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Dhaval Patel

Embedded Design Consultant

Username: xtintt

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Location: Ahmedabad, India

Member since: February 2012



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  • $- USD
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    newmodel [ Incomplete Report ]

    Aug 25, 2012

    Xtint Technologies (the worker) agreed/admitted that they did not complete the project-- they used 3rd party code without the employer's permission. All funds in escrow were returned to newmodel (the employer).

    xtintt's reply:

    Never obliging on use of 3rd party code.Failed to provide hardware resource to do his job.Not paid even single $1 to us..Never work under this employer "newmodel"

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $180.2 USD
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    Jul 30, 2012

    Rating: 4.5/5.0

    xtintt's reply:

    Very clear JD and Would like to work for him in future.

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
  • $1.82 USD
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    Jul 23, 2012

    Fail to fix opencart extension, many times he give me the files and he fail to fix it. Still not working.<br/>

    xtintt's reply:

    Didn&quot;t paid single $. Want to do more work.

    Project Description:[Project Description hidden]
    Dhaval Patel has not completed any projects.
  • $555 USD In Progress

    I need a software developed what would allow me to control the permissions on a USB Thumb Drive. An example of what is needed is that i want to put music on thumb drive but have it read only. User is able to play songs via computer or car stereo but not able to delete or edit or overwrite. Password lock on USB...if too many attempts are made...USB will be wiped of all information.

  • ₹38888 INR Feb 14, 2014

    specifications : 1 . Input voltage 0-120 V 2 . Input current 0-100 amps3 . Output : wattage , voltage , current, to be displayed on LCD and Total consumption in KW/h to be stored in EEPROM and also to be displayed on LCD 5. Components Used : 16 x 2 LCD ( 4bit mode ) , voltage divider circuit using resistor network , current sensor for measuring use WCS1600, Micro controller to be used is PIC16F628A.terms and conditions : 1. code should be written on our system using team viewer 2. display of hardware will be made available to you by means of Webcamonce BID is awarded we will be providing you the schematic of the circuit to your e-mail.

  • $22 USD/hr Jan 31, 2014

    simulation of 8 bit microcontroller using verilog

  • $555 CAD Jan 17, 2014

    The PIC32MX150F128D communicates with a 8051 Microcontroller via UART port. This is implemented and working already. What is needed is a function that will allow PIC to write new firmware onto the 8051 using only Rx and Tx lines. Firmware will be saved on external Flash accessible through SPI.

  • $22 USD/hr Aug 14, 2013

    Need Expert MicroChip firmware developer/consultant for a wireless MIWI Pro Stack You MUST already have proven MIWI PRO stack experience to offer. The following hardware will be used:PAN Coordinator: 1 x AC182015-2End Devices: 3 x DM182016-2Coordinator: 1 x DM182016-2I will require you act as a consultant during the firmware development where I can make contact with you over skype / email (etc)I cannot predict the duration of this project, but certainly more than a couple of weeks work would be required!!Thanks

  • $2222 USD Jun 27, 2013

    [Project]GSM/GPRS Tracker with sensors for Low Power Application. Module will be dormant most of the time, wake up periodically to check for an incoming SMS, and if an incoming SMS is there, answer with the location of the tracker. [Components]- GSM/GPRS + GPS (SIMCO908)- Compass (AK8975)- Accel (LIS331DLH)- Battery Level Monitor (LTC2942-1)- Microcontroller TBD- GSM/GPRS + GPS Antenna TBD[Requirements] Please see attached block diagrams.[Taks + Milestones]1- Discussion on Components and FW functionality. Draw by hand HW block diagram. Schematic Capture. Board Layout. (MILESTONE1 $ TBD)2- Spin Two Boards, Debug (MILESTONE2 $ TBD)3- Code FW discussed in basic FW block diagram in (1). (MILESTONE3 $ TBD)[Deliverables]- Schematic Capture- Board Layout- Source Code for FW- PCB (physical board, HW)[How to Bid]Place a total bid and indicate three milestone payments as indicated above.

  • ₹5500 INR Mar 18, 2013

    I need an a device which can help me switch ON/OFF my circuit by sending an sms. The purpose is to control the input and output of a PIC 12F675 IC. I need to get an application (or any other way for the same). It should be capable of switching ON the current to PIC 12F675 to activate the circuit and then with the next sms/call, should be able to stop it.(Please note that the voltage supplied to PIC12F675 will be 5V,and anything if added, as hardware should work on same voltage. Also, since the same would be present inside a shell it should have parameters close to length-44 mm, breadth-12mm and width-5mm). In case you need to better understand, the circuit should take place of an RFID remote control and receiver circuit, as we need to replace the same, with chic mobiles, which can do the job using sms technology. For further discussions, you can get in touch on skype. ID- sundeep_ballare. Cost of project should not exceed $100 and should be delivered in 3-4 days.

  • £500 GBP Mar 9, 2013

    i have a schematics for PIC32MX460F512L in which a camera is attached at one port and a wifi device is attached on the other port. the camera will take grey scale photos and send it to the external memory location which is also attached to a port in the schematics. after taking photos for a minute and saving them in the external memory, the microcontroller will output the data through the wifi device. i need a Proteus simulation (if PIC32 module is in Proteus) or simulation on any other software that can simulate like Proteus and a C Program code that will work on the Proteus simulation so that confirming that the code is right for the schematics and working.i need the job done in not more that 2 days.

  • £2300 GBP Feb 19, 2013

    This project is for someone with Microchip micro controller skills. It&quot;s a redesign of something we already have but using exclusively microchip components and implementing a minimum component system.The device should use a Microchip WiFi device ( not the newly acquired roving networks component) and the Microchip TCP stack to connect to a specified router and POST data to a web server. The data is acquired via monitoring several input pins and logging their status over time. On connection to to the router the data gathered is sent via a POST command. The unit will be vehicle mounted so the device must constantly look for the router being in range whilst monitoring the inputs. On successful POST the device should sleep then and detach from the router for a pre determined time. More details will be supplied to bidders to clarify the project.

  • $600 USD Feb 15, 2013

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $650 USD Jan 20, 2013

    This project is in continuation of previous projects. I need A,B,C as mentioned below within next seven days!A- I want complete my thesis: with following chapters... I already have some work I will provide to the selected candidate.1- Problem description and analysis 2- Proposed solution3- Design and implementation4- Results5- Discussion of Results6- Conclusion and Future WorkB- Simulation of the work on MATLABC- PresentationPrevious work would be provided to selected freelancer.

  • $600 SGD Jan 20, 2013

    Project Brief:Multiple-antenna techniques constitute a key technology for modern wireless communications, which trade-off superior error performance and higher data rates for increased system complexity and cost. Spatial Modulation (SM) has been recently proposed as a new modulation concept for MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) systems, which aims at reducing the complexity and cost of multiple-antenna schemes. The basic idea of SM is to map a block of information bit into two information carrying units; (1) S symbol that is chosen from a complex signal-constellation diagram (e.g., QPSK constellation), and (2) A unique transmit-antenna index that is chosen from the set of transmit-antenna in the antenna-array.This project will focus on building the simulation program using MATLAB to study the performance of SM under different channel fading conditions, number of transmit-antennas, and power allocation methods.Deliverables:-Programmer must be proficient in MATLAB.-Read up the Research paper – As attached “Spatial Modulation”-Programmer must deliver the following outputs:-Symbol Error Ratio: 16QAM 4 x 4 Spaital Modulation (Both Simulated and Analytical) Transmitted bits 6 bits/Hz-Symbol Error Ratio: 16QAM 4 x 3 Spaital Modulation (Both Simulated and Analytical)Transmitted bits 6 bits/Hz-Symbol Error Ratio: 32QAM 2 x 4 Spaital Modulation (Both Simulated and Analytical)Transmitted bits 6 bits/HzAll simulation must be done using MATLAB as per the research paper. For each simulation, write down the comments for each step of the simulation, to provide easy understanding.

  • $250 USD Jan 4, 2013

    We need someone who can help us in web to mobile SIM communication and then mobile SIM to microcontroller communication. It should be bi-directional communication. We need to operate microcontroller from web. We need the latest technology for it. If you have any questions then ask by private messages. Thanks.

  • $850 USD Dec 23, 2012

    I need a software that would decode a magetic card .wav or .bin audio files into numbers and characters and display the result in a human readable format. The required data is embeded in the audio files and need to be extracted. The files also contain lots of noise and gaps.some files maybe interrupt swipping,sw must combine data and give me real data . i know some people use some sw for clear noise and repair file before decoding witw goldwave , audacity and etc......Looking for an ALREADY WORKING software basically capable of:1) Decoding magnetic stripe binary data (5-bit, 7-bit-8bit) recorded in waveform (PCM uncompressed)2) Supporting interrupted swipe recordings, in other words, WAV recordings with gaps/silenceIf you have experience in Aiken Biphase/F2F decoding algorithms and have a working solution, sample WAV files will be provided.1) Decoding magnetic stripe binary data recorded in audio format file .2) Supporting interrupted swipe recordings, in other words, audio recordings with gaps/silenceI need a software that would decode a magetic card .wav or .bin audio files into numbers and characters and display the result in a human readable format. The required data is embeded in the audio files and need to be extracted. The files also contain lots of noise and gaps. Windows is my first choiceonly professional guys.payment :when project finish we will check together and i will release payment.who have this project sw it will be my first chousingsend me your contack detail

  • $1000 USD Oct 19, 2012

    We need to determine the Carrier Frequency Offset in OFDM systems for singlepath and multipath systems and implement it using Matlab/Simulation. I also need a detailed report of about 40 pages discussing the results of simulation

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Jan 2012 - Present (2 years)

Xtint Technologies Private Limited

Creative Software/Hardware/Firmware Engineer with broad-based experience, including<br />extensive experience in <br /><br />embedded microcontroller-based system software<br />architecture/design, <br />team/technical leadership,<br /> multitasking embedded real-time systems,<br />device drivers, <br />communication protocols, <br />medical devices,<br /> multi-axis robotic systems,<br />electro-optic systems, <br />control systems,<br /> safety systems, <br />automated test and measurement systems,<br /> client/server systems,<br /> advanced web site development,<br /> on

Jr. Developer

Jun 2009 - Jan 2012 (2 years)

Xtint Technology

Have numerous experience in field of Software development and web based application.<br /><br />C C++ ARM<br />Assembly TI DSP Assembly<br />HTML Perl PHP<br />bash MySQL OracleSQL<br />RAC Oracle-10g AtmelStudio6<br />CodeComposerStudio GCC Embedded<br />Workbench C++ Builder Visual Studio<br />AVR Studio MATLAB Git<br />Visual Basic Linux HP-UX<br />AIX RTOS Windows<br />MSP430 PIC16FXXX TI<br />TMS320C203 DSP ATmega


Bachelor of Engineering

Gujarat University



Xtint Technology

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