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Excel Formulas and VBA Programming

Username: zExcel

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Location: San Diego, United States

Member since: June 2013



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  • $205 USD
    Profile image for Seller CorneliusWigmore


    8 days ago

    Good job and responsive to requirements. Would hire again.

    Project Description:[This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]
  • $82.5 USD
    Profile image for Seller jlipsey


    13 days ago

    Amazing Job! Did exactly what I was looking for, will definitely work with zExcel on future financial analysis projects.<br/>

    Project Description:I would like a qualified prospect to develop a mathematical spreadsheet inside of excel. It shouldn&#039;t be too difficult for an individual with a decent level of excel and mathematical skills. I will provide...
  • $95 USD
    Profile image for Seller TruMark


    16 days ago

    The programming was well above my expectations again and done in an extremely quick time frame, I will definitely be using Jon for all my Excel projects.

    Project Description:Program the output from POS software to match the input requirements from the online catalogue for ordering.
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller TruMark


    17 days ago

    The work was well above expectations, I would definitely hire him again.

    Project Description:I require an Excel spreadsheet programmed so that I can open the template and scan in barcodes, The template must enter each item barcode in column a exactly as the barcode reader sends it (number format...
  • $165 USD
    Profile image for Seller ABIConsulting


    20 days ago

    Blown away at Jon's response time, availability, accuracy, and communication. The turnaround was only held up by me, and still arrived in under 35 hours!

    Project Description:I need a macro created that will bring in an address list from a PDF into an Excel spreadsheet and saved to a CSV. The data will be reordered into correct rows and columns. The columns need to be called by column header (not by column number) and each successive address should go on successive rows...
  • $50 USD
    Profile image for Seller waynegrays

    waynegrays [ Incomplete Report ]

    27 days ago

    After failing to understand complicated but not impossible graphs i eventually gave up and did the 40 graphs myself, then after a further requests to release funds and new instructions for graph scaling were left and no work done i have given up, overpriced and very little action, lots of pretending to not understand and delay tactics to claim hours spent

    zExcel's reply:

    This client takes ages to respond delaying the work for days at a time and then after taking the solution and claim they could have done the work themselves. He also failed to explain the requirement properly and agreed to pay for the time it takes to clarify all issues, which did not happen. After spending some 5 hours on the job I offered to complete the job pending on making a interim good will milestone payment

    Project Description:HI i have a set of graphs that i need replicated on different sheets for specific groups. So each sheet with graphs will have a few members and i will need the graphs replicated for each group and every member of the group...
  • $298 NZD
    Profile image for Seller bdrumz


    Mar 13, 2014

    Thanks Jon for making my vision a reality. I'm totally blown away with your skill in VBA Macro programming in the background of Excel. Thank you for your efficiency and excellent communication.

    Project Description:I am a secondary school teacher. Using a Barcode scanner, I would like to be able to take the attendance of large groups with their ID cards. I found an amazing spreadsheet that was freely shared on It was created by hiker95 and here is the link to it...
  • $200 USD
    Profile image for Seller alorance77


    Mar 13, 2014

    ATTENTION ALL EMPLOYERS - HIRE THIS GUY!!!!!!!! Jon accomplished every one of my 'pie in the sky' requests with ease. I have yet to find someone with such skills in VBA. Jon is THE man!!

    Project Description:CONTINUATION OF EXISTING PROJECT ------- this is the final phase of the COP project. Attached is a sample of what I&#039;m looking for. This doc will reside in the root folder and pull data from each COP Log...
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller universe02


    Mar 6, 2014

    Great work! Will use you again for future Excel Macros!!!

    Project Description:Hello, I need a Macro created that will compare Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 in excel and show the difference for our products inventory, location, products added etc. Thanks
  • $40 USD
    Profile image for Seller dynamiteboy


    Mar 2, 2014

    Very good freelance it to correct my problem with Excel in 12 minutes, I recommend.

    Project Description:Hi I need an expert in Excel that can make me a pie chart automated, the color of my table columns must match the color of the pie, very urgent project 1h max.Example joint
    zExcel has not completed any projects.
  • £55 GBP In Progress

    I need the VBA codes that do the following:Cut a range of cells (J1 to AM2) from a file called &quot;FreshFilter.xlsx&quot;Paste the data to the same range of cells (J1 to AM2) on the worksheet that I am currently working on.So the source of the data is fixed (same file path each time)The destination is whatever worksheet I am currently working on (I want the macro activated from here)So to recap:Source: FreshFilter.xlsxCells J1 to AM2Destination:Whatever I am working onCells J1 to AM2

  • $235 USD In Progress

    I am looking at building a template for an Excel database. The structure to include tabs for Input, History, Database, Configuration. The Configuration sheet will have cells that will populate the Input sheet. The Input sheet will have cells that will be populated manually with a VBA button to upload inputted information to the Database Sheet. The history sheet will have same cells as the input sheet but will have the ability to have a drop down box that will allow selection of dates, once a date is selected it will populate the cells on the page to show past history from database uploads. The goal of this is to create a workbook that will allow input from a project, a way to store in a database and way to recall the history of previous dates from the database

  • $50 USD In Progress

    Deliver the spreadsheet unlocked and compatible with both pc and mac.

  • $27 USD/hr In Progress

    Analyze voter registration and voter history records - which I will provide you - for Knox County, Tennessee and extract some desired information, such as how many 18 year-olds were registered to vote in some specific elections and how many actually voted in those elections. If you are skilled in Microsoft Access, this should be simple.

  • $40 USD In Progress

    Hello,I need a macro created to work a certain way with my excel spreadsheet which i can send you. Basically i just want it where if i paste in 100-1000+ links it will edit those links into how i want it, for example it will:- delete any blank cells- delete the &quot;http://www.&quot; in the beginning or the URLs that have it- delete the &quot;/&quot; at the end of any URL that has it- it will then paste into the proper column into where my spreadsheet converts it further as its setup to do currently.Must be in Excel 2013.Thanks

  • €18 EUR/hr In Progress

    Västergård Outdoors arranges cycle tours in Turku Archipelago. Data, name and number of participants, accommodation etc for each tour is on one line in a excel table. By pointing to one line on the first sheet the next sheet should contain the invoice and the following their vouchers for that particular customer which can be printed.

  • [Sealed] In Progress

    [This is a Private Project. You must be logged in to view the Project Description]

  • $98 CAD In Progress

    Combine my budget and pricing spread sheets. create an invoicing sheet. and clean up formulas and appearance....

  • $111 USD In Progress

    I&quot;m looking for a template that can link stock item list which is made from units , price , qty etc and have a separate job costing template which will have empty rows which are linked to the stock item list , we can type the first few letters and a drop list will appear until we choose the item which will automatically fill the other data etc.

  • $166 USD In Progress

    I am in need an EXPERT in Microsoft excel to build a template for me.A manageable and professional looking stock/shipment tracking list where we can track every products easily and put every stocks and shipments easily that will have every products total.

  • $161 USD Today

    I need to have a Word or Excel document created that includes free form boxes for Name, Address, Age, Sex, etc. as a cover page. This would be a freeform area that is completed by the end user. There may be some areas with short drop down areas also in this section. In addition, I need boxes created to input picture files (.jpg. or bmp.) and then underneath each of the pictures at least two boxes with drop down menus. The layout has to be so you can have two pictures across, with the drop-down menus underneath, and at least two boxes under each of the pictures. I&quot;d like to have a total of four (4) pictures per page. Once the first page is completed, it can be duplicated for the additional pages, for a total of three pages. The last page will have areas with drop down menus again, probably somewhere in the area of ten (1) total. The fields for the drop-down menus need to be set up so an end-user can add in the information in some cases, rather than having static items. NOTE; THIS CAN NOT BE DONE IN A DATABASE; AS THE COMPUTER WILL NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET AND I WANT ONLY TO INCLUDE MICROSOFT WORD ON THE COMPUTER, RATHER THAN THE WHOLE OFFICE SUITE.

  • $94 AUD Today

    Adapted existing excel from another costing spreadsheet.All existing formulas don&quot;t work anymore. All details have imputed and set up, need someone to put the formulas in so each section adds up at the right place.

  • $100 USD Today

    I have an small existing Excel based program that was created entirely within Excel VBA. It accepts system time/date input upon pressing a “start” button and again for a “stop” button and then calculates the interval period and records it along with other data into an Access database file. Occasionally the system time freezes within the program for some reason and while the start time is always accurate, the stop time will always be the same as the start time and the elapsed time will show zero minutes because of the freeze. There is no consistency to the problem and I cannot reproduce the failure upon demand.I have, however, discovered a work-around that I would like to incorporate into the program to effectively fix this bug. The existing “stop” button stops and records the elapsed time and proceeds to a different page to allow additional input. Upon an instance when the time freezes, if I hit “stop”, go to that page, but then hit “back” the system time immediately adjusts itself and unfreezes. I can then immediately hit the “stop” button again and now my final entries will all be with the correct times.This seems to work even if I make this stop-back-stop sequence very quickly. I want someone to change the function of the “stop” button to incorporate this sequence into its function, if possible. The new “stop” button would function as it does now, except that within ½ second or so it would go “back” and within another ½ second or so return to the “stop” page to wait for the additional input as normal.Another consideration is that the existing code is password protected and the original programmer has forgotten what the password is. The included copyright material and license agreement clearly shows ownership in my name. It would be nice if the password were removed, but not absolutely necessary.

  • $250 USD Today

    $410 USD BID WILL BE ACCEPTED WITH 80% MILESTONE PAYMENT.Payroll project is MS Excel base software.project is very simple to use. If you feel, you need some amendment in this project. Without any hesitation contact me and I will provided you to the best service, but within the week. after accepted your bid, i will send you original payroll project file.

  • $50 USD Yesterday

    Need to extract all rows that contain city names from a database ::: CarlsbadChula VistaCoronadoDel MarEl CajonEncinitas EscondidoImperial BeachLa MesaLa JollaLemon GroveNational CityOceansidePowaySan DiegoSan MarcosSanteeSolana BeachVistaand put into separate file !!!

  • $177 USD 2 days ago

    Hi freelancers,I need help with this assignment. The details are attached.Regards,James

  • $150 USD 2 days ago

    I have data i excel and want to write a program from which i will be able to get the data the way wanted.I want specific sets such as the Min value Max vlaue to start with and Write a program that will automate and get the data in the way i wanted.Please email for more details I am looking for some one who has experience in developing applications

  • £183 GBP 2 days ago

    I need to compare data from 2 excel worksheets and output results in the 3rd excel worksheet. Originally, the source file will have 2 worksheets that contain datasets, structured as follows:worksheet A (there will be a different name for worksheet A and B, your code should grab it and use it in report). each row is a set of one Source String and several Parameter Strings for this source string. first column will contain an alphanumeric source string in the first column and other columns will contain parameters for this source string, also alphanumeric strings. All strings will have 9 characters. YOU have to remove last character from the right when you do the comparison (for example, it will be &quot;167593FY3&quot; - but you will only be grabbing &quot;167593FY&quot; portion for comparison). If any source string in worksheet A has less than 9 char in length or contains special characters - entry is invalid and should be skipped and move to the next row. If a Parameter string has less than 9 char in length or contains special characters - it is simply disregarded. This is a structure for the worksheet A. SourceString1, ParameterString1, ParameterString2, ParameterString3 (etc) SourceString2, ParameterString1, ParameterString2, ParameterString3- i do not know how many parameters will be there for each individual source string or how many rows there will be. For missing parameter NULL will be explicitly listed. Some SourceStrings will have 2 or 3 parameter strings, some - up to 10. Worksheet B will be nearly identical to worksheet A with the following differences:1. All strings, source and parameter, will have 8 characters.2. The Parameter Strings might be different or, even if they are the same - they might be listed in the different order than in worksheet A.3. There can be a lot more than 10 parameters in Worksheet A for each Source String. The order of Source Strings (row sequence) should be the same in both worksheets, however I would like to have a validation (if worksheet A row 1 has Source String that is different from worksheet B, row 1 - your code should find the right row in Worksheet B with identical source string and perform proper comparison, if it doesnt - it should log it in the &quot;results&quot; worksheet). I am attaching sample excel file with couple of rows in each. This is what I need done:1. For each row in Worksheet A - grab the string from the first column (Source String). 2. Remove last character from the right. 3. Grab all the parameter strings from the same row, remove last char. from the right and place those strings into an array or hash table.4. Find the matching source string in the Worksheet B. 5. From that row grab all the parameter strings and place them into array or hash table. 6. Compare two arrays. 7. Report results as following (it should go into the same row number that the original Source String was taken from in Worksheet A: a) log: &quot;Source String (&quot;string value&quot;) from Worksheet A was not found found in worksheet B.&quot; if Source String was found in both worksheets the following items need to be reported in the following format:Create a new spreadsheet called &quot;Results&quot;. Following columns: 1. Source String 2. Total comps found in Worksheet A. 3. Total comps found in Worksheet B. Comps from Worksheet A not found in Worksheet B. Params in Worksheet B not found in Worksheet A. Columns 2 and 3 should have numbers, Column 3 should have a list of comma-delimited parameter strings that were found in worksheet A and not found in the Worksheet B for the given Source String. Column 4 should have a list of comma-delimited parameter strings, found in worksheet B and not found in Worksheet A. Save file with the name &quot;Van_Min_Comp_&quot; and current system date/time. I am attaching the excel sample file, the results worksheet is filled by random numbers/strings that dont reflect actual comparison values in corresponding worksheets its example only.

  • $155 USD 2 days ago

    analyzing problem solving like deductions and payroll, creating reports and etc.

  • $166 USD 2 days ago

    URGENT PROJECT - MUST BE COMPLETED ASAP (1 MAX)I need the pdf file of an existing TD Bank statement to be converted into a WORKING TEMPLATE where ALL of the data in the tables can be changed, removed or added while keeping the same format.Hence, I need to keep the identical Graphics, Format and Template of this statement; however, I want to be able to change the figures and data.I will provide the statement for reference upon assignment or provide upon request if needed for bid.The file should be created using a software that I can edit (for example, MS Word or MS Excel etc...)Please provide details on which software you will use to create the TEMPLATE.Preference will definitely be given to designers that can provide a quick MOCK-UP design which I can test in MS Word, Excel or other program.Thank you for your interest and I look forward to working with the winning bidder immediately

  • $15 USD/hr 2 days ago

    Hello,I have 4 files with lots of data that need to be converted from text (textedit) to EXCEL in an organized manner. The data must all be there in neat columns sortable for 3000 lines. Needed as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • $277 USD 3 days ago

    Hi! We need a long term freelancer that can handle our catalogues. We have PDF files from our manufacturers that contains information regarding their products and we need to extract that information and input it an Excel document. We will provide you with the Excel document and structure.The job is very straight forward. More information will be provided after we award the project to you. Kind regards Christian

  • $55 USD 3 days ago

    Part 1The Items Sold Template has three datasets. The first is the Sales Data; this has several years of data and shows, by invoice number, what was purchased and the quantity shipped. Item Code is the field which lists the part numbers. The second table is Bill To information: by invoice number, who was the customer which purchased the items. Finally, Parts Data lists, by part number, the manufacturer and spray category or application of the part.The initial model should include a drop down box for the Primary part number; invoice numbers of the transaction when the part was purchased; customer name and whether they are repeat customers for this part; a list of parts purchased on the invoice except the one in the drop down box. A PDF is provided for guidance, with two caveats’: First, you can make whatever model fulfills the requirements; two, this is not necessary comprehensive either vertically or horizontally, but the print area was formatted to fit something on one page.Hint: on the Sales Data worksheet, generate a list of the Part Numbers sold, and the number of transactions they were part of. Then, develop a similar list of Invoice Numbers. This will give you an idea as the scope of the issue, both in terms of the maximum number of times a part was purchased, and the maximum number of parts that was purchased at one time.Part 2Design a table that will list all parts sold with the Primary part, the number of time sold, and number of times sold with a repeat customer as well as unique order. Also include the manufacturer and manufacturing category.Hint: Link into the analysis in Part 1 and create two fields: one for the list of parts sold with the primary, and another indicating whether it was a repeat order or not. Create a unique list of parts, and perform the rest of the analysis.Attached PDF Files contain outputs of what I am desiring the models to match. Raw data can be found in Items Sold Template Excel File. Please place models on new sheet in original raw data file.

  • £555 GBP 3 days ago

    We are looking for US/UK Freelancers who can assist in the operation of our international product sourcing business.Person should be self motivated, disciplined, executive, accurate, honest. Age and sex doesn&quot;t matter. This is an established venture offering an interesting and profitable project.STRICT REQUIREMENTS:Freelancer MUST be a resident of one of the following countries: USA, UKTech Skills required (nothing special): Using web browser, email, word/excel is enough.Freelancer MUST be reliable & trustworthyFreelancer MUST own or have access to a computer and printerAbility to communicate via email DAILY, Freelancers will be required to sign a written contract outlining their responsibilities, the conditions of the arrangement and the negotiated rate and terms of pay.You will not need to sell anything or invest even a cent! For more details please send PM

  • $277 USD 3 days ago

    Hi! We need a long term freelancer that can handle our catalogues. We have PDF files from our manufacturers that contains information regarding their products and we need to extract that information and input it an Excel document. We will provide you with the Excel document and structure.The job is very straight forward. More information will be provided after we award the project to you. Kind regards Christian

  • $15 USD/hr 3 days ago

    I have started a file and can send an example. I need All Dog Breeds, their size and some other categories...Also, Cats, Birds and horses. To begin, I need Dog information:BreedsSize (small, medium, large and GIANT)Fastest, smartest, most athletic, hypoallergenic, family dogs, guard dogs, watch dogs, dogs for the blind... ALL kinds of categories and info for the dogs.I can explain when we talk..but I my family has taken over a pet business and my whole system crashed and I am starting from scratch with the information we need for our computers and pricing, etc.

  • $777 USD 4 days ago

    I need to build a quotation tool. This is for a express air shipping serviceI currently have destination, shipping rate, discounts, profit margin, competitor rates all on hard copy sheets.What I want to accomplish is to automate and generate a quote while the client is in front of me.The Excel quotation program should be able to allow me to to the following:*Select Origination / Destination (Country) - ZonePackage weight / Dimensions + Zone to determine shipping rateMy Wholesale CostRetail shipping rate chartAnd some way of adding discounts % while keeping a watch on my profit margins.Adding competitors rate and have application show how much of a savings client is getting with the ability to do a weekly, monthly, yearly savings calculationsGenerate final quote to PDF

  • $100 USD 4 days ago

    I have a Excel 2013 workbook that has several sheets.I need to have the data that gets entered on 1 page transfer to another page that I use to print receipts. The reciept template has to be able to print 50+ pages with one click of a print button. Data then is transferred to a master sheet that is like a report that I want saved as pdf and emailed on a daily basis. I have outlook and a server if needed for emailing. Don&quot;t bid if you are not able to start this today. can explain more once hired over chat on team viewer.

  • $40 USD 4 days ago

    I&quot;m a student taking a computer class. I have an assignment do and I&quot;m lazy, theres 23 steps and I&quot;ve already started 6 of them. Busy day need the work done. Fairly easy stuff I just don&quot;t have the time. Due by 11:55pm. The assignment is for microsoft excel and you have to follow the instructions that are listed. An example of one of the steps is: Without grouping the sheets, make the following calculation in both worksheets:• In cell B10, enter a COUNTIF function to determine how many different types of Tulips are in stock on the Bulbs sheet and how many different types of Evergreens are in stock on the Trees worksheet.Hint: On the Bulbs sheet, click cell B10. Type =COUNTIF(F15:F42,&quot;Tulips&quot;) and press ENTER.2nd example: In the Bulbs sheet, format the range A14:G42 as a table with headers and apply Table Style Light 20. Insert a Total Row, filter by Category for Tulips, and then Sum the Quantity in Stock column. Record the result in cell B11.Hint: Select the range. On the INSERT tab, in the Tables group, click Table. To apply the style, on the DESIGN tab, in the Table Styles group, click More. To insert the Total row, on the DESIGN tab, in the Table Style Options group, click the Total Row check box. To filter the table, click the Category arrow, and select only Tulips.3rd example: In the Trees sheet, format the range A14:G42 as a table with headers and apply Table Style Light 19. Insert a Total Row, filter by Category for Evergreens, and then Sum the Quantity in Stock column. Record the result in cell B11.I need to have a fully completed assignment with an A.

  • $140 USD 4 days ago

    Simple requirement is to have an excel with three columns one, Contact Name, second Contact Email address, third Contact TechnologiesTool should be able to do:1. Read the master sheet which has the data for all the contacts2. prepare an email addressed to individual Contact names (separate emails for each Contact), with pre-defined common template.3. Send the email from outlook, with an attachment (preferentially excel) having the information Contact name, Email address and technologies. (ONLY related to that contact where the email is being sent.4. This process needs to happen for all different contacts on the sheet (Approx 200)

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Database manager

Mar 1988 - Apr 2004 (16 years)


Developed and maintained a bidding database program for a construction company<br /><br />


Bachelor in Engineering

American University of Beirut



Bachelor Degree

Civil Engineering

College Degree


Commercial Program


CalendarCan is a commercial program that I created and published in 2001