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Electrical Engineer having excellent skills in Matlab and Microcontrollers.

Username: zain437

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Location: islamabad, Pakistan

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My projects:

  • $222.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dimparbo


    Apr 23, 2014

    very helpful and cooperative

    Project Description:we want to design a DFIG based wind farm generation which has output power of 5 megawatt using simulink. we want to see that if we change the parameters or the environment then we can still produce 5MW of power...
  • [Sealed]
    Profile image for Seller lukaspinson


    Apr 17, 2014

    Absolutely good work!

    Project Description:Effects of Transients in Electric Power Systems due to shunt capacitor switching Attached: Simulink model screen shots of what model is capable of as is Instructions on how to proceed.
  • $35.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller mtmcs


    Jan 29, 2014

    Very fast, precise and with expert knowledge. Would recommend! 10/10!

    Project Description:I need you to solve these 2 pages with entry level tasks in calculus. Time scale - 8 hours on from now. Page 1 - Page 2 - The tasks...
  • $111.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller so0o0olo0o0o


    Jan 18, 2014

    he is a good one. He is done his work as what it suppose to be.

    Project Description:I need a project about hotel check in in matlab. Can not have a copied code code from other people.
  • $222.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller edyildiz


    Dec 4, 2013

    Zain is really great Matlab user. He really tries his best to deliver everything on time. He communicates whenever you need so definitely recommended!

    Project Description:Need someone to write a code using the mathematical knowledge in numerical methods. Further information will be given.
  • $222.00 SGD
    Profile image for Seller JoelTan04


    Nov 3, 2013

    Constant Communication. Trustable Freelancer. Recommended.

    Project Description:Hi Freelancer, I am currently working on a project that is quite similar to the attached file that involve thermal modelling of a bake plate and wafer. I would like to re-simulate the same 4 plots of graph in figure 4 of the journal...
  • £28.00 GBP
    Profile image for Seller opj


    Oct 31, 2013

    Excellent, prompt and very professional. Will definitely use again.

    Project Description:One page of Maths questions based on Laplace & Fourier transforms. The Problems are attached. Needed worked solutions URGENTLY
  • $555.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller dimitra27


    Oct 28, 2013

    Excellent and regular communication. Project was delivered on time. Very Good Matlab skills.

    Project Description:My thesis topic is Operations and Maintenance in offshore wind farms. As the farms are in the sea the accessibility is influenced from the wind speed ans wave height. Thus minimizing the maintenance costs is high important in order for the project to be viable and economical...
  • $88.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller renoise


    Oct 1, 2013

    Great work, excellent MATLAB user. The work was done in 30 minutes, WILL USE AGAIN. A+

    Project Description:I need a simple matlab project done, it should only take 10 minutes at most. I will pay generously.
  • $60.00 USD
    Profile image for Seller heavpa


    Sep 13, 2013

    Good to work with!!Will hire again!!

    Project Description:Hello, check my matlab project for zain437
    Zain has not completed any projects.
    Zain does not have any work in progress.
  • $111 USD 2 days ago

    im looking someone to complete my gui in matlab the algorithms are already done.Please ask me for details.

  • €88 EUR 8 days ago

    im looking someone to complete my gui in matlab the algorithms are already done.Please ask me for details.

  • $61 USD 15 days ago

    i have a project to do in matlab and i need help with it

  • $222 USD 20 days ago

    Hello,I am currently working on my Dissertation for the MSc in engineering. My project is about a Battery Pulse Charging (fast-charging) technology. Therefore, I need to model a Lithium Battery to investigate the charging performance and heat-development. The modeling should be done with Matlab Simulink.However, my background is in mechanical engineering and I have no experience with this softwares. I need support for the modeling the Charging system circuit.The battery that should be modeld is a NCR-18650 Panasonic. I want to simulate the following.- Charging the Battery at very high current pulses. The pulse has a short duration (the duration should be adjustable, e.g. between 0.01sec - 2sec)- Between the pulse is a pause of some seconds, in order to cool down the battery.- I want so show a graph of the Voltage and the current during charging- And I want to show a graph of the Temperature during the charging process. This is dependent on the internal resictance of the battery.-The Idea behind it is to optimise to pulse and the pause duration in order not to overheat the battery. Two related papers are atteched. Thank you in advance.Regards,Leo

  • $180 USD Jun 21, 2014

    Good day,My group is in the process of completing a project and would appreciate your services for the modelling aspect of it, using SIMULINK progam. Attached is a description of what we require and are looking at a time frame of roughly one week. Please inform us of what are the procedures towards payments, deadlines for such and also a date we can expect the completed task.Here is a sample video of what we expect youtube link:,Khari Denoon

  • $100 USD Jun 19, 2014

    HW#10 and HW#11 in the PowerPoint lecture slides. Must complete both homeworks ON SEPARATE FILES. HW#10 due by 6/23. HW#11 due by 6/25.

  • $444 USD Apr 29, 2014

    Synthesis of hybrid cascade controller based on fuzzy logic and conventional regulators will be made with the help of Matlab / Simulink , with the aim of investigating the benefits of the proposed combination of the controller. The procedure of synthesis should be generic so that it can easily be applied to any existing HVAC system .the general objectives are:1- mathematical modeling of the HVAC system using differential equations.2-analysis of dynamic behavior through numerical solving of differential equationsusing simulink.3- synthesis of the control system using simulink.4-Optimization using genetic algorthim matlab code.

  • €155 EUR Apr 25, 2014

    I require a mathematical simulation of a single phase induction generator using Matlab. The dynamic analysis should give multiple outputs in graphs against time

  • ₹3000 INR Apr 6, 2014

    i need a matlab model of Single machine infinite bus system with tcsc, whose parameters can be optimized with PSO. Different Faults should be able to observe on the system. "m trying to implement the attached paper. need to do the same thing. i can do the analysis, all i want from u is the modelling part.

  • $155 USD Apr 1, 2014

    Hi I am looking to incorporate a cct in simulink

  • $75 AUD Mar 7, 2014

    Hi, I saw your profile and noticed you have experience in matlab and simulink. i want if you can design a 1 kW PMSG wind turbine in simulink and explain how you designed each block. The power output should be 1 kW.

  • £90 GBP Feb 25, 2014

    I need help with a specific matlab project and tutoring in matlab basics

  • ₹3000 INR Feb 24, 2014

    solve ordinary differential equation and to get analitic solution .finally have to draw graph in mathematica

  • $277 USD Jan 19, 2014

    this software to calculate the long static stability parameters for the airplanes this software for x64

  • $111 USD Jan 18, 2014

    Dear Zain The money is already in my account under my user name so0o0olo0o0oI was trying to contact u since yesterday but the website doesn"t allow me until I verified my phone number. And I tried to do it but it has been solving today. I"ll send u the payment now, but When I"m trying to text from my other email it says I can not longer text u Your working in my project hotel check in

  • $30 USD Dec 24, 2013


  • $240 USD Dec 12, 2013

    Please quote the Matlab calculator for Delta Robot Workspace Analysis project base on the following requirements:1. The calculator have to be designed by Matlab (2012) 2. Provide all codes with simple descriptions/explainations(%.....) in the codes3. Input: R, r, L1, L2, L3 (middle rod length at the center(optional)) and D (the distance between the base plate and the end effector) (I have no idea about the distance D is equal to L3 or not in the analysis; L3 should be shorter than D)4. Output: All possible working boundaries (end effector location (O")) graphical solution, minimum & maximum theta in the analysis and the realistic cylindcial working boundary; (prefer GUI simulation)5. Briefly describe the logic of the calculatorSome of the references are attached.

  • $410 USD Dec 11, 2013

    I would like to find a provider who can accurately Matlab model the workspace of a delta robot used for 3d printing. I would like a calculator that can show the resulting workspace when taking the following inputs:1) Length of the delta rods, effector and working platform size2) Maximum usable height of the vertical slide3) Distance from centre of print bed to the position of the vertical slide4) Offset between the centre of the vertical slide and the centre of the upper delta rod joint5) Offset between the centre of the delta platform (effector) and the centre of the lower delta rod joint6) Vertical distance between the hot end nozzle and the centre of the lower delta rod joint.All these inputs are discussed from the standpoint of one tower, there are 3 towers located at 120 degree from each other with each the same characteristics.The solution must include a way to visualize the resulting build volume that can be reached with the effector remaining parallel to the surface at all times. Diameter and Height of the build area should be visible along side a graphical representation.Please show me that you clearly understand what you are talking about when placing a bid.

  • $77 CAD Dec 2, 2013

    I need to solve these 3 questions. If you can, please contact me.Thank you.Q1. Write a short matlab simulation to illustrate how a red blood cell leaving the heart will transit the peripheral vasculature before returning to the heart. Please hand in the Matlab code and a plot illustrating time (on the x axis) and distance travelled (on the y axis). You will need to do some research on arterial, capillary and venous flow rates to simulate this question well. Make whatever realistic assumptions are required and state your assumptions.Q2.Write Matlab code to measure your heart rate using a microphone attached to your computer. Plot 10 seconds worth of raw and filtered data. Indicate on the plots where the heart beats occur. Q3.Write Matlab code to determine how long the vascular system must be to be responsible for the 15 Watts of metabolic energy that the heart consumes. Make realistic assumptions about blood viscosity, vessel diameters, etc. State these assumptions. Is your prediction realistic?

  • £611 GBP Nov 5, 2013

    The project needed to be done in MATLAB. It requires knowledge about Dynamics and Control of Spacecraft. I do not have an e-copy of the assignment. but everything is readable in the pictures.The report must contain the solutions of the excercises explained and the programs developed commented in the same page as the exercise. Appendixes are not needed.

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Jun 2011 - Jul 2011 (1 month)


I worked in Network Management System (NMS).


BE Electrical

Air University



ZTE trainning

UET Lahore

Microwave <br />Swap process<br />SDR (Software Define Radio Waves)<br />HSSE (Health Safety Security Environent)<br />


Advanced Microcontroller Trainer Using 8051,AVR and PIC


Advanced Microcontroller trainer is an innovative idea in embedded systems projects. It includes replaceable Microcontrollers interface cards user can plug a card of his choice whether PIC, AVR or 8051 microcontroller and test his code. It facilitates Embedded system labs with Touch Screen and GSM Module. The trainer made in very low cost also reduces the overall project cost and implementation issues are addressed effectively. This project enlightened the importance of such equipment and effectively addres