in length, typed, double-spacedThis is an argumentative or “thesis defense” paper, meaning that you should adopt a position regarding the argument that the philosopher makes in the reading on which you choose to write. This will require that you evaluate the author’s ideas and take a stand as to whether and why you agree or disagree with the author’s view(s)

  • $93 USD In Progress

    Communication research report, 1500 words. To be submitted in 1 week.

  • $53 USD In Progress

    700-900 words, about conflict resolutionplease match your answers with specific questions instead of writing an essayI will send the questions once accepted

  • [Sealed] Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $515 USD Today

    I need someone to help me organize my professional life and assist me in the various projects I am involved in. I need someone to keep me on point and focused. Managing my appointments and email is a portion but here are other things I am going to need assistance with:PowerPoint presentationsManaging emailScheduling and CalendarOnline ResearchClient servicesData entry

  • $1250 USD Today

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $750 USD Today

    I am putting together an authority site with listings of the top 150 individuals &/or brands in the Personal Development marketplace.One element in this project will be required is a "bio" about each person.Therefore I require you to find&research the websites owned by these individuals &/o brands, so that we can use their bio for each listing, along with what is most likely their best selling product"s "sales page", so that we can combine their "bio" with their product sales page and turn it into a description of that person/brand (with a maximum of 500 words)...The end result will be a spreadsheet that has a link to the person"s bio (or brand"s about us page), a link to their sales page, and a write up of a combination of these two things. along with URLs for where you found this information... and checking to whether they have an affiliate program... and their contact us page/info.For example:One of the individuals is named Carol Look.So a quick google search finds but that doesn"t have an about Carol page, so i clicked on a link that says: "Carol Look and Rick WIlkes" which took me to this page:, that page has an "About Carol" link... here: would then copy/paste the main part of her bio into an online word count tool, to be sure it"s not more than 500 words: is the text:EFT Master, Carol Look has been a pioneer and leading voice in the EFT community for 17 years. Before becoming an EFT Master, Carol was trained as a Clinical Social Worker and earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy.Carol is known for combining her distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy with energy medicine for unprecedented innovations in the application of EFT. Carol is recognized and respected around the globe as a premier success and abundance coach, inspiring people to attract abundance into their lives by using EFT and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build prosperity consciousness.A highly sought after international speaker and workshop leader, Carol authored the popular books, Attracting Abundance with EFT, Improve Your Eyesight with EFT, and the #1 bestselling Amazon Kindle book "Stop Feeling Lazy: How to Break the Procrastination Cycle Once and For All." While Carol"s signature work in the field has been focused on helping others attract success and abundance, she has also produced quality training products on topics such as clearing clutter, weight loss, trauma and pain relief.Known for her clarity, focus and direct teaching style, Carol is featured as a primary Energy Therapy expert in the field"s leading DVD documentaries about EFT: "The Tapping Solution" and "Operation: Emotional Freedom."I would then go to the products page find a product that looks popular and copy paste the description of the product along with the URL: & Abundance with EFT & The Law of Attraction – DVD SetSuccess & Abundance with EFT & the Law of Attraction DVD Set4 DVD Set of Attracting AbundanceTap along with this workshop gathering as if you attended the workshop and clear your limiting beliefs and blocks to success and abundance in all areas of your life.Clear Limiting Beliefs keeping you from your goalsOpen up to the Law of AttractionTap with directed wordingFollow along as Carol guides you to build your prosperity consciousnessAnd more…I would then find out if they have an affiliate program by searching for "Affiliate Program" and a contact page: Last of all, compile all of this into a spreadsheet (google doc)

  • $515 AUD Today

    I am starting a cleaning company so will need somebody to draft a contract for sub-contractors. Please contact me if you are interested and have experience in writing up these kinds of contracts.If there"s mutual fit, then this could turn into a long term project to help us as our needs come up.

  • $25 AUD/hr Today

    I need a contract amended. I have all details just looking for someone to make the required amendments

  • $154 USD Today

    I have 4 Article rewrites containing 2676 words and 15,938 charsTitles are:How to make a ecig battery last longer.What is E-liquid or E-Juice?What are e-cig mods?Electronic Cigarette Types.Will provide text to winner

  • $310 USD Today

    I need a detailed ebook written on trading in the OTC Market, specifically stocks trading under $.01.

  • $750 AUD Today

    Require Australian Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety to be completed. I have already complete some of the assignments but need what remains completed.I have attached all of what is required. If you are interested inform me and you can set a price and we will negotiate once you have read through the material first.I need this done as soon as possible.Thanks!

  • $1750 HKD Today

    Assignments for marketing planning and marketing principles

  • $2000 USD Today

    Need good writer/reviewer for a webbusiness

  • $515 USD Today

    Need someone to write comprehensive book about 3 kids stolen away at ages 2,3 & 5. 13 Year custody battle in which my kids were never to see me again. 2 Times to Supreme court this story needs to be documented and told. . I kept journal and all records and have plenty of things that need to explained.

  • $73 USD Today

    Weekly Writing #2Find an article or editorial in a recent newspaper about a controversial issue. Type a clear, one-paged, double-spaced response in which you explain the rhetorical context of the argument and examine its logical coherence.

  • £515 GBP Today

    edit a comedy drama of five 27 minutes episodes

  • $144 USD Yesterday

    three books need 2 separate position papers written on them

  • $240 AUD Yesterday

    Hi guysThis is my assignment of masters. Global information systems..any one who can complete the assignment can contact me.

  • $515 AUD Yesterday

    I need someone who can write a business plan for a new venture in Australia. The right person will have excellent communication skills and experience in writing great business plans. The Business in the Agriculture , Environmental and Sustainability sectors creating a number of different products for different industries. The plan needs to be well presented and in a fashion would attract investment. If you have the skills please let me know.

  • $320 USD Yesterday

    You are required to write a report based on the IBM case study. For this report, you are to critically evaluate IBM’s innovation strategy, processes, infrastructure and organisational structure.

  • $720 USD Yesterday

    I"m am consultant in the area of strategy and organization. I"m looking for a qualified writer in the area of strategy and organization to summarize the attached article into bulleted document in order to make from it a pro presentation (there is current template). The proposal can be divided into - content and presentation separately but will give better consideration to full solution. The copy write for the presentation and the content will be mine!The presentation should be include dynamic slide. picture should be licensed free. Everything leggit!!!Should include diagrams and can play with the template itself if u think it will be better to change.Chapter of the presentation must include, but not only the followingDefinitionthe need for strategy implementationstages of the process and content for each stagecauses for successful strategy implementation divided into:Type of industry/eco-systemtype of strategyinternal factorspersonal factorshow to - implement strategy - the most important part of this project!!!3 models should be describe in details and graphic wayshiggins 2005Qi 2005Barnes, Mena and Molina 2007 all the above mentioned in page 31 The attached article1. The article attached is literature review - but is u think u need to read more - take into account in the proposal2.rom page 34 it is not relevant to the content3. And most important - i don"t need a literature review, I need a consultant company level about strategy implementation based on the title I provided above. I won"t accept summary of this article this is not what i"m looking for.

  • $1200 AUD Yesterday

    I"m looking for someone to assist in creating an explainer video. This would include everything from copy writing, voice over and animation. An example of the expected outcome would be nothing to dissimilar to:

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HR Specialists

Apr 2012 - Present (2 years)

Team Xazoo

- Irresistible Resumes<br /><br />- Eye-Catching U-attitude Cover letters<br /><br />- Interview Techniques<br /><br />- Interpersonal Skills Development

Professional Writers

Dec 2011 - Present (2 years)

Team Xazoo

- Academic Writing<br /><br />- Content Writing<br /><br />- Dissertation Support

Financial Analysts

Jan 2006 - Present (8 years)

Team Xazoo

- Bookkeeping and Financial Statements<br /><br />- Strategies Designing and Implementation<br /><br />- Financial Analysis<br /><br />- Business Plans


Masters in Economics & Finance

Karachi University


Bachelor of Commerce

Karachi University



Microsoft Certified Ms-Office Specialist


Chartered Accountancy

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

Leading Accounting and Finance Qualification of International Standard<br />

ACCA (Affiliate)

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is internationally acclaimed and recognized certification conferred by ACCA UK.


Tax Memorandum 2013

Daudally, Lalani & Co. Chartered Accountants

Active Contributor in collecting, analyzing and presenting recent adaptations in the tax laws applicable in Pakistan. The Tax memorandum is available at